Sun, Jul 30


11am - 3pm Buskfest 5000 1/4 Caffe Aroma (out front)
2pm - 3pm Graffiti Theatre Nietzsche's
2pm - 8pm LaSalle Park show
7pm Beer Battering The Fish
7pm Minor Racket
LaSalle Park (pavillion)
3:15pm - 3:45pm beerhallphilosophers Nietzsche's
4pm - 4:45pm Chris Abbey Nietzsche's
5pm - 5:30pm Edryce Hasan Daily Planet Coffee Co., Inc.
5pm - 11pm Sunday Punk Extravaganza
7pm Chester Copperpot
7pm Nuke Fun
7pm Triumverate
7pm Grump, Project Grump, not to be confused with Gump, Trump, Hump or Lump
7pm Thrush
7pm Like a Panther
7pm The Rust Belt Brigade
Mohawk Place
7pm - 7pm Ironsoul The Tudor Lounge