Megafringe at Holly Farms

Our annual pre-closing ceremonies celebration. Free music from noon to 8 pm from a group of fantastic local musicians spreading across a variety of genres.

at Holly Farms Parking Lot


Sun, Aug 04noon-12:45 pmStress Dolls
Sun, Aug 04noon-8 pmRock Out with your Chalk Out
Sun, Aug 041-1:45 pmMichael Delano
Sun, Aug 042-2:45 pmInsoluble
Sun, Aug 043-3:45 pmSPACELORD
Sun, Aug 044-4:45 pmDevinity Reign
Sun, Aug 045-5:45 pmType Relevant
Sun, Aug 046-6:45 pmSentinel 6
Sun, Aug 046-6:45 pmAble Footing
Sun, Aug 047-7:45 pmTHE MOLICE