8BITbuffalo is a group of artists, both digital and traditional who, in a combination of tribute and nostalgia address the themes and aesthetics of classic (circal 1985) video games. That's right Mario, the Princess is in this castle! Get your 1UP here!!!

Some pieces will be paintings and drawings, some will be small sculptures and jewelry, and some may be interactive, playable and projected digital art. All of the pieces will be awesome!

Keep an eye out for 8BITbuffalo MUSIC and INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCE (PAC-MAN PARK) throughout the Festival!!

Website: www.8bitbuffalo.info

Thu, Jul 25installationThe Foundry
Fri, Jul 26installationThe Foundry
Fri, Jul 267pm - midnightThe FoundryThe Foundry Gallery Opening: 8 Bit Bonanza
0 (7pm) animi pop impressionism
0 (7pm) Floating Pixels
0 (7pm) Scrap Iron Army
0 (7pm) Game of Geeks
0 (7pm) 8BIT BUFFALO
0 (7pm) Squaresville
0 (7pm) Subversive Crafting
0 (7pm) Three Cheers For Shannon Hoon!
1 (7pm) Bolognatron
2 (7:45pm) the archaeologist
3 (8:30pm) SBthree
4 (9:15pm) Rory McCormack
5 (10pm) Danimal Cannon
6 (11pm) JeffRepeater
Sat, Jul 27installationThe Foundry
Sun, Jul 28installationThe Foundry
Mon, Jul 29installationThe Foundry
Tue, Jul 30installationThe Foundry
Wed, Jul 31installationThe Foundry
Thu, Aug 1installationThe Foundry
Fri, Aug 2installationThe Foundry
Sat, Aug 3installationThe Foundry
Sun, Aug 4installationThe Foundry