Watching news reports, video footage, and social media posts of black and brown people dying during questionable events; the protests and counter protests, the debating on whether unarmed teens pose a threat...it all started to weigh heavily on my heart and soul. I remembered my father once told me a story of a man being plagued by nightmares, he went to his village's Guru for a remedy. The wise man told him to create a carving of the monster that hunted his dreams; as the man did this, night after night his dreams began to calm and when he finally finished, he had no more night terrors. H.E.A.L. is a collection of artworks I've been doing to help quiet my fears, my night terrors. A way to analyze what is going on all around me, to put a face or form to the monster. It doesn't have any answers but as a visual artist it helps me better see the questions.

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