If there is one thing that I can promise you, it’s that Flx Gdd’s music is revolutionary. He has an aura surrounding him that he uses to impact people emotionally in very unique and sincere ways. As a person who is with him often, I’ve seen multiple instances in which he positively alters one’s perception and perspectives of life, religion, and enforces the power of believing in one’s self. He knows how to make people listen and open their mind while redirecting their thoughts to a more enlightened way of thinking. He stresses his desire to always be there for people Just because he understands life can make you feel really alone at times so he makes sure to let his fans know that their happiness and success is the reason he stands strong every day. So, no matter what happens through all the stress, laughter, deaths, births, and any other ups and downs his people face...he’ll be there. His music helps heal invisible wounds through a totally unique sound from his electrifying vocals to his soul taking instrumentals, having FLXGDD for your show will make it an unforgettable night. So, if you want an artist that great vibes and positive energy then you’ve found the perfect artist for you!

Social media: Davon Wesley/@FLXGDD/No Twitter


Fri, Jul 267-7:15 pmHostel Buffalo-Niagara(part of Getting Hostile at the Hostel)
Sat, Aug 0312:45-1:15 pmBroadway Market (Garage)(part of Buffalo Infringement Festival's Takeover of the Broadway Market)