Wednesdays @ Midnight

Since 2014, W@M has been an eclectic combination of radio theatre and musical comedy. With intentions of lifting up the listener, working for the viewer, W@M is for the people. "Be friends with your friends friends if that's what it takes to be friends" & "Be into what you're into, get out there go see it!" are just some of our mantras. We know our rivers, know our roads, and most certainly respect the ports! W@M has been performed live in Buffalo, Los Angeles, and New York City! Legendary comedian Steven Brody Stevens said, "Yes!" upon receiving a late 2018 W@M recording. Local comedian, fan, and listener Steven Jake Samson recently proclaimed, "Wednesdays @ Midnight!!!!! Tolls / Ports is profound" in regards to the W@M 2019 Q1 Collection.


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Tue, Jul 305:30-6:30 pmRustbelt Books
Wed, Jul 316-7 pmEl Buen Amigo