Greengage is a four piece jam band that incorporates various musical styles, and has influences stemming from multiple genres. All four of us are 22 years old and have been playing together since we were 16. Our band is made up of Matt Lester on guitar and saxophone, Josh Moore on guitar, Evan Roorand on bass, and Ben Watkins on drums. All four of us contribute vocals to our original songs and covers. When defining the sound of our music, jam band is usually appropriate.The different styles that we incorporate into our jam band are jazz, funk, reggae, and rock elements. We have played in different bars around the Buffalo area for the last few years, these include The Tudor Lounge, Nietzches, Broadway Joes, Club Diablo, Club Infinity, and various other bars in the Western NY area.

Website: Facebook- Greengage

Sat, Jul 275pm - 5:45pmPeoples Park(cancelled)
Sun, Jul 28noon - 7pmUrban RootsUrban Roots Music Showcase
1 (noon) Greengage
2 (1pm) Mindset
3 (2pm) Groove Force
5 (4pm) Amrev 2
Mon, Jul 296pm - midnightMilkiesMilkie's Massive Monday Music Manifestoval
1 (6pm) Doggerel
2 (7pm) This is Fiction
3 (8pm) Down With The Buffalo
4 (9pm) Greengage
5 (10pm) Groove Force
Tue, Jul 306pm - 7pmThe Bend
Sun, Aug 48pm - 1amNietzsche'sClosing Ceremonies / Iffy Awards
1 (8pm) Crows and Jays
2 (8:30pm) Erin Sydney Welsh
3 (9pm) Greengage
4 (9:30pm) Savannah King
5 (10pm) manawi thorn
6 (10:30pm) Jen Whitmore
7 (11pm) second trip
8 (11:30pm) Sara Elizabeth
9 (midnight) Wise Medicine