Excerpts from In Crazy Love: A One Act Play Series

This excerpt from In Crazy Love features 3 10-minute plays that pull back the curtain on all kinds of relationships while teaching a course in the absurdity of romantic love. Whether you're a lover or a fighter, we're certain this show will have you begging for more. YOU KNOW THE DRILL Valleria is an enthusiastic amateur dentist who wants to go pro, now she just needs a few unsuspecting patients to practice on. IN THE AIR TOMORROW NIGHT Karen's husband finally joins her in the afterlife, but she disapproves of the vengeful vigilante rampage he undertook in her name. DEATH & DUNKIN Mack has been working at Dunkin Donuts for years and what does he have to show for it? Beth has a few ideas to get him out of his post-graduate slump.

Website: https://greenbuffaloproductions.weebly.com/in-crazy-love.html

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Thu, Aug 017-8 pmRustbelt Books
Fri, Aug 026-7 pmEl Buen Amigo
Sat, Aug 034-5 pmEl Museo