El Buen Amigo

Address: 114 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo NY

Website: www.elbuenamigo.org


Thu, Jul 256-6:45 pmBifCoin, an Offering (+ theater previews)
Fri, Jul 262-2:30 pmAn Array of Short Films (by local artist Joe Connolly)
Fri, Jul 263-3:30 pmVoices of Justice in Buffalo
Sat, Jul 273-3:30 pmVoices of Justice in Buffalo
Sat, Jul 274:30-5 pmMagic Mich Poetry
Sat, Jul 275:30-6 pmCommunity Collaboration Poetry
Sun, Jul 281-1:15 pmOne Planet One Race
Sun, Jul 281-4 pmThe Performance Truck (In front or parking lot)
Sun, Jul 281:30-2 pmChosen Traveler Diptych: The Oxolotaur
Sun, Jul 282-3:30 pmComedy Improv Show
Mon, Jul 294-5 pmJonah the Jungle King
Tue, Jul 303-4 pmsomething different in buffalo
Tue, Jul 305:30-6:30 pmNow We Are Here
Wed, Jul 313-4 pmsomething different in buffalo
Wed, Jul 315:30-5:45 pmOne Planet One Race
Wed, Jul 316-7 pmWednesdays @ Midnight
Fri, Aug 024-5 pmGet Angsty: Poetry With a 16-Year-Old
Fri, Aug 025-5:15 pmAlmost Not Songs
Fri, Aug 026-7 pmExcerpts from In Crazy Love: A One Act Play Series
Sat, Aug 031-1:30 pmU.B. Prose
Sat, Aug 033-3:30 pmCommunity Collaboration Poetry
Sat, Aug 033-3:30 pmNo Lines: A Butch gives Advice on Women to Men
Sat, Aug 035-6 pmErotica Open Mic