Colorized Vibes

my work is going to put color to feelings so that people can get more in touch with their own and each others. For example, my painting depicting happiness would be a cloud of different shades of orange, depression would be a deep blue turning to black, etc.


Thu, Jul 25installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Fri, Jul 26installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sat, Jul 27installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sun, Jul 28installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Mon, Jul 29installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Tue, Jul 30installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Wed, Jul 31installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Thu, Aug 01installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Fri, Aug 02installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sat, Aug 03installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sun, Aug 04installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara