Miscreated Monstrosities

Taramarie Mitravich and Mike Alvarez are two illustrators from Niagara Falls, NY. Both concentrating in dark horror and pop culture, they create multi-medium drawings and paintings. Together they are known as Miscreated Monstrosities and have tabled together at numerous local comic conventions and art shows. Taramarie specializes in creating dark and terrifying images preferably in black and white and Mike is an expert at creating comically-cute, imaginative creations. They love displaying their work together to better compliment each other's creativity.

Social media: https://www.instagram.com/tkmillustrations/ https://www.instagram.com/zaracis/


Thu, Jul 25installationMain Street Gallery
Fri, Jul 26installationMain Street Gallery
Sat, Jul 27installationMain Street Gallery
Sun, Jul 28installationMain Street Gallery
Mon, Jul 29installationMain Street Gallery
Tue, Jul 30installationMain Street Gallery
Wed, Jul 31installationMain Street Gallery
Thu, Aug 01installationMain Street Gallery
Fri, Aug 02installationMain Street Gallery
Sat, Aug 03installationMain Street Gallery
Sun, Aug 04installationMain Street Gallery