Daily calendar

Saturday, August 3

venue11 amnoon1 pm2 pm3 pm4 pm5 pm6 pm7 pm8 pm9 pm10 pm11 pmmidnight1 am2 am
125 Art CollectiveFocus
Bidwell ParkSon of Fresh Produce Theater
Jonah the Jungle KingEl the Mime
Broadway MarketBuffalo Infringement Festival's Takeover of the Broadway Market
Christina StockFLXGDDSpadeo NationGenecistNeetchyErica the Ice DragonElectric StyleThe Finality Complex
David Adamczyk
medusabeerhall philosophersShannon VanderlaanCashis GreenAstrabula
First Fruits
Scrap Iron Army
And She Was Feeling GroovyTartarus Invictus presents Dagorhir
The Performance Truck
Broadway Market RoofSheridanNodThe BurkhartsJust One MoreWorking Class Stiffs
Burning BooksShort Films by Azalia Muchransyah and Adhi Anugroho
venue11 amnoon1 pm2 pm3 pm4 pm5 pm6 pm7 pm8 pm9 pm10 pm11 pmmidnight1 am2 am
Crane Library BuffaloMama Said There'd Be Days Like ThisLisa Maria CruzGet Angsty: Poetry With a 16-Year-Old
Days ParkStoner Morning ShowProject Yoga El the MimeHorde of Benvolent LunaticsSomething Relatively Circus-y
El Buen AmigoU.B. ProseCommunity Collaboration PoetryErotica Open Mic
No Lines: A Butch gives Advice on Women to Men
El MuseoI AM Asmi ASMRPrattletalesEddie Gomez PoetryExcerpts from In Crazy Love: A One Act Play Series
Hickory Urban SanctuaryHickory Urban Jam-tuary
Who Decides?Dead Pimp RuckzuckDarsombraUniflora
venue11 amnoon1 pm2 pm3 pm4 pm5 pm6 pm7 pm8 pm9 pm10 pm11 pmmidnight1 am2 am
Hostel Buffalo-NiagaraStoner Morning ShowSt. Tilapia's Mass-trans-aganza
Karpeles Manuscript Museum Porter StreetEmotional Baggage Girl Fightmy inner fish: the body remembersA Ritual for the 21st Century
Now We Are Here
Little AffricaKing Bear Sadat Presents "Ras Amen Heru Versus King Bear Sadat (Father vs Son)"
Manny Fried PlayhouseTim Joyce's Bloody Shirt
Bad RonaldMystic Eyes Horizontal StripesBuck QuigleyThe Vores Dark Marbles/Jacklords Reunion The Jumpers
The Good
venue11 amnoon1 pm2 pm3 pm4 pm5 pm6 pm7 pm8 pm9 pm10 pm11 pmmidnight1 am2 am
Nietzsche's Broadway Market Post-Party
Car StoriesIdiots of IdealismHyperviewSPACELORDThe Missing WorkerDetroit Red
Rustbelt BooksPoextry Videos: A ShowingThe ClowningDiminishing marital returnsWeird Tales & Tall Coincidences Smoke
Streets of BuffaloTransit Scavenger HunttheatreFiguren presents "STOP, *#@*!"
The Difference KitchenMagic Mich Poetry Reading live w/ C.R.ShipmanQueer Today, Gone Tomorrow Haiku Madness
The Gypsy ParlorJacob Jay / Dalton Sharp Quintet
venue11 amnoon1 pm2 pm3 pm4 pm5 pm6 pm7 pm8 pm9 pm10 pm11 pmmidnight1 am2 am
The TabernacleJoe Donohue CabaretHouse of HipsRick Denzien

Free Art Friday!Streets of Buffalo
The Lies My Mother told Me, And Other Lesser Tragedies by A.L NortonCafféology
Abstract Glass AsylumGrindhaus
Humor in ArtGrindhaus
Tapestry Grindhaus
Buffalove: Embroidery by Amy Lynn DuengfelderHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Colorized VibesHostel Buffalo-Niagara
baby boy, the muse.Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
embodied selfMain Street Gallery
FabricsMain Street Gallery
Garbage BirdsMain Street Gallery
HypnagogiaMain Street Gallery
KinshipMain Street Gallery
Untitled I GuessMain Street Gallery
#lonelyshelfMain Street Gallery
Miscreated MonstrositiesMain Street Gallery
Neon Lights and Glow PaintMain Street Gallery
RogueVogueDesignsMain Street Gallery
Rubber SoulsMain Street Gallery
The Cat-aclysm Main Street Gallery
When I go to SleepMain Street Gallery
AbscraptionMain Street Gallery
The MissingMain Street Gallery
Satellite dishes and other receptorsMain Street Gallerycancelled
Buffalo Builds Bad Character - Paintings by JC Mohawk Place
Yesterday & TodayMohawk Place
H.E.A.L.Paint the Town
Self InfringementRustbelt Books
Purse-onality TraitsRustbelt Books (table and wall space)
Unknown Rustbelt Books
It Comes In WavesRustbelt Books
Entertain meSpot Coffee - Delaware/Downtown
Katescamp Controlled Chaos With Acrylic PouringSpot Coffee Hertel
The Roaming Ice DragonStreets of Buffalo
Dangles in the GardenStreets of Buffalo
of humanity & other demonsThe Difference Kitchen
Patterns and ObservationsThe Difference Kitchen
Horde of Benevolent Lunatics (Artwork by Harlan Locking)The Difference Kitchen
Gimme GivveThe Intersection
Beautifully BuffaloThe Intersection
Local PunkMohawk Place