manawi thorn


Manawi Thorn was formed by Ian Roth and Kalin Mintchev in 2007. The maddeningly talented duo remained the core of the band during various lineup changes: original vocalist Zach Prewitt bowed out after only a few months and was replaced by Josh "jsh"/"jingles" Boyer, a man with several nicknames but a singular determination to rock. Original bassist Jim Hoey appeared on the debut CD but parted ways with the band prior to its first nationwide tour in fall 2010, with Boyer taking up the slack on bass.

One expensive transmission rebuild and thousands of miles later, the band continues as a power trio and regularly appears at such events as the Buffalo Infringement Festival as well as gigs local and regional to the NYC area.

"all the bands were good. even the ones [Manawi Thorn] that threw spent automotive fluids at their fans."
-Markus Koelbl, PISTOLA

"...a lot has to be said about Manawi Thorns ideas...an incredibly capable band, and Feed and Weep shows that..."
Max Sebela - Jezebel Music


VESTIGIAL WINGS EP (2012). the band's momentous first effort as a three-piece.


FEED AND WEEP (2009). debut full-length album


melvins; jesus lizard; paper chase; slint; slayer; sleepytime gorilla museum, pj harvey; sonic youth; iron maiden; lightning bolt; fantomas; other stuff that rocks, slinks, and makes flesh crawl.

oh - and Queen.

Website: www.manawithorn.com