Fe Vajen

Fe Vajen is a one-woman noise project created by Dana Mcknight. Layering harsh and dissonant beats in time with trance-inducing rhythms; Fe Vajen attempts to draw listeners into dark emotional spaces that evoke dormant memories of feminine divinity, nature and the inherent chaos of modern life..

Website: Fe Vajen

Sat, Jul 278pm - 3amNietzsche'sApocalypse Ball
1 (8pm) SIC SIN
2 (8:45pm) Lesionread
3 (9:30pm) BlueShift
4 (10:15pm) PINJA
5 (11pm) Ghostfeeder
6 (11:45pm) Primrose Night
7 (12:30am) Garda
8 (1:30am) Crux
9 (2am) Fe Vajen
Thu, Aug 17pm - midnightNight HouseNoise Night at Night House
1 (7pm) Flute Loops in the Spirit of Play
2 (7pm) ERaserhead's Baby
3 (7pm) Sparklebomb
4 (7pm) Fe Vajen
Sat, Aug 39pm - 4amElectric AvenueEclectic at Electric
1 (9:30pm) Space JunK
2 (10:15pm) Eppo
3 (11pm) Machines of Love and War
4 (11:45pm) JeffRepeater
5 (12:45am) ghettotronics
6 (1:45am) Digital Afterlife
7 (2:45am) Fe Vajen