Scantron has been called a "beat boxing machine" by Artvoice and a "21st century musical virtuoso" by BuffaBLOG.com. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed around the world (Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Korea, etc), showcasing skills in Beatbox (mouth percussion), Electric Zhongruan (Chinese classical instrument), Guitar, Keyboard, and Computer Electronics to make complex genre-bending soundscapes.

Website: www.scantronbeats.com

Fri, Jul 2610:30pm - 2:45amNietzsche'sIntergalactic Costume Ball
1 (10:30pm) SOLARiS
2 (11:15pm) Hooked on Casiophonics
3 (midnight) Space JunK
4 (12:45am) Dj Soma - Space Time Trip
5 (1:30am) Scantron
6 (2am) Groove Force
Sat, Jul 271pm - 11pmNancy's BuildingConcert At Nancy's Building
1 (1pm) Beer Hall Philosophers
2 (2pm) Crows and Jays
3 (3pm) Folkfaces
4 (4pm) Pam Swarts
5 (5pm) Andrew Biggie
6 (6pm) Lazy Ass Destroyer
7 (7pm) ERaserhead's Baby
8 (8pm) ould pound
9 (9pm) randle and the late night scandals
10 (10pm) Scantron
Sat, Jul 279pm - 4amElectric AvenueElectric at Electric
0 (9pm) Hooked on Casiophonics
0 (10pm) P@SPLIT
0 (11pm) Matka
0 (midnight) JeffRepeater
0 (1am) Scantron
0 (2am) PINJA
Sun, Jul 281pm - 9pmCollege Street College Street Block Party
1 (1pm) Ramforinkus
3 (2pm) Solo: Warren Daniels/Band: Deadpan Society (cancelled)
4 (2:45pm) Respiration
5 (3pm) chloroformcoulier. (cancelled)
6 (3:45pm) Will Folk For Food
7 (4pm) Folkfaces
8 (4:45pm) Frank Santora Plays With Fire
9 (5pm) Brimstone Blondes
10 (5:45pm) Scantron
11 (6pm) The Slyboots Drum Ensemble
12 (6:45pm) Rory McCormack
13 (7pm) logo city
14 (8pm) JeffRepeater
Thu, Aug 18pm - 11pmFunky MonkeySimian Sonic Showdown
1 (8pm) ghettotronics
2 (9pm) PINJA
3 (10pm) Electric Red Mansions
4 (10:30pm) Scantron