Gimme Givve

An interactive art piece, social experiment, community build. Selections of the artist’s work, up for grabs to the public (gimme) provided they leave something that they feel is equal value in return (givve). Can be anything. Encouraged to be anything. (Srsly. I’ve gotten a maxi pad and a court summons in previous years)

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Thu, Jul 25installationThe Intersection
Fri, Jul 26installationThe Intersection
Sat, Jul 27installationThe Intersection
Sun, Jul 28installationThe Intersection
Mon, Jul 29installationThe Intersection
Tue, Jul 30installationThe Intersection
Wed, Jul 31installationThe Intersection
Thu, Aug 01installationThe Intersection
Fri, Aug 02installationThe Intersection
Sat, Aug 03installationThe Intersection
Sun, Aug 04installationThe Intersection