Fri, Aug 4


4pm - 5pm The Heenan Brothers Caffeology
4pm - 6pm Genie In A Amusement Box Antique Man (window display)
4pm - 7pm Car Stories Nietzsche's (out front)
5pm - 5:30pm Green Schwinn Antique Man (out front)
5pm - 5:30pm Kerry Fey Buffalo Doula Collective
5pm - 5:30pm Kevin J. Prentice Caffeology
5pm - 5:30pm John Kloberdanz El Buen Amigo (out front)
5pm - 6pm Troupe Nisaa Tribal Fusion Bellydance Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue
5pm - 8pm Noise Inordinance II
5pm Sangre del Higo Pico
5:30pm Sonato for solo cymbals
6pm DeadWorry
6:30pm Justin Von Strasburg
7pm LaLa Fuckaroo
7:30pm the buffalo suicide prevention unit
Kleinhans Parking Lot (plaza)
5pm - 9pm something different in buffalo Buffalo Barfly (front porch)
5pm - 9pm Primal Absolution Nickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth (front lawn)
5pm - 9pm The Fake News Project Streets of Buffalo (Allentown Art Walk)
5:30pm - 5:45pm Finir Le Mauvais Dreamland*
5:30pm - 6pm beerhallphilosophers Antique Man (out front)
5:30pm - 6pm Sonato for solo cymbals El Buen Amigo (cancelled)
5:30pm - 6:15pm Brendan & the Strangest Ways Cafe Taza (out front)
5:30pm - 8pm Waxing Poetic
5:30pm The Skein Of Our Existence
6pm Reading Live w/C.R.Shpman
6:15pm Found in Translation
6:45pm Carissa Denée
7pm Summer slams!!!
Shianne Wax Studio (driveway)
6pm - 6:45pm Sarah Golley Daily Planet Coffee Co., Inc.
6pm - 7pm Jon Rizzo & Conference of the Strange Allen Street Poutine (patio)
6pm - 7pm Meria / HauntedGypsy Allentown Music
6pm - 7pm The Canalside Banshee El Buen Amigo
6pm - 7pm graffiti reading Old Editions Bookshop and Cafe
6pm - 8pm The Best Buffalo Stand-Up Comedy Show Today Milkie's
6pm - 9pm Allen East Street Closure Allentown Association Artisans Market
6pm Gamelan Klenengan
6pm Gongeranium
6pm El the Mime
6:30pm Huracan Poli
7:15pm Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalist
7:30pm Reasons for Reasons
Allen St. East (street closure)
6pm - 9pm Love Potion #3 Allentown Pizza (inside)
6pm - 9pm Mulley's Backyard party
6pm Able Footin'
6:30pm Bobby Floyd Angel Live
7:15pm The Seasides
8pm THRE3-P
Art Under the Stars (backyard)
6pm - 9pm The Vine Brothers Hydraulic Hearth
6pm - 9:45pm Afternoon Delight
6pm Zack Steinberg and Shaun Doyle
The Gypsy Parlor
6pm - 11pm Curios and Oddities
6pm Lituation
6:45pm Rory McCormack
7:30pm Autoverse
8:15pm i scream the body electric
8:45pm Anatomy of Something Unseen
9:15pm PLLR
9:45pm Blue Lazer
10:30pm Uncle Rick's Variety Show
Forty-One Elmwood
6:15pm - 7pm Max Muscato & Outer Harbor Cantina Loco Patio (sidewalk near gate)
6:30pm - 7pm Rory McCormack El Buen Amigo (cancelled)
6:30pm - 7pm Not Cool RUDEBOYZ ARTWORKS
6:30pm - 7pm Little cake Sweet Temptations Du Jour (out front)
6:30pm - 7:30pm Sonic Shamanism Dreamland*
6:30pm - 7:30pm Resist Militarism - "Ask A _____ (Peace Activist, Veteran, etc.)" & Recruitment Street Theater Global Justice Ecology Project/?Buen Vivir! (out front)
7pm - 7:30pm jack toft Allentown Pizza (street corner)
7pm - 7:30pm theatreFiguren presents SPEAK. Indigo Art (inside)
7pm - 7:30pm String Cheese
7pm One Cello Anything Goes
7pm Null-terminated Char Array Music
7pm David Adamczyk's Gig Adventure
Karpeles Manuscript Library - North Street (steps)
7pm - 7:30pm Silence Your Devices Old Editions Bookshop and Cafe
7pm - 7:30pm The Set of Zaz The Melting Point (out front)
7pm - 7:45pm Easy Chair Mcgee Daily Planet Coffee Co., Inc.
7pm - 8pm Babushka Hallwalls' Cinema
7pm - 8pm fractaLights RUDEBOYZ ARTWORKS
7pm - 9pm Red Beans and Rice Rust Belt Books (door 7 start 730)
7pm - 9pm Comedy Action Pub Crawl Streets of Buffalo (Allentown, starting at Hardware)
7pm - 9pm Tarot Readings The Melting Point (at front window)
7pm - 10pm Glam Jam, Thank You Mam'n New Skateland Roller Rink
7pm - 10pm Open Mic Sewing Souls Studio
7:30pm - 8:30pm The Blue Room Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue
7:30pm - 9pm HEARTS OF STONE Alleyway Theatre
7:30pm - 9pm Kerry Fey's Badass Class Days Park (Paw Prints plaza?)
8pm - 8:45pm John Kloberdanz Daily Planet Coffee Co., Inc.
8pm - 9pm Tilapia Casa de Arte (driveway)
8pm - 9pm Secrets Bleed (When Eaten) Dreamland*
8pm - 9pm WNY IMPROV Hallwalls' Cinema
8pm - 9pm Accidental Accidentals Symphony Circle (Kleinhans quadrant)
9pm - 10pm Something Relatively Circus-y Days Park (circle?)
9pm - 10pm Naked Narration: The Shaw Showcase Dreamland*
9pm - 10pm The Best Buffalo Stand-Up Comedy Show Today Hallwalls' Cinema
9pm - 3am Milktronica
9:30pm Andrew Polycoder
10pm DJ Spruke
10:30pm Fe'netiks Live ????????????????
11pm eFFeX
11:30pm JeffRepeater (cancelled)
midnight Soma:Space Time Trip (cancelled)
12:30am RE: Whiskey Gatorade
1am The Great North
9pm - 3am Mohawk Masquerade Ball: Westworld
9pm Curiosity's End
9:45pm Tim Haufe
10:30pm Major Arcana
11:15pm Meria / HauntedGypsy
11:45pm The Good Neighbors
12:15am Pam Swarts
12:45am Bighorn Sheep
1:30am THIS
Mohawk Place [rock music]
10pm - 10:30pm HC Kush Sewing Souls Studio
10:30pm - 11pm Chill Ali Sewing Souls Studio
10:30pm - 2:30am Nietzsche's Presents: Swimmer
10:30pm Minor Racket
11pm Dark Matter Trio
11:45pm Swimmer
12:45am Folkfaces
1:15am Skyepilot
2am Folkfaces
11pm - 11:30pm We Stole The Show Sewing Souls Studio


Chromatic Gesticulation 125 Art Collective Tattoo Studio
Happy Hooker Sweet Shop 125 Art Collective Tattoo Studio
Green Tara The Bird's Nest Circus Arts
Chaos The Bird's Nest Circus Arts
Jitter Jots Cafe Taza
Abstract Expressionism Caffe Aroma
Ironic Still Lifes Caffeology
artifice Daily Planet Coffee Co., Inc.
Gimme Givve Daily Planet Coffee Co., Inc.
The Bear Global Justice Ecology Project/?Buen Vivir!
Sifting Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
f#art Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Breath Link Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Paintings by Cat McCarthy Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Mixed Income Housing Project Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Mews Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Hooking the Hyperbolic: DIY Geometry Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Catman Sketch Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Introspection Hot Mama's Canteen
Life is diverse and wonderful Main Street Gallery
Multiplane Desk Posters Main Street Gallery
Mass Art Main Street Gallery
just a taste Main Street Gallery
Things I Should've Said Main Street Gallery
Colgate Main Street Gallery
Around the Non-Body Main Street Gallery
What We Fought For Main Street Gallery
Untitled Main Street Gallery
Local Punk Mohawk Place
Psyscapes Designs Mohawk Place
Emotional Beauty Old Editions Bookshop and Cafe
A Glimpse of an International Adoptee's Mind Old Editions Bookshop and Cafe
Painting Machine part 2 Rust Belt Books
Process//Steps//Forward Rust Belt Books
Self-Infringement Rust Belt Books
Fiona and Friends Sewing Souls Studio
Spoons Sewing Souls Studio
family photos Sewing Souls Studio
Pixie's Vinyl Art Shianne Wax Studio
buffalo people Spot Coffee Delaware
TBD Spot Coffee Delaware
Hiconball Design Collection Spot Coffee Elmwood
Thrive by Amy Lynn Duengfelder Spot Coffee Elmwood
Untitled Spot Coffee Elmwood
Disremembered Series Spot Coffee Hertel
City of No Illusions Spot Coffee Hertel
Doggy Style/ Kitty Porn 2.0 Streets of Buffalo
Scrap Iron Army Streets of Buffalo (Allentown Art Walk)
#FOMO Streets of Buffalo