Sat, Aug 5


9:30am - 12:30pm Bidwell Farmers Market
9:30am El the Mime
9:30am The Vine Brothers
11am Muggle Snuggle
Bidwell Park (busking)
10am - 2pm Open Busking Sweetness 7 (patio)
10am - 4pm The Broadway Market Thing
10am Open Busking
10am Accordion Bonanza
11am Sarah Golley
noon The Covers
2pm The Everythingness
3pm beerhallphilosophers
11am MAAPS
1pm Bipedal - Cymbal + laptop
3pm Not Cool
10:30am Scantron
11am Nuke Fun
11:45am Like a Panther
12:30pm Major Arcana
1pm The Bonaparte Experience
1:30pm Uptown Chase (cancelled)
1:45pm Chill Ali
2pm D Real McCoy Presents : For the Love of Music
2:30pm THE STATES.
3pm Spadeo Nation
3:30pm Lalalangue
10:30am Grump, Project Grump, not to be confused with Gump, Trump, Hump or Lump
11am Sum'er
11:30am chloroform
noon Kevin J. Prentice
12:30pm Rodagues
1pm Mic excel / Scott MacCallum
1:30pm Younger Then (cancelled)
2:30pm Intent To Sell
3pm Jong SL (cancelled)
3:30pm BCAT Entertainment Presents Summer Jam 2017
noon Rock out with your Chalk out
10am Scrap Iron Army
10am The Fake News Project
Broadway Market
noon - 3pm Twenty Thousand Strongmen Hydraulic Hearth
noon - 6pm Open Busking Antique Man (out front)
1pm - 3:30pm SLEUTH TO THE STARS Burchfield Penney Art Center (Aud)
1pm - 6pm Locust Street Art Show Locust Street Art
2pm - 2:30pm Secrets Bleed (When Eaten) Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue (cancelled)
2pm - 2:45pm John Kloberdanz Caffe Aroma
2pm - 5pm Drums Along Hoyt Lake Delaware Park - Hoyt Lake (Affiliated Act) (along the lake!)
2pm - 8pm Storytime
2pm Hobbit Fest 3000
4:30pm Summer slams!!!
5:15pm Storytelling Poetry
5:30pm Muggle Snuggle
6pm Because who doesn't love Poe?
6:30pm Reading Live w/C.R.Shipman
7pm Open Mic: Diversity Night
Allen Street Consulting (inside/outside)
3pm - 4pm The Vine Brothers Daily Planet Coffee Co., Inc.
4pm - 4:30pm theatreFiguren presents SPEAK. GCR Studios (alcove)
4pm - 4:30pm Found in Translation Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue
4pm - 5pm Open Poetry Read... and Ukulele! Rust Belt Books
4pm - 5:30pm The Mighty Maisie Burchfield Penney Art Center
4pm - 6pm Cairo Knows Antique Man (window display)
4pm - 7pm Car Stories Nietzsche's (out front)
4pm - 7pm Muttonfest (BYOBBQ)
4pm Formally Lethargic
4:45pm Bipolar Coaster
5:15pm Chester Copperpot
6pm Bighorn Sheep
Uncle Sams Army Navy
4:30pm - 4:45pm Finir Le Mauvais Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue
5pm - 5:30pm Prattletales Rust Belt Books
5pm - 5:45pm Organika All Stars RUDEBOYZ ARTWORKS (inside/outside)
5pm - 6pm Twenty Thousand Strongmen Caffeology
5pm - 6pm The Root Channel El Museo
5pm - 9pm Kosmik Karpeles
5pm Cosmic Raga
5:30pm Solo Saxaphone
6pm Sarah Golley
6:45pm astraea beaming
8:15pm Pam Swarts
Karpeles Manuscript Library - North Street
5pm - 9pm The Soul Picnic
5pm Sum'er
5:30pm Mindy Davey
6:15pm FragranceandJuan Cosmic Energy
7pm Edryce Hasan
8pm camfiel
Sewing Souls Studio
5:15pm - 5:45pm The Skein Of Our Existence Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue
6pm - 7pm Babushka El Museo
6pm - 10:45pm Hooray for Hickory part deux
6pm Justin Von Strasburg
6:30pm DeadWorry
7pm the buffalo suicide prevention unit
7:30pm LaLa Fuckaroo
8pm the Transindental Karmacist
8:30pm jack toft
9pm Lifemusik mit Andre
9:30pm Huracan Poli
10pm Little cake
Hickory Urban Sanctuary
6:15pm - 6:45pm John Kloberdanz Caffeology
6:30pm - 7pm Christian AlexZander - The Curse & The Cure RUDEBOYZ ARTWORKS
6:30pm - 8pm Open Busking Cantina Loco Patio (sidewalk near gate)
6:30pm - 8pm HEARTS YOUNG AND GAY Rust Belt Books
6:30pm - 8:30pm The Best Buffalo Stand-Up Comedy Show Today Milkie's
7pm - 10pm Dark Matter Trio Hydraulic Hearth
7pm - midnight Infringement Progfest
7pm The Left Hand of Darkness
8pm Ish Kabbible
9pm Physical Psychics
10pm The Missing Worker
11pm BlueShift
The Attic @ Mister Goodbar
7:30pm - 8:30pm The Blue Room Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue (cancelled)
8pm - 2am T R A P R A G E
8pm The Truey V TRAPRAGE Collective
10:30pm Femme Noire
11pm We Stole The Show
11:15pm The Truey V TRAPRAGE Collective
11:30pm Hooked on Casiophonics
11:45pm The Truey V TRAPRAGE Collective
midnight Pam Swarts
12:15am The Truey V TRAPRAGE Collective
12:45am The Truey V TRAPRAGE Collective
Mohawk Place
8:30pm - 9pm MAAPS The Gypsy Parlor
9pm - 9:30pm Mixes with Flow Ekim The Gypsy Parlor
9pm - 1am Two more at the Tudor
9pm Subterra
11pm chloroform
The Tudor Lounge
9pm - 2am Milkie's Masquerade Ball: Heroes and Villains
9:45pm The Everythingness
10:45pm Curiosity's End
11:45pm Nothing Casual
12:45am The Sofa Kingz
Milkie's [rock music]
9pm - 2:30am The Tawny Kitaen 56th Birthday Bash
9pm Tilapia
10pm The Vine Brothers
10:30pm Strange Standard
11:30pm The Vendo Llaamas
12:30am the meat whistles
1:30am Triumverate
9:30pm - 10pm Andrew Polycoder The Gypsy Parlor


Chromatic Gesticulation 125 Art Collective Tattoo Studio
Happy Hooker Sweet Shop 125 Art Collective Tattoo Studio
Imagine That! The Bird's Nest Circus Arts
Jitter Jots Cafe Taza
Abstract Expressionism Caffe Aroma
Ironic Still Lifes Caffeology
Make-Your-Own-Adventure Detective Story Crane Branch Library (start here)
artifice Daily Planet Coffee Co., Inc.
Gimme Givve Daily Planet Coffee Co., Inc.
Sifting Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
f#art Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Breath Link Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Paintings by Cat McCarthy Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Mixed Income Housing Project Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Chaos Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Mews Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Hooking the Hyperbolic: DIY Geometry Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Catman Sketch Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Introspection Hot Mama's Canteen
Stimulate Hot Mama's Canteen
Life is diverse and wonderful Main Street Gallery
Multiplane Desk Posters Main Street Gallery
Mass Art Main Street Gallery
just a taste Main Street Gallery
Things I Should've Said Main Street Gallery
Colgate Main Street Gallery
Untitled Main Street Gallery
Around the Non-Body Main Street Gallery
What We Fought For Main Street Gallery
Untitled Main Street Gallery
Dead Celebrities Mohawk Place
Local Punk Mohawk Place
Psyscapes Designs Mohawk Place
Emotional Beauty Old Editions Bookshop and Cafe
A Glimpse of an International Adoptee's Mind Old Editions Bookshop and Cafe
Force//Flux//Fatality Rust Belt Books
Painting Machine part 2 Rust Belt Books
Self-Infringement Rust Belt Books
Fiona and Friends Sewing Souls Studio
Spoons Sewing Souls Studio
family photos Sewing Souls Studio
Vinyl.Pix Shianne Wax Studio
buffalo people Spot Coffee Delaware
Foray in Photography and Haiku Spot Coffee Delaware
Hiconball Design Collection Spot Coffee Elmwood
Thrive by Amy Lynn Duengfelder Spot Coffee Elmwood
Disremembered Spot Coffee Hertel
City of No Illusions Spot Coffee Hertel
Doggy Style/ Kitty Porn 2.0 Streets of Buffalo
#FOMO Streets of Buffalo