Thu, Jul 23


4pm - 7:30pm Barging into the Burch' III: Thursday Opening Day Midday Heyday
4pm Open Bikeride
4pm The Goods
4:45pm Bourbon and Coffee
5:30pm JeffRepeater
6pm My Rap Name is Alex
6:45pm Marbin
7:30pm Party to the People (cancelled)
Burchfield-Penney Art Center (Front Yard) [outdoor]
5pm - 5:15pm Al Fin del Mundo Rust Belt Books [spoken word]
5:15pm - 5:30pm Rachel Roo's Poetry Rust Belt Books [spoken word]
5:30pm - 6pm Found in Translation Rust Belt Books [spoken word]
6pm - 7pm COPY, PASTE, BELIEVE, DELETE Rust Belt Books [spoken word] [interactive]
6pm - 7:15pm Sex with Strangers Dreamland (cancelled)
6pm - 8pm Open Mic at Presto Presto! [spoken word]
6pm - 8:30pm Milkie's Comedy Sampler!
6pm The Hotshot Whiz Kids Live!
7pm Babushka!
8pm Anatomy of Something Unseen
8:30pm Man Cave Theater Presents: "Dum and Dummer LIVE!" (cancelled)
6:30pm - 7pm Seeds Grant Street Community Center [theatre]
6:30pm - 8:30pm Not Just A Youth Poetry Reading Just Buffalo Literary Center [spoken word] [kid-friendly]
7pm - 7:30pm Short Poems of Demonique Venzella Woods Rust Belt Books [spoken word]
7pm - 8pm Opening Day Parade
7pm Open Busking
7:30pm Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalist
8pm Open Bikeride
Ol' Wondermoth Co-op House (congregation point) [outdoor]
7:30pm - 8pm The Emperor's New Partybus Elmwood Slow-Roll Bike-Prom to the People!
7:30pm Party to the People (cancelled)
7:30pm Open Bikeride
Streets of Buffalo (BPAC to Days Park down Elmwood) [outdoor]
7:30pm - 9pm Memoirs of a Broken Girl Rust Belt Books [spoken word]
8pm - 8:15pm Party to the People Black Swan (parkinglot) (cancelled)
8pm - 8:30pm Opening Day Parade
7pm Open Busking
7:30pm Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalist
8pm Open Bikeride
Streets of Buffalo (elmwood from north to Allen to Days park) [outdoor]
8pm - 10pm RHINOCEROS Manny Fried Theatre [theatre]
8:15pm - 8:30pm Party to the People Holley Farms Parking Lot (street near parkinglot) (cancelled)
8:30pm - 9pm The Lighting of... Something Ceremony
8:30pm Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalist
8:45pm Atomic Orbit
8:45pm Hoopnosis Fire Faery Show
8:45pm Party to the People (cancelled)
Days Park (in the close circle) [outdoor]
9pm - 10pm Joystick Generation Milkies [music]
9pm - 2am Opening Ceremonies
9:15pm Aurora Borealis
9:30pm Greg Barresi
10pm Recess
10:30pm Jimyn the Singing Mime sings Bowie Pin-ups
11pm Erica Wolfling
11:30pm David Adamczyk
midnight Marbin
12:30am Gabrielle Anello
1am Lazy Ass Destroyer


Live Figure Drawing 1045 Elmwood Gallery for the Arts
Community Dry-Erase Mural Allen Street Poutine (on the tile)
Notes to Emma by Amy Lynn Duengfelder Allentown Pizza
Buffalo Bronzed by Rob Peters Artspace Buffalo
Dark Corners by Rob Peters Artspace Buffalo
LeWitt's All Combination of Arcs ... Using Four Colors and Processing by Matthew Nagowski Artspace Buffalo
League of Paintstruments Artspace Buffalo
Mad Jack 3D Prints by Rob Peters Artspace Buffalo
Suffuse, Emanate, Diffuse, Surfacing, Speaking, Seeing Red Artspace Buffalo
The Sleeping Giant by Rob Peters Artspace Buffalo
The Artwork of BlaqLion3 Artspace Buffalo
Execution of a Photograph The Box Gallery @ Hostel Buffalo Niagara
Gimme Givve The Box Gallery @ Hostel Buffalo Niagara
Screen Prints by Vintango Cafe Taza
The Krows Nest Caffe Aroma
The Church of the Immaculate One... "Giving Thanks to the Most High, our Lord and Savior, The Artist Known as Prince" Dreamland (cancelled)
art 2015 The Foundry (cancelled)
Earth Liberation Front Press Office April 5, 2001 Global Justice Ecology Project/¬°Buen Vivir!
Art by Cat Hot Mama's Canteen
26 Angels Mohawk Place
Blind Eye Mohawk Place
Pledge Allegiance Mohawk Place
Sludge Candy by Ballzy Mohawk Place
Tales of Narcotica by Rob Peters Mohawk Place
Becoming Hybrid Ol' Wondermoth Co-op House (front lawn)
Kitties! by Amy Lynn Duengfelder Perk's Cafe and Market
Sailing Lake Erie by Melissa Campbell Perk's Cafe and Market
C.R.U.D. (Create. Read. Understand. Display.) Perk's Cafe and Market
Screen Prints by Vintango Perk's Cafe and Market
The spiraling staircase Perk's Cafe and Market
dogs and wood under water Perk's Cafe and Market
Imagine That by JW Wolford Presto!
animals amuck Rust Belt Books
Shedding Rust Belt Books (cancelled)
Stencil Art by Jean Claude Wouters Rust Belt Books
The Great Remembering Rust Belt Books
The Watercolor Experiment Spot Coffee Delaware
The Print Works Spot Coffee Delaware
Whatever I Feel (like) Spot Coffee Elmwood
Self Portraits Spot Coffee Elmwood
The intricate details of the mind Spot Coffee Hertel
Starlight Studio 10 Year Anniversary Starlight Studios
#tinyjar Streets of Buffalo
Ghosts of Infringement Past Streets of Buffalo
Big Walls Streets of Buffalo (the writing is on the walls)
Bugsynitry by Ken Root Streets of Buffalo
The Crazy Balloon Lady Infringes Upon Buffalo Streets of Buffalo [outdoor] [kid-friendly]
Whatever I Feel (like) Under the Pine Tree
Imagine That by JW Wolford Under the Pine Tree
Scrap Iron Army Under the Pine Tree
Second Sight by Katharine Tussing West Side Stories