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Theatre/misc performance shows
A Hutchinson Temperance Songster
  Hutchinson Temperance Songster. Drinking and anti-drinking songs sung by Hutchinson Family Revival, Buffalo's own Victorian musical re-enactment group, costumed, with posters and interpretive commentary. Suggested admission, $5.00. (more)
A Man's A Man
  A wild multi-media re-interpretation of Bertolt Brecht's epic anti-war black comedy seems all TOO relevant today as it tells the tale of western soldiers warped into killing fanatics by war in Central Asia -- featuring a dizzying array of video, inventive set, props, and costumes, and anti-imperialist jibes galore! (more)
A Mind in the Gutter
  The second show from Award Winning Mentalist Lucas Simmons takes you into a his mind as he reads yours, bringing the beauty and horror of the human experience onstage with interactive demonstrations. (more)
A Portrait of a Young Artist: Staging Selects
  "A Portrait of a Young Artist: Staging Selects" is a live installation of music, dance, and acting, promoting the conceptual discourse of the film production, "A Portrait of a Young Artist". (more)
An Incomplete (Sex) Education
  See, hear, devour stories about a woman,s childhood sex education told with sculptural objects and served with erotic dessert. (more)
  1 hour. 2 improvisers. Hilarious results. Todd Benzin & Don Gervasi explore a single suggestion, making everything else up along the way. (more)
  Don't be a Dupa! See Babushka! Back by popular demand, this two-man improvised comedy show explores a single suggestion provided by YOU! (more)
Bazaar of the Prodigiously Absurd!
  Takes audiences into a fantastical world of musical and theatrical imagination. Spin the giant wheel and become a part of the adventure. Watch as the curtain opens time and time again to unveil your deepest desires. (more)
Birthday Surprise and Gaseous Explosion
  Birthday Surprise! A girl receives many unusual gifts, especially the last gift which is the most unexpected surprise of all! Gaseous Explosion is centered around a woman who has an interesting problem. (Balloon sculpting where feasible) (more)
Brainless Improv
  Brainless Improv is completely made up on the spot comedy based on audience suggestions,. You WILL feel smarter in comparison to this troupe. (more)
Buffalo Car Plays
  BUFFALO CAR PLAYS: Four cars, four short plays by WNY playwrights. Theater has never been so intimate. By reservation only to donna@donnahoke.com $5 (more)
Car Stories
  The first show ever to be kicked out of a Fringe Festival! Realized by Montreal Infringement Festival founder Donovan King, set in real cars, 3 spectators at a time are welcomed on a theatrical joyride! Reservations can be made outside Nietzsches! (more)
Click Chamber: Buffalo Noir
  What happens when the Rust Belt meets film noir? Buffalo's identity is an ongoing investigation. (more)
  Try free samples of gourmet coffee/tea and learn about the coffee that pays! (more)
Critical Report from the World Fringe Congress
  When Infringement Festival founder Donovan King was invited to the first-ever World Fringe Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland, he thought there had been a mistake. Learn about the controversial history and current issues surrounding Fringe and infringement arts and politics in this critical and theatrical report! (more)
Dave's test
Electric Red Mansions
  Electric Red Mansions is a modern Chinese Opera. It uses electric Chinese classical instruments mixed with Hip Hop, Electronic, and Jazz. (more)
  Mask, movement and scrolling, painted imagery tells the story of Elle-- the WISHED FOR elephant-girl who is forced into the un-circus world of adventure and self-discovery. (more)
Finding My Place: One Man's Journey through the Middle Ages
  "One Man's Journey through the Middle Ages" is a humorous exploration of mid-life, an hour-long show about life's curveballs, and of those times when "Man Plans, and God laughs." (more)
Gemini Widow
  A two-player skit that describes the torment of grief and trying to find a way to cope with life after losing a beloved spouse and how a Gemini, with her duo personalities, handles the grieving process. (more)
graffiti reading
  Stephanie Bax, Eliza Kittsley Blake, Dana McKnight, & Karin Koszuta read the graffiti from the girls lav at Nietzsches. (more)
  HECUBA AGAIN: A deconstruction of Euripides’ play about the women of Troy who took a terrible revenge on their Greek conquerors. Whether it’s Greece or Bosnia or Syria or Rwanda, .....nobody behaves well in a war. (more)
JABBY the Clown
  JABBY the Clown gets audiences to participate in simple games. Every show is different, never the same. (more)
  LIMINAL*Perspectives is a runway show to re-invent runway shows! AUGUST 1 2013 6 - 9PM Featuring: Carley Hill Karnivalesque Daft Minerva Sai One Inc JPHii DESIGN www.LIMINALperspectives.com (more)
Mind to Mind
  An Evening of Psychic Theater Mind to Mind: An Evening of Psychic Theater With Sebastian Black (more)
Mind to Mind "An Evening of Psychic Theater with Sebastian Black"
  Mind to Mind is "An Evening of Psychic Theater with Sebastian Black" A hit at the 2013 Infringement Festival, this show is not to be missed ! (more)
National Pride
  Proud participants, please join us for the singing of the national anthem; a slightly different national anthem...slightly. (more)
  A physical theater piece that explores the stripping away of societal values and re-placing humans back into the Animal Kingdom. (more)
Pac-Man Park
  8BITbuffalo presents: PAC-MAN PARK. Be the game! A live action, audience participation fueled, outdoors, video game reenactment. (more)
Paint by Hoop
  hot bodies covered in paint by way of a hula hoop (more)
  Shelter" follows several different lesbian/gay/bi and trans characters on their search for love, sex and shelter. The play asks the age old, used to just be for straight people question: what is love? WARNING: This show contains nude scenes. No children please. (more)
Spooky Thumb Wrestling at a Distance
  Spooky Thumb Wrestling at a Distance is an easy-to-play digital game that only uses sound and PlayStation Move controllers for output. (more)
Star Wars: Episode 7
  It's been 30 years since the Death Star was destroyed at Endor. In this improvisational, interactive roleplaying game using the brand new Edge of the Empire rules, YOU SHAPE THE FUTURE OF THE GALAXY. Music provided by the Two Jakes. Put on your stormtrooper outfit, because there is a costume contest. (more)
Sweatshirt/ The Clothesline Project
  Sweatshirt is a devised piece of theater in 5 scenes that explores one's journey in life and how to deal with violation, more specifically sexual abuse. (more)
The Ben Yoeseff rants
The Cashier's Manifesto
  Workers strike back in this darkly funny look at a life in retail-no indignity shall be forgotten. (Based on true cashier horror stories) (more)
The Hotshot Whiz Kids Live
  Buffalo's only daily podcast brings their insane brand of comedy to the stage, once again. The show will feature stand-up, improv and sketch comedy, music and some of their most popular podcast segments, live on stage. (more)
The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast Live
  Buffalo's #1 Podcast takes their show out of the studio for a special live recording of their show, which is listened to all over the world. (more)
  The Movin' & Groovin' Improv Show: Audience members can mix with Special Guest Performers and play in Short Form and Long Form Musical and Physical Improv Activities. *Comfortable footwear recommended* (more)
The Vintage Vaudeville Cabaret
  An evening of dazzling vintage entertainment & theatrics, inside the top secret speakeasy. Contest for 20's/30's costumes. 21+ only! (more)
theatreFiguren presents YOU ARE GOLD
  Paintings, movement and music create a lyrical homage to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Dr. King and all those who dream of equality of all! (more)
Trauma & Vinyl:'This Betrayal Will Be Our End'--The Monologue
  forthcoming (more)
Tree of Liminality
  Come as you were, or might have been, or could be for an interactive performance that is equal parts magic realism and existential dialogue. (more)
Triplets Of Depew
  MY play begins with the youngest of the Triplets Eartha beckoning for her two sisters to join her in yet another five hundred year birthday celebration.When they do not arrive,Eartha takes it upon her self to tell the history of the two non arrivals. In the story telling she pulls out their character defects and draws on their shortcomings in a mystical,enchanting, comedic way.A lonely person has the opportunity to build a warm companionship at the expense of others,while maintaining a atmosphere of physical eloquence,if thats possible in her 7' frame,hair of palm leaves and mirrored eyes,dressed in burlap.The Triplets were ounce entertainers, singers along the Erie Canal. They are equipped with ancient powers in forms of shrieks, mutters,calls,chants and incantations.Follow the journey of three of the most clever witches of our time and old seen through the eyes of Eartha. They will wow you with humor,history and song and dance. (more)
Uncle Vanya
  Following last year's acclaimed production of He Who Gets Slapped, Megan Callahan returns to direct Anton Chekhov's classic, Uncle Vanya, in the rarely accessible third floor of the Dnipro Ukrainian Center. (more)
Untitled as of now - Sketch and Improv
  Live sketches and short form improv games (more)
  Comedy Improv, audience participation, a fun time for all (more)
Write Out Of Here:Voices From East Ferry
  Write Out of Here: Voices From East Ferry is a gritty gripping theatrical report of some of the forgotten and invisible Western New York teens that have become a part of a sometimes revolving-door social services system. (more)

Dance shows
A Buffalo Pyromance
  Fire dancers lighting their way into your hearts, returning as one of Infringement's oldest fire acts! (more)
Ancient Alchemy ~ Movement Through Sound Is Sound Through Movement
  This is an atmospheric exploration of space, time, motion, sound, flow, energetic awareness, artistic expression and more. The audience is invited to become a part of the performance with intentional meditative movement. (more)
Bollywood Dance! The Art of India!
  Bollywood Dance at its best! Devi Bollywood dance is putting on the bangles, bindis and giving you the dhamak one Bhangra beat at a time! From the enchanting world of India, dancers perform with enthusiasm, grace and beauty. (more)
  DELIVERANCE! is a contemporary dance exploration of the human relationship to faith and aspects of life that cannot be explained by fact. (more)
Euphraxia American Tribal Style Bellydance
  Buffalo Infringement Festival veterans, Euphraxia, American Tribal Style Bellydance! ATS, a language spoken through dance, performed by Leslie and her all-star BIF organizer student troupe: Janna, Amy, and Jeannette! (more)
Every Thing Is Wonder Us
  every thing is wonder us is a new work which inquires: What does intimacy require of its participants? We explore the landscape of the personal, physical, emotional, expected and unexpected, which define our perception of intimacy. (more)
fire spinning
  Come watch as Frank IS dances with fire weaving in and out of time and space (more)
For the Love of Movement
  "For the Love of Movement" is a presentation of several different dance pieces, which will be performed by select dancers from Danceamour. We will be performing a Jazz piece, Modern piece, Hip-Hop piece and Burlesque piece. (more)
Frank Santora Plays With Fire
  Frank Santora plays with fire. Come watch as Frank dances with fire. Not everyone can control the fire inside... but I can. (more)
  Mone Dance Company is an emerging Niagara Falls, NY based fusion dance company dedicated to creating unique and energizing works to excite and spark the imagination. (more)
Hell's Harlots Burlesque
  The Hell’s Harlots burlesque is an act you don't want to miss! From classic vintage cabaret to racy comedy skits these girls do it all. Guaranteed to please they are unlike any other dance group out there, classy with a little bit of evil (more)
Hoopnosis Fire Faery Show
  Entertainment you wont forget! Hoopnosis FireFaery Shows feat.Madia the Fire Faery-fire dance with unique props like fans,hoop,umbrella,&fire eating! Madia combines her medical background &fire arts training to provide quality all age shows (more)
Hoopnosis Fire Faery Show
  EMT certified and insured, Hoopnosis provides safe, quality fire performances. Specializing in custom props, the Fire Faery provides unique entertainment like no other. &This year she unveils her newest, amazing fire tool! You won't want to miss, & you won't forget! (more)
Hoopnosis Hulaerobics
  Hoopnosis Hulaerobics classes are a unique, creative, fun way to stay active, happy, and healthy through the use of hula hoops. Strengthen your core and self esteem with an improvisational workout great for all ages and skill sets (more)
Hoopnosis Hulaerobics Workshop
  Hoopnosis's hoop dance fitness program celebrates creativity and self expression through a unique exercise program that's fun, affordable, effective, and easy for everyone! (more)
Hula Share
  Fun for kids and families to share skills or learn to hoop! Hoops provided by Ultra Hoops, adult beginner hoops for fitness and fun. Ultra Hoops are available exclusively at Filigrees Gallery on Elmwood, entrance facing Forest (more)
Journey in Love
  Journey's in Love is a story told through original songs, free form movement and others recorded music chronicling my journey's in love (more)
Lev's Kids Dance Party
  Come bounce up and down to youthful music! Kids ages 1-7 welcome, parents, friends, and immature people of all ages welcome too. (more)
  Liaison is a work for piano and dancer conceived by Megan Beugger and made in collaboration with dancer/choreographer Melanie Aceto. In this piece, Beugger explores the duality of roles for the dancer as musician and the piano as both provider and inhibitor of sound. This work questions the primacy of movement vs. sound and the possession of control. (more)
Maia Alexandra vs. 3 Decks of Cards
  An improvisational dance art experiment with a bellydance twist. One dancer, three decks of cards. As the audience members draw the cards, Maia Alexandra will perform ... whatever the luck of the draw dictates! www.maiaalexandra.com (more)
Mohamed Diaby & Manding Foli Kan Don
  Master West African Drummer Mohamed Diaby & his group Manding Foli Kan Don bring Africa to Buffalo by showcasing cultural rhythms & dance from the different ethnic regions of Guinea, West Africa. Also featuring specials guest!! (more)
Poetry in motion
  Jeremy Dabel, Solomon Dixon and Stacy Vanblarcom will perform a mix of break dancing and poetry. Our goal is to express the beauty of these arts. (more)
  Respiration is a modern dance solo, it is a reflection on the subtle power of motion through space and what makes us move in our lives. (more)
The Boom Box Betties
  Random Acts of Burlesque! Guerrilla bumps and grinds! Burlesque Bombing! Keep an eye out for us. (more)
The Buffalo Burlesque Collective
  Buffalo's Best Bumps and Grinds (more)
The Drag-Lesque Review!
  A little drag, a little burlesque, a lot of fun! Come forget your problems with an evening of Infringement style entertainment, over at Club Marcella! Note: this show is 18+ (more)
The Muppet Burlesque Show
  "The Muppet Burlesque Show" is an entertaining mix of burlesque, ballet, tap, bellydance, acting, singing, live music, and stand-up comedy that you won't want to miss! (more)
The Red Pill Revival
  Liberty LaCure's Burlesque project the Red Pill Revival is a sultry mix of radical reason and curvy controversy. an avid occupy activist she will no doubt lure you to follow her through the rabbit hole. 21+ this show will leave you in awe. (more)
The Stripteasers Burlesque presents "Dyke Tracy"
  Comic Strip heroine Dyke Tracy solves crimes with bumps and grinds. Join us for a Burlesque Extravaganza! (more)

Poetry/literary shows
"You mean my friend Dylan McKay?"
  Matthew Cohen d'Unleavy reads original pieces written in a brooding manner as if he was a 29 year old man pretending to be a 19 year old freshman at a made up college in California attempting to catch the eye of his ex-girlfriend without his current one finding out even though they're best friends but hey!- at least it's not Sunnyvale University where there are Vampires of the not so sparkly kind. Other info on author: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hyde-is-Alive-Productions/299814313399602?ref=hl (more)
  poetry and yelling, open mic type writer, bass clarinet, trumpet, electric guitar, regular clarinet, bass guitar, ride cymbal, paper scraps, colors and magic, trombone? (more)
  Broken is a one man poetry reading and conversation with Marek Parker examining the line between life and death through honesty and humor. (more)
Buffalo Book Fest
  WNYBAC will be hosting another Buffalo BookFest, the signature day-long festival dedicated to printing and the book arts. The festival will feature an artists market and a complete schedule of outdoor and indoor adult and kid-friendly hands-on demonstrations of the book arts, including steamroller printmaking! There will also be an Artisan Market at this event where you can purchase locally made artwork and crafted goods. This event is completely free and open to the public. (more)
Children's Book, "My Dream talks to Me"
  My children's book involves the character of a mime who enters a boy's dream where all kinds of challenging and interesting adventures happen. (more)
  Miggy is a new addition to the Buffalo open mic scene and performs with a contradicting combination of naïve optimism and reluctant cynicism; a rising female MC with a poetic delivery. (more)
Corned Beef Hash
  Poetry readings from the over 200 published works of Joan Albarella and Marjorie Norris with an invitation to the audience to join the open mic hash (more)
Dazzlingly Inappropriate II: Double Dipping
  A fantastically vulgar evening with MC Vendetta and Cat Sinclair, doing and saying things that are Dazzlingly Inappropriate, but bigger and badder than before! Hilarious yet touching, a must see. (more)
Diversity Night - Poetry, Readings, & Scenes
  Diversity Night - Poetry, Readings, & Scenes will allow persons from a diverse range of abilities and backgrounds a safe place for artistic exploration and expression. It is our hope that through continued theatrical productions as well as events such as Infringement, that we will be able to continue to challenge and change cultural perceptions of "normalcy" and also promote and support the beauty that is diversity. (more)
Found in Translation
  Bilingual poetry about how factors of life impact the individual. The poetry of Prose for Digestion is lucid & inviting to the ear,while Monet's is concise, poignant and direct. For a unique approach to language feel free to check us out. (more)
  Jeffrey Charles Naish is a free-thinking conscious poet, a voice for the hopeless. He never limits himself to one style. His poetry is art for the ages. (more)
  Poetic? Yes. Subversive? Quite possibly. Radical? Definitely. Thought-provoking verse presented aloud by its author. (more)
Living Poets Society
  A poet is a light in a dark place. A traveler fixed in all times. We are eager to share our words with you. Come join your words with ours. (more)
MC Vendetta
  A staple of Buffalo Infringement, MC Vendetta whips out crazy rhyming poetry with a feminist, social, and political bent. Not to be missed! (more)
No Smokescreen
  Every day, everywhere, we are taught to distort the turth, to lie to ourselves and each other. We're taught to put up barriers, smokescreens. What if they were plied away slowly? What if they all came crashing down? (more)
  Rants/readings on life, love, work, mentally challenged pets, and more. Warning: not for the politically correct or particularly sensitive. (more)
Reading R Crumb: A Memoir
  An elaboration of the visual contextualization of Crumb that offers a presumptive, life as fetish. Ethos viewed as the search for "kind" amidst the perception of otherness and, thus, its capacity for radicalization. Nominally literate. (more)
Saucebox Poetry Reading
  Saucebox Poetry Readings highlight Buffalo's feminist writers. Celebrate over 10 years of Saucebox with readings from Janna Willoughby-Lohr, Kisha Patterson-Tanski, Sandy Dedo, Nava Fader, Marina Blitshteyn, and Sophia Roberts, as well as work from Saucebox founder, Robin Brox. Refreshments will be provided. (more)
Self Infringement
  Didn't get your proposal submitted in time? Just can't get enough of Infringement? Stop by Rust Belt Books and draw a project from the Self Infringement Box!! There will be many random infringey tasks and ideas in the box for all participants! (more)
Summer Tour
  Summer Tour Great Lakes Review (more)
The Last Rose, Poetry Session with Sinead Tyrone
  I write poems meant to move the heart and soul, in an open, direct manner, with a strong descriptive style. (more)
The You In You- Exploring Spirituality
  Explore Spirituality with a reading and discussion for adults, children and families. The book helps you learn about yourself and how you connect with the world around you. It is not about religion. It is about life! http://theyouinyou.org (more)
Tim Sentman
  Tim reads his poetry and stories. Some new, some old. Most are about food. (more)
Tim Sentman
  Tim Sentman performs his poetry and stories. (more)
  Could a frog get his tongue stuck in a spider's web? Could he get it out without breaking the web? Fred Harold Jensen provides a dramatic and interactive reading of Tongue-Tied, a fable to awaken us to the dangers of bragging and the delight of beauty. (more)
Two Boobs, Too: Electric Boobaloo
  Velvet Al reads poetry, some of it old, some of it new, but mostly old. Full frontal nudity not required. (more)
Uplift 2 Uplevel
  Join me, Laura Haykel, on a journey with song, sound and movement about a life transformed out of struggle to an empowered life journey. This is my life through music.. It's deep, authentic, raw, energetic and true. (more)
Wham Bam Poetry Troupe
  A roving rotating band of poets and beatniks who spout dirty ditties in between the titties during Wham Bam Thank You Slam Part TROIS! Will include MC Vendetta, Amanda Mulrain, Marina Blitshteyn, Eternal Pleasure, Mark Lloyd and MORE! (more)
Work in Progress - Trudy Stern
  Trudy Stern and Friends. Reading from new work and old - very old, not so old, five minutes old. Personal accounts of what living on and off in Buffalo has done to me and mine, sometimes in rhyme. Personal, funny, sad,nature of mind (more)
Yes, I Am Staring At Your Boobs 3-D
  Velvet Al presents a 3-D spetacular so mind-blowingly realistic that you'd swear he was actually there in person, staring at your boobs. (more)
Young Hearts and Old Minds
  Join Eddie Gomez for everyday poetry for a lifetime of adventures, simple words for a complicated life and the newest and best of his work! (more)
‘Wonders from the Wunderkammer’
  Wonders from the Wunderkammer': Do we become that which we possess? Exploration of our relationships with the objects in our lives. (more)

Music shows
23 Psaegz
  Led by the inimitable Seth Faergolzia (formerly of Dufus), the Rochester-based 23 Psaegz create warm and weird freak-folk with equal parts craze and care. (more)
  2Rabbit makes original rock music that will move you, every damn one of you. (more)
4Buffalo Music 4Kids
  4Buffalo Music 4Kids features free music clinics for youth hosted by Buffalo musicians that will provide an introduction to music through the use of instruments and innovation. (more)
Adam Giancarlo
  I am a unique and original one-man, mainly acoustic act. My music is fairly simple, yet is multi-layered. The content of my lyrics ranges from political statements to social commentary to personal reflection. (more)
  Buffalo's most ravishing new Klezmer band! (more)
AJ Jordan
  AJ Jordan is a young aspiring entrepreneur, performing entertainer, and graphic designer from the City of Buffalo New York which is located minutes from the Canadian/American border of Niagara Falls. (more)
Alaysa O'Brien
  Alaysa O'Brien aka Ballzy is a singer/songwriter who hopes to revive the grunge scene and breath new life into the Buffalo music arena. Hard rock/grunge/punk mixed with stoner rock jam bits. (more)
Amrev 2
  Grassroots, organic punk rock rabble rousing music that draws upon carribean and gypsy rhythms and is played by american 21st century Anarchists! (more)
Amrev 2
  AmRev 2, which stands for American Revolution2, is what some would call an anarchist collective, but prefer to be called a family and musical movement. Inspired by a vast number of genres , including reggae, punk, blues and gypsy, among others, AR2 also draws on historical figures, revolutionaries, and our very own earth for inspiration. (more)
Anal Pudding
  potty rock (more)
Andrew Biggie
  Attempts to find stillness. Images of death, and reoccurring dreams hum open. They discuss duality as I lose friends. I fill my head with teenage junk. I will sing on sidewalks rearranging mundane rituals and become a plastic bag. (more)
Anger Is A Gift
  A Tribute to Rage Against the Machine from Buffalo, NY. We all have something to rage against, come join us in starting the revolution. (more)
Apex Down
  Apex Down is an up-and-coming all-original progressive heavy rock band from Buffalo, New York, who's #1 goal is to get into your head and never leave. (more)
Austin Nova Featuring Sorry, and The Moon Hunters of R.E.A.L. Music Productions
  R.E.A.L. Music (standing for Revolutionizing Everyone's Average Lives) is a diverse group of artists that come together for gigs to combine fan bases. it starts off with The moon hunters, a rock, blues and funk band, followed by the band Sorry a rock, punk rock and pop band, and last to preform is Austin Nova, a solo act who plays with the band sorry and his DJ for a mix of hip-hop with rock, electronic, swing, and more genres. (more)
  Autoverse wins a blue one. Can't you hear the satisfaction in their mess? It's just expression; it's just rock. (more)
Badtown Rude
  Badtown Rude is a group of four friends (Karyn, Mark, Brendan, and Nelson) that share a mutual love for all things ska and punk. Delivering loud drum beats and groovy bass lines, this Scranton, PA based band is always bringing something. (more)
BCC Arts & Entertainment Showcase
  BCC's A&E Showcase will welcome a variety of local WNY talent: music, viz arts, dance, mentalism & much more! Join us for a night of entertainment & dessert. (more)
  BCC's A&E: 2014 SUMMERFEST Showcase will welcome a variety of local WNY talent: music, viz arts, dance, mentalism & much more! Join us for a night of entertainment for all. (more)
Beer Hall Philosophers
  Beer Hall Philosophers play an eclectic grouping of jazz tinged, original songs, vintage and contemporary covers with a beatnik flavor. Performed by a singer/songwriter backed up with a flute/sax/vocalist and bass. (more)
beer hall philosophers
  beer hall philosophers is a three piece ensemble playing music to drink beer by (more)
Bighorn Sheep
  Avant Garde Progressive Punk Metal Stoner Rock at it's drunkest. (more)
Birdie Cree
  The frenetic violin stylings of Mary Polinchock, the kick in the gut heart break songs and vocals of Mark Booth and the solid pounding bass style of Mark Carrig stir audiences everywhere. (more)
blackwood terror
BloodThirsty Vegans
  Home town working-class heroes, BloodThirsty Vegans, bring a wall of danceable Hip Hop funk ska sound with a positive social consciousness. (more)
BloodTHirsty Vegans
  BloodThirsty Vegans is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family, foster respect for the interconnected web of life, and remind the tribes how liberating it was to dance the dances of freedom. (more)
Blue Lazer
  Blue Lazer will melt your face! Far superior to your earth's electronic jam bands, we improvise words too. (more)
Blue Lazer
  We will melt your face from outer space! After booking a show in Buffalo, NY, Blue Lazer crash landed on earth in the summer of 2006. (more)
Blue Rootz
  Funk/Soul/Jazz Get your boogie shoes on and be ready to get down and get funky. (more)
  BlueShift, originating from Buffalo, NY, is an ambitious group of musicians who strive to write and perform a unique form of Rock music. (more)
  Dark Electronic with Female Vocals (more)
Bobby "Angel" Buffalo
  The Bobby Angel Show and Open-Mic nite is always full of fun and surprises! Take part in Music trivia and walk away with gifts that range anywhere from lotto tickets and chocolate, to small musical instruments, lighters and shots! (more)
  Bolognatron is a solo project that can be described as an experimental combination of original and video game inspired music that is moodily illustrated with a hybrid of synthesizer and classical tones. (more)
Boot United
  World's only Wild West, Rock & Roll wax museum. (more)
Brimstone Blondes
  Loud garage rock. Songs about Nic Cage and celebrity-look-alike neighbors. Brimstone Blondes: "Cool Bible music for the youth of tomorrow." (more)
Broken Fences
  Ethereal indie folk band from Pittsburgh. Imaginative songwriting & intricate harmonies. (more)
  BROWNMAN - iconic trumpet player from the legendary Guru's Jazzmatazz - brings his "Wu-Tang Clan of jazz-hip-hop" to Buffalo featuring 4 of WNY's kingpin rappers. (more)
buckets and junk
  i play buckets and junk metal with drum sticks. the streets need more rhythm. nothing like a $2 dollar bucket delivering that! (more)
Buffalo Percussion Collective
  A collective of percussionists performing 21st century new music for percussion solo and small ensembles. (more)
Buffalo Tango Orkestra
  Buffalo Tango Orkestra was formed by Moshe Shulman in summer 2012 after his return from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to perform Argentine tango and other styles of tango such as “Nuevo” and “European”. Since its first performance in August 2012 at the Elmwood Arts Festival, the orchestra appeared at Smith Opera House in Geneva, NY; Rochester, NY; Toronto, Canada and of course in Buffalo, NY. (more)
  an uneasy feeling, as in the abdomen, caused esp. by nervous anticipation (more)
  Drawing influence from anywhere and anything, Cavalcade joins rock and roll’s urgency with an interlaced and reflective approach to each song. By dismantling the standard formulas, and yet respecting the history and power of popular song (more)
Chelsea O'Donnell
  Chelsea O'Donnell is a singer/songwriter from Buffalo, New York. She has been writing music since the age of 14 when she received her first guitar for her birthday and has been performing music live since the age of 17. (more)
Chester Copperpot
  Extremely fast, electrified music that is sure to entertain even the most critical (shame on you) audiences! Get up and see for yourself! Listen close, and hang on for the ride~~~~~ (more)
  "Admiral Lof, Captain Coco, and Sheriff Hassler make up the instrumental trio known as ChloroformCoulier, so you know these guys dont take themselves too seriously. They are serious about playing their instruments, however. (more)
Chris Abbey
  Long-time Buffalo singer/songwriter who sometimes forgets he's not a full rock band. (more)
Chris Snowman
  Solo acoustic perfomer, playing original songs and unique renditions of popular songs. (more)
Chris Whitmer
  Kick ass originals that reek of truth, lyricism, intelligence, and rock-n-roll. (more)
Chuckie Campbell
  Hip- Hop (more)
Clare Sweeney & Laith Al-Khalidi
  Acoustic duo Clare Sweeney and Laith Al-Khalidi (of the band Queen City Catastrophe) offer a unique spin on pop music by rearranging top 40s music for an acoustic/folk setup to highlight classically trained vocalist Clare Sweeney's vocal jazz background. (more)
  With digital and analog electronics blended in with lyrics and poetry, we aspire to awaken collective consciousness. (more)
Concert At Nancy's Building
  You don't have to dress fancy, to party at Nancy's. (more)
Copy Manager
  Dark fuzz pop forged by a frozen heart inside a smoky cavern. (more)
Crows and Jays
  Crows and Jays influences stem from The Band, Gram Parsons, Neil Young, Jeff Tweedy, Conor Oberst, Jack White, to Elvis Costello. All their work is original, written by lead vocalist and pianist Justin Bachulak. (more)
  the synth wobbles though the wind and into the ears of many, the under lining back beat thumps though the ground at chestnut ridge and into the hearts of many buffalonians (more)
  I am an electronic music producer/composer and I Mix my own personal music during live sets. I do a lot of chilled out, lo-fi and dreamy psychedelic music. (more)
Danielle DiStefano
  Come hear it all from Ella Fitzgerald to Adele with the velvet sound of Danielle DiStefano. (more)
Danimal Cannon
  Danimal Cannon, of Arm Cannon fame, brings his unique combination of 8BIT CHIPTUNE and BLAZING GUITAR ACROBANTICS to the 8BIT stage. (more)
Davey O.
  Davey O. and his songs are Buffalo, NY. They are your hometown. Songs born from a work ethic instilled by a factory working father; steeped in time, then written like a conversation with your next door neighbor and as comfortable as a well-worn pair of shoes. These are the stories of American life. Songs of labor, love, laughter, sorrow, life and death, baptized in waters drawn from a deep and timeless well. His is a journey dedicated to the craft of drawing the line that connects our common humanity. With a journalist’s eye for detail and poet’s ear for the well-turned observation, Davey O. finds the universal in the particular, turning day-to-day minutiae into dusty paeans to the indomitability of the human spirit. With each tale another slice of life examined. (more)
David Cloyd
  Acoustic orchestral indie folk rock featuring intensely emotional songs reminiscent of Lost In The Trees, Radiohead, Beck, Peter Gabriel, and Nick Drake. (more)
Dead Trash Mob
  The Dead Trash Mob is a coalition of unusual and flexible artists centering around a hip-hop base. Songs vary from very traditionalist vinyl-sampled boom-bap, to 'Turned Up' high energy Trap, either type often consisting of a raw, lo-fi, almost punk-rock attitude and texture. (more)
Devin Wilson
  Devin Wilson improvises on electric guitar and has accompaniment provided in real time by algorithms he's written. (more)
Difficult Pedestrian
  Difficult Pedestrian is a psychedelic acoustic jam band blending whimsical songwriting with extended transcendental improvisation. (more)
Digital Afterlife
  From Buffalo, NY, Digital Afterlife has begun with brothers Paul & Greg Burt. Crafting an alternative electronic sound with an industrial underlying, they spread the message of everyone surviving forever through the confides of the internet (more)
Digital Afterlife
  Digital Afterlife is an Alternative Electronic band from Buffalo, NY comprised of brothers Paul & Greg Burt. After forming in late 2011, they've been regularly performing, creating, & crafting their own sound. (more)
Dirty Couture
  Nancy Sterman came out of the LA rock scene with the band Madame Trash Heap and made her way to Buffalo where she connected with Mike Sentman of Blue Lazer fame. Together they have created an original sound. (more)
Dirty Smile
  Dirty Smile is an original rock group from Buffalo New York. They blend elements of rock, pop, blues and soul. Sounds like: a heavy Grace Potter and the Nocturnals meets Florence and the Machine and they dance to Them Crooked Vultures! (more)
DJ Medison
  a house party dj turned club dj with enough juice to sell to orange julius. (more)
DJ Ricky Styles
  I go so hard, I'll have your grandma dancing! (more)
Dj Soma - Space Time Trip
  Dj Soma's SPACE TIME TRIP started in the early 90's He always featured a broad spectrum of electronic music from Ambient ,Trance, House , Techno IDM and other genres. Come witness him play some ambient/ psy-chill /downtempo/ ambiance vibes (more)
  Doggerel: Upon your arrival there will be some crunchy punchy. (more)
Down With The Buffalo
  Get Down With The Buffalo! Dance and enjoy the show to the max! We want everyone to have a great time at our concerts and remember us fondly. We are quick on our feet when it comes to performing live and we do some improvisation. (more)
Drop D
  The Real Deal On The Wheels Of Steel. (more)
Drums Along Hoyt Lake!
  An open community drum circle, facilitated by some of WNY's finest hand drummers. Come drum, dance or just listen, watch, & enjoy! (more)
  Elemantra bridges the gap between rock and metal by blending Shoegaze and Sludge Metal. Very atmospheric and dreamy while still retaining the density of metal. "A sonic wall". (more)
Eli the Hawk
  From Bucks County, PA, Eli the Hawk presents Americana Rhythms on 12-string guitar and harmonica with upbeat, foot-tappin' soul. (more)
Eli the Hawk
  Upbeat Americana Rhythms on 12-string, harmonica, vocals (more)
  Ellsworth Is a high-energy Alternative Rock band drawing inspiration from bands such as Brand New, Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, and Radiohead. (more)
Envious Disguise
  Rochester's fun loving, energetic, Skate Punk freak show! (more)
  Substantial improv with influences of Free Jazz Fusion, Minimalism, Avante Garde, Shear Epic-ness, Krautrock Electronics, Post Rock. (more)
  ...melds the sounds of the world, from both futuristic and time-told standpoints, before your very eyes (more)
ERaserhead's Baby
  Like nothing you've ever seen before. (more)
ERaserhead's Baby
  Orchestral Percussion with electronic noise (more)
Erica Wolfling
  Erica is a quadruple threat: vocalist, pianist, songwriter, dragon. Her style snuggles in between acoustic pop, blues, with a touch of soul. (more)
Erin Sydney Welsh
  Seventeen-year-old Erin Sydney Welsh soothes audiences with laid back acoustic guitar and vocals while feeding minds with fresh lyrics. (more)
Ether Benders
  Ether Benders is the vocals of Jessica Collins-Jimerson (The Baby Machines, Acoustic Grey Motor, The Trends) and the guitar of Eli Jimerson (Static Green, Clowns in the Atmosphere, Discount Auto Parts) with some extra percussion and moxie. (more)
Fe Vajen
  Creepy old delta-river inspired vocals paired with searing and atmospheric dark electronics. (more)
  Flatbed presents a FREE aural tour of 20th century music, with an emphasis on American root styles. (more)
Flute Loops in the Spirit of Play
  Pops, whistles, beats, and some melodies - I'll be blowing air shaped like speech sounds through my flute and creating layers with a loop machine.... (more)
  The Folkfaces are about resurrecting forgotten songs and changing them to fit our needs. As well as writing songs that discuss current events. Some nights we're just a bar room blues band. (more)
For Winter
  We are a four piece post-hardcore band with alternative and indie twists from the southern tier of New York trying to bring a sound to our area that hasn't been around for a long time. (more)
  Gambis: A WNY trio of musicians that plays hard rock the way it was intended to be played. (more)
  Gambis: A WNY trio of musicians that plays hard rock the way it was intended to be played. (more)
  Gambis: A WNY trio of musicians that plays hard rock the way it was intended to be played. (more)
  A blend of Modern and Traditional Styles (Ragtime/Swing/Flamenco/Jazz/Punk/Folk); you may recognize Gander from Reverend Soapbox and the Rabble Rousers and The Pharaoh Moans. (more)
  Garda is the rocktronic band that resurrects the rather fashionable sounds and attitudes of industrial rock for an unsuspecting generation. (more)
Genna and Jesse, with opening act Davey O
  Genna Giacobassi & Jesse Dyen are currently touring the nation to promote their newest release, Give and Take. The 8-month tour, which includes club venues, house concerts, restaurants, cafes, and festivals. Local singer songwriter Davey O will open. (more)
  "ghettotronics... It's that funky dance shit, straight up. Big booty bass inside the place to be, from the filthy streets, garbage can beats, those illy mc's, and me." (more)
  Ghostfeeder is an electro-rock band from Rochester, NY that fuses guitar riffs, electronic dance music, and video game chip tunes into a hook-laden, rock powerhouse. (more)
  Ghostfeeder is an electro-rock band from Rochester, NY. Combining rock and roll, dance, electronic, and a sprinkling of video game music, Ghostfeeder creates a unique sonic experience that is energetic, synthetic, and difficult to classify. (more)
Giggle the Ozone
  Giggle the Ozone's confrontational yet intricate sound fuses punk, new wave, surf and video game music, and is fueled by a commitment to poetic social critique. (more)
global psychosis
  Global Psychosis is a home-brewed rock fused jam band. (more)
  Post-Apoctalyptic Rock-N-Roll, Androgynous Deathpunk, No Mercy. (more)
  Trying to take a journey that pushes the limits of funky grooves and improvisation? If thats your jam then you don't wanna miss Greengage at the Infringement Festival. (more)
  artvoice hates me=I am not catchy or factual or informative=nothing will draw people to my show=see ya there=oh this has to be one hundred forty characters=tell me if I am there yet=do you like my photo=I have nice hair all over me= (more)
Groove Cereal
  Groove Cereal is the musical moniker of Francesco Cimato, Buffalo-born trip-hop/hip-hop artist. His music is a combination of dusty vinyl samples atop chill, funky drum breaks and layered melodies. (more)
Groove Force
  Groove Force here to Bring Rock-N-Roll and Blues back to the Buffalo area. Formed in October of 2012 5 artists came together heavily influence by Jerry Garcia to create and write Rock-N-Roll songs for people to remember their roots. (more)
  Live music by Gumwads. Post-punk garage rock with a touch of the blues. (more)
Honest Penny
  Singer-songwriter acoustic duo (more)
Hooked on Casiophonics
  Lots and lots of lo-fi keyboards looping the casiophonic beats (more)
Icarus Breathes
  Sometimes dancy, sometimes heavy, sometimes pretty. (more)
  One man makes soundtracks for that movie in your head which never seemed to make any sense. (more)
  "We're just a good group of fellas." Illusions is a progressive metalcore band from Buffalo, more specifically Niagara Falls and Grand Island. We like to have fun and write music that people enjoy. (more)
Infringement Busking Collective
  Name says it all. Busker permits are available at city hall. (more)
Intrepid Travelers
  Founded on friendship, fun, and a sense of freedom, Intrepid Travelers is a musical quartet from Buffalo, NY that keeps crowds on their toes with an original blend of grooving rhythms and sonic exploration. Treating each live performance as a journey with the audience, Intrepid Travelers pride themselves on focused, collective improvisational performances that showcase musicianship and heartfelt, soulful songwriting. (more)
  Irregardless: Buffalo's Progressive Funk Band who have something for everyone to get down with. (more)
  JDU stands for Justice Determination Unity True in life and on the mic with Revolutionary Music that from the Heart of the Movement (more)
Jacob Peter
  A multi-instrumentalist who is currently producing/recording his own LP. Playing an array of original material as a solo act. (more)
Jameson Baron
  Middle of the road, catchy acoustic tuneage. Like Neil Young had a baby with Dallas Green. (more)
jay g the mc
Jealous Girls
  A female fronted all original indie band from Buffalo, New York. They're sound is economic, but full of passion. (more)
  Geoffrey Peters is an electronic musician who likes to rock out parties and is as names such as Shapes of States and JeffRepeater. (more)
Jen Whitmore
  Dewy, vibrating lines that will send shivers up your spines, mixed with raw emotion and biting notions. (more)
Jess Chizuk
  At only nineteen years old, Jess Chizuk has already dedicated herself to pursuing her passion in life: music. The singer/songwriter from Buffalo is devoted to performing wherever and whenever she can. Described as a cross between Hayley Williams and Christina Perri, Jess’ music is zealous and genuine, with a contagious energy that has been captivating people across Western New York. And don’t let her barely-over-five-foot frame fool you; her voice is powerful and melodic, and she is constantly praised for her phrasing and dynamics. At shows today, the young Buffalo Music Award Nominee complements her voice with an acoustic guitar and catchy original songs that can be heard on her full-production debut EP, Shine A Light On. (more)
Jet Engines/TU
  tba (more)
  Humming and skittering electronic-ish sounds. Drones suggestive of a heaven and/or hell populated by people and/or robots. (more)
  Handsome/debonair white-faced showman loves reading Artvoice. (more)
Jonathan Herr
  heartfelt melodies and spoken words accompanied by rhythm driven acoustic guitar. (more)
Jump the Blinds
  A musical performance by Jump the Blinds that'll make your neighbor's grass die. Even if you live in Batavia. (more)
Jump the Blinds
  Loud, fast mutant punk rock to kill yourself to from Niagara Falls, NY. (more)
Jupiter Jefferson
  Music from the left side of the garage (more)
Katie Ann
  Katie Ann is an all around music artist who writes and produces her own songs. Her music is interesting, engaging and raw. Her unique style is a fusion of several genres. She is very entertaining. (more)
la morta la vita
Laube's Old Spain
  Post-Fashion Expo 1990, pre-apocalypse. Designer music without design. (more)
  Lavrat is a four-piece, Scranton-based ska/punk band. (more)
Lazy Ass Destroyer
  Cincy Based, in your Face, Crunk, Punk, Rap, and Roll!! Lazy Ass Destroyer is a raw hip-hop/rock energy, while some of the lyrics are comical, this band takes its delivery seriously. It is a loud Beastie Boys meets Crunk meets Rock sound. H (more)
Legal the Lifesaver
  This live show will be based around my new album that's coming out called "Game of Life". With live beats on stage played by one of Buffalo's top hip hop producers-Covert, and live DJ'ing by Buffalo's best -Optimus Prime. (more)
  Former nude model sings and dances to hectic and colorful experimental electronic songs played from her/his laptop and midi devices. (more)
Lloyd MacHardy
  Shows and house concerts where i perform my original songs. (more)
Lloyd MacHardy
  Award winning singer/songwriter, who has done shows from Queens, NY to Apple Valley, California (more)
Lobo Marino
  Lobo Marino is a tribal/folk duo. At its core it is the musical response to the continuous travels and spiritual journey of its members. (more)
Lobo Marino
  Lobo Marino is a mix of tribal, folk and world music featuring the harmonium, drum and various other unique instruments and voices. At its core it is the musical response to the continuous travels and ongoing spiritual journey of its members. (more)
logo city
  Organ Bass Beat Face Assault (more)
Look, a Fang!
  Duo Look, a Fang! pounds out alt-rock with bellowing female vocals and shrieking falsetto in a thunderstorm of bass and drums. (more)
Lost Elysium
  Hard Rock with Killer Vocals (more)
Love Light Falls
  Repetitive loops and drones plus some more straightforward melodies over electronic beats presented in a loose, semi-improvised format. (more)
Low Flying Planes
  Low Flying Planes creates a youthful energy that resounds. Rooted in Clyde,NY, the dynamic rock group has already captivated fans nationwide (more)
Lower Town Trio
  We are a three piece Rockabilly/Psychobilly band originally from Lockport NY. We have been playing around Lockport and Buffalo area for about 5 years. (more)
  Progressive Funk Rock band from the back alleys of Buffalo, unleashing the face melting guitar, soul crushing drums and bowel releasing bass. (more)
  M.E.L. is a singer/songwriter/guitarist. Her soulful, catchy, and emotional lyrics can be compared to Stevie Nicks and Martha Wainwright. (more)
Machines of Love and War
  The sound of Machines of Love and War is a product of both digital and analog equipment and manipulation. It's based on sound painting and layering, creating layers of tracks that weave in and out to build the right atmosphere. (more)
Machines of Love and War
  Machines of Love and War are two Western New York electronic musicians who create original music of energy and deep ambience. Using influences from Kraftwerk, Boards of Canada, and Brian Eno, to today's Trip-hop sounds. (more)
  Magdalen, a solo music project by Michael Manning. (more)
manawi thorn
  Black humor meets beige metal. (more)
  MatKa is an undefined electronic music producer, who's tracks border the sounds of Techno, Industrial, & House. (more)
  Matka is an EDM DJ and undefined music producer, whos tracks are a blend of techno, house, and industrial, with other genres mixed in. (more)
Mike Criscione
  Singer/Songwriter/Acoustic Looping Artist. (more)
  A desire to inspire and a knack for having fun doing it. (more)
Mobile Hotspots
  The band is based around the lyrics of John Trapasso and Frank Thompson with the music by Frank Thompson. It has been described as similar to music by Lou Reed, Talking Heads and The Barenaked Ladies (more)
mother tongue
  double drum set duo sublime and furious. sweet and nasty (more)
Murder City Outlaws
  From the cracked streets and grey skyline that us Buffalo NY, came the Murder City Outlaws, with the straight forward speed and aggression if Punk combined with brutality of early thrash. (more)
Music by Darcy Gates-Brewer
Music of Epilogue
  A prog rock band with krautrock/glitch influence. Lots of delays, loops, electronics and improvisation, but also established songs. (more)
My Rap Name is Alex
  My Rap Name is Alex makes songs about how we could all treat the living things around us better than what we've been doing. And I perform those songs over massive live beats. (more)
  Armageddon Party is a musical performance that utilizes live sampling with drum machines, synthesizers, and acoustic instruments, creating a sonic palette influenced by Rock, Reggae, and Electronic music. (more)
Nathan Leigh
New Works for Solo Cello
  TJ Borden presents a new solo cello work by Lena Nietfeld, influenced by Hindustani, Balinese, and Western experimental musical traditions. (more)
Nimble Vagrant
  Laid-back rock utilizing looping and incorporating jam-band and occassional hard rock elements. (more)
Noah Gokey & the Skulls
  Noah Gokey & the Skulls are a unique rock band, free and uninhibited by genre or pop restrictions, making original music that reflects the bands diverse backgrounds and musical tastes. (more)
Noah Gokey & the Skulls
  Noah Gokey & the Skulls have traversed a long and varied musical path, from acoustic folk to groovy hard rock. Following the release of their sophomore album, Dream American, the band has evolved into a powerhouse of deeply embedded themes conveyed by their eclectic mix of sounds that range from reggae and folk to rock and metal. (more)
Oblique Strategies
  Composer/songwriter Kilissa Cissoko uses Brian Eno's "Oblique Strategies" as inspiration for piano/vocal and otherworldly musical improvisation. The audience will control the random generator app to determine the "strategy". (more)
  Octazooka is an electronic rock project consisting of heavy guitar and bass, catchy synth hooks, driving drums, sampling, and live mixing. (more)
  Initially begun as a side project for original Mercury Rev member Jimy Chambers prior to his departure in 1998. With elements of postpunk, jazz, & avant-experimentalism, Odiorne achieves a heady balance of sonic ferocity and melodic grace. (more)
Old Psychiatrists Club
  Dark and gloomy, bright and shimmery, essentially alternative rock from Buffalo, NY. (more)
On The Cinder
  Punk Rock from Buffalo, NY (more)
One Way Terror
  One Way Terror is a mix of punk & metal that brings it every time, rain or shine. They take the party to any stage, club, bar, attic, basement, backyard, park shelter, or living room that has other like minded individuals ready to go. (more)
  A mercenary bardic troupe of Orcs and Goblins singing sludgey metal ditties for tavern wench titties. (more)
Original Album Killer
  Born in 1981 abbatoy was molded from the foundation of Rock. In his early years he was molded by bands such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd as he grew from that tiny pebble to adulthood he got into smooth grooves. (more)
Orion Freeman
  Orion Freeman is a singing, songwriting, guitar-playing seeker from the woods just beyond the mortar and bricks of Philadelphia. His souled-out, reggae-infused, flamenco-tinged, bluesy folk-rock aspires to move: your shoes; your heart; the cobwebs, so as to peer into your soul. Hovering somewhere within the chasm between the worldly and the divine, his music is an intimate glimpse into the spiraling states of freedom and folly, playfulness and prayer. (more)
ould pound
  Our Styles - Heavy Rock, World, Jam, Euro-Tribal, Space Rock, Arabic, Latin, Surf, Bhangra, Prog, Dubstep. A performance oriented live show, lean and tightly written songs with blazing solos and crisp endings. (more)
Our Friends Band
  Funky groove-rock to make you smile and dance. (more)
  Take 2 parts House, 1 part Funk, 1 part Jazz and mix it with a dash of soul to get a PatSPLIT DJ set that is sure to get your body moving! Check out www.soundcloud.com/patsplit for a taste. (more)
Pam Swarts
  From Mojofunk.org: Wow. This music takes your breath away, if you let it. Some kinds of music are very un-rock & roll in the sense that they are not always about instant gratification. (more)
Pants & the Family
  Pants & the Family is a carnival electro-punk outfit from Lockport, NY. (more)
Pants and the Family
  Pants and the Family plays electronic avant-cabaret carnival punk that is often quite catchy, between the noisy bits. (more)
Pappy Stardust
  Pappy Stardust began as a humble recording project in a suburban Rochester bedroom, which now boasts international radio play, multiple compilation selections, and a self released cassette. Still a solo project, the full band's lineup changes from show to show always bringing something new and energetic to every audience. (more)
People Without Cars
  goatart and blindman are People Without Cars, a hip hop duo who use their gift of gab to push and progress the lyrical possibilities of hip hop. (more)
Pete Sorkin
  Pete Sorkin moved to Buffalo from Brooklyn two summers ago to work as a community organizer for the WFP after a five year career in journalism followed by a three year stint as a music therapist at a RTF. (more)
  Electronic, computer-generated music. (more)
  Ambient, dense soundscapes of voice, samples, and synthetic sound. (more)
Physical Psychics
  Physical Psychics Sonic Sounds Surrounding You Bouncing Through Your Mind (more)
  PINJA is a genre defying DJ duo capable of spanning a huge swath of music in a single set. Heavy on effects and high in energy, we are guaranteed to get you dancing! (more)
Planter fasciitis
  leftfield analog/digital dance music (more)
Pop Star Novelty
  An innovative and inspiring pop rock and acoustical duo who captivate listeners with their uniquely enriched tones and catchy melodic songs. (more)
Porcelain Train
  Porcelain Train is an acoustic Americana duo performing original and cover music with singer/songwriter Tamala Fonda on guitar and vocals, and Ralph Fonda on percussion and vocals. We are a unique blend of rhythm and harmony. (more)
Primrose Night
  A darker take on the electronic, future pop. (more)
psychedelic dragons
  The Psychedelic Dragons are a Western New York based jam band, Voted best WNY jam band 2012. With influences ranging from classic to modern styles, this band plays everything from heavy vocal based songs to instrumentals. (more)
Queen City Catastrophe
  Queen City Catastrophe (QCC) is a rock band based out of Buffalo. Led by vocalist Clare Sweeney, QCC blends a diverse set of musical backgrounds resulting in an appealing and 'crowd-friendly' original sound able to capture the attention of both the avid music listener as well as the simple bar patron who unintentionally stumbled upon live music. (more)
Queen City Riot
  Politically charged with a positive message of hope for humanity, Queen City Riot envelops its audiences with a barrage of complex rhythms and sophisticated chord structure. Our debut album, "Automation" is a concept album about the world-wide enslavement of the working class to the whims of a few who control the world through financial manipulation. The album takes you through the life of a person who eventually realizes there's an engine driving him away from his dreams. He comes to terms with his "programmed" path and sets out to "break the trend." (more)
radical operations
  put us in it ! (more)
  Ramforinkus has been playing its brand of progressive rock with a touch of psychosis for six years. They've avenued through many styles, but never stopped being weird. Trombone drenched, wailing, odd-timed, and experimental. (more)
randle and the late night scandals
  No matter what your mood randle and the late night scandals will get you out of your seat and onto the dancefloor. (more)
  Avant Sound Painting comprised of original compositions by ensemble members and setting of ancient Turkish proverbs. Esin Gunduz - vocals, Michael McNeil - piano, John Bacon Jr. - percussion (more)
Robin and The Hoods
Rory McCormack
  Later (more)
Rory McCormack
  Rory is a weirdo who can't relate to other humans and spends all his time playing with a variety of musical toys. (more)
Sara Elizabeth
  Contemporary folk singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Captivating storytelling meets foot-tapping indie tunes. (more)
Sara Elizabeth
  The heart of folk, the soul of the blues, the brain of classical, and the energy of indie rock combined to tell stories you've never heard. (more)
Savannah King
  With a sound like Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, and Sarah McLachlan – primarily folk, with a bit of jazz and soul thrown in for good measure – Savannah King’s voice has been described by her fans and critics alike as “smokey” and ? (more)
  SBthree is the chiptune project of Steven Boyar. He makes weird music with his dad's saxophone and a gameboy he bought at a garage sale. (more)
  Scantron mixes Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical Chinese, Taiwanese TaiKe Rave, Psychedelic Rock, and more. A genre-bending musical feast. (more)
second trip
Shaken Stylus Pit Stop
  Shaken Stylus Pit Stop. Live Dj Set by Malik Saint on Vinyl (DJ WolfDick) with free dog dog snacks! (more)
Shaky Stage
  An unexpected original mash up of Roots, Americana and Punk Rock from a group of Western New York Boys with a zest for life. Together in some form for more than 15 years, this newest arrangement is working feverishly on a new record. (more)
Shevy and the Pulse
  Shevy and the Pulse is a two piece folk fusion band with Siobhan Fitzgerald-Cushing (Shevy) on vocals and guitar and Shan Harmon on drums. (more)
Short Circuit
  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Short-Circuit/446249920482?ref=hl (more)
Short Circuit
  Crossing over from performing in metal bands from as early as 13, Short Circuit had opened on stages with Biohazard, Cannibal Corpse, and underground metal shows. (more)
Short Moscato
  Short Moscato is a musician, artist and songwriter from Buffalo, NY. (more)
Short Moscato
  Short Moscato is an MC born and raised in Buffalo. His latest EP - Sex | Drugs | Losing Control - was acclaimed as one of the best underground tapes in Buffalo in 2013. A collaboration project with producer Nat Wheat - Americatastrophe - drops 4/20/14. (more)
  Post-folk avant-world genre-bending barnburning hedonism at it's finest from Buffalo's good-lookinest electric violins-and-drumkit trio. (more)
  voted best new band 2012 wny local music awards..played over 25 shows since july 13 2012 (more)
Singer-songwriter Jonathan Foster
  Northern California based singer-songwriter Jonathan Foster brings a roots blend of Americana, country rock, acoustic blues, and alternative folk music as a recording artist and performer. Sharing songs based on the human experience from travel, love, humor, and disappointment including his third project, 2013’s “Sabbatical” full length album. (more)
Small Smalls
  lo-fi dreamy synth pop with big hooks (more)
Small Smalls
  Small Smalls bring Lo/Fi dreamy pop with a slightly sharpened edge of humor; cathartic while remaining light hearted. Dense. Earthy. (more)
societal rot
  SOLARiS is a modern fusion band who weld together original compositions with intricate improvisation for an intense, live dance experience. (more)
Solo: Warren Daniels/Band: Deadpan Society
  The Band: We play loud! Our stuff is punky, Dirty, smooth and straight to the point. Lyrical content ranges from political resentment to metaphorical angst ridden poetry. Solo: Acoustic Folk/Rock sounds with a bit of an edge. (more)
sound without
  sound without is an ambient soundscape project with live looping and live percussion. all music is written, recorded, and performed live by liz holland. (more)
Source of Relapse
  We play hardcore the way you remember it, the way it should be played. Hardcore that sounds like NY and Boston are in a fist fight in the middle of the street and the cops are afraid to break it up. (more)
Space JunK
  On the rise since their formation in 2009 at SUNY Fredonia, Space Junk has bridged the gap between the DJ and Jam scene in Western NY. With their unique sound, mixing traditional rock structure & scorching hot peaks. (more)
  Sparklebomb is an experimental noise/ambient electronic music project. I sit in a nest of cables, keyboards, manipulated machinery, found answering machine tapes, & other tools to create noise. Heavily influenced by thoughts of outer space. (more)
  Metal Psychedelic Improvised Intensity (more)
Standard Issue Citizen
  SIC is an industrial band that mixes the rock aesthetic of live drum samples and bass guitar with the dance club sensibilities of EBM. SIC brings an energetic live performance of thrashing keyboards, booming bass riffs, lights and action! (more)
Static Green
  Rock, Metal, Punk, Noise. We cover Sonic Youth sometimes and we cover The Pixies sometimes and we cover The Misfits sometimes. We have a song about Velvet Al, a song about Blue Lazer and a song about Ween. We dig jazzmasters and SGs. Yeah, (more)
  Stationwagon is like a Mardi Gras gumbo-Cajun folks go door to door collecting ingredients for their meal; we collect musical styles and concoct a tasty collation. (more)
Ten and Two
  Ten and Two is an acoustic singer/songwriter band with a light yet powerful punk rock side featuring guitarist Joe Dry and vocalist Danielle Mazziotti. (more)
that rapper named d
  Just a young kid out here tryna make it (more)
The ANti-Bodies
  We play catchy punk rock songs about life, love, break-ups, the undead, beings from outer space and secret laboratory experiments gone wrong. (more)
the archaeologist
  sporting a space helmet that was passed down to him from an esteemed NASA astronaut on the apollo missions, while rocking two gameboys and a hello kitty mic, the archaeologist is here to help you dance your pants off (more)
The Brummy Brothers
  High energy modern bluegrass band (more)
The Cellars
  Even if you don't believe, this Buffalo-based band has been crawling out of one hole & into another for six years, parading an original diverse driving dynamic psychedelic rock machine. Influences include The Pixies, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash. (more)
The Cran Tangerines
  Hardcore Punk band out of North Tonawanda, NY. Newly reformed now with two guitars and a new bassist heading in a new, heavier direction. (more)
The Devil In Love
  If I had to describe the band in one word i was say Methionylglutaminylarginyltyrosylglutamyl...serine. But I don't normally do that. The Devil in Love is a one person folk-punk band that uses prerecorded instrumentation. (more)
The Finality Complex
  The Finality Complex is a side project of Digital Afterlife's producer and composer, Paul Burt. This project combines many industrial, alternative, and electronic genres to create a very unique sound. Come check it out (more)
The Finality Complex
  The Finality Complex - A solo industrial rock project from Paul Burt (DJEKS) of Digital Afterlife. Now residing outside of Pensacola, FL, he has returned to play the infringement festival of 2014! (more)
The Heenan Brothers
  Live, living and breathing from Lockport NY, The Heenan Brothers. Playing folky, bluesy kind of Americana respectfully referred to as Canal Blues. Featuring, mandolin, guitar and bass for your listening pleasure. (more)
The Heenan Brothers and Bauer
  The Heenan Brothers play folky, bluesy kind of Americana respectfully referred to as Canal Blues. (more)
The Highbrows
  Meet The Highbrows, WNY's finest original piano-driven band. This band throws all the genre into the blender, they really leave no genre lonely. Check them out, you definitely won't be disappointed. (more)
The Home Crowd
  The Home Crowd is a group of guys just trying to do what they love and meet some cool people along the way. In a category of their own they hit the crowd with a pop punk base with several other musical influences. (more)
The Left Hand of Darkness
  The Left Hand of Darkness formed in 2009 hails from Tonawanda,NY. Performing Progressive Rock and Experimental Improvisations on the Krappy Touchstyle 10 and 12 String Guitar/Bass, with Buffalo drumming legend Ted Reinhardt on Percussion. (more)
The Naturalists
  Buffalo based grunge rock band fueled by a bombardment of heavy drums and distorted guitars while maintaining melodic roots within the songs. (more)
the noble complany
The Observers
  At points in time and space, the true Observers come to light. Notice is taken that the speed of life has left behind what is imperative for connection: New Original Acoustic Folk Music by The Observers. (more)
The Observers
The Patterns
  The Patterns is a post-punk trio that explores a wide range of sounds. This band delivers a unique experience that is sure to please rock fans and eccentrics alike. (more)
The Seven Sixteens
  Buffalo's newest and best indie-rock band, The Seven Sixteens play a powerful performance with influences from The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, and City and Colour. Aside from new bands they also pull influences from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Neil Young. This combination of new and old creates a show full of songs to jump around to or put your arm around your significant other. (more)
The Show
  "It's not often that [a pittsburgh band] could be mistaken for Oasis..a radio programmer's dream" Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (more)
The Slyboots Drum Ensemble
  A resident ensemble at Buffalos Slyboots School of Music, Art & Dance, this dynamic group of drummers and dancers deliver a powerful showcase of complex rhythms from around the world and infectious grooves that force your body to move. (more)
the smile case
The Spectrum
  A loose collaborative trying to make their way into the creative processes. Band member musical styles include hip hop, electronic, punk, folk. We're young and amateur but have some talent. (more)
The Spin Wires
  Punk/Dance Rock band from Buffalo, NY. They embody the best elements of bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Black Keys and The Arctic Monkeys. (more)
The Squirrel Hillbillies
  acoustic folk, country and blues from the urban forest of Pittsburgh's East End (more)
The Surfin Cadavers
  Masked Original Surf Garage Rock. (more)
The Telltale Signs
  A hopped up blast of original rock and roll under heavy influence of classic 1960's garage bands and early punk groups. (more)
The Viva Noir
  We are traffickers in street wise poetry and jagged guitar chords reflecting decades of regret living in the City of No Illusions. (more)
The We Couldn't Afford Bootsy Collins All Star Project
  Once again, Bootsy Collins price tag is out of the reach of the combined pocket change of Velvet Al and Brendan Orrange. (more)
The Zygotes
  An instrumental trio consisting of violin, bass, drums, drawing on a mix of rock, bluegrass, zydeco and gypsy jazz influences. (more)
This is Fiction
  Fun, Energetic, Rock Music with pop elements! It's sure to be a hell of a time! (more)
Thundercloud Kid
  Buffalo pop-punk band (more)
Tim Sylvester
  Influenced by much of the music of the 90's, Tim Sylvester combines the edginess of rock with his unique acoustic style to create his original songs full of melancholy and emotion. (more)
Tom Beall
  Original and unique acoustic music that both reflects the long tradition of singer-song writers as well as challenges preconceived notions of alternative folk music. (more)
Tom Beall Schwab
  Developing his voice and unique style after playing around the block a few times, Tom shares his introspective, mellow, guitar based music with you. (more)
Tomcat Joe
  Tomcat Joe is a rockin' bluesy artist with a soulful voice from Milwaukee, WI. (more)
Tomcat Joe
  Tomcat Joe is a rockin' bluesy artist with a soulful voice from the Midwest. (more)
Tony Rocky Horror
  Good short grimy indie punk rock tunes here. But we're poppy too, so your whole family will like us, if you're the type of family that lets the children get tattoos. (more)
Totally Almost
  A blend of traditional songwriting, and avant garde experimentalism, Steven Myers is never the same twice. Combining visuals with sound, playing instruments in non-traditional ways, he continually pushes the envelope of what is possible. (more)
  See the hit collective named TRIBE perform at the festival. All of your favorites will be performing like SouLow Theory and DJ Xman. (more)
Two of a Kind
  Two of a Kind is a Jazz Fusion duo. Our instrumentation consists of the acoustic guitar, keyboard, vibraphone, and percussion. We play instrumental songs, most of which are original, but we also cover jazz standards from the likes of Miles (more)
  Occult + ritual post-industrial project with influences of sacred minimalism, Coil, Current 93, and Nurse With Wound. (more)
Unusually Different
  Unusually Different: Rey Scott - medium, large, and really large instruments, Steven Baczkowski - large, really large and tiny instruments, Ellen Barnum - one really awesome instrument, Dr. Michael Colquhoun - Whistles of various types.....chainsaw, David Dewitt - Long brass tubes and various whistling things Kenny Foster - Tiny buzzing thing, large and very large instruments (more)
  Genre-shifting jams designed to get both your feet and mind moving. (more)
Vince Martino
  Vince Martino is a singer/song writer who not only writes and sings music of all kinds but also tells the story behind where the songs came from. It's not just music in the back ground it's a journey. (more)
Vince Martino
  Singer, songwriter, every day is a new adventure (more)
  G-Love meets Radiohead for a spell of progressive blues, serving an urban twist on the classic rock of the seventies. (more)
Walt Dizziness
  Mostly unfocused on music and lost in sea of self loathing, Walt Diiziness makes songs that very closely relate to his everyday life. Citing influences from many different genres of music, mostly punk/ska and bands such as Radiohead and Modest Mouse. (more)
Way Down
  Way Down is a powerful trio from Albany New York pushing the outer bounds of modern jazz fusion. (more)
  Whatsie is an original acoustic duo playing great songs with sweet melodies, deep lyrics and tight harmonies. (more)
Whiskey Reverb
  Alien inhabitants here on earth to corrupt your mind, with love and pleasant odors. 2012 Hard Rock Rising Regional Winners. (more)
Will Folk For Food
  Imaginary street performers par excellence, some say they sold their souls to a gypsy in exchange for their extraordinary musical abilities and/or a bite to eat. (more)
Wise Medicine
  Wise Medicine brings an easy listening, yet powerful experience to every live show! Drawing from many genres, WM keeps people moving with their funky and soulful approach show after show! (more)
  Wolf has been playing solo for a few years at open mics and gigs at various coffee shops and bars around the Buffalo area. She's been fortunate enough to play shows with crowds that are fun and receptive to her music—at a Wolf show you can typically expect passionate tunes, laughs and definitely some howling! Recommended if you like Alanis Morissette, Say Anything, singer/songwriters, 90’s music, peanut butter, chocolate, preferably peanut butter and chocolate together etc. (more)
Zak Ward
  Acoustic, looping folk/rock. (more)

Film & video shows
Behind Buffalo
  A tour of the Queen Citys commercial, cultural and criminal underground, and the characters, stories and places that comprise it. (more)
Breakfast Sandwich: The Movie
  genre: documentary/music video Originally Matt just wanted to make a music video for a song by ambient group Dead Texan, then the project ballooned into a 30 minute experimental documentary as Matt found inspiration in a rather mundane face (more)
Buffalo by Bicycle
  Buffalo by Bicycle is a short 15 minute video project that aims to show a Buffalo cyclist's perspective. (more)
Buffalo by Bicycle 2.0
Buffalo by Bicycle 2.0
  Buffalo by Bicycle 2.0 is a short film capturing the benefits and difficulties of cycling in Buffalo. Explore the past, present, and future of biking in Buffalo. (more)
Buffalo Craft Company- Creating a Custom Diamond Ring From Scratch
  This is the full-length version of Buffalo Craft Company's first commercial, which shows the custom fabrication of a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. This video was directed, produced, shot and edited by Mark Hall of Mouse Media. (more)
Farewell To Buffalo Music Venues
  Performance excerpts from the very last nights of two now late and lamented DIY art/music venues in the city of Buffalo: Sugar City @ Wadsworth (April 13, 2012) and The Vault (June 29, 2013). (more)
Hidden Homeless
  Hidden Homeless documents the experiences of some of Buffalo’s nearly 1,500 homeless youth. They have had no face, no voice...until now. (more)
I Can Hear You Calling
  I Can Hear You Calling is a portrait of eight musicians and their bands in New York City (many of them happen to be from Buffalo). It reveals the public and private layers of their lives and the ways they intersect. Often unpolished and fra (more)
Political Rallies: CANCELLED
  Short compilation of marches/rallies concerning various political issues that occurred within & outside of Buffalo from July 2012-2013, with participating activists from Occupy Buffalo, the WNY Peace Center, WNY Drilling Defense, and more. (more)
Portrait of the Artist
Pretty In Pink
  a visual music animation composed from elements created using analog technologies, where both audio and visual components were generated simultaneously. (more)
Sans Espoir
   The common theme is the take on dark tormented looks at the world by societies children to figure out how to live in a world where things are unfair and have no guidance as well as come from a world of harsh socio-economic backgrounds. (more)
Slapdash Nightmares of the American Adolescent
  A visual nightmare of non-graphic nature. (more)
SqueakEasy: Late night films!
  Following Squeaky Wheel's Outdoor Animation Festival in Days Park, walk over to Hardware for a speak-easy style event featuring risqu animated films by an all-star cast of artists, including Jim Trainor and David Shrigley. $5 admission/ (more)
Squeaky Wheel's Outdoor Animation Festival in Days Park
  The Outdoor Animation Festival, presented by Squeaky Wheel, illuminates the night sky w/ a program of short animations by emerging & established artists. This family friendly event includes fun activities to enjoy as the sun goes down. Brin (more)
The Fire Rises
  The Fire Rises is a fan made Batman movie that was created to be the ultimate Batman movie. A man loves a girl that is taken from him in order to get her back he must become a hero. (more)

Visual art shows

  one-dozen-grotesque-frosting-fetish-art-drawings-on-paper. (more)
  8BITbuffalo is a group of artists, both digital and traditional who, in a combination of tribute and nostalgia address the themes and aesthetics of classic (circal 1985) video games. That's right Mario, the Princess is in this castle! (more)
A Glitch in the Circle of Life
  A Glitch in the Circle of Life is an oil painting depicting the self destructive nature of man. (more)
  Abstract metal art made from found and discarded items. (more)
Albero Della Vita
  Albero Della Vita, The tree of life, haunting and inspiring. (more)
animi pop impressionism
  Bare Backed Sirens ! A Three Headed Elephant ! Leave your Monocles at home they're just going to pop out anyway ! At this visual celebration of Beauty Bliss and Madness ! (more)
Artistic Alchemy
  As an artist with a love for textural contrasts and color, expressing emotion and release, I would like to share that experience with those willing to see beyond just sight. (more)
Battling Opacity
  Tissue paper dukes it out for its turn in the spotlight. Battling Opacity is a series of paintings that play with the way colors interact. Inspired by the color and patterns in the papers, paintings emerge from acrylic and assorted paper. (more)
Black & White Photographs by Elyse Harzynski
  Leaving an old life behind. Photographs capturing the desperate measures some will do for a place to call home. (more)
  Colorful surreal expression work that will take you on a journey through your our mind (more)
  Connecting property owners with local artists, to provide people with great public art and the artists with an audience. (more)
Buffalo Photography Exhibit
  Photographs By Michael Mulley (more)
buffalo through the looking glass
  a visual exploration of the interesting people and places that make our little part of the world a beautifully unique place for thriving artists (more)
Christina Cooke's 2013 Infringement
  Buffalo, resources, opportunity, community. It's about stepping up to make sure we protect, ensure and nurture all of our selves, as individual, community, city, and Environment. (more)
Chrome in the Dust
  A collection of photos of Royal Enfield Motorcycles, machines of beauty and power designed to withstand the rugged terrain, taken in their “native habitat” of India. (more)
Circle and Line Study
  Abstraction of circular and linear forms in both black and white and color. (more)
Corner Perspective
  Photography show (more)
Culture of Conformity
  A journey through the real concrete jungle with Julia and Jordan. This wheat paste treasure hunt is a guide to authenticity in Buffalo. Our cityscape is a rich and diverse one, plagued with pockets of elitism and segregation. (more)
Daft Minerva Fashion Illustrations
  The DAFT MINERVA Illustration series are fashion illustrations of the clothing line before they are produced. (more)
Dark Corners
  What stirs in those dark corners at night? That shifting darkness? What lies just out of focus enough to blur your reality? Come find out. (more)
Dirty Dishes
dj stencils
  For all the dj's around buffalo here it is the artwork you've been looking for, brought to you from the art collection of jean claude wouters. (more)
Expansion 2013
  Scantron is a visual artist combining such mediums as Modern Art, Street Art, Taiwanese TaiKe, Arabic Calligraphy, and East Asian art. (more)
fall off the face of earth. find your way back
  falling off the face of earth. then finding your way back... a journey through the the imagination where science, religion, psychedelics and nonsense are fused into a visual. where interpretation is necessary to form your own story. (more)
Femme Fatale series
  'Femme Fatale'. Three sculptures representing the beauty of Woman formed completely out of reclaimed materials. (more)
Floating Pixels
  This installation pays homage to one of the most beloved and ground-breaking video games of all time: Super Mario Brothers 3. A whimsical, underwater form of pixel art will leave you swimming in miniature reminiscence of 8 Bit awesomeness. (more)
  Flush Photography- Photobooth in a quiet and clean environment. (more)
Game of Geeks
  With our world being shaped by pop culture, the game of geeks is coming. (more)
Here or There
  This project is a collection of primarily anatomical art and illustrative work. (more)
Imagine That Series by Jim Wolford
  Imagine That Artwork - Folk cartoon with real world messages, or NOT!? (more)
Infringement Jam Comic
Infringing on Fashion
  Infringing on Fashion is mandate of showcasing artistic disciplines rooted in fashion and their exploration of clothing in today’s time. (more)
  Beautiful Women Have Curves And Tattoos! (more)
Jewerly designer
  Eco friendly Wearable art (more)
Kitty Porn : Paintings and Collages by Cat McCarthy
Life Is Not Short
  Comics exploring the nature of how death infringes upon the living. (more)
Lighter Than Air
  Lighter Than Air is a series of paintings that depict bubbles in the sky among the clouds. (more)
  bright vivid saturated paintings from the point of view of Melissa Campbell (more)
Melscamp: Exploding Chaos
  bright vivid colorful shapes and patterns causing matter to explode from the center in a chaotic burst of energy (more)
men in hats ect.......
  Dani Weiser artist has been around for years and sold numerous pieces of art all over the world, now available in Buffalo all prices and styles come and see my work that is all I ask. (more)
men in hats ect.......
  have been selling and showing paintings all over the world, Have my paintings now up in Torches restaurant and coco bar and bistro and my home and various locations. (more)
Mental Cupcakes
  All of the delicious flavors of cupcakes are named for the mental disorders they resemble. Come and eat some delicious and beautiful cupcakes. (more)
  My series consists of surface design yardage fabric that resulted from a year long independent study, during which I researched and explored a wide variety of Indian block printing techniques. (more)
My View
  Paintings in acrylic of landscapes, buildings, trees and a horse. (more)
mystic spiral
  A strange and interesting treat for your eyes to feast upon. (more)
Nescient Profits Greeting Cards
  NESCIENT PROFITS is a not so pleasant Greeting Card series featuring DM Fine Arts on the cover and Miggy Poetry inside. Collaborative concepts from cynical artists with a devastating sense of humor bringing a subversive, ironic perspective. (more)
New Stuff 2013
  New works by Robert Harris. Paintings of portraits and figures. Done in oil medium on canvas. Expressionist and cartoon in style. Conveying social messages with satire and humor. (more)
NonMusicNonVideos - Lyrics as Comic Book Pages
  In this series, music lyrics are the inspiration to create a single comic book page for each song. (more)
open eyes one surprise at a time
  Photography displayed outdoors. (more)
Oral Fixation : You Gotta Pretty Mouth
  Large oil paintings of quirky and beautiful mouths. (more)
Papercraft Miracles Artist's Books
  Janna Willoughby-Lohr will be showing her artist's books in an intimate interactive show during the festival. Most of the books shown are about her life and upbringing and will work to tell her story. (more)
Photographs by Jeannine Swallow
  A series combining images and writings from my travels. (more)
  Psychedelic acrylic paintings of Buffalo along with an assortment of random acrylics and cel painted acetate mixed with watercolor backgrounds. (more)
Scrap Iron Army
  Metal Robot Sculptures fitting of the rust belt. (more)
Scrap Iron Army
  An Army of Robots Crafted from Scrap and found objects (more)
Signs of Infringment
  A six piece graphic design series of Logo Graphic "Signs" representing different social issues of today. These issues are aesthetically represented encapsulated in shapes complexifying from first to last in multiples of two (more)
sorry to disturb you
  See the world for what it is and use it to your advantage... one face can tell the story of a revolution... One image can create one. (more)
  Painting, sculpture , and digital art. 2D and 3D pieces based on arcade and vintage video game themes. The concentration here is slightly obscure and rare games. (more)
Subversive Crafting
  This craft show will make the ones you were dragged to as a kid equally disgusted... and turned on. A full spectrum of creativity will be displayed and no medium turned away. The best part? You don't have to leave empty handed. (more)
Sweet Nothings
  Sweet Nothings is an installation with sculpture and sound elements. This work examines the discrepancy between language and emotion through a recontextualization of sound-bites surrounding pop culture representations of intimacy. (more)
Taramarie's Illustrations/Graphics
  Creepy, yet eye catching, zombified creatures and made up characters. (more)
  this is a test (more)
The Art of Surrender
  "The Art of Surrender," an illustration series by Afura Fareed, combining inspirational quotes and images into enchanting works of art. (more)
The Myth of the White Dress
  Through photographs and installation the sanctity of the white wedding dress is stripped away. (more)
The Reuse of Refuse
  Why throw that last bit of your drink down the drain? Why throw away that old scrap metal? Use can still come from the what you think is useless. Paint is merely pigmented semi-solid or liquid. (more)
The Whore That is Humanity
  I will be displaying a piece of art that portrays in a lesser light my view of humanity's path. The style was meant to be reminiscent of classical religious work with a modern flare. (more)
this life is a temporary state
  A homage to Pop art, Luciano's Assemblages of found objects are centered around representations of the Human Skull and its traditional allegory of themes of the temporary nature of this life (more)
Three Cheers For Shannon Hoon!
  HEY! Do you like dead rock stars and seriously crazy art? Well then why not come check out Alaysa O'Ballzy's showing "Three Cheers For Shannon Hoon!"? A plethora of mixed media techniques and an homage to influential performing artists. (more)
Toxic Color
  Original acrylic paintings on canvas in various sizes. Nature themed Realism and Abstract art work sold by artist. Reasonably priced and negotiable. All paintings are varnished. (more)
  A series of drawings exploring portraiture. (more)
Vault Dwellers of the Urban Wasteland
  the explorers among ruin // the revelers among chaos // the poisoned, the sinister, the dangerous // urbex-buffalo.com (more)
Visions Comic Art
  Visions is a group artists, writers from the Buffalo, NY area. Our goal is to gather local talent to create comic books and other art forms! The Visions gallery show will show off the talent of homegrown Buffalo comic book artists. (more)

Group shows
Allentown Music's - Rock On The Porch
  Hello Elmwood... Heard you like music! Stop by the porch for some good tunes... And while you're at it... Stop in the shop and say HI to Joe.. He has all your musical needs! Ain't no nation like Dough-Nation (more)
Anti Warped Tour 3
Anti-Warped 2
  Welcome to the 2nd installment of the Anti-Warped Tour series. If you haven't noticed yet, 2013 will be yet another disappointment in Warped Tours' line-up. So join us for another great summer of fun, chaos, and hopefully you will learn something along the way. (more)
Apocalypse Ball
  This is line up is scary, and that's a good thing. Hard Rock and Darktronica acts. Dress up in your favorite zombie/horror themed costume for discounted admission. Plus costume contest. Admission $3 with costume /$5 without. 21+ (more)
Best Monday Ever
  Jam packed with infringement artists. Various Genres. Admission: Donations (more)
Big Orbit Gallery Closing
Big Orbit Gallery Opening
Buffalo Burning Film Night
Closing Ceremonies / Iffy Awards
  The grand finale. Our festival favorite the Iffy Awards will be dispersed between acts all night. Proceeds of this show and Opening Ceremonies help us cover production costs of the fest. Admission: Pay What You Can (more)
Closing Parade
  MAKE SOME NOISE! Bring your pots, pans, trumpets, kazoos, anything that makes noise!!!! Let's close out this year's festival in style!!! We, highly encourage you wear a costume (more)
College Street Block Party
  The Annual College Street Block Party. Bring a dish. Bring some chalk. Shake your ass. (more)
College Street Block Party
Coming Home Buffalo Gallery Closing
Coming Home Buffalo Gallery Opening
Coming Home Buffalo The Gallery Next Door Gallery Closing
Coming Home Buffalo The Gallery Next Door Gallery Opening
Coming Home Cinema
Day of Play Block Party
  Block party associated with First Fridays will feature all different healthy artistic endeavors including some Infringement regulars. (more)
Eclectic at Electric
  Part 2 of the Electric Series, Eclectic at Electric features some of the strange, wonderful and powerful electronic music Buffalo has to offer! Synths, oscillators, typewriters, and more in this romp through Buffalos electric underground. (more)
Electric at Electric
  Part 1 of the Electric Series, Electric at Electric features original electronic compositions interlaced with amazing DJs spinning music. Expect awesome original material from some of the most prominent electronic artists in Buffalo! (more)
Electro Bender
  Bite my Shiny Metal Dance! DJs and produces come together to pump up your Sunday. WARNING: There may or may not be a Hello Kitty Microphone involved. (more)
Fabulous Filigrees Fun Time!
  Enjoy a few fabulous & fantastic performers at Filigrees for a few hours! :) (more)
Filigrees Gallery Opening
First Friday Film Festival
Fistbang Friday
  Turn up the gain and add the distortion... We're kickin' it into overdrive with some hard rockers tonight! Dress up like a pirate. (more)
Folk/Acoustic At Filigrees
  Folk it up with these great acoustic acts, and enjoy some great refreshments as the day progresses at Filigrees! (more)
Foundry Finale'
  Let's get weird! It's your last chance to rock Infringement! Been a long week, but we know you've still got it in you! (more)
Foundry Music Showcase
  An eclectic mix of some of Buffalo's music veterans and up-and-comers! Prepare to DANCE!!!! (more)
Friday Infringement Fiesta
  This show features some of the most buzzed about bands from Buffalo & beyond; Andrew Biggie, an Andrew Bird-esque singer/song writer. The Telltale Signs, a hopped up fuzzy garage rock band with obvious 60s rock and 70s punk influences. Lesionread, a newcomer known for his off-the-wall antics and quirky electro-pop songs. Brooklyns Look, a Fang! is a female fronted, 90s influenced alt-rock duo consisting of punk rock shrieking and very thunderous bass and drums. Eppo, a mainstay in Bufalos emerging electro scene. $5 21+. (more)
Friday Night Hootenanny
  A good-time Friday night Hoot in the basement venue of Buffalo's favorite Little Folksinger, with local favorites, up-and-comers and out-of-towners... (more)
Fuse Gallery Opening
hardware on humpday
  Admission: Donations. (more)
Humpday at The Bend
  Wednesday July 31st will be a night not to be missed. On the bill are The Celllars Infringement veterans and all around good time psychedelic rock band with alt rock and folk influences. Also on the bill is Doggerel, a garage rock band with catchy melodies that will stick like ready pasta to a wall. Not to be forgotten is The Viva Noir, a Brit-pop, post-punk hybrid known for their indie rock sounds and ability to make one hell of a chorus. (more)
Humpday at the Tudor
  2 legendary buffalo performers. It's a helluva good humpday. Admission: Donations. (more)
Intergalactic Costume Ball
  This show is out of this world. Jamtronica and spaced-out acts. Dress up in your favorite space themed costume for discounted admission. Plus costume contest. Admission $3 with costume /$5 without. 21+ (more)
Main (St)udios Gallery Opening
Milkie's Massive Monday Music Manifestoval
  The manifestation of massive mondayness at Milkies....man, you gotta see this! (more)
Milkies Magnificent Musical Menagerie of Madness
  A night of wonderfully eclectic, electronic bands and acts, coming together to fill the night with wonderful music. (more)
Milkies Musical Mind Melt Masterpiece
  Prepare your mind because it will be going on a fantastic journey through original compositions and fantastic transitions to end with you wondering how you even ended up on planet Earth. (more)
Nietzsche's Good Time Saturday Night
  A bunch a folks folkin' it up at Buffalo's longest running live music venue. Locals and visitors bringing you a down home good time. (more)
Night House Cinema
Noise Night at Night House
  Time to party at the Night!! These acts are gonna have you dancin under the radar (more)
Ohm Patio Party
  The calm before the Storm. Dont let the acoustic acts fool you. Their original compositions and fantastic talent will start the night in a soft embrace. Enjoy the delicate compositions now. It wont last for long (more)
Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies
Opening Parade
  MAKE SOME NOISE! Bring your pots, pans, trumpets, kazoos, anything that makes noise!!!! Infingement 2013 is here and we're letting the city know!!! We, highly encourage you wear a costume (more)
People's Park Hip Hop Blowout
  Takin' the hip-hop off the stage and back to the streets!Some of Buffalo's finest, independent, MCs are ready to be heard! Admission: Donations (more)
Pirate Party
  So, you say you want a loud rock show?... We got one for you... Turn up the dial and get ready to rock with some of Buffalo's finest and some visitors Admission: Donations. Dress up like a pirate for no reason at all. (more)
  Marek Parker will host a queer-centric reading featuring Amy Upham, Gary Andrews, Lovely and Marek himself. Come share in our expressions of self, life and love. (more)
  Resistor brings some of the best heavy/electronic bands in Buffalo to one event! Heavy Synths, amazing guitar and insane fun all rolled into one wild and crazy package! (more)
Show 43 Gallery Closing
Show 43 Gallery Opening
Simian Sonic Showdown
  4 musicians enter, an amazed audience emerges. The Simian Sonic Showdown pairs some of the best live performers in Buffalo together to amaze crowds and generally act like a barrel of monkeys! (more)
Slammin Sunday
  Let's get Electric!!! A night of MCs and fresh beats Admission $3. (more)
Software : Hardware
Squeaky Wheel Second Saturday Film Fiesta
Sunday at Buffalo East
Sunday Foundry Showcase
Sunday Night Hodge Podge
  Hodge-podge is a word used to describe a confused or disorderly mass or collection of things; a "mess" or a "jumble". Sure that could be used to describe the fest as a whole, but alas only this show gets that label. Admission: Donations. (more)
Sundry Friday at the Ninth Ward
  An esoteric evening in the Babeville basement; dark, weird, avant-folk, klezmer and craziness. (more)
Super Fucking Awesome Thursday
  We aren't lying. It really is a super fucking awesome Thursday. You're just going to have to trust us. Admission $5. 21+. (more)
The 2nd Annual Pipe Dragon Memorial Expo
  An homage to the legendary, late, lamented late-'80s underground venue once located, and eventually evicted from the corner of Ellicott & Huron. Originally scheduled at Slyboots School of Music, Art & Dance at that very location; ironically, they were booted as well... (more)
The Dress Shop Gallery Closing
The Dress Shop Gallery Opening
The Foundry Gallery Opening: 8 Bit Bonanza
  July 26 7-11 pm (more)
The Lawn Disco
  BloodThirsty Vegans' annual outdoor lawn dance party. Everyone is invited to come boogie down in the grass with a fabulous evening of jams! (more)
The Sentman Spectacular
  Mike Sentman is in all three acts. You may know him from Filigree's or Anal Pudding. You may know through his brothers Chris and Tim, who are also in Blue Lazer with him. I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad are coming, too. Admission $3 or free if you dress up like Mike Sentman. (more)
Tudor Time
  A rockin' good time with a sweet band. Admission: Donations. (more)
Urban Roots Music Showcase
  Hey!!! We've got a garden... And there's some bands in it! Urban Roots invites you to enjoy the festival in a lovely setting! (more)
Wham Bam Thank You Slam III
  An evening of slam poetry and burlesque! (more)
Canadian Invasion
  This event will video archive the daily invasion of thousands of Canadians who storm the U.S. border seeking American healthcare in order to save their lives. Special guest appearance by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. (more)
David Adamczyk
  Commonly referred to as "Hey, you're that violin guy!", David's violin playing has has been known to cause children, crust-punks, grandmas, the family dog, and inanimate objects alike to burst out in uncontrollable mirth and merriment. (more)
jennie on a magic carpet
   Is it a bird, is it a plane, it's a Jennie on a magic carpet, weaving, dancing, and giving great fortunes to his on lookers (more)
Shaken Stylus Pit Stop
  Shaken Stylus Pit Stop. Live Dj Set by Malik Saint on Vinyl with free dog dog snacks! (more)
MaryLeigh Roohan