Darsombra is a multi-disciplinary performance art project, that presents simultaneously as a rock band, a film screening, and a piece of life theater. Music fans can expect long-format, heavy psychedelic guitar/synth/percussion rock, reminiscent of krautrock or zeuhl; film-goers can expect a psychedelic voyage into global and extra-terrestrial landscapes; and fans of the stage can expect a dynamic performance from two freaks trying to out-freak each other into oblivion.

Website: www.darsombra.com

Social media: facebook.com/darsombra, instagram.com/darsombra, youtube.com/darsombra, darsombra.bandcamp.com


Fri, Aug 02midnight-12:45 amNietzsche's (part of Freaky Friday)
Sat, Aug 039-10 pmHickory Urban Sanctuary(part of Hickory Urban Jam-tuary)