Buffalo Infringement Festival's Takeover of the Broadway Market

Buffalo Infringement Festival fills Broadway Market with three floors of music and art! We will have acoustic singer/songwriters in the lobby, industrial and hip-hop in the second floor of the parking garage and rock on the roof. It will also include a battle from live-action role-playing group Tartarus Invictus presents Dagorhir, roaming musicians and gongs that you can throw balls at! Fun for the whole family!

at Broadway Market


Sat, Aug 03noon-12:45 pmChristina Stock (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 03noon-5 pmPhelaleph (Roaming)
Sat, Aug 03noon-5 pmGongeranium (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 03noon-5 pmDavid Adamczyk (Roaming)
Sat, Aug 03noon-12:30 pmmedusa (Garage)
Sat, Aug 03noon-5 pmFirst Fruits (Live painting in lobby)
Sat, Aug 03noon-5 pmScrap Iron Army
Sat, Aug 0312:45-1:15 pmFLXGDD (Garage)
Sat, Aug 031-1:45 pmbeerhall philosophers (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 031-2 pmAnd She Was Feeling Groovy (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 031-4 pmThe Performance Truck
Sat, Aug 031:15-1:45 pmSpadeo Nation (Garage)
Sat, Aug 031:45-2:15 pmGenecist (Garage)
Sat, Aug 032-2:45 pmShannon Vanderlaan (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 032-4 pmTartarus Invictus presents Dagorhir (Roof)
Sat, Aug 032:30-3 pmNeetchy (Garage)
Sat, Aug 033-3:45 pmErica the Ice Dragon (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 033:15-3:30 pmCashis Green (Garage)
Sat, Aug 033:45-4:15 pmElectric Style (Garage)
Sat, Aug 034-4:45 pmAstrabula (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 034:30-5 pmThe Finality Complex (Garage)