“Toward the end of his life, David Bowie once characterized himself as a man lost in time, but Kurt Riley is just beginning to find himself in it.” -ECM His debut album was produced by Beyoncé & Run the Jewels collaborator BOOTS, in a South Florida home studio. His sophomore release was a sci-fi concept album about an alien king who comes to Earth in search of his lost queen – and saves humanity in the process. A grant from the Arts Partnership of Tompkins County funded the recording of his third album. And the three singles he released in 2018 have been praised by journalists, radio stations, and fans from Canada, India, and the United Kingdom. “His scintillating brand of punk, New Wave, and glam rock will excite you about the direction of contemporary music.” -WVBR-FM Now, Kurt Riley is about to release new music so radical that it will stand out amongst an already singular career. Enter Chrome Empire – a sonic vision of the future. A series of immaculately-crafted singles, released in 2019 and 2020, will combine machine with man by directly addressing the zeitgeist with songs about artificial intelligence, megacities, and augmented reality. Recently signed to CNY label New Vine Records, Kurt Riley and his band - renamed as kurt.riley+praxis - are a cinematic vision of the future. www.kurtriley.com

Website: www.kurtriley.com

Social media: kurtrileymusic


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