El Museo

Address: 91 Allen St.

Website: elmuseobuffalo.org


Fri, Jul 265-6 pmBabushka
Sat, Jul 272-3 pmWhile Moving on Purpose
Sat, Jul 273-4 pmEmotional Baggage
Sat, Jul 274-4:30 pmmy inner fish: the body remembers
Wed, Jul 315-6 pmA Midsummer Night's Rave
Thu, Aug 015-6 pmBabushka
Fri, Aug 024-5 pmSpeaking Verse to Power:Poems on Peace, War, & Justice
Fri, Aug 025-6 pmMr Fancypants
Sat, Aug 031-2 pmI AM Asmi ASMR
Sat, Aug 032-3 pmPrattletales
Sat, Aug 033-4 pmEddie Gomez Poetry
Sat, Aug 034-5 pmExcerpts from In Crazy Love: A One Act Play Series