Rustbelt Books

Address: 415 Grant St., Buffalo NY



Fri, Jul 261-2 pmsomething different in buffalo
Fri, Jul 263-4:30 pmBetween Tutus and Spandex
Fri, Jul 264:30-5:15 pmPoextry Videos: A Showing
Fri, Jul 266-7:30 pmSmoke
Sat, Jul 27noon-1:30 pmBetween Tutus and Spandex
Sat, Jul 271-2:30 pmCatty Open Mic Show--the sitcom!
Sat, Jul 272:45-3 pmAlmost Not Songs
Sat, Jul 273-3:30 pmA Tribute to Tim Sentman
Sat, Jul 273:30-4:30 pmGet Angsty: Poetry With a 16-Year-Old
Sat, Jul 274:30-5 pmLisa Maria Cruz
Sat, Jul 275-5:30 pmWolf & Woods
Sat, Jul 275:30-6 pmPrattletales
Sun, Jul 281-1:45 pmGerry Ralston solo performer
Sun, Jul 282-2:45 pmPurse-onality Traits
Sun, Jul 283-4 pmMama Said There'd Be Days Like This
Sun, Jul 284-4:30 pmmy inner fish: the body remembers
Sun, Jul 284:30-4:45 pmQueer Today, Gone Tomorrow
Sun, Jul 284:45-5 pmForced
Sun, Jul 285-5:15 pmRamblings from the rabid hole
Sun, Jul 285:15-6 pmMYQ F
Tue, Jul 302-2:30 pmVoices of Justice in Buffalo
Tue, Jul 305:30-6:30 pmWednesdays @ Midnight
Tue, Jul 306:30-6:45 pmBifCoin, an Offering
Tue, Jul 307-8 pmA Midsummer Night's Rave
Wed, Jul 314:30-5:30 pmBetween Tutus and Spandex
Wed, Jul 316-7 pmMr Fancypants
Wed, Jul 317-7:30 pmWolf & Woods
Thu, Aug 014:15-5:15 pmThe Clowning
Thu, Aug 015:15-6 pmAn Array of Short Films (by local artist Joe Connolly)
Thu, Aug 016-6:30 pmChosen Traveler Diptych: The Oxolotaur
Thu, Aug 017-8 pmExcerpts from In Crazy Love: A One Act Play Series
Fri, Aug 024-5 pmWeird Tales & Tall Coincidences
Fri, Aug 025-6 pmStoner Morning Show
Fri, Aug 027-8 pmBabushka
Sat, Aug 032:15-3:15 pmPoextry Videos: A Showing
Sat, Aug 033:15-4:30 pmThe Clowning
Sat, Aug 034:30-5 pmDiminishing marital returns
Sat, Aug 035-6 pmWeird Tales & Tall Coincidences
Sat, Aug 036-7:30 pmSmoke
Sun, Aug 042-3 pmOn Our Way!


Thu, Jul 25installationSelf Infringement
Thu, Jul 25installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Thu, Jul 25installationUnknown
Thu, Jul 25installationIt Comes In Waves
Fri, Jul 26installationSelf Infringement
Fri, Jul 26installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Fri, Jul 26installationUnknown
Fri, Jul 26installationIt Comes In Waves
Sat, Jul 27installationSelf Infringement
Sat, Jul 27installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Sat, Jul 27installationUnknown
Sat, Jul 27installationIt Comes In Waves
Sun, Jul 28installationSelf Infringement
Sun, Jul 28installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Sun, Jul 28installationUnknown
Sun, Jul 28installationIt Comes In Waves
Mon, Jul 29installationSelf Infringement
Mon, Jul 29installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Mon, Jul 29installationUnknown
Mon, Jul 29installationIt Comes In Waves
Tue, Jul 30installationSelf Infringement
Tue, Jul 30installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Tue, Jul 30installationUnknown
Tue, Jul 30installationIt Comes In Waves
Wed, Jul 31installationSelf Infringement
Wed, Jul 31installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Wed, Jul 31installationUnknown
Wed, Jul 31installationIt Comes In Waves
Thu, Aug 01installationSelf Infringement
Thu, Aug 01installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Thu, Aug 01installationUnknown
Thu, Aug 01installationIt Comes In Waves
Fri, Aug 02installationSelf Infringement
Fri, Aug 02installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Fri, Aug 02installationUnknown
Fri, Aug 02installationIt Comes In Waves
Sat, Aug 03installationSelf Infringement
Sat, Aug 03installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Sat, Aug 03installationUnknown
Sat, Aug 03installationIt Comes In Waves
Sun, Aug 04installationSelf Infringement
Sun, Aug 04installationPurse-onality Traits (table and wall space)
Sun, Aug 04installationUnknown
Sun, Aug 04installationIt Comes In Waves