The Telltale Signs

Born out of dissatisfaction with current ideals in the bulk of modern music, the Telltale Signs are a refreshing, high-powered dose of realist rock and roll. "I wanted a raucous and raw sound to the group but the vocals had to be great and the songs had to be exciting... Something I feel is missing in a lot of bands that are carrying the "garage" moniker around these days." says singer-guitarist Andrew Kohler who writes the majority of the band's material. Powerful vocals belted out by Kohler and bassist Taylor Belling proudly carry the messages of the group's smart songwriting throughout it's recordings and live performances. Romping rhythms pounded out by drummer Jay Galvin keep the band both centered and lively and when interlocked with Belling's gritty, greasy walking bass lines, the rhythym section sounds at once like a well-oiled machine and a runaway freight train. Add Kohler's chimey, clear-as-mud guitar work, littered with raunchy solos and churning riffs, and this trio has found their purpose. Uncompromising tones burst from the finest vintage equipment with impressive volume to provide a perfectly composed wall of sound. And then, as quick as they came, the big notes recede to make room for more of the story as the vocals move to the forefront in perfect harmony with each other. This type of dynamic feel is not often encountered in clubs these days. It's familiar and nostalgic but also exciting and dangerous. The Tell Tale Signs are here to fill the void you never knew you had.

Website: thetelltalesigns.bandcamp.com