Daily calendar

Saturday, July 27

11-11:30 amJonah the Jungle KingBidwell Parkcancelled
11:30 am-noonEl the MimeBidwell Park(part of Fresh Produce Theater)
noon-12:30 pmThe Drag-Along Puppet Cart TheaterBidwell Park(part of Fresh Produce Theater)
noon-12:30 pmU.B. ProseCafféology
noon-8 pmDonald Trump's Golden ThroneCould Be 41 Elmwoodcancelled
noon-4 pmKing Bear Sadat Presents "The Mid-day Multimedia Experience"Little Affrica
noon-1:30 pmBetween Tutus and SpandexRustbelt Books
12:45-1:15 pmAbby SchnitzerCafféology
1-2:30 pmCatty Open Mic Show--the sitcom!Rustbelt Books
1-4 pmThe Performance TruckUrban Roots
1:30-2:15 pmDay to DayCafféology
1:45-2:15 pmWho Decides?Urban Roots
2-3 pmWhile Moving on PurposeEl Museo
2:15-2:45 pmHow to Perform! by Little cakeUrban Roots
2:30-3 pmSnowbeltCafféology
2:45-3 pmAlmost Not SongsRustbelt Books
2:45-3:15 pmKel C PerformsUrban Roots
3-3:30 pmVoices of Justice in BuffaloEl Buen Amigo
3-4 pmEmotional Baggage El Museo
3-3:30 pmA Tribute to Tim SentmanRustbelt Books
3:15-4 pmAnxious Kids Make Good PeopleCafféology
3:15-4 pmManic StateUrban Roots
3:30-4:30 pmGet Angsty: Poetry With a 16-Year-OldRustbelt Books
4-4:30 pmEl the MimeDays Park
4-4:30 pmmy inner fish: the body remembersEl Museo
4-5 pmMr FancypantsHostel Buffalo-Niagaracancelled
4-10 pmKing Bear Sadat Presents "Ras Amen Heru Versus King Bear Sadat (Father vs Son)"Little Affrica
4:30-5 pmMagic Mich Poetry El Buen Amigo
4:30-5 pmLisa Maria CruzRustbelt Books
4:30-5:30 pmtheatreFiguren presents "STOP, *#@*!"Streets of Buffalo (Corner of Elmwood/Ferry)
4:30-6:30 pmShe Walked Here Street TourStreets of Buffalo (Meet at Central Library)
5-6 pmLa MarimbaDuende at Silo City(part of Tremendous Tones)
5-6:30 pmSmoke Hostel Buffalo-Niagaracancelled
5-5:30 pmWolf & WoodsRustbelt Books
5:30-6 pmCommunity Collaboration PoetryEl Buen Amigo
5:30-6 pmPrattletalesRustbelt Books
5:30-6 pmAlzina LarueThe Gypsy Parlor
6-7 pmastraea beamingDuende at Silo City(part of Tremendous Tones)
6 pm-1 amLoftyMilkies Elmwood Lounge (Artist table in front)cancelled
6:15-6:45 pmThe Scarecrow ShowMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Punkfest)
6:15-6:45 pmIsaak HydeThe Gypsy Parlor
6:45-7:15 pmMeria/HauntedGypsyHostel Buffalo-Niagara
7-8 pmAble FootingDuende at Silo City(part of Tremendous Tones)
7-7:30 pmShort Films by Azalia Muchransyah and Adhi AnugrohoHallwalls Cinema
7-10 pmWOLF PLAYS: Short Works from Medaille Summer Theatre 2019Medaille Theater
7-7:30 pmAre You Cereal? Milkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Punkfest)
7-7:30 pmUrsula, chanteuse,Returns with La GranvilleThe Gypsy Parlorcancelled
7:30-7:45 pmThe Real Fake NewsHallwalls Cinema
7:30-9 pmTim Joyce's Bloody ShirtManny Fried Playhouse
7:45-8:15 pmA Couple of Fucking AssholesMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Punkfest)
8-8:30 pmChrysalisHallwalls Cinema
8-9:30 pmTales of Murder and Ghosts with The Living Dead GirlsHostel Buffalo-Niagara
8-8:15 pmAncient WitnessThe Tudor Lounge (meet up at)
8:30-9 pmThe ClowningHallwalls Cinema
8:30-9 pmJust One MoreMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Punkfest)
9-9:15 pmCashis GreenMohawk Place(part of National Scotch Day Celebration at Mohawk Place)
9-10 pmKatie JonesNietzsche's
9:15-9:45 pmTriumverateMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Punkfest)
9:30-10 pmSkoob.Mohawk Place(part of National Scotch Day Celebration at Mohawk Place)
10-10:30 pmWorking Class StiffsMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Punkfest)
10-11 pmJohn Moore & Missing StarNietzsche's
10:15-11 pmType RelevantMohawk Place(part of National Scotch Day Celebration at Mohawk Place)
11 pm-1 amA Steamy Midsummer Night's DreamMilkies Elmwood Lounge
11 pm-midnightJohnny & the Man KidsNietzsche's
11:15-11:45 pm14 trapdoorsMohawk Place(part of National Scotch Day Celebration at Mohawk Place)
midnight-12:30 amGenecistMohawk Place(part of National Scotch Day Celebration at Mohawk Place)
midnight-1 amkurt.riley+praxisNietzsche's
12:45-1:15 amOoze GangMohawk Place(part of National Scotch Day Celebration at Mohawk Place)
1-1:30 ammedusaNietzsche's
Magical Realism79 Chenango Street
Free Art Friday!Streets of Buffalo
Abstract Glass AsylumGrindhaus
Humor in ArtGrindhaus
Tapestry Grindhaus
Buffalove: Embroidery by Amy Lynn DuengfelderHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Colorized VibesHostel Buffalo-Niagara
baby boy, the muse.Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
embodied selfMain Street Gallery
FabricsMain Street Gallery
Garbage BirdsMain Street Gallery
HypnagogiaMain Street Gallery
KinshipMain Street Gallery
Untitled I GuessMain Street Gallery
#lonelyshelfMain Street Gallery
Miscreated MonstrositiesMain Street Gallery
Neon Lights and Glow PaintMain Street Gallery
RogueVogueDesignsMain Street Gallery
Rubber SoulsMain Street Gallerycancelled
The Cat-aclysm Main Street Gallery
When I go to SleepMain Street Gallery
AbscraptionMain Street Gallery
The MissingMain Street Gallery
Satellite dishes and other receptorsMain Street Gallerycancelled
Buffalo Builds Bad Character - Paintings by JC Mohawk Place
Yesterday & TodayMohawk Place
Self InfringementRustbelt Books
Purse-onality TraitsRustbelt Books (table and wall space)
Unknown Rustbelt Books
It Comes In WavesRustbelt Books
Entertain meSpot Coffee - Delaware/Downtown
Katescamp Controlled Chaos With Acrylic PouringSpot Coffee Hertel
The Roaming Ice DragonStreets of Buffalo
Dangles in the GardenStreets of Buffalo
of humanity & other demonsThe Difference Kitchen
Patterns and ObservationsThe Difference Kitchen
Horde of Benevolent Lunatics (Artwork by Harlan Locking)The Difference Kitchen
Gimme GivveThe Intersection
Beautifully BuffaloThe Intersection
Local PunkMohawk Place