Humor in Art

Humor in photography is sometime overlooked. The ten photographs/photo collages in this series makes an effort to capture humor. Funny spontaneous moments in front of the camera are presented as well as developing a natural character that travels about the photographs in collage form. Her name is "figgy."


Social media:, Richard I. Steinberg


Thu, Jul 25installationGrindhaus
Fri, Jul 26installationGrindhaus
Sat, Jul 27installationGrindhaus
Sun, Jul 28installationGrindhaus
Mon, Jul 29installationGrindhaus
Tue, Jul 30installationGrindhaus
Wed, Jul 31installationGrindhaus
Thu, Aug 01installationGrindhaus
Fri, Aug 02installationGrindhaus
Sat, Aug 03installationGrindhaus
Sun, Aug 04installationGrindhaus