A young, self-taught artist from Buffalo, NY whose fascination for the dark and terrifying inspires my creations. I am a horror geek who loves bringing my favorite movie monsters to life in my art. From working in bold, bright oil pastels to stark, black and white charcoal, I love working in all mediums. While I love doing fan work, I take pride in my original art pieces. I take inspiration from nature and death, creating otherworldly beings. These creepy creations are a deeper reflection of our nightmares and how it's okay to embrace our fears.

Website: www.artfultemptress.com

Social media: @artful_temptress


Thu, Jul 25installationMain Street Gallery
Fri, Jul 26installationMain Street Gallery
Sat, Jul 27installationMain Street Gallery
Sun, Jul 28installationMain Street Gallery
Mon, Jul 29installationMain Street Gallery
Tue, Jul 30installationMain Street Gallery
Wed, Jul 31installationMain Street Gallery
Thu, Aug 01installationMain Street Gallery
Fri, Aug 02installationMain Street Gallery
Sat, Aug 03installationMain Street Gallery
Sun, Aug 04installationMain Street Gallery