Daily calendar

Tuesday, July 30

2-2:30 pmVoices of Justice in BuffaloRustbelt Books
3-4 pmsomething different in buffaloEl Buen Amigo
5-6 pmastraea beamingKarpeles Manuscript Museum North Street
5-5:45 pmAlly RoseKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Street(part of Vehement Voices)
5:30-6:30 pmNow We Are HereEl Buen Amigo
5:30-6:30 pmWednesdays @ MidnightRustbelt Books
6-6:45 pmnuspeakKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Street(part of Vehement Voices)
6:30-6:45 pmBifCoin, an OfferingRustbelt Books
7-7:30 pmChosen Traveler Diptych: The OxolotaurBurning Books
7-7:45 pmAstrabulaKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Street(part of Vehement Voices)
7-8 pmA Midsummer Night's RaveRustbelt Books
7-8 pmBabushkaThe Tabernacle
7:30-8:15 pmTurquoise PuddingBurning Books
8-8:45 pmChristina StockKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Street(part of Vehement Voices)
8:15-9 pmChris AbbeyBurning Books
8:30-9:15 pmTom RobertGiacobbi's Cucina Citta
9-9:45 pmShannon VanderlaanKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Street(part of Vehement Voices)
9:30-10:15 pmJohn KloberdanzGiacobbi's Cucina Citta
11 pm-midnightThe Stripteasers Present STEP SISTERSNietzsche's
Free Art Friday!Streets of Buffalo
The Lies My Mother told Me, And Other Lesser Tragedies by A.L NortonCafféology
Abstract Glass AsylumGrindhaus
Humor in ArtGrindhaus
Tapestry Grindhaus
Buffalove: Embroidery by Amy Lynn DuengfelderHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Colorized VibesHostel Buffalo-Niagara
baby boy, the muse.Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
embodied selfMain Street Gallery
FabricsMain Street Gallery
Garbage BirdsMain Street Gallery
HypnagogiaMain Street Gallery
KinshipMain Street Gallery
Untitled I GuessMain Street Gallery
#lonelyshelfMain Street Gallery
Miscreated MonstrositiesMain Street Gallery
Neon Lights and Glow PaintMain Street Gallery
RogueVogueDesignsMain Street Gallery
Rubber SoulsMain Street Gallerycancelled
The Cat-aclysm Main Street Gallery
When I go to SleepMain Street Gallery
AbscraptionMain Street Gallery
The MissingMain Street Gallery
Satellite dishes and other receptorsMain Street Gallerycancelled
Buffalo Builds Bad Character - Paintings by JC Mohawk Place
Yesterday & TodayMohawk Place
Self InfringementRustbelt Books
Purse-onality TraitsRustbelt Books (table and wall space)
Unknown Rustbelt Books
It Comes In WavesRustbelt Books
Entertain meSpot Coffee - Delaware/Downtown
Katescamp Controlled Chaos With Acrylic PouringSpot Coffee Hertel
The Roaming Ice DragonStreets of Buffalo
Dangles in the GardenStreets of Buffalo
of humanity & other demonsThe Difference Kitchen
Patterns and ObservationsThe Difference Kitchen
Horde of Benevolent Lunatics (Artwork by Harlan Locking)The Difference Kitchen
Gimme GivveThe Intersection
Beautifully BuffaloThe Intersection