Andrew Biggie

Attempts to find stillness. Images of death, and reoccurring dreams hum open. They discuss duality as I lose friends. I fill my head with teenage junk. I will sing on sidewalks rearranging mundane rituals and become a plastic bag.

Website: soundcloud.com/teenagephonemarathon

Thu, Jul 257:30pm - 8pmPicasso Moon
Fri, Jul 266pm - 9pmThe Dress ShopThe Dress Shop Gallery Opening
0 (7pm) Albero Della Vita
1 (7:15pm) Lesionread
2 (8:15pm) Andrew Biggie
Sat, Jul 271pm - 11pmNancy's BuildingConcert At Nancy's Building
1 (1pm) Beer Hall Philosophers
2 (2pm) Crows and Jays
3 (3pm) Folkfaces
4 (4pm) Pam Swarts
5 (5pm) Andrew Biggie
6 (6pm) Lazy Ass Destroyer
7 (7pm) ERaserhead's Baby
8 (8pm) ould pound
9 (9pm) randle and the late night scandals
10 (10pm) Scantron
Fri, Aug 210:30pm - 3amNietzsche'sFriday Infringement Fiesta
1 (10:30pm) Andrew Biggie
2 (11:15pm) The Telltale Signs
3 (midnight) Lesionread
4 (12:30am) Look, a Fang!
5 (1:15am) Eppo
Sat, Aug 37pm - 7:45pmCollege Street Gallery