M.T. Lakes

M.T. Lakes is the project of songwriter Corey Lubniewski, based in Buffalo, New York. M.T. Lakes melds the styles of indie rock, punk, and folk to bring you songs of love, hope, and sadness. Mostly sadness. Actually, almost always sadness. M.T. Lakes released his debut album Shapes Of Color in January 2019. Corey grew up in the hamlet of Smallwood located in the town of Bethel NY. He started playing guitar with a few of his friends during high school. During that time he started writing his own music under the moniker “GRIFFIN!” This project was a blend of punk and folk punk in the likes of Lucero, Mischeif Brew and Defiance, Ohio. While under the name GRIFFIN! Corey released three albums, GRIFFIN!, Bright Moon, Dark Nights, and Wellroundedness, all of which were self recorded lo-fi albums done on a laptop microphone. Were they mixed? Barely. Were they mastered? Nah. He continued as GRIFFIN! through college, played many local shows, moved to Denver in 2014, went on tour, and then moved back to Buffalo in 2016. Over those years his influences and interests started to change. He began using loop pedals to create soundscapes to lay over his now punk and indie rock oriented style. Once back in Buffalo he started working on a new album, the first one in almost seven years, which would become his current release Shapes of Color. During this time he decided to move from GRIFFIN! to the name M.T. Lakes to embrace the changes of his musical style and to get a fresh feeling for the new release. You can expect songs about life and feelings of worth - or a lack there of, losing friends, hating parts of yourself and loving music. This all layered over distorted guitars, spacey soundscapes and catchy melodies.

Website: mtlakes.bandcamp.com

Social media: www.facebook.com/mtlakescc www.instagram.com/mtlakescc


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