Skoob. grew up around music playing in the background. In fact, as a child whenever music was played in his household it ranged from artist such as ‘Big Bub’ and ‘Kelly Price’ to 'The Whispers' and 'Seal' to ‘Bone Thugz’ and ‘69 Boyz.’ But let’s not forget Tupac and Biggie when he got around certain family members. Some of his greatest memories were spent reciting lines he'd learn from his younger cousins who were ahead of the game and already listening to Pac. While in the 3rd soon to advance to the next grade he discovered his connection with writing poetry. All in the same sitting became familiar with putting words together in a rhythmic pattern. Before you know it, his path to being the next kid ‘spitter’ was shortly lived. Football season approached and the “Blue Print” dropped. After several years of not writing a single lyric he gave it another go. He wrote his first verse to a track titled “Cook Up,” which had a trap music sound, a sound he was familiar with listening to around that time. After both writing and recording that verse he became captivated with the process of completing a song. He may have recorded a few more tracks before he was left to only write his music because the equipment used was taken back to Syracuse. The following summer break he and fellow rapper Diverze did a cover track to Drakes “Over.” From then on the two begin to work on various projects and his passion for making music grew. He later installed the Fruity Loop Studio 9 software on to his laptop and started to produce as well. His skills developed and soon led him to working with various peers and artist such as, Tsunami Gang (LivU) , Rodagues, Casey B, and dozens of others. Under no label he and “The States” booked a few performances and show cases in Buffalo. Venues including Canisius Colleges Montante CulturalCenter, Daemon Colleges Social Room, Massachusetts Park on the west side of Buffalo, Varsity Theatre on Bailey Avenue and many other venues. Skoob. has done much collaborative work with both his teammates and peers. He also did many solo tracks one of which was his unique rendition to “March Madness” which he titled "Yack & Soda". This remake gained him some recognition for its unique cadence , yet melodic flow. The video should be dropping sometime this summer. Currently, Skoob. is working on his freshmen mixtape titled 'Life and Other Drugs'. Skoob. (or Skoobdini) also has a few pieces of work already out and viewable on SoundCloud and Youtube.

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Fri, Jul 267:30-7:45 pmHostel Buffalo-Niagara (Teaser Set for National Scotch Day at Mohawk Place the Following Night)(part of Getting Hostile at the Hostel)
Sat, Jul 279:30-10 pmMohawk Place(part of National Scotch Day Celebration at Mohawk Place)
Sun, Jul 281:30-2 pmNickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth(part of Lawn Disco)