Sat, Aug 1


9:30am - 12:30pm Bidwell Farmer's Market #2
9:30am Volver
11am David Adamczyk
noon Squawk the Show
Bidwell Park (under tree) [outdoor]
10am - 4pm Food Not Brahms
10am Jamie Hampton
10:15am The Heenan Brothers
10:45am louie the lip
11:15am The Seasides
11:45pm Sister Molly & Brother John
12:15pm Kerry Fey Does Infringement
12:30pm The Brown Family Singers
1:45pm beerhall philosophers
2:15pm The Unusual Christians
2:45pm Sara Elizabeth (cancelled)
3pm Gabrielle Anello
3:15pm Noah Gokey / The Phantom of Infringement
Symphony Circle (all four quadrants) [outdoor]
noon - 12:30pm Nights of the Shapeshifters Crane Library [spoken word] [kid-friendly]
noon - 1pm Si Si Nana Dance Ensemble Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue [dance]
noon - 2pm The Vine Brothers Hydraulic Hearth [music]
noon - 4pm Meet the Neighbors
noon LanaDenzelRay
noon Happy Pictures Now
noon Chaos order and play
noon Open Art Exhibiting
12:30pm Meet the Neighbors featuring John L. from Autism Services, Inc.
1pm Open Busking
1:30pm Sound Constructions
2pm Magnus Opium Presents a Treatise on Zen Metaphysics
3pm Rory McCormack
Atrium 124 Gallery (inside and outside)
noon - 4:30pm Open Busking Antique Man (out front) [music]
1pm - 4:30pm 100 Drums Along Hoyt Lake!
1pm JeffRepeater
1pm gamelan drumming (cancelled)
1:15pm Drums Along Hoyt Lake!
1:45pm The Slyboots Drum Ensemble
2:15pm Buffalo Percussion Collective
2:45pm Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalist
3:15pm Si Si Nana Dance Ensemble
3:45pm Open Busking
Hoyt Lake (around the lake) [outdoor]
1:15pm - 2pm Glimpse Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue [dance]
2pm - 2:30pm Michelle Joy of Sinuous Tribal Fusion Belly Dance El Museo [dance]
2pm - 9pm Do-It-Yourself Arts Engagement presented by Melanie Klimjack Bidwell Park
2:15pm - 3:30pm Body Obstacles Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue [dance] [kid-friendly]
3pm - 3:30pm Futility of Selling Your Soul El Museo [theatre]
3pm - 4:45pm The Good Life Manny Fried Theatre [theatre]
4pm - 4:30pm How to be Immortal with Emily Dickinson El Museo [dance]
4pm - 4:30pm Prattletales Geoff Kelly's House [spoken word]
4pm - 5pm Allysen Callery Rust Belt Books [folk music] [acoustic music] [music]
4pm - 7pm Car Stories Nietzsche's (out front) [outdoor] [theatre] [interactive]
4pm - 8pm House Show And BBQ Potluck
4pm Pam Swarts
5pm Erica Wolfling
6pm Jimyn the Singing Mime sings Bowie Pin-ups
7pm Joseph & The Beasts
387 Vermont
4:30pm - 4:45pm Rachel Roo's Poetry Geoff Kelly's House [spoken word]
4:30pm - 5pm One Word Audience: Rebecca Gay Presto! [spoken word]
4:30pm - 6pm The Vine Brothers Antique Man (out front) [music]
4:45pm - 5:30pm Embracing Currents: Poetry Reading by steel bellow Editors Paige Melin and Vincent Cervone Geoff Kelly's House [spoken word]
5pm - 10pm 2nd Annual Mutton Fest
6pm Bighorn Sheep
7:30pm Bipolar Coaster
9pm Shadow Swine
The Foundry [film]
5:30pm - 6pm Pure Ink Poetry: Bringing Words to Life Geoff Kelly's House [spoken word]
6pm - 7pm A collection of Characters, The Work of Marek P. Parker Geoff Kelly's House [spoken word]
6pm - 7pm Babushka! Rust Belt Books [theatre]
6pm - 10pm Something cool NOT at big orbit on a Saturday Evening
6pm Zak Ward
6:45pm Calmer Days
7:30pm Passive Aggressives Anonymous
8:15pm Anti-Matter
9pm Random Pictures at an Exhibition
Allen Street Consulting
6pm - 11pm Uncle Sam's Sonic Assault
6pm Circular Logic
6:45pm Blood Funnel
7:30pm manawi thorn (lite)
8:15pm Double Memory
9pm Look, a Fang
10pm Axis Of Evil
Uncle Sams Army Navy
6:30pm - 7:15pm Jim the Singing Mime! El Museo (cancelled)
6:30pm - 7:30pm A Lab Rat Life: Poems from the Cesspool Presto! [spoken word]
7pm - 7:45pm Musings From A Social Networking Tool Presto! (out front) [spoken word]
7pm - 8pm Allysen Callery Geoff Kelly's House [folk music] [acoustic music] [music]
7pm - 10pm Wam Bam Thank You Slam: Afternoon Delight
7pm Pure Ink Poetry: Bringing Words to Life
9pm BloodThirsty Vegans
The Gypsy Parlor
7pm - 11pm Saturday Night Experimentation
7pm Project 24
7pm Buffalo Percussion Collective
8pm The Noise Project
8:45pm Atari Soirée
9:30pm Witchcraft Now!
10pm Ritual Abjects
Hallwalls' Cinema
7:30pm - 8pm Yes, I Am Staring At Your Boobs in 3-DDD Presto! [spoken word]
8pm - 8:30pm The BuffaFlow Hulagans Days Park [dance] [outdoor] [acoustic music] [kid-friendly]
8pm - 9:30pm DragLesque Part Trois Club Marcella [dance] [burlesque]
8pm - 10pm RHINOCEROS Manny Fried Theatre [theatre]
8pm - 1am Pirate Party
8pm I'm a Person Too
9pm Science Lion
10pm Electric Watermelon
11pm Darling Harbor
9pm - 10pm Hoopnosis Fire Faery Show Days Park [dance] [outdoor] [kid-friendly]
9pm - 3am Living Electric
9pm Extinction Event
10pm BlurrAngels
11pm Digital Geist (Live EDM Performance)
midnight The Finality Complex
1am Primmrose
2am N3wT
Electric Avenue
9pm - 3am Journey To Uranus (Sci-Fi / Fantasy Costume Ball)
10pm Joseph & The Beasts
10:45pm Grayo
11:30pm The Goods
12:30am Grayo
10pm - 1am Punk Rock Saturday Night
9pm Margot Kisiel
10pm Poindexter
midnight Ball Cheeze Psychotics (BCP)
Mohawk Place


Live Figure Drawing 1045 Elmwood Gallery for the Arts
Community Dry-Erase Mural Allen Street Poutine (on the tile)
Notes to Emma by Amy Lynn Duengfelder Allentown Pizza
Buffalo Bronzed by Rob Peters Artspace Buffalo
Dark Corners by Rob Peters Artspace Buffalo
LeWitt's All Combination of Arcs ... Using Four Colors and Processing by Matthew Nagowski Artspace Buffalo
League of Paintstruments Artspace Buffalo
Mad Jack 3D Prints by Rob Peters Artspace Buffalo
Suffuse, Emanate, Diffuse, Surfacing, Speaking, Seeing Red Artspace Buffalo
The Sleeping Giant by Rob Peters Artspace Buffalo
The Artwork of BlaqLion3 Artspace Buffalo
Execution of a Photograph The Box Gallery @ Hostel Buffalo Niagara
Gimme Givve The Box Gallery @ Hostel Buffalo Niagara
Screen Prints by Vintango Cafe Taza
The Krows Nest Caffe Aroma
Just Thinking 'bout Candy Dreamland
Laura Jean's: Photos & Drawings: The Body, nude & not Dreamland
Shades of Grey by Rob Peters Dreamland
The Feel Good Constellations [Series of 4] Dreamland
'The Human Comedy', a collection of sketches and drawings Dreamland
art 2015 The Foundry (cancelled)
Abscraption Glow Gallery
Chaos order and play Glow Gallery
Hybrid-Creature Drawings Glow Gallery
Art by Cat Hot Mama's Canteen
26 Angels Mohawk Place
Blind Eye Mohawk Place
Pledge Allegiance Mohawk Place
Sludge Candy by Ballzy Mohawk Place
Tales of Narcotica by Rob Peters Mohawk Place
Kitties! by Amy Lynn Duengfelder Perk's Cafe and Market
Sailing Lake Erie by Melissa Campbell Perk's Cafe and Market
C.R.U.D. (Create. Read. Understand. Display.) Perk's Cafe and Market
Screen Prints by Vintango Perk's Cafe and Market
The spiraling staircase Perk's Cafe and Market
dogs and wood under water Perk's Cafe and Market
Becoming Hybrid Picasso Moon (courtyard out front)
Imagine That by JW Wolford Presto!
animals amuck Rust Belt Books
Shedding Rust Belt Books (cancelled)
Stencil Art by Jean Claude Wouters Rust Belt Books
The Great Remembering Rust Belt Books
The Watercolor Experiment Spot Coffee Delaware
The Print Works Spot Coffee Delaware
Whatever I Feel (like) Spot Coffee Elmwood
Self Portraits Spot Coffee Elmwood
The intricate details of the mind Spot Coffee Hertel
Starlight Studio 10 Year Anniversary Starlight Studios
#tinyjar Streets of Buffalo
Ghosts of Infringement Past Streets of Buffalo
Big Walls Streets of Buffalo (the writing is on the walls)
Bugsynitry by Ken Root Streets of Buffalo
The Crazy Balloon Lady Infringes Upon Buffalo Streets of Buffalo [outdoor] [kid-friendly]
Whatever I Feel (like) Under the Pine Tree
Imagine That by JW Wolford Under the Pine Tree
Scrap Iron Army Under the Pine Tree
Second Sight by Katharine Tussing West Side Stories