Write Out Of Here:Voices From East Ferry

Write Out of Here: Voices From East Ferry is a gritty gripping theatrical report of some of the forgotten and invisible Western New York teens that have become a part of a sometimes revolving-door social services system. Originally a collection of poem ideas, Write Out of Here, is New York native and Buffalo based, theatre artist, Annette Daniels Taylor's latest work in progress inspired by the heart-breaking dreams and passionate nightmares of kids who sometimes don’t even realize the consequences of their choices.
A powerful, thought provoking piece that uses poetry, prose, and monologues in front of a backdrop of urban street rhythms.
Daniels Taylor says, “Music is such a strong driving force in youth and urban culture the sounds of that force are a necessary character in this piece. The music and sound of the dreams are just as important as the text.”
As a Teaching Artist in Residence with the Erie County Youth Detention Center, on East Ferry Street in Buffalo, Annette led poetry writing and spoken word workshops with teens ages 12 -17. Focusing on finding each student’s individual voice and learning how to marry words and voices to create a performance behind a microphone was central to the workshops success.
Write Out Of Here is a dream poem for the kids Daniels-Taylor has had the opportunity to work with. While helping younger people understand and acknowledge their ideas, dreams, and visions, Annette feels we can encourage them to create using more tangible mediums beyond free-style rap. Just talking is hot air. In order to be heard again and again kids have to "freestyle" to the page! Write out of detention and Write Out Of Here!


Website: www.annettedtaylor.wix.com/annettedataylor