Lesionread is Buffalonian Shawn Lewis experimental electronic music and performance art project. In 2009, Lewis started to produce music in between obtaining his architecture degree at UB, and working as a nude model; during this time he only performed to his close friends. In 2012, Lesionread became a serious yet colourful endeavor as Lewis saw greater potential for expression in music than anything else.
Lesionreads music is sometimes cute electronica with dark, thought-provoking lyrics and sometimes thrashing dance noise. Influenced by rap, indie, hip hop, punk rock and techno and inspired by bands like Death Grips, Radiohead, Flying Lotus, Grimes and Dan Deacon, Lesionreads performance contrasts big club electronic sounds with an intimate performance like its in the bedroom that Lewis produced the music in originally.
On March 3rd, 2013 the first full EP, 2012, was released to impressed reviews. 2012 focuses on Lewis ego, relationships, sexuality and opposing philosophies. A music video for the song I Wasnt Your Fag!, created by Lewis, features himself standing in his apartment in front of a green screen dancing and putting various objects in his mouth.
Praise for Lesionread:
Chillwave folded into a new perspective and a lewd, complex and organic deconstruction of music dundundudu.blogspot.it

Website: Lesionread.bandcamp.com

Fri, Jul 266pm - 9pmThe Dress ShopThe Dress Shop Gallery Opening
0 (7pm) Albero Della Vita
1 (7:15pm) Lesionread
2 (8:15pm) Andrew Biggie
Sat, Jul 278pm - 3amNietzsche'sApocalypse Ball
1 (8pm) SIC SIN
2 (8:45pm) Lesionread
3 (9:30pm) BlueShift
4 (10:15pm) PINJA
5 (11pm) Ghostfeeder
6 (11:45pm) Primrose Night
7 (12:30am) Garda
8 (1:30am) Crux
9 (2am) Fe Vajen
Sat, Jul 2711pm - 4amOhm UltraloungeResistor
1 (11pm) Digital Afterlife
2 (midnight) Badtown Rude
3 (12:45am) Standard Issue Citizen
4 (1:30am) Static Green
5 (2:15am) Lesionread
Fri, Aug 27pm - 11pmComing Home Buffalo: The Gallery Next DoorComing Home Buffalo The Gallery Next Door Gallery Closing
0 (7pm) Artistic Alchemy
0 (7pm) The Myth of the White Dress
0 (7pm) Inspiration
0 (7pm) Here or There
0 (7pm) A Glitch in the Circle of Life
0 (7pm) Sweet Nothings
0 (7pm) Life Is Not Short
0 (8pm) Infringing on Fashion
1 (7:15pm) Lesionread
2 (8:15pm) Rory McCormack
3 (9:15pm) Matka (cancelled)
Fri, Aug 210:30pm - 3amNietzsche'sFriday Infringement Fiesta
1 (10:30pm) Andrew Biggie
2 (11:15pm) The Telltale Signs
3 (midnight) Lesionread
4 (12:30am) Look, a Fang!
5 (1:15am) Eppo