"Eppo is a independent electronic musician from Buffalo, New York. With sounds and range of influence carrying the flavors of your favorite traditional un-standard in collision with thought provoking beats, Eppos music splits the difference between the cognitive and ethereal and being completely zoned out without sparing moments ranging from hyperactive to chilled out on the couch. Eppo melds the sounds of the world, from both futuristic and time-told standpoints, before your very eyes."

Website: soundcloud.com/eppobflo

Fri, Jul 266pm - 9pmShop 43Show 43 Gallery Opening
0 (6pm) Corner Perspective
0 (6pm) Imagine That Series by Jim Wolford
0 (6pm) Eppo
0 (8pm) Crux
Thu, Aug 110pm - 1amAllen Street HardwareSoftware : Hardware
1 (10pm) Eppo
2 (11pm) Love Light Falls
3 (midnight) ghettotronics
Fri, Aug 210:30pm - 3amNietzsche'sFriday Infringement Fiesta
1 (10:30pm) Andrew Biggie
2 (11:15pm) The Telltale Signs
3 (midnight) Lesionread
4 (12:30am) Look, a Fang!
5 (1:15am) Eppo
Sat, Aug 39pm - 4amElectric AvenueEclectic at Electric
1 (9:30pm) Space JunK
2 (10:15pm) Eppo
3 (11pm) Machines of Love and War
4 (11:45pm) JeffRepeater
5 (12:45am) ghettotronics
6 (1:45am) Digital Afterlife
7 (2:45am) Fe Vajen