She Walked Here Street Tour

New York City, San Francisco... Buffalo? Few Americans think of the Queen City as a national historic center of LGBTQ culture. But Buffalo is famous for producing two books that account for most of what we know about working-class gay culture, prior to the 1969 Stonewall riots. One, Leslie Feinberg’s Stone Butch Blues, has become an internationally renowned cult classic. The second, Madeline Davis’ and Liz Kennedy’s Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold, will be commemorated in She Walked Here, an event series hosted by the Buffalo- Niagara LGBTQ History Project. Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold is a comprehensive history of working-class lesbian culture in the years before Stonewall. Stretching from the 1930s to the early 1960s, Davis and Kennedy’s book covers lesbian sexuality and relationships, race and class relations within the community, and the sometimes literal fighting lesbians did to defend their public space in an era of police raids and institutionalized homophobia. It also gives a full account of the gay bars that once covered Buffalo’s downtown area. She Walked Here will invite Buffalonians of all backgrounds to actively enter the world Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold describes, with our walking and biking tours. Both tours start in font of the Erie County Central Library (1 Lafayette Square) and are guided. You can travel by bike or on foot – it’s up to you! Each former bar site will feature a combination of tour guides and archival photo and audio offering an interpretation of Buffalo’s lesbian bar history. About the Buffalo-Niagara LGBTQ History Project: The Buffalo Niagara LGBTQ History Project is a volunteer-run activist group focused on preserving the actively erased histories of all local LGBTQ community members. We conduct interviews, donate materials to the Dr. Madeline Davis LGBTQ Archives of Western New York, and otherwise document the legacies of LGBTQ Buffalonians of all races, genders, ages, and abilities, across the LGBTQ identity spectrum. We seek to bridge generational gaps and promote LGBTQ history outside of large cities. We believe knowing our histories will guide us to meaningful political action and encourage others to join us in the archives and the homes of our elders and peers.

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Sat, Jul 274:30-6:30 pmStreets of Buffalo (Meet at Central Library)