Free Art Friday!

Free Art Friday is an art treasure hunt!! It asks artists to deposit free works of art in public spaces each Friday, and encourages people to seek them out and post their finds to @freeartfridaybuffalo . To participate, start by following @freeartfridaybuffalo on Instagram. Then, drop your art in a public spot with a little bit of a context clue (so the people might be able to find it!), then snap a picture, and send it via DM to the @freeartfridaybuffalo account! We'll post your picture on our page, and now all you have to do is wait for someone to find it! If you are a seeker of art, keep a look out on our page for free art drop postings. Once you find free art, take a picture of you and your find and DM it to @freeartfridaybuffalo. We'll post you with your treasure! Happy Hunting, Buffalo!

Social media: freeartfridaybuffalo


Thu, Jul 25installationStreets of Buffalo
Fri, Jul 26installationStreets of Buffalo
Sat, Jul 27installationStreets of Buffalo
Sun, Jul 28installationStreets of Buffalo
Mon, Jul 29installationStreets of Buffalo
Tue, Jul 30installationStreets of Buffalo
Wed, Jul 31installationStreets of Buffalo
Thu, Aug 01installationStreets of Buffalo
Fri, Aug 02installationStreets of Buffalo
Sat, Aug 03installationStreets of Buffalo
Sun, Aug 04installationStreets of Buffalo