Sat, Aug 2


11:15am - noonTongue-TiedCrane Library
11:15am - noonAlaysa O'BrienPicasso Moon (out front)
noon - 1pmbeer hall philosophersAntique Man (out front)
noon - 1pmKids' Infringement StoryhourManny Fried Theatre
noon - 3pmDrums Along Hoyt Lake!Hoyt Lake (shore near Marcy Casino behind art gallery)
noon - 4pmCanadian InvasionStreets of Buffalo (roaming - in sight of the Peace Bridge)
1pm - 1:45pmgraffiti readingEl Buen Amigo
1pm - 2pmNickel City String Band (aka "New" Nickel City String Band)Animal Outfitters (patio)
1pm - 2pmLev & Pavel's Kids Dance PartyManny Fried Theatre
1pm - 2pmMental CupcakesShopaholic Fashionista
1pm - 2pmChris WhitmerShopaholic Fashionista
1pm - 2pmBirdie CreeSpot Coffee Elmwood
1pm - 2:30pmAccordion world streetsCafe Taza (out front)
1pm - 2:30pmShaken Stylus Pit StopThe Melting Point (out front)
1:15pm - 1:30pmFolies BergereEl Museo
1:30pm - 1:45pm"El the Mime" Crane Library
2pm - 2:30pmChris SnowmanEl Buen Amigo
2pm - 3pmAble FootingSpot Coffee Elmwood
2pm - 3:30pmPRICKArt in a box/American Repertory Theater
2pm - 8pmBuffalo Barfly Backyard Bonanza Vol 2
0 (2pm) Vince Martino
0 (4pm) Wet Stone
0 (5pm) Noah Gokey & the Skulls
Buffalo Barfly (Backyard)
2:30pm - 3pmAnti-MatterAntique Man (out front)
3pm - 4pmEli the HawkAntique Man (out front)
3pm - 4pmLloyd MacHardySpot Coffee Elmwood
3pm - 9pmBackyard Saturday
1 (3pm) Allysen Callery
2 (4pm) Lobo Marino
3 (5pm) The Vine Brothers
5 (7pm) Clare Sweeney & Laith Al-Khalidi
5 (8pm) Graph Rabbit
Geoff Kelly's House
3:30pm - 5:30pmNew Old and UnexpectedEl Buen Amigo
4pm - 5pmFolkfacesAntique Man (out front)
4pm - 8pmHammer of the Dogs
0 (4pm) Soul Butchers (cancelled)
0 (4pm) Catppl (cancelled)
0 (5pm) The Spin Wires
0 (6pm) For Winter
0 (7pm) Elemantra
The Could Be Wild Building
4pm - midnightBCC ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: 2014 SUMMERFESTBCC Arts and Entertainment
4:30pm - 5pmCeltic Stories of Healing and ReposeMilkies
4:30pm - 5:30pmTim SentmanSpot Coffee Elmwood
4:30pm - 6pmPRICKArt in a box/American Repertory Theater
5pm - 6pmStreet ScantronAntique Man (out front)
5pm - 9pmtree of liminalityDays Park (far end of Days Park)
5pm - 1amPinata Party
0 (6pm) Bipolar Coaster
0 (7pm) ERaserhead's Baby
0 (8pm) One Way Terror
0 (9pm) Bighorn Sheep
0 (10pm) Apex Down
0 (11pm) chloroform
0 (midnight) Digital Afterlife
The Foundry
5:15pm - 6:45pmBOURBON AND COFFEEMilkies
5:30pm - 5:45pmMarionetteEl Museo
5:45pm - 6:45pmMiddleman--My Life As a Bridge: Poems by Janna Willoughby-LohrRust Belt Books
6pm - 7pmWe Shall Overcome!El Buen Amigo
6pm - 7pmDavid AdamczykOl' Wondermoth Co-op House (front lawn under tree)
6pm - 7pmAustin Nova Verve Dance Studio
6pm - 7:30pm420: The MusicalManny Fried Theatre
6pm - 9pmGet that Cheddar Showcase
1 (6pm) Hooizzy
2 (6:30pm) My Rap Name is Alex
3 (7:15pm) MC Vendetta
4 (8pm) "Young Hearts and Old Minds"
The Melting Point (out front)
6pm - 9:45pmParlor People Playing Prettily
0 (7pm) Lobo Marino
0 (8pm) Jen Whitmore
The Gypsy Parlor
7pm - 7:30pmWindpatternsCollege Street Gallery
7pm - 7:45pmWe.Rust Belt Books
7pm - 7:45pmThe Devil In LoveSpot Coffee Elmwood
7pm - 8pmAllysen CalleryEpic
7pm - 8:15pmDoing It In PublicKarpeles Manuscript Library - North Street (steps)
7pm - 8:30pmDJ MedisonAllentown Pizza
7pm - 9pmThe Albatross or Shining Blues by Ella JosephScenoArt Studio & Gallery
7pm - 10pmFashion Art ShowSewing Souls Studio
7pm - 11pmBounce on Down to Dreamland Town
0 (6pm) Strega
0 (7pm) Pam Swarts
0 (8pm) Joseph & The Beasts
0 (9pm) Giggle the Ozone
0 (10pm) Orcsmear
7:15pm - 8:15pmGromit DubzVerve Dance Studio
7:30pm - 8:30pmBABUSHKA!Irish Classical Theater
8pm - 8:30pmScan PoetryRust Belt Books
8pm - 8:45pmSound MindArt in a box/American Repertory Theater
8pm - 8:45pmWolfSpot Coffee Elmwood
8pm - 9pmThe Beau Fleuzies Burlesque at Infringement 2014El Museo
8pm - 9pmTHE POLICE by Slawomir MrozekManny Fried Theatre
8pm - 10pmCinco de Blammo Closing Party
0 (8pm) Soma: Space Time Trip
Artspace Buffalo
8pm - 3amSaturday Night Zombie Party
0 (9pm) Lost Elysium
0 (10pm) Ghostfeeder
0 (11pm) Music of Epilogue
0 (midnight) The Surfin Cadavers
0 (1am) Static Green
0 (2am) The Finality Complex
9pm - 9:45pmChris WhitmerSpot Coffee Elmwood
9pm - 10pmHoopnosis Fire Faery ShowDays Park (in circle)
9pm - 11pmART/WNY Presents The ONE ACT SHOWCASEArt in a box/American Repertory Theater
9pm - 2amHip Hop is Electric
0 (7pm) Short Moscato
0 (8pm) Network
0 (9pm) Chuckie Campbell
0 (9pm) Loudsilence
0 (10pm) Dead Trash Mob
0 (11pm) People Without Cars
0 (midnight) Hooizzy
Electric Avenue
9pm - 3amStreet and Eat Film Fest
0 (9pm) Fists of Fury: Drunken Technique
0 (9pm) Bring Me Your Vultures
0 (9pm) Katie Ann The Ride
0 (9pm) Cartoon Platoon
0 (9pm) The Vaginator - Spanish Edition
0 (9pm) "C" A Performance art experience
0 (9pm) Santa VS Frosty
0 (9pm) Box Boys Parts 1 & 2
0 (9pm) something different in buffalo
0 (9pm) Cold Nature
0 (9pm) The Vaginator
The Whole Hog
12:15am - 1amSic SinThe Tudor Lounge


Buffalo Photography ExhibitAllentown Pizza
Implosion / Explosion Allentown Pizza
Paper Houses by Lindsay ZasadaAmy's Place
spoke card designs 2014Amy's Place
Cinco de Blammo Artspace Buffalo
Flush-PhotographyBuffalo Church of Christ
Black Hole Architecture: The obscured ephemera of Rust Belt CowboysCafe Taza
Driving Girl:Go, Go, GoCaffe Aroma
We paint things pretty one day.Cantina Loco Patio (patio wall)
Mural @ 41 Elmwood AveThe Could Be Wild Building (mural on storefront)
Dirty DishesDreamland
George Orwell Lived HereDreamland
Kitty Porn : Collages and Paintings by Cat McCarthyDreamland
Porn and Ink Dreamland
Tales of NarcoticaDreamland
Two Girls, Four Boobs, and A LOT of Paint. Dreamland
Brainville presented by Frank Vincent Santora Filigrees Gallery & Boutique
Stuff that is Stupid ! Art from my IdFiligrees Gallery & Boutique
DIY716Filigrees Gallery & Boutique
8 Bit Buffalo art by Mike SentmanThe Foundry
Band of PaintstrumentsThe Foundry
Big BrotherThe Foundry
Cartoonimp ToysThe Foundry
Dark DaysThe Foundry
Entheogenic EsotericismThe Foundry
Floating Pixles by Sara HowardThe Foundry
Improvising Consciousness: The Davian TurnThe Foundry
The art of Mad Jack 3D PrintsThe Foundry
RHINO TOYS: New Work by Rich TomaselloGlow Gallery
Imagine That Series Presented by Jim WolfordIt's a Mod World
Red, White and YouIt's a Mod World
We paint things pretty one day.Nietzsche's (parkinglot wall)
MelscampPerk's Cafe and Market
Femme Fatale seriesPerk's Cafe and Market
Sunwheel Sculpture By Katharine TussingPerk's Cafe and Market
On FootPerk's Cafe and Market
Spiritual SunrisePerk's Cafe and Market
Decay of Western New York by A.S. Odell Perk's Cafe and Market
Exploration of art in the streetsPicasso Moon (plaza, continually adding/modifying)
A View from the Streets by Lucille AltieriRust Belt Books
Double Exposed Portraits by Jeannine SwallowRust Belt Books
Papercraft Miracles Show & TellRust Belt Books
Lighter Than AirShopaholic Fashionista
Electric ForestShopaholic Fashionista
Infringement Jam Comic presented by Amy Lynn DuengfelderSpot Coffee Delaware
My View By Katharine TussingSpot Coffee Delaware
Gimme Gimme by Lindsay ZasadaSpot Coffee Delaware
Overwintering/SpringingSpot Coffee Elmwood
Paintings by Erik Sundberg Spot Coffee Elmwood
men in hats ect.......Spot Coffee Hertel
Series of my subconsciousSpot Coffee Hertel
Genie on a Magic CarpetStreets of Buffalo (anywhere that summons him!)
The Boom Box BettiesStreets of Buffalo (be on the lookout)
Random ContactStreets of Buffalo (seemingly at random)
painted driftwood sticks in movable assemblyStreets of Buffalo (roaming installation, various Allentown locations)
Buffalo through the Looking Glass by Andrew TorresWest Side Stories
AbscraptionZiggy Starfish
Visions Comic ArtZiggy Starfish