Sun, Jul 27


noon - 12:45pm Pop Star Novelty El Buen Amigo [acoustic music] [pop music] [music]
noon - 2pm Shaken Stylus Pit Stop Cafe Taza (out front) [outdoor] [rock music] [music]
noon - 8pm College Street Block Party
noon Paint by Hoop
2pm Amrev 2
3pm Will Folk For Food
3:30pm The Fredtown Stompers
4pm Hoopnosis Hulaerobics Workshop
4:15pm Primitive Post Human
4:30pm The Observers
5:30pm Jen Whitmore
5:45pm Shubbaluliuma
6:45pm Jen Whitmore
7pm pine fever
College Street [outdoor] [kid-friendly]
noon - 9pm Buskfest 5000: Guitar Case Strategically Left Open
noon Adam Giancarlo (cancelled)
noon Tomcat Joe
12:30pm Bobby Angel
1pm Windpatterns
1:30pm Alex Berkley
2pm Wolf
2:30pm Autoverse
3pm Jonathan Foster
3:30pm Darcy Gates-Brewer
4pm Dudley Johnson
4:30pm Alaysa O'Brien
5pm Jess Chizuk
5:30pm Lloyd MacHardy (cancelled)
5:30pm Gander
6:30pm Jonathan Herr
7pm Andrew Tufano
Caffe Aroma (street corner) [outdoor]
12:30pm - 12:45pm Javanese blonde El Museo [dance]
1pm - 1:45pm graffiti reading El Buen Amigo [spoken word]
1pm - 2pm Piece of Me Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue [dance]
2pm - 2:30pm A Guy and a Guitar, But Mostly a Guy El Buen Amigo [outdoor]
2pm - 2:45pm We. Rust Belt Books
2pm - 2:45pm Dudley Johnson Spot Coffee Elmwood [outdoor] [rock music] [music]
2pm - 3pm Blue Roadhouse Revue Casa De Arte (driveway) [outdoor] [acoustic music] [blues] [music]
2pm - 3pm Dance Sampler Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue [dance]
2pm - 5:30pm Sunday of Sorrows and Solace Outdoor Showcase
2pm Accordion world streets
2:30pm Sweatshirt/ The Clothesline Project
3pm Helen
3:15pm Fruit Flies in the Wine
3:45pm Helen
4pm Pain and Pride on the West Side
4:30pm Helen
4:45pm Gemini Widow
Days Park (in circle) [outdoor]
2:30pm - 3pm Solo Electronic drums Filigrees Gallery & Boutique (out front) [outdoor] [rock music] [music]
3pm - 3:45pm Tomcat Joe Allentown Music (out front) [outdoor] [folk music] [rock music] [music]
3pm - 4pm The Squirrel Hillbillies Spot Coffee Elmwood [folk music] [acoustic music] [music]
3pm - 4pm Pappy Stardust Ziggy Starfish (in alley under arch) [outdoor] [indie-rock] [psychedelic music] [music]
3pm - 8pm Milkfest
4pm Julian Burgio
5pm global psychosis
6pm Irregardless
7pm Wet Stone
3:30pm - 3:45pm theatreFiguren presents BUTTERFLY SKY Karpeles Manuscript Library - North Street (on steps) [outdoor] [kid-friendly] [theatre]
3:30pm - 4pm RiskIntuitionLove presented by BCIJPG The Warehouse at the Richmond Ferry Church [dance]
3:30pm - 6:30pm We Infringe Because We Are Infringed: Civil Rights and Social Justice on the Sidewalk
3:30pm Ahavaraba Takes It to the Street
4:45pm theatreFiguren presents BUTTERFLY SKY
5pm Accordion world streets
5pm Two of a Kind (cancelled)
5:30pm Pain and Pride on the West Side
West Side Stories (out front) [outdoor]
4pm - 4:45pm Honest Penny The Gypsy Parlor [folk music] [singer/songwriter] [music]
4pm - 5pm Luanjie Allentown Music (out front) [rock music] [music]
4pm - 5pm Incident at Deerlick as told by Mark Twain Rust Belt Books [spoken word]
4pm - 5pm Wolf Shopaholic Fashionista (back patio) (cancelled)
4pm - 7pm The Grind Film Funhouse
4pm The Vaginator
4:15pm Cartoon Platoon
4:15pm Cold Nature
5:15pm "C" A Performance art experience
5:15pm The Vaginator - Spanish Edition
5:30pm Bring Me Your Vultures
4pm - 7pm Car Stories Nietzsche's [outdoor] [theatre]
4:30pm - 4:45pm Apocalyptica El Museo [dance]
5pm - 5:45pm beer hall philosophers The Gypsy Parlor [outdoor] [jazz] [music]
5pm - 6pm BOURBON AND COFFEE Picasso Moon (out front) [outdoor] [poetry]
5pm - 6:30pm Saucebox Rust Belt Books [poetry]
6pm - midnight Infringement at Verve
7pm Chuckie Campbell
8pm Global Knowledge
9pm Groove Cereal
10pm Short Moscato
11pm People Without Cars
Verve Dance Studio
6:30pm - 6:45pm Screwdrivers and Dying Mermaids Rust Belt Books [poetry]
6:30pm - 6:45pm theatreFiguren presents BUTTERFLY SKY Unitarian Universalist Church (garden entrance) [outdoor] [kid-friendly] [theatre]
7pm - 7:30pm Scan Poetry Rust Belt Books [poetry]
7pm - 8:15pm Doing It In Public Karpeles Manuscript Library - North Street (steps) [outdoor] [spoken word]
7pm - midnight Mental Exercises
8pm Crux
9pm Cthuhlord
11pm My Rap Name is Alex
midnight Organica All Stars
Electric Avenue
7:30pm - 9pm Detour Torn Space [theatre]
8pm - midnight Tudor Stupor Sunday
8pm Acoustic Boot
9pm Amrev 2
10pm Look, a Fang!
11pm On The Cinder
The Tudor Lounge
9:30pm - 10:15pm Mobile Hotspots The Gypsy Parlor [rock music] [music]
10pm - 2am Plosives and Sibilants: Hip Hop at Milkie's
10pm Network
11pm Global Knowledge
midnight My Rap Name is Alex
1am Hooizzy
10:45pm - 11:30pm Darling Harbor The Gypsy Parlor [folk music] [indie-rock] [music]


Buffalo Photography Exhibit Allentown Pizza
Implosion / Explosion Allentown Pizza
Paper Houses by Lindsay Zasada Amy's Place
spoke card designs 2014 Amy's Place
Cinco de Blammo Artspace Buffalo
Flush-Photography Buffalo Church of Christ
Black Hole Architecture: The obscured ephemera of Rust Belt Cowboys Cafe Taza
Driving Girl:Go, Go, Go Caffe Aroma
We paint things pretty one day. Cantina Loco Patio (patio wall) [outdoor]
Scrap Iron Army College Street
Mural @ 41 Elmwood Ave The Could Be Wild Building (mural on storefront) [outdoor]
Dirty Dishes Dreamland
George Orwell Lived Here Dreamland
Kitty Porn : Collages and Paintings by Cat McCarthy Dreamland
Porn and Ink Dreamland
Tales of Narcotica Dreamland
Two Girls, Four Boobs, and A LOT of Paint. Dreamland
Brainville presented by Frank Vincent Santora Filigrees Gallery & Boutique
Stuff that is Stupid ! Art from my Id Filigrees Gallery & Boutique
DIY716 Filigrees Gallery & Boutique
8 Bit Buffalo art by Mike Sentman The Foundry
Band of Paintstruments The Foundry
Big Brother The Foundry [sculpture]
Cartoonimp Toys The Foundry
Dark Days The Foundry
Entheogenic Esotericism The Foundry
Floating Pixles by Sara Howard The Foundry
Improvising Consciousness: The Davian Turn The Foundry
The art of Mad Jack 3D Prints The Foundry
RHINO TOYS: New Work by Rich Tomasello Glow Gallery [sculpture]
Imagine That Series Presented by Jim Wolford It's a Mod World
Red, White and You It's a Mod World
We paint things pretty one day. Nietzsche's (parkinglot wall) [outdoor]
Melscamp Perk's Cafe and Market
Femme Fatale series Perk's Cafe and Market [sculpture]
Sunwheel Sculpture By Katharine Tussing Perk's Cafe and Market
On Foot Perk's Cafe and Market
Spiritual Sunrise Perk's Cafe and Market
Decay of Western New York by A.S. Odell Perk's Cafe and Market
Exploration of art in the streets Picasso Moon (plaza, continually adding/modifying) [outdoor]
Resurgence Presto!
Sculptures Presto! [sculpture]
A View from the Streets by Lucille Altieri Rust Belt Books
Double Exposed Portraits by Jeannine Swallow Rust Belt Books
Papercraft Miracles Show & Tell Rust Belt Books
Lighter Than Air Shopaholic Fashionista
Electric Forest Shopaholic Fashionista
Infringement Jam Comic presented by Amy Lynn Duengfelder Spot Coffee Delaware
My View By Katharine Tussing Spot Coffee Delaware
Gimme Gimme by Lindsay Zasada Spot Coffee Delaware
Overwintering/Springing Spot Coffee Elmwood
Paintings by Erik Sundberg Spot Coffee Elmwood
men in hats ect....... Spot Coffee Hertel
Series of my subconscious Spot Coffee Hertel
Genie on a Magic Carpet Streets of Buffalo (anywhere that summons him!) (cancelled)
The Boom Box Betties Streets of Buffalo (be on the lookout) [outdoor] [burlesque]
Random Contact Streets of Buffalo (seemingly at random) [dance] [outdoor]
painted driftwood sticks in movable assembly Streets of Buffalo (roaming installation, various Allentown locations) [outdoor]
Buffalo through the Looking Glass by Andrew Torres West Side Stories
Abscraption Ziggy Starfish [sculpture]
Visions Comic Art Ziggy Starfish