Sat, Aug 5


10am - 4pm Broadway Market Thing
7pm chloroform
7pm Chuckie Campbell & The Black Den
7pm D Real McCoy Presents : For the Love of Music
7pm Chill Ali
7pm Mic excel/ Scott MacCallum to be named
7pm The Bonaparte Experience
7pm beerhallphilosophers
Broadway Market
2pm - 5pm Drums Along Hoyt Lake Delaware Park - Hoyt Lake (along the lake!)
3pm - 4pm Humanity Karpeles Manuscript Library - Porter Avenue
5pm - 9pm The Soul Picnic
5pm Jessica Miller
5:30pm Mindy Davey
6:15pm FragranceandJuan Cosmic Energy
6:45pm D Real McCoy Presents : For the Love of Music
7pm Edryce Hasan
Sewing Souls Studio
6pm - 10:45pm Hooray for Hickory part deux
7pm the Transindental Karmacist
7pm Lifemusik mit Andre
7pm Little cake
7pm Blue Lazer
7pm DeadWorry
7pm jack toft
7pm Solo Saxaphone
7pm Atomic Orbit
7pm Primal Absolution
7pm LaLa Fuckaroo
Hickory Urban Sanctuary
6:30pm - 7pm Christian AlexZander - The Curse & The Cure RUDEBOYZ ARTWORKS
7pm - 7pm Infringement Progfest
7pm The Left Hand of Darkness
7pm Ish Kabbible
7pm The Missing Worker
7pm Physical Psychics
7pm BlueShift
Mister Goodbar
7pm - 7pm chloroform The Tudor Lounge
8pm - 11pm The Heenan Brothers Hydraulic Hearth
8pm - 2am Proposed Hip Hop Show @ Mohawk
7pm T R A P R A G E
7pm We Stole The Show
7pm The beauty bad
7pm Hooked on Casiophonics
Mohawk Place
9pm - 2am milkie's 2nd saturday
9:45pm The Paul Sottnik Band
10:45pm Curiosity's End
11:45pm White Shade
12:45am The Sofa Kingz
Milkie's [rock music]
9pm - 2:30am show to be named later
7pm Strange Standard
7pm The Vine Brothers
7pm Beer Battering The Fish
7pm Braden Bodensteiner (Music Act)