nuspeak is the brainchild of aspiring musician john galbo, who has spent fifteen years cultivating his sound through many bands and phases of work. nuspeak is the culmination of those years combined with the inspiration of modernity, love, loss, and a deranged world. musically, nuspeak is emotionally raw and unapologetic, taking on sensitive subjects such as social issues, devastating grief, and romantic quarrels/triumphs. in performance, the emotion is presented through live instrumentation combined with electronics and visual arts to create some kind of marriage between a rock show, a DJ set, and performance art.


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Tue, Jul 306-6:45 pmKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Street(part of Vehement Voices)
Fri, Aug 026:45-7:30 pmCould Be 41 Elmwood(part of Could Be A Noise Rock Show)