Address: 248 Allen St



Thu, Jul 258 pm-2 amScrap Iron Army(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 258:15-8:45 pmBrass Pro (Sidewalk)(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 259-9:30 pmMy Rap Name is Alex (Front Stage)(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 259:30-10 pmThe B-Side Review (Back Stage)(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 2510-10:30 pmTom Robert (Front)(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 2510:30-11 pmHello Headrush (Back Stage)(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 2511-11:30 pmJenn DeSantis (Front Stage)(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 2511:30 pm-midnightLazy Ass Destroyer (Back Stage)(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 25midnight-12:30 amBlaQb'rd (Front Stage)(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 2512:30-1 amManic State (Back Stage)(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 251-1:30 amLeafyTrees (Front Stage)(Opening Ceremonies)
Thu, Jul 251:30-2 amSonic Wranglers (Back Stage)(Opening Ceremonies)
Fri, Jul 2610-10:30 pmCacklmancy(Stanley Kubrick Birthday Celebration / Costume Contest)
Fri, Jul 2610:30-11:15 pmSacred Daisy (Front Stage)(Stanley Kubrick Birthday Celebration / Costume Contest)
Fri, Jul 2611:15 pm-midnightTHIS(Stanley Kubrick Birthday Celebration / Costume Contest)
Fri, Jul 26midnight-12:30 amChris Abbey (Front Stage)(Stanley Kubrick Birthday Celebration / Costume Contest)
Fri, Jul 2612:30-1 amCircular Logic(Stanley Kubrick Birthday Celebration / Costume Contest)
Fri, Jul 261-2 amMulti-Band, All-Star Jam (Stanley Kubrick Birthday Celebration / Costume Contest)
Sat, Jul 279-10 pmKatie Jones
Sat, Jul 2710-11 pmJohn Moore & Missing Star
Sat, Jul 2711 pm-midnightJohnny & the Man Kids
Sat, Jul 27midnight-1 amkurt.riley+praxis
Sat, Jul 271-1:30 ammedusa
Mon, Jul 295:30-7:30 pmJacob Jay / Dalton Sharp Quintet
Tue, Jul 3011 pm-midnightThe Stripteasers Present STEP SISTERS
Wed, Jul 318:30-10 pmThe Heenan Brothers(Bluegrass / Strings Showcase)
Wed, Jul 3110:30 pm-midnightAble Footing(Bluegrass / Strings Showcase)
Thu, Aug 019-9:30 pmMeghan Adele Johnson (Front Stage)
Thu, Aug 019:45-10:30 pmLION ENTERTAINMENT (R&B Show)
Thu, Aug 0110:45 pm-midnightStrange Standard
Fri, Aug 0210-10:45 pmWhich Witch(Freaky Friday)
Fri, Aug 0210 pm-2 amCompassion Chair (Front)(Freaky Friday)
Fri, Aug 0211-11:45 pmLesionread(Freaky Friday)
Fri, Aug 02midnight-12:45 amDarsombra(Freaky Friday)
Fri, Aug 021-1:30 amHooked on Casiophonics (Front Stage)(Freaky Friday)
Fri, Aug 021:30-2 amAZAMEI (Back Stage)(Freaky Friday)
Sat, Aug 032-5 pmCar Stories
Sat, Aug 039-9:45 pmIdiots of Idealism(Broadway Market Post-Party)
Sat, Aug 0310-10:45 pmHyperview(Broadway Market Post-Party)
Sat, Aug 0311-11:45 pmSPACELORD(Broadway Market Post-Party)
Sat, Aug 03midnight-1 amThe Missing Worker(Broadway Market Post-Party)
Sat, Aug 031-2 amDetroit Red(Broadway Market Post-Party)
Sun, Aug 049-9:30 pmMYQ F (Front Stage)(Closing Ceremonies )
Sun, Aug 049 pm-1 amScrap Iron Army(Closing Ceremonies )
Sun, Aug 049:30-10 pmBloodThirsty Vegans (Back Stage)(Closing Ceremonies )
Sun, Aug 0410-10:30 pmLa Marimba (Front Stage)(Closing Ceremonies )
Sun, Aug 0410:30-11 pmThe B-Side Review (Back Stage)(Closing Ceremonies )
Sun, Aug 0411-11:30 pmbeerhall philosophers (Front Stage)(Closing Ceremonies )
Sun, Aug 0411:30 pm-midnightTina Panic Noise (Back Stage)(Closing Ceremonies )
Sun, Aug 04midnight-12:30 amTHE STATES (Front Stage)(Closing Ceremonies )
Sun, Aug 0412:30-1 amSoma:Space Time Trip (Back Stage)(Closing Ceremonies )