Giggle the Ozone

Giggle the Ozone is NYC-based composer/performer Dylan Sparrow's primary musical vessel. Equally adept at both guitar and keyboards, he has fronted the punk ensemble for over a decade, releasing albums on a variety of labels and formats. Giggle the Ozone's intricate yet confrontational sound contains elements of punk, new wave, surf and video game music, and is fueled by a commitment to poetic social critique. Although Giggle the Ozone has had numerous lineups, its current one has proven to be the most durable: guitarist/bassist Sam Weisberg (ex-Worst Case Ontario) joins Dylan to form a stark duo sound, with front-and-center vocals and prickly guitars playing in synch (or sometimes out of synch) with brittle Sega Master System beats. Their latest album, Dreamjob, is available through their bandcamp page. They are currently planning a summer tour and working on a new recording.

Website: http://giggle-the-ozone.bandcamp.com