Daily calendar

Thursday, August 1

4:15-5 pmJohn KloberdanzBreadhive
4:15-5:15 pmThe ClowningRustbelt Books
4:45-5 pmRamblings from the rabid holeThe Difference Kitchen
5-6 pmBabushkaEl Museo
5-5:15 pmAlmost Not SongsThe Difference Kitchen
5:15-6 pmAn Array of Short Films (by local artist Joe Connolly)Rustbelt Books
6-8 pmKing Bear Sadat Presents "The Old Heads"Allen St Consulting
6-7 pmbeerhall philosophersAntique Man (Busking)
6-6:45 pmM.T. LakesHostel Buffalo-Niagara(part of Super Loopers & Chronic Electronic)
6-6:30 pmChosen Traveler Diptych: The OxolotaurRustbelt Books
7-7:15 pmOne Planet One RaceBurning Books
7-8 pmGirl FightHallwalls Cinema(part of Hallwalls Dramatic Showcase)
7-7:30 pmmedusaHostel Buffalo-Niagara(part of Super Loopers & Chronic Electronic)
7-8 pmJoe Donohue CabaretKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Streetcancelled
7-7:30 pmFree Diversity DanceKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Street
7-8 pmExcerpts from In Crazy Love: A One Act Play SeriesRustbelt Books
7:30-7:45 pmAnd She Was Feeling GroovyHostel Buffalo-Niagara(part of Super Loopers & Chronic Electronic)
7:30-9 pmTim Joyce's Bloody ShirtManny Fried Playhouse
7:45-8 pmBifCoin, an OfferingBurning Books
7:45-8 pmExpressive BroHostel Buffalo-Niagara(part of Super Loopers & Chronic Electronic)
8-10 pmKing Bear Sadat Presents "The Zen of Motion Pictures"Allen St Consulting
8-8:30 pmEmotional Baggage Hallwalls Cinema(part of Hallwalls Dramatic Showcase)
8-9:30 pmComedy Improv ShowKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Street
8-8:30 pmEricaokeMilkies Elmwood Lounge
8 pm-midnightThe Prince vs Bowie Dance PartyMohawk Place
8-9 pmErotica Open MicWet Dreamland (part of Wet Dreamland)
8-11 pmWET DREAMLAND Wet Dreamland (part of Wet Dreamland)
8:15-9 pmPam SwartsHostel Buffalo-Niagara(part of Super Loopers & Chronic Electronic)
8:30-9:15 pmNow We Are HereBurning Books
8:30-9:30 pmA Midsummer Night's RaveHallwalls Cinema(part of Hallwalls Dramatic Showcase)
9 pm-2 amChurch Organ KaraokeMilkies Elmwood Lounge
9-9:30 pmMeghan Adele JohnsonNietzsche's (Front Stage)
9-9:30 pmRope Captures: UpWet Dreamland (part of Wet Dreamland)
9:15-10 pmRich HendricksHostel Buffalo-Niagara(part of Super Loopers & Chronic Electronic)
9:45-10:30 pmLION ENTERTAINMENT (R&B Show)Nietzsche's
10-11 pmThe Trash Can Cans BurlesqueWet Dreamland (part of Wet Dreamland)
10:45 pm-midnightStrange StandardNietzsche's
Free Art Friday!Streets of Buffalo
The Lies My Mother told Me, And Other Lesser Tragedies by A.L NortonCafféology
Abstract Glass AsylumGrindhaus
Humor in ArtGrindhaus
Tapestry Grindhaus
Buffalove: Embroidery by Amy Lynn DuengfelderHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Colorized VibesHostel Buffalo-Niagara
baby boy, the muse.Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
embodied selfMain Street Gallery
FabricsMain Street Gallery
Garbage BirdsMain Street Gallery
HypnagogiaMain Street Gallery
KinshipMain Street Gallery
Untitled I GuessMain Street Gallery
#lonelyshelfMain Street Gallery
Miscreated MonstrositiesMain Street Gallery
Neon Lights and Glow PaintMain Street Gallery
RogueVogueDesignsMain Street Gallery
Rubber SoulsMain Street Gallery
The Cat-aclysm Main Street Gallery
When I go to SleepMain Street Gallery
AbscraptionMain Street Gallery
The MissingMain Street Gallery
Satellite dishes and other receptorsMain Street Gallerycancelled
Buffalo Builds Bad Character - Paintings by JC Mohawk Place
Yesterday & TodayMohawk Place
Self InfringementRustbelt Books
Purse-onality TraitsRustbelt Books (table and wall space)
Unknown Rustbelt Books
It Comes In WavesRustbelt Books
Entertain meSpot Coffee - Delaware/Downtown
Katescamp Controlled Chaos With Acrylic PouringSpot Coffee Hertel
The Roaming Ice DragonStreets of Buffalo
Dangles in the GardenStreets of Buffalo
of humanity & other demonsThe Difference Kitchen
Patterns and ObservationsThe Difference Kitchen
Horde of Benevolent Lunatics (Artwork by Harlan Locking)The Difference Kitchen
Gimme GivveThe Intersection
Beautifully BuffaloThe Intersection
Buffalo's Best Fist : Musings by Cat McCarthy Wet Dreamland