SPACELORD is a four-headed beast from Buffalo, NY. We unleash a cosmic blast of radioactive rock, fashioned in the manner of our ancestors: Zeppelin, Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and a rogue's gallery of unorthodox heroes too. SPACELORD's second LP album, "Indecipher," sees the band exploring frenetic starship adventures, ominous riffs, haunting screams, and sleazy cyberpunk disco. The lyrics craft a dark prophecy from the band's myriad fantasy, horror, and sci-fi influences. "Top notch grooves from beginning to end without even a whiff of filler, 'Indecipher' is Spacelord's best release to date and promises much for the future." - Frazer Jones, Desert Psychlist


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Sat, Aug 0311-11:45 pmNietzsche's (part of Broadway Market Post-Party)
Sun, Aug 043-3:45 pmHolly Farms Parking Lot(part of Megafringe at Holly Farms)