Dirty Couture

Nancy Sterman came out of the LA rock scene with her band Madame Trash Heap and made her way to Buffalo where she connected with Mike Sentman of Blue Lazer fame. Together they have created an original sound that takes inspiration from everyone like Bettye LaVette to Wayne Coyne. Only three shows into their existence as a band, Dirty Couture has already headlined shows and played with awesome local peeps like Burbon and Coffee.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dirty-Couture/509787569059037?skip_nax_wizard=true

Sat, Jul 279pm - 9:45pmComing Home Buffalo: The Gallery Next Door
Mon, Jul 296pm - 10pmNietzsche'sBest Monday Ever
1 (6pm) The Viva Noir (cancelled)
2 (6:30pm) The Devil In Love
3 (7pm) stationwagon
5 (8pm) Rory McCormack
6 (8:30pm) Porcelain Train
7 (9pm) Dirty Couture
8 (9:30pm) Gander
Tue, Jul 3010pm - 1amMilkiesThe Sentman Spectacular
1 (10pm) Blue Lazer
2 (11pm) Bolognatron
3 (midnight) Dirty Couture
Wed, Jul 316pm - midnightThe Waiting RoomWham Bam Thank You Slam III
0 (7pm) Wham Bam Poetry Troupe
0 (7pm) The Boom Box Betties
0 (7pm) Dirty Couture
0 (7pm) The We Couldn't Afford Bootsy Collins All Star Project
0 (7pm) Static Green
0 (7pm) The Muppet Burlesque Show
1 (9pm) Hell's Harlots Burlesque
2 (9:15pm) The Buffalo Burlesque Collective
3 (9:30pm) The Red Pill Revival
5 (11pm) MC Vendetta
Thu, Aug 19pm - 9:45pmThe Bend
Sat, Aug 311pm - 11:45pmCode Blu Juice Bar