Theatre/misc performance shows
Still Quiet by Emily Dendinger
   A science fiction one act play that shows us how shared history and paranoia can shape a long awaited reunion. (more)
"If You Love Buffalo So Much, Why Don't You Marry It?"
   Embrace The New Buffalo! Declare your commitment to the City of No Illusions. See site for details on the stag, shower, and reception, too. (more)
3 one-act plays
A Lured Dream
   A Lured Dream: a stage play about the underground business of human trafficking. Join us for a staged reading at Manny Fried Playhouse. (more)
At Home: Surprise! it's a breech
   As hormones flood your body, scintillating emotions, check out Surprise! it's a Breech. 3 acts, golden props, and Joy. (more)
   1 hour. 2 improvisers. Hilarious results. Todd Benzin & Don Gervasi explore a single suggestion, making everything else up along the way. (more)
Boom Suits
   Long form improv brought to you by local gals! Our stories tap into the absurd, sci-fi, horror, comedy, and tragedy. (more)
Buffalo Car Plays 2016
   You waited three years and now we're back! BUFFALO CAR PLAYS 2016 features 4 NEW plays by 5 Buffalo playwrights that take place IN cars! $5 (more)
Button Junk
   This comedy duo is known for bizarre, organic long-form improv comedy. From audience suggestions, they will create a world of possibility. (more)
Carolyn Gage's The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman
   Carolyn Gage's The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman is performed by the Brazen-Faced Varlets. (more)
Chaos Agent 009
   Chaos Agent 009 is a visual escape to the mind ov an entity that strives to harness chaos through interpretive theatricks. Live Post Butoh? (more)
   A historical message in mixed mediums that precolonial gender designations persist among current social misinformation and violence. #blm (more)
Close Guantanamo Project
   Readings of the plight of prisoners being held without charges at Guantanamo. Tortured and held for 14 years with no charges and no trials. (more)
El the Mime
   Mime pieces entitled "Airport Frenzies" and "Tangled Assemblege". Balloon making will follow where feasible. (more)
Garden Walk
   Come visit NCHC: Plankton House's unusual cottage-style Garden Walk flowers! (more)
   World premiere! A staged reading of a murder mystery, HEARTS OF EVIL: THE GENTIAN VIOLET MURDER by Carol J. Alaimo. (more)
It's Always Sunny in Buffalo
   The Gang comes to Buffalo to perform Day Man in this burlesque tribute to Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia by The Stripteasers (more)
Out of Silence: Abortion Stories from the 1 in 3 Campaign presented by PPCWNY
   From Congress to church there is so much noise about abortion, but women's stories are silenced. Until now. Our stories come Out of Silence. (more)
Pay It Forward Payphone Party
   When was the last time you used a landline phone? A pay phone? Bring some quarters. Make a call. Join the party. (more)
Puppet Show: Horton Hatches the Egg
   "Horton Hatches the Egg" puppet show: See what he goes through to keep a big promise. (more)
Sadie Saturday Night
   A one woman, one guitar player show. Stories and songs about growing up punk rock in the '70s in San Francisco. (more)
Self Infringement
   Draw a mystery envelope from the box, then create your own Fluxus-style performance by following the instructions inside! (more)
Shakespeare in the Parking Lot
   Back by popular demand! Cohosts Ronawanda & her cousin supply scripts, props & costumes; YOU supply the talent! All death scenes this year! (more)
Shakespeare to Shahnameh
   A theatrical storytelling event about one American's adventure in Iran and the personal discovery & amazing connections between lives, poet. (more)
Show Up
   "Show Up" is Peter Michael Marino's brand new, comedic, semi-improvised, anti-social experiment. (more)
The Art of Money for Artists
   An open improv/craft session to help artists see their money in creative ways. Topics are audience-generated. (more)
The Hoopathon of Buffalo
   The Hoopathon is a fun event and it's all about hula hooping! Learn to hoop, share your skills and compete for great prizes. (more)
The Hotshot Whiz Kids Live
   The Hotshot Whiz Kids Podcast live. A live version of the popular podcast that includes sketch and improv comedy, music and special guests! (more)
The Improv Chav
   Group of improvisational comedians seeks audience looking to recieve rock hard abs through the power of laughter. No excercise neccesary! (more)
theatreFiguren presents "From Memory"
   Puppetry, movement & music conjure stories to hold close: inviting circle, hungry tiger, brave mouse, sweet moment -- you will not forget. (more)
Too Big To Fail
   One-act absurd play. Oedipus on the 60th floor. A biting, idiosyncratic tale of economic tyranny and self-delusion. (more)
Touch and Go
   The movement will seek to immerse audience in a total sensory experience approaching passion, tenderness, frustration and release. (more)
   Sundown Theatre & Space in Point bring to life TUESDAYS & SUNDAYS, a heart-wrenching tale of young love, based on a true Canadian story. (more)
   One greedy man, a beach full of dead things and three sisters trying to find a cure to their Mother's illness. (more)
   Short Form Comedy Improv performance group who generate comedic scenes based completely on audience suggestions and audience participation. (more)
WTF?! (What the Fr*nge?!)
   Infringement festival founder Donovan King asks WTF?! A dramatic probe into the World Fringe Congress, coming to Montreal in November! (more)
You Can't Tell Me What To Do
   Don't play with your food. Don't do this. Don't do that. Don't eat glass. You can't tell me what to do! Four performers with sideshow acts. (more)
Zilch LIVE!
   A small collective of young performers ready to make their live debut; improv & sketch comedy. (more)

Dance shows
Acro Seirios
   Duet performance from Acro Yoga Buffalo (more)
Ancient Alchemy III ~ An Introduction to OVRE Visionary Arts
   Join artist and sound practitioner Kelly Cornelius (Moss of Ancients) as she presents an experiential offering of shamanic sound alchemy. (more)
   A Contact Improv based piece that plays with the meaning of consent. (more)
Co/mmotion - Contemporary Dance & Music
   Co/mmotion - Dance & Music collaboration by Western NY artists, Ornelas, MacFarlane, Brooks, and NYC-based visitng artist Bonati. (more)
Eclipse Visual Ensemble Exploration
   The art of dance is getting lost to competitions & too much focus on recitals; Tim Goodman loves to have his dancers explore. (more)
Femme Noire
   Their debut performance features a diverse group of talented dancers in several genres; classic burlesque, hip-hop, contemporary and jazz. (more)
   FILAMENT is a multimedia project for dancer and harpist, exploring ontological threads that link image to sound to movement. (more)
Infringement Kids Dance Party
   Dance Party for all... especially for kids under ten (more)
   Janze is a femmepowered dance spree: Spanning the globe in a triage of psychical, physical, & explicit exuberance! Come dance along. (more)
   An adagio style duo acrobatic dance piece that explores notions of pursuit and play through precarious counter balances, lifts and drops. (more)
Metamorphosis American Tribal Style Bellydance
   Euphraxia and Metamorphosis American Tribal Style Bellydance, with special guests Troupe Nissa and Kassie Smith of Dala Tribal Dance. (more)
   ModDance: a contemporary collective of professional dancers. (more)
Ms. Infringement if You're Nasty
   A Night of Burlesque, Drag, hip hop and rap, and live music performances creating a Rhythm Nation in honor of Janet Jackson. (more)
Rum Krabong Fai Fire Staff Spinning
   From Bangkok to Buffalo, a Thailand-born performer fuses the 'krabi-krabong' martial art with fire staff spinning (more)
Something Relatively Circus-y
   There was a boy raised under A Buffalo Py(Romance) baptized in fire, it is time to strike out on his own. But he does not remain alone long. (more)
The big beautiful burlesque bonanza!!!
   The Buffalo Burlesque Collective will be coming together to do one big giant burlesque variety show! (more)
The Hell's Harlots Burlesque
   The Hell's Harlots Burlesque is a fabulous foursome of edgy ladies who specialize in choreographed routines and sexy solo numbers. (more)
The Innkeeper's Daughter
   This performance tells a tale of the Rokurokubi. Her's is a story of crime and punishments that transform women into monsters. (more)
Troupe Nisaa Tribal Fusion Bellydance
   Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Troupe Nisaa Style! Props whirl as hip scarves jingle in time to the beat of the drum! Let the shimmy take hold! (more)
Vibes, Tides & Emotional Landslides
   Moné Dance Company is an emerging fusion dance company showing excerpts of new works and evolved older works from fusion to the abstract. (more)
While Moving on Purpose
   Aikido, improv dance & creative writing generating each other! A feminist workshop-performance exploring the co-creation of words & movement. (more)
Why Be A Woman & Why Be A Woman Workshop
   Movement piece based in improv using the tools of theater, music & dance to explore the theme "Why Be A Woman"? Aug. 4 Workshop open to all! (more)

Poetry/literary shows
Comics Vs Poets: Dawn of the Open Mic
   Comics and Poets battle it out in a bout of earnestness vs cynicism in an attempt to dominate the spoken word. (more)
   your favorite dereck hamilton impersonator (more)
DOPE Collective Tabling
   A local D.I.Y. organization that aims to build a stronger alternative music & arts community for people of color, women, LGBTQ+ & disabled. (more)
Dreamers, Romans and Prisons
   Dreamers, Romans and Prisons: Meditations on Crime, Illness, Healing and Liberation. Readings from the edge of this consciousness (more)
Eddie Gomez Poetry
   Eddie is a passionate poet who wants to save the world, but will settle for himself. (more)
Found in Translation
   Spoken word poetry and prose that deals with topics of every day life. Some of the works are bilingual and in Spanish only. (more)
housing here: reading by Jayden McClam
   Words spilled as poetry, generally about experiences as a Black queer fem-read poor person and all of the things that implies. (more)
Jason B. in the Underworld
   Freakish music, found objects, photo series and recorded answering machine messages all compliment the the recitation of a requiem. (more)
MC Vendetta
   Always at Infringement. Wild and poignant, Lady V spits crazy rhymes about women's lib and politics...and life. Check her out. (more)
Muscle Cars Reading and Sales
   Part Richard Russo, part Bruce Springsteen, part OTB parlors and Cutlass Supremes, Eoannou's debut collection, Muscle Cars, is all heart (more)
No More Room
   "Not Enough Room" A Poetic Reenactment of Sinking Ships (more)
Part Time Junkies get their Shakespearen Eats
   Read, perform poetry, hear stories, sing songs, cook a Shakespearen dish. Shakespeare themed food, artwork to display and sell our work. (more)
Poesy Psalms
   Rebecca writes lyrical anti-poems that explore reality from a different angle. Get yr mined rocked! (more)
Poetry With Wolf
   Poetry reading by Mike Wolf (more)
   Stories on life, love, and comfortable underwear. (more)
Pure Ink Poetry: Slamming Poetry for the Community
   Poets from the Pure Ink Poetry Community will come together to perform original poems and stories on the streets of Buffalo. (more)
Reading Live w/C.R.Shipman
   Reading Live w/C.R.Shipman is a reading aloud with guest as we don't just read the story, we breath life into it verbally for all of you. (more)
Table Reading and talk back
   The idea of the project is in the style of a Comic-Con table read of our two (a chapter each) stories followed by a Q&A session. (more)
The Study of Vodka in French
   Short poems. English et Français. Life is Suffering, insane and beauty. Photography will be for sale, si vous voulez. (more)
Urban! Queer! Angry! Visible!
   Poetry that explores the meaning of life from a urban, queer perspective! (more)
Where Nobody I Knew Could Ever Come
   An imaginary suburban summer of our collective inner frustrated youth, in a space temporarily transformed into an Orchard Park living room. (more)
Words to live by
   A collection of poets who represent a cross-section of the Buffalo Literary scene. (more)
Yes, I Am Staring At Your Boobs IV (Zoso)
   If you've got boobs, Velvet Al will stare at them. (more)

Music shows
200 Kids Outside
   Controversial melodic-rap duo Neetchy and Minel look to turn up with friends and keep it real as ever. They love respect and positivity. (more)
4 B-LO
   Let 4 B-LO serenade you with their silky smooth vocals and angelic harmonies! (more)
A Rodagues Living Area
   Bringing love, energy, hip hop and creating a world of love to our friends and family of Buffalo! (more)
AJ Jordan
   AJ Jordan is a performing entertainer & graphic designer voted Buffalo's Best Hip Hop artist of 2012, 2013 & 2014 in Artvoice. (more)
   All'amore is pop, punk, funk, blues band from the western new york area with an "in your face" sound with a welcoming atmospheric vibe. (more)
Allysen Callery
   British Isles influenced singer songwriter for quiet rooms; transportative music for thinking people who feel. From Rhode Island. (more)
Ancient Alloys - Full Immersion Gong Bath
   A meditative journey of sound healing using traditional and extended techniques of performance on various gongs and other metallics. (more)
And How!
   A one man weird party from North Carolina, blending electronic music with improvised storytelling, and raucous drums. (more)
Andrew Delmonte
   Radically non-monogamous and occasionally non-melodic love songs that you’ve definitely never heard before. Bring your loves. All of them. (more)
   Anti-MAtter is an all ages purview of joy and movement! bring yr own instrument and dance with us {smiles} (more)
   If your favorite musicians are barely recognized when they die, Autoverse might make you feel alive. Come and be a neverhasbeen with us. (more)
Bad Ronald
   Bad Ronald is a post rock art punk band that has been playing since 1999. (more)
Bagel Jesus & Friends
   Hip hop artist Bagel Jesus in collaborative performances by his talented crew of disciples/friends/cohorts in celebration of his debut album. (more)
BCAT Presents Summer Jam Session
   BCAT Summer JAM Session some talented teens who will blow you away from our Chorus and spoken word to our Hip Hop Ensemble (more)
Be Locust or Alone
   Avant folk/post-punk band with vocals ranging from quiet to loud drone and minimalist riff passages of sound. (more)
beerhall philosophers
   "... because without beer, things do not seem to go as well." —Diary of Brother Epp, Capuchin monastery, Munjor Kansas 1902 (more)
Belle Chapo
   Belle Chapo is a musician from Long Island, NY, encompassing Rachel Maddow-cuteness mixed with Rachel Maddow-realness. (more)
   An exhilarating grunge rock revival, timeless songs, undeniable chemistry. (more)
Bighorn Sheep
   tandem drum driven wall of sound ranging from punk to funk to indie, classic, stoner, and prog rock (more)
Bipolar Coaster
   Like Blues, Metal, Rock and guitar solos? Come out and see Bipolar Coaster!!! You have also see some remixed version of classic rap tunes. (more)
Bleu & Green
   Blending the sounds of past generations with the catchy synth hooks of today’s indie rock anthems. (more)
Blood Funnel
   A vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. (more)
BloodThirsty Vegans
   BloodThirsty Vegans is a musical family that makes music about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family. (more)
Blue Lazer
   We'll melt your face from outer space with improvised jams and lyrics! (more)
   5-Piece Progressive Hard Rock from Buffalo, NY (more)
Bob Accurso's Rhythm Trip
   Frame drumming and Middle Eastern percussionist, Bob Accurso performs on his extensive collection of exotic instruments. (more)
Bobby Angel "Live"
   Bobby Angel's combinations of Folk/Rock/Blues/Country covers 'n originals will rock your socks off! (more)
Bold Folly
   Cavernous Psych Rock (more)
Boudoir Noir
   Boudoir Noir is a dreamy, cabaret pop trio making music for midnight. (more)
Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalist
   A party band with a marching problem! Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalists are not a marching band, but a moving pep band. (more)
Brownman & GRUVASYLUM feat. Mad Dukez
   Iconic trumpeter Brownman Ali (Guru, Jay-z, Mos Def) returns to Buffalo with his power-house jazz-hip-hop crew GRUVASYLUM, feat. MAD DUKEZ (more)
Bruce Springsteen Karaoke
   Belt out some Springsteen with No Labels Clothing Cooperative- bring a Springsteenish clothing donation for the show and for the shop! (more)
Buffalo Drum Circle
   Drum circle performances - drumming, dancing, hooping, etc. All are welcome to join. (more)
   FREE JAZZ (more)
bul-bul tarang gang
   cosmic raga resurrection !!! ravi padmanabha - bul-bul tarang/voice/electric and gang (more)
Bump In The Night Live
   DJ Spruke brings his trademark high-energy Bump In The Night EDM sound for a mix and dance session. (more)
   CAmFieL... A Soulful R&B Crooner, singing live with his band. Songs of Love, living life, and Respect for oneself. (more)
   Instrumental improv fusion jazz. (more)
Chris Abbey
   Acoustic rock that forgets about the kinds of things you're supposed to do on acoustic. (more)
Chuckie Campbell
   Chuckie Campbell & The Phaction make for an eclectic approach to hip hop, filled with fluid instrumentation and heartfelt poetic nuance. (more)
Chucks Live at Infringement 2016
   Part of the "The Herd," Chucks & his 5 man wrecking crew have been slamming speakers and spreading love for dance for a decade. (more)
Circular Logic
   Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air (more)
Cowboys of Scotland - IN SPACE!!
   Progressive "Space" rock meets alternative with a punk attitude in one of WNY's most original and different bands... (more)
Croatian Apple Strudel: A live Demonstration and Hands-on Workshop
   Learn the art of Apple Strudel making from a recipe handed down through generations, ready to enjoy in front of your eyes and our shop! (more)
D Real McCoy Presents : For the Love of Music
   D Real McCoy Present For the Love of Music brings you some of the most talented Hip Hop artists you have seen. Come fall in Love again! (more)
Dark Matter Trio
   Energetic improvisations by three musicians with a knack for temporal beauty create a big sound focused on harmony and captivating rhythms. (more)
   Live vocals & acoustic guitar. Original music. Melodically colorful and soulful fusion of Folk and R&B. (more)
Dashuri & Jenevieve
   Sisters singing original music in playful harmonies, accompanied by their guitars. Painting, acting, & poetry bring their sad songs to life. (more)
David Adamczyk
   Street violining known to cause children, crust-punks, pets and inanimate objects alike to burst out in uncontrollable mirth and merriment. (more)
Dead Lounge
   Punk, coffee, and secret wrestling moves (more)
   A dj set/ live performance with mostly original productions. (more)
Desiree Kee
   Desiree Kee is a 21 year old female rapper that is currently emerging her way onto the Hip-Hip scene in Buffalo, NY. (more)
Detroit Red
   Hot, Nasty Rock and Roll from Erie PA. (more)
   American Rapper Devonjwats Is Throwing A Party In Your City Come Out & Turn Up Live Music Awesome Concert Come Out Let's Have Fun. (more)
Diesel Dog
   A Canadian band with 15 years experience and over 1000 shows played. Diesel Dog won the summer 2009 "JAM OFF CONTEST" from RELIX magazine. (more)
Digital Afterlife
   Electro-Industrial / Aggrotech act from Buffalo, NY comprised of brothers Paul & Greg Burt. (more)
Dj MuthaFunka
   House music as it was meant to be, Vinyl in form, Funkier than its ever been,@ "Discoey" to a fault. Come see for yourself Gary!!! (more)
Drums Along Hoyt Lake!
   Open community drum circle along Hoyt Lake near Marcy Casino, led by WNY's finest hand drummers. Audience & dancer participation welcome! (more)
ELEMENTAL: Meditation in Sound & Movement
   Sound healing and movement meditation journey (more)
Erica Wolfling - The Ice Dragon
   With vocals like heavy butter, Erica Wolfling’s song structure and transitions are reminiscent of Tori Amos and Regina Spektor. (more)
   What's that you're hearing? Why it's FairLight, a psychedelic churning pop experience (more)
Feeding the Pigeons
   Feeding the Pigeons is an "Americana" style duo that plays their own original music. (more)
Fisher/Trump duo
   Toronto and buffalo based improvisers get together to make a very large, round sound. (more)
Flow Ekim
   Beats and glitches by Mike Wolf (more)
   Rowdy Jazz and Bluesy Roots from Buffalo, NY (more)
Food Stamp Pat
   Electronic, nonclimactic, one-person knob-turning, with hits such as, "Hey Guys!! Come listen to me talk about music!!" and much much less... (more)
FragranceandJuan Cosmic Energy
   FragranceandJuan Cosmic Energy is Fragrance with her husband Juan. They sing about LOVE exclusively! (more)
Frontstreet Men
   high energy jazzy, bluesy, soulful, funky music. Tons of originals and cool, updated covers from all of your favorite artists. (more)
Fundetta (Germany) on tour in USA
   Fundetta is a German band from the outskirts of Berlin. They play an interesting mix of electro rock with a cabaret-like stage act. (more)
Funk Theory
   Loud, fun, creative funk rock band performing original material with a few covers that they very much make their own. (more)
   Where our dreams converge, and our characters merge... in time as they do in eternity. (more)
Good Nyborg
   Spaced out synth music inspired by B science fiction and horror films. Good Nyborg invites you to travel space and time! (more)
Grace Of Faults
   Grace of Faults is a high energy 4 piece band that has been performing in Buffalo for the last year. They play funk to blues. (more)
   Creative..inspired...brave...innocent...fun...friendly...have a nice day....here is your change... (more)
Haint Blue
   Baltimore septet that "delivers some of the best Americana-tinted pop you’ve heard this year" (The Public). Don't miss the live show! (more)
   herMajesty is a four piece NYC indie rock band that combines poetic lyrics with memorable choruses into elegiac and soaring songs. (more)
   Hexamatastrophe combines wacky stage performances with an eclectic set of songs to create an unforgettable show. (more)
Hooked on Casiophonics
   Hooked on Casiophonics is a Pop/EDM/Soul group based in Buffalo, NY. This group consist of members Pamazon, Rocknutz and Jay Aquarious. (more)
Intent To Sell
   For six years, A Buffalo band making people dance with our rather unorthodox way of combining rock, funk and Hip Hop. (more)
ish kabbible
   Father son prog/funk/metal duo. (more)
Jay Aquarious
   Jay Aquarious is an R&B Soul Pop Recording Artist who will be singing, rapping, or dancing to original & cover music you can't miss! (more)
Jaymo The Immaculate
   Is this music, or is this a warning? This 'musician' cannot say, only the collected sounds of overpowering reverb and despair can. (more)
Jeffrepeater & Friends
   Making history through revolution in how deceptively subtle repetition is used in art and music to make complex statements and interaction. (more)
JeffRepeater and Gabrielle Anello
   Live electronic musicians. (more)
   An acoustic-soul singer song writer. With melodies by rhythmic guitar and haunting/sensual lyrics. (more)
Jenna Cunningham Original Songs
   With her witty lyrics, sultry voice, groovy tunes, and the occasional rap, you don't want to miss this 21 year old perform. (more)
Jimmy K
   Jimmy K is a Buffalo born hip hop artist who's music style is a blend of trap sounds and lyrical webs, with a hint of 716 flavor. (more)
Jimyn the Singing Mime sings Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
   Please allow me, Jimyn, to invite you to my rock show. Welcome back, bring your fun & don't be shy. (more)
Joe Rozler/Ambient Analog
   Guided by an affinity for harmony and balance, I build "sound sculptures" which shimmer and throb pleasantly in the reverberant space. (more)
John Dudley Acoustic
   Playing selections in Folk, Rock n' Roll, Jazz (more)
John Kloberdanz
   Singer. Songwriter. Storyteller. (more)
Johnny Ryder
   Modern Americana, acoustic rock with a dash of folk. (more)
Jon Herr
   Poetic, Lyrical, Guitar, Vocalizations. (more)
Katie Ann and MC ZiLL
   8/7/16 MC ZiLL & Katie Ann are getting married! Check out their show featuring a combination of activism, thought provoking, dancing & soul! (more)
Kerry Fey
   Kerry Fey- cheeky folk rock (more)
La Marimba
   Original arrangements of lyrical Latin tunes on marimbas - dancing grooves and inspired improvisation! (more)
   Lalalangue makes outercosmic spacesoul jazz fuzz. Guitars // synths // singing // freakout sax solos. (more)
LauBe'S oLD SpAiN
   Fashion Expo yesterday, Laube's Old Spain today! Piano house, live keys, etc. (more)
Lazy Ass Destroyer
   A Crazy High Energy Mix of Electro Crunk Punk Party Rock and Rhyme! (more)
Life on Fire
   Temporal art with a strong emphasis on 'temporary'. (more)
Lifemusik mit Andre
   Bring Musik to Life. Make Drinking Fun Again. (very) Lofi Pop Songs (more)
Like a Panther
   Panther paws. Panther eyes. Panther surprise. (more)
Little Cake
   Littlecake (Ana Vafai) creates songs, hype for artists and builds community through music, performance and friendships in Buffalo, NY. (more)
Lloyd MacHardy, Singer/Songwriter
   Lloyd MacHardy is an award winning songwriter, having received 5 awards from California since 2012. The majority of his songs are Folk. (more)
   MAAPS is an improvised ambient electronic duo. (more)
Magic Honey
   History is defined by we who define ourselves. Buffalo band Magic Honey hopes to define a generation. Where will you be when it happens? (more)
Major Arcana
   Self worth is all about valuing the right things. It's not about how much money, power, or even love you have. It's about beanie babies. (more)
Margot Kisiel Guitar
   Songs about life, pain, overcoming, and fighting for yourself. Emotional acoustic guitar music that lets you turn negative vibes into good. (more)
Margot Kisiel Piano
   Songs written as an emotional outpouring of finding who we are. Let yourself be lost in transgender positivity. (more)
   MatKa is a local electronic producer who creates music that blends cosmic sounds and samples with the current styles of EDM. (more)
mellow strings project
   Smooth vocals, discriptive lyrics and mellow guitar. Come enjoy some original music and popular covers with Omeri @ BIF (more)
   Indie/alt/original/prog psycho-psychedelic gypsy rock, influenced by all--from Mozart to Pink Floyd to Metallica & Gogol Bordello. (more)
MIchael Faltyn Performs Acoustic Tunes
   Local singer/songwriter performs original and cover songs. (more)
Mike Criscione
   Singer/Songwriter/Overcaffeinated Wanderer/Guidance Counselor to the Disenfranchised Music Addict (more)
Mom Said No
   An alternative band from Buffalo, NY! (more)
Movin' Grooves
   A one-man groove machine, at your service. (more)
Much Band
   fake it til you make it to raw psychedelic power and. Abstraction. and. (good). WILD rock n roll (more)
Muggle Snuggle
   #MuggleSnuggle - 'Wands at the Ready!' A Wizarding Musical Theater production. Harry Potter inspired fun for all ages. Accio Music Magic! (more)
Music for Ultras
   High energy punk-electronica by Jason Pfaff, with local guest Scantron (video art+). Come out and get wild, 18+, no cover charge. (more)
My Rap Name is Alex
   Alex creates musical soundscapes live and then performs lyrics made out of peace and love and tolerance and justice. (more)
No Illusions
   An acoustic trio, blending intricate guitar, fiddle and mandolin playing with two and three-part vocal harmonies. Original songs and covers. (more)
Noah Gokey
   Festival veteran and renegade misfit Noah Gokey will perform one of a kind and diverse eclectic and intimate acoustic & electric indie rock. (more)
Open Busking
   Prime locations open to licenced street performing. No turf-battles please! (more)
Open Mic
   Forgot to apply? You can perform here. Mark these down because these are the normal open mics for these venues. (more)
Our Friends Band
   Our Friends Band is an original funk group from CNY. (more)
Pale Green Stars
   Pale Green Stars redefine gut-bucket twang with a punkadelic cutting edge that’s as sharp as a barbershop straight razor (more)
Pam Swarts
   Freakily tuned guitars, mechanical and electrical toys, keyboards both fancy and junky, gizmos, doohickeys and effects. (more)
   PANGEA, a four-piece band that fuses diverse musicality into energetic progressive instrumentals. Explore this super-continent of sound! (more)
Physical Psychics
   Physical Psychics are an organic instrumental Rock/Jazz/Fusion band from Eden, NY. Always fresh, No preservatives, No MSG, and Gluten Free! (more)
   Loud music & mind bending visuals in dark rooms is what PINJA is all about. (more)
Prince vs Bowie Epic Dance Party
   4 sets of Prince and David Bowie, spun by local DJs, plus themed performances! Proceeds to benefit Dreamland Gallery! $5 donation. (more)
Quantum Folk Lords
   Quantum Folk Lords are a 2-piece post-punk, grunge, hardcore musical act with Lord Alex on drums and Lord Andrew on guitar. (more)
Renshaw Davies
   Renshaw Davies is a new roots/folk duo based in New Orleans, Louisiana, comprised of John Renshaw (vocals, guitar) and Emily Davies (vocals). (more)
Road To Azure
   Road To Azure is a blues duo with a big sound that conjures up those smokin' hot blues that shakes you to your soul. A must see and hear! (more)
Robby Burnett
   Join Robby Burnett as he croons some of his favorite R&B classics, including Smokey Robinson, the Delfonics, and many more! (more)
   RussianhandsandRomanfingers is sure to play a song you'll wanna sing along with. The duet, guitar and woodwind, busking now for 30 years. (more)
Ryan Lee Crosby
   Country blues with indigo hues! Sounds of 1930s Mississippi merged with Indian raga. Played on 12 string guitar and 20 string Mohan Veena. (more)
S. Von Valkwitch
   Solo experimental free improvised drone metal guitar and electronics noise. (more)
Sarah Golley
   Powerhouse vocals, a keyboard, and live-loops, elements of theater,pop,folk, jazz, classical, choral, electronic, and progressive genres. (more)
   Scantron is a beatboxer and multi instrumentalist who has performed around the world. (more)
   We're a hard rock band with metal and punk influences. We play several originals, as well as covers. (more)
Severed Fingers
   A 3 piece folk punk band from North Carolina, singing about being rowdy. (more)
Shaky Stage: 11 Days Under the Pine Tree
   11 days of Shaky Stage from 5:30pm to 6:30pm every day at 156 Park St.... in some shape or form. (more)
Shattered Glass
   Rippin' blues and alt rock mixed with groovy jams! Come check us out during the festival! (more)
Short Moscato
   Short Moscato is a hip-hop/soul/experimental vocalist and producer. (more)
Silent Piece
   Ambient loop based noisy fun from North Carolina (more)
Sitar w/ world groove loops!
   Naryan Padmanabha sitar w/ world groove loops (more)
   Snowbelt is an indie/ folk/ rock/ pop/ blues/ jazz duo from Buffalo, NY and includes members Joe Cavaretta and Jon Britt. Bring your kitten. (more)
   Solidbreath are a rock/punk trio that will leave your ears ringing and your head banging. (more)
Soma: Space Time Trip
   Soma:Space Time Trip plays electronic music: Psychill, Ambient, Deep PsyTrance and Detroit influenced Techno: Come explore the Universe! (more)
Song Along In The Stairwell III: Sing us some stories we haven't heard yet
   Make a joyful noise in a reverberific stairwell, featuring all original sing-along songs. Like singing in the shower, but with strangers! (more)
Space Jam Orchestra
   Forged in the fires of Tuesday night vampires, the package depicts its contents accurately. Join us or miss the fun space party. (more)
Steve Bader
   Solo Acoustic Guitar. Instrumental. Meaty Riffs, building Melody. (more)
Strange Standard
   This 3 man band brings it all! High energy rock, soulful blues, and dancey funk all in one! (more)
Sweet Sue and The Sympathizers
   Sweet Sue and the Sympathizers is a one woman powerhouse production of music and storytelling by talented front woman, Nancy Fernandez. (more)
That Virginia
   That Virginia is a mix of strange feelings, warm weather wishes, and stomach butterflies. (more)
The Buttered Goods
   A new Buffalo musical act. (more)
The Covers
   Classic rock & folk covers from the '60s, '70s and '80s, plus originals. (more)
   Meet Buffalo's first CP DJ. He will be making beats that will make you want to dance in the streets all night long. He likes PJs. (more)
The Devil In Love
   The Devil in Love is a three piece manic musical ride where you are taken from one extreme emotion to the next with an assortment of style. (more)
The Finality Complex
   Classical-inspired industrial metal from Pensacola, FL. (more)
The Good Neighbors
   Buffalo based rock/alt/indie band looking to share their love of music. We like music. Like us if you do too. (more)
The Heenan Brothers
   The Heenan Brothers play folky, bluesy acoustic Americana that ranges from soul searching gospel to up-tempo bluegrass. (more)
The Horny Interactive Gong Show w/Questionable Vibes
   Heave Throw Shoot Nerf yo @GONGS & BELLS Is it a Game Music or What? Our Horny sounds w/Questionable Vibes An Interactive Gong Show (more)
The idiots of idealism
   Experimental jam rock/grungy dirtiness (more)
The Lanthan Mire: Music Theatre Show
   Based on the Lanthan Mire books, the show blends film, narration, world music, effect-spiced staccato picking and theatre. $5 donation. (more)
The Left Hand of Darkness
   Krappy Touchstyle 10-12 String Guitar/Bass, in performances co-written by the late Ted Reinhardt (more)
the Minions
   The Minions are a loud and judgmental powertrio who sports quick tempos and a dash of faux sentimentality. Impetuous we have been called. (more)
The Noise Project
   John Shotwell is an accomplished nudist and mustard aficionado. He also makes noise. (more)
The Patterns
   The Patterns is a three piece post-punk band from Buffalo, NY whose signature sound is forged through the exploration of noise and melody. (more)
The Revenge Therapists
   If you like catchy hooks and grew up in the late 90s you will probably like us. (more)
The Seasides
   The Seasides combine obscure scientific references, Beatles covers, and ukulele riffs into a scrumptious stage performance. Family-friendly. (more)
The Space
   "The Space" is here to stay! Gaining fast popularity, four of Buffalo's finest musicians are looking to make you dance! (more)
The Stevie Fleck band
   Style defying singer/singwriter utilizing loopers and effects, blending improvisation, composition and songwriting. (more)
The Vendo Llaamas
   The Vendo Llaamas are a rock n' roll trio playing a variety of surf, blues and rock music. Original compositions as well as covers. (more)
there's a spider over there
   Erica Wolfing and Nick Uhelsky play original music for ghouls and goblins. (more)
Tim Kaiser: Gonkulations & Acousto-Electric Contraptions
   Melody and rhythm are over-rated. Come see some folk music from the future! (more)
Tom Beall
   Original acoustic guitar music influenced by classic rock, jazz, and Western classical music. (more)
Tomcat Joe
   Bring it! Thoroughly unheralded midwest singer-songwriter. Bluesy rock meets old-time story songs. Electric guitar, voice & a twist of lime. (more)
Towards a More Compassionate World
   Original songs to create an awareness about animals and to promote activism toward a more compassionate world for sentient beings. (more)
   Triumverate, Grand Island's Greatest Punk Band. (more)
Twenty Thousand Strongmen
   A foot stompin', hooten', hollerin' one man band and friends with some songs to snack on. (more)
   uncertain is a dark avant-garde music project heavy with occult visuals and sounds, inspired by Coil, Current 93, etc (more)
Urban Reverie
   We are young Rock 'n' Roll band from Buffalo, NY. We guarantee a great vibrant live performance. (more)
Vince Martino
   Acoustic Guitar. Vocals. Original Music. (more)
Vote It Right Along!
   "Vote It Right Along!" Musical Theatre. Presidential campaign songs updated to portray 2016 candidates & issues, with posters & commentary. (more)
Whirled Music
   World music improv violin and percussion duo. (more)
Whiskey Gatorade
   Live industrial/electronic/acid music. (more)
Winged LarVA
   Waste places, caterwauling and keening, manatee breathing, vulture allopreening singing to our beloveds…sonic-bio-dacryphilic-fowl-sacred.. (more)
Wood Bois
   Wood Bois, the first band to play Advanced Music, can't be classified in the genres of today. Listen and be enlightened. (more)
Yorgi George´s Honey Pot Players
   I will perform on the street with my instruments, loop station, and amp and fun will be had. (more)
zack steinberg-dreams
   upright bass improvisation to take the path to another place (more)

Street performance shows

Film & video shows
432hz - Sound & Light Music Mediation Experience
   See the Sound/Hear the Light - 432hz tuned meditative music and other performances synchronized to light patterns on a LED screen. (more)
A Mountain of History: Colored Musicians Club of Buffalo
   Documentary about historic Colored Musicians Club. Written, shot and produced by students of Squeaky Wheel's Buffalo Youth Media Institute. (more)
Documentary Showing at Buen Vivir! Gallery
   Three short documentaries focused on environmental threats faced by Indigenous People. Curated by Global Justice Ecology Project. (more)
I am You
   Abstract depiction of a child's perspective of the world. The struggle to come to terms with and to liberate oneself from one's surroundings. (more)
Illuminati Secrets
   From secret societies to how the worlds governments have their strings pulled by bankers and corporations this film covers it all. (more)
   Short presentation about some ideas behind the piece and its making. Screening on small screen ongoing throughout festival. (more)
Night Time with Harvey O'King
   Puppets, models, miniatures, and animatronics comprise this web-series about a moron talk-show host, his pet monkey, and a renegade cop. (more)
R.E.M. Sleep
   "R.E.M. Sleep" is an experimental film following a man waking up to find reality has become quite bizarre. (more)
Santa VS. Frosty
   A short film. (more)
something different in buffalo
   Chronicles of one Buffalonian's cable access TV quest to address the real social and financial issues facing Buffalo's arts and musicscene. (more)
The Genetic Diagnosis Mitochondrial Disease
   A stop motion film describing one scientist's research into mitochondrial DNA. (more)
The Grand Offering of the Kings - 7 Hour Javanese wayang shadow puppet performance
   Ancient heroes, cosmic philosophy, enchanting music. Experience an entire 7hr Javanese shadow puppet "wayang" with full English translations. (more)
Twilight of the Mississippi
   Experimental documentary about the Mississippi River (more)
Töad Meädow Short Films
   The Töad Meädow Arts Collective shows off their best work, including an independently produced surrealist short film. (more)
Various Projections of Random Shit From Youtube
   Projected onto various buildings in Allentown. Don't forget to look up. (more)
What I Saw in the Theater of the Street
   Wandering with a camera every day yields a diptych that reveals the beauty of the quotidian. Dir. Street (more)

Visual art shows
'Femme Fatales'-series of female forms created from recycled paper
   'Femme Fatales'-series of female forms created from recycled paper (more)
50 Shadows of of Cock
   50 pictures of shadows & only the shadow of various penises objects that resemble the penis. (more)
   A hand drawn collage series focused on visual/audio connections I make with the world around me. (more)
   This will be a performative event featuring mixed media creatures brought to life through dance/puppetry! (more)
Art by Amy Lynn Duengfelder
   Colorful and fun illustrations and art (more)
Art by Cat
   A colorful explosion of feminism and social justice! Body positive brilliance displayed in new acrylic and ink paintings by Cat McCarthy (more)
Art by The Collective
   The Collective is a group of artists that meet at the College Club every Sunday at 8. See our art and come join us sometime! (more)
assorted zines
   Collaged poetry zines made from text taken only from Seventeen and National Geographic magazines, for viewers to hold and read through. (more)
   Kelli Porter manipulates stock photos in photoshop into vibrant scenic collage prints to convey her atmospheric ideas. (more)
Big Brother
   This work addresses the problems we face as a society and reflects the hypocrisy in our worlds governments. (more)
Buffalo Yarn Brigade: Pull the yarn over the trees - not your eyes!
   We have woven the colorful handicraft of art with rebellion and radical queerness, drawing attention to truths at the edge of consciousness. (more)
   BuffaloveIt. A collection of Buffalo sculptures in Bronze, resin and plastic. (more)
   Collaboration: T. Sasiadek and L. Fineberg: visual art, poetry, and a singular performance art piece. (more)
Color Study Illustration
   A collection of color study illustrations that are done in color pencil medium. (more)
Communicating with Color
   Bold and colorful abstracts that break all the rules of traditional painting through unconventional motion techniques. What do you see??? (more)
Community Dry-Erase Mural
   Leave a little love on the walls of the Poutine place! Immortalized... until someone rubs up against it. (more)
Conservation of Reality
   A lowly artist trying to capture the pain and confusion of living a genuine life in a world dominated by the gender binary. (more)
Dead Celebrities
   Vibrant Pop Portraits of Dead Celebrities by Jean Claude Wouters (more)
   A mother leaving her daughter (drawing by Cole Pawlowski) (more)
Drawing Sketches of Performers
   Sketches of performers (more)
Eye of Beholder Creations/Artistic Alchemy
   Various mixed-media works focusing on 'celestial wonder'. (more)
Fiona and Friends
   Fiona and friends is a comic strip about a fat lazy cat. Think Garfield but in Buffalo. (more)
   It is a daily struggle with anxiety and depression. I want my artwork to show others what it feels like to deal with these emotions. (more)
Flamboyant Elegance
   Quirky and colorful illustrations of animal headed people on large fabric backgrounds. (more)
Gimme Givve - Zine Edition!
   An art exchange! Featuring two zines - one made from artwork exchanged in years past, and one made from the artist's memory box. (more)
Gone Sauntering
   Sauntering is travel generally without a specific destination. That road looks interesting, come on along, let's go see. (more)
Hen House Handcrafted
   We have several different kinds of handcrafted arts from little sculptures, stash jars, jewelry, felt dreads, and more. (more)
Homage to Staghorn Coral
   "Scathed", driftwood installation of flotsam sticks inserted by size into stairway metal panel grid at Artspace. Sat 1-4 or appt 706-9152. (more)
Imagine That!
   Original Paintings using fun, folksie, cartoon characters and colorful scenes that may make you think but all are to make you smile. (more)
   Elongated text art (painting by Cole Pawlowski) (more)
Lay Her
   A Self Portrait Study exploring the use of multilayered stencils. (more)
Live Glassblowing by Caveman Glass
   Live Hot and Intense Boro Glass Demonstrations by Caveman Glass, Not for the weak hearted or cold handed... (more)
Local Punk
   Steve Ardo is a “do-it-yourself” graphic designer & illustrator creating and selling artwork with a punk rock twist. (more)
Lost In Time
   A freeze-frame of the broken parts of a grandfather clock (drawing by Cole Pawlowski) (more)
Magnificent Birds of North America
   "Magnificent Birds of North America" is an exhibition of 12 illustrations by comics artist Sal Sciandra. (more)
Mars Project
   Dealing with violence and art. Conveying through paintings, drawings and mixed media. (more)
Melscamp: camping permit required
   Glorious images of sailing the high sea by Melissa Campbell of Ultra Hoops & Wellness. (more)
Mirror Lake : : in three parts
   The Mirror Lake series delves into the local archetype landscape: Forest Lawn, City Hall, & the Peace Bridge from a pedestrian perspective. (more)
   I use what can not be corrupted, that which is seen, to express the thousands of words I need to release. (more)
Mystical drawings/fairies/cartoons/differnt ren drawings
   New artist with a flair of drawing mystical creatures come and see my fairies, angels,maidens as well as older characters (more)
Pieces of Me
   A unique and honest display of paintings. (more)
Pledge Allegiance
   A new way of representing the American flag (abstract painting by Cole Pawlowski) (more)
Pockets full of Change and Childhood Imagination- Five Years of Living Outside of The Box
   This radical Collage by art activist Mindy Jo Rosso is layered with over four years of movement building literature and youthful expression. (more)
Psyscape Designs
   Incredibly detailed and vibrant psychedelic art, mostly made of just paper and cardboard! (more)
Radical Roots
   I am a walking tree, a living source of human creativity. You are invited to freely harvest from the fruits of my artistic labor. (more)
   Ridge uses detritus found around Allentown and adjacent neighborhoods to evoke themes of growth, recycling and claustrophobia. (more)
Rock out with your Chalk out
   Amateur chalk artists created the most insane hopscotch. (more)
Rope Captures
   Co-creating subjects, rope, line artists emphasize both the fleeting nature of intimacy and the need to submit to the act of creation. (more)
Scrap Iron Army
   Scrap metal robots made from found and repurposed metal (more)
Shaving the Minotaur
   An installation at Cafe Taza of unknown and perhaps unknowable character. (more)
The Bertoboy Diaries
   A collection of paintings and customized toys which comes straight out of the pages of artist Berto Ray Barreto's sketchbooks. (more)
The Eight Lonely and Not So Lonely Little Yellow Islands
   An abstract painting made of human semen (ejaculation art by Cole Pawlowski) (more)
The Happy Little Hooker Room: Come to Stitch. Stay to Bitch.
   The art installation will be composed of a small space set up with furniture along with other small objects, all covered in crochet. (more)
The Sunshine Sisters Burlesque
   Burlesque revue of freedom and debauchery! Gender defying acts featuring live music, body positive dancing, and veracious nudity. (more)
   Watch ceramic work thrown on the wheel, then thrown in a fire!!! Rachelyn Spry will create ceramic work and pit fire it for your amusement. (more)
Tingley on the Fringe
   Chuck Tingley will paint a mural in an outdoor alleyway at 200 Grant St, Buffalo, NY. (more)
Trees Like These
   Sketch of trees on the University at Buffalo campus (drawing by Cole Pawlowski) (more)
Under the Hood Artists
   Under the Hood artists is a group of artists from Buffalo NY that specialize in Pop culture art, drawings, paintings and sculptures. (more)
Urban Degradation
   A city in ruins (abstract painting by Cole Pawlowski) (more)
Wall of Forgotten Faces
   A piece composed of six joined panels. Each panel is a painted portrait of a person who had been chronically homeless in the City of Buffalo. (more)
   A continuation of last year's "The Print Works: Icons" this new collection of watercolors exhibits the same theme in a different medium. (more)
Whatever I Feel Like
   Some new photos including some from last year's festival. If I can capture something that evokes an emotion I don't care what it is. (more)
Wheel of Life - Analog .gifs
   Moving Pictures. (more)
Why Mosquitos Buzz in People's Ears
   This 10 piece stained glass series will tell the story of Why Mosquitos Buzz in Peoples Ears. (more)
Wondering Bipolar Mind
   My multi media art is surreal paintings on multi sized canvas. (more)

Group shows
2nd Annual Opening Day Invisible Partybus Memorial Parade
  This canned proposal's ghost can still be heard haunting the Pasión lot, but our spirited Opening Day open-to-all sidewalk parade lives on! (more)
A Buffal<3 Wedding
  Wedding Ceremony-styled variety show ending in a mass marriage to the city itself, improv wedding gift and reception at Expo to follow. (more)
A Couple of Steves
  A Slew of Steves Serenading on Six Strings! Admission: Free! (more)
Afternoon Garage Rock in a Garage
  Rock out to some artists in the coolest painted garage around! Admission: Pass the hat. (more)
Amity Club Infringement Experiment #1
  Good will and dry vibes at new gnu venue, Amity Club. Admission like friendship give what you can. (more)
An Evening of Infringement Dance Performances at the ModDance Studio
   An evening of Infringement Festival dance performances, at the Mod Dance Studio. (more)
Apocalypse Ball
  An end times evening of progressive and electronic music from Buffalo and beyond. Suggested donation $5. (more)
Beat Sutra
   Original music - an eclectic mix of genres with spiritual and socio-political subtext. (more)
Beats and Bots
  Machines are taking over! Lyrics, looping machines & electronic beats dominate in this hip hop/live loop extravaganza! Pass the hat. (more)
BIF International Film Fest @ CBW
  Screening of short films and videos submitted to the 2016 festival. Features filmmakers from Buffalo and beyond. (more)
Buffalo Smartists Convention
  A time for scratching your cerebral cortex in the vortex of this timespace-twisting multi-location Tuesday kick in the ear-brain. (more)
Buskfest 5000 1/3
  A calvacade of solo singer-songwriters on the streetcorner outside Caffe Aroma, guitar cases strategically left open of course. (more)
Buskfest 5000 2/3
  A complementary set of songster and soloists outside Aroma intent on putting smiles on faces whether or not you put anything in their cases. (more)
Cafeeology Singer Songwriter Showcase
  Enjoy a frothy latte while sweetly serenaded by these subversive sirens. Donations accepted. (more)
Closing Ceremonies (Iffy awards)
  The grand finale. The Iffy Awards will be dispersed between acts all night. Proceeds help us cover production costs. Pay What You Can. (more)
Closing Day Porchside Pre-Parade Practice Party
  The name says it all, open to all to bang a gong or sing along, proceeding along the sidewalk preceeding Closing Ceremonies. (more)
Cocktail City
  A collaboration with local distillers and bartenders creating signature cocktails for the night. Music from Frontstreet Men. (more)
Cowboy Dan's Black Gold: Shindig at the Coffee-Saloon
  A bold twangy brew for old-and-young timers alike, whether just digging the stimulus or taking refuge from the Lawn Disco's groovy beats. (more)
Cowboy Dan's Hoedown Hideout
  Another show for antique Dan so he knows we care, out on Allen where what's old is new, from folk-tunes to blue suede shoes to fiddly-blues. (more)
Electric 'Hawk
  Electronic music invades Mohawk Place as original artists and DJs release their creations at legendary Buffalo Venue! $5 suggested donation (more)
Electric Terminal
  Electric Avenue resident DJs and producers showcase their talents and works for this multi-genre electronic music event! (more)
Electrics at Electric
  Electronic artists at Electronic Avenue. 'Nuff said. Donations accepted. (more)
Electronic Megafest
  Join a multitude of DJs, producers, and Hip Hop artists for this epic gathering of electronic sounds and samples! $5 suggested donation. (more)
Electronic Oddities
  Whiskey Gatorade and The Wood Bois are together under one roof to deliver a show full of surprises and fun! Donations accepted! (more)
Films @ The Hostel
  a collection of films from the infringement roster. (more)
Folk'n Funk
  Folky and Funky. Two great flavors of song. Worthy of haiku. $3 (more)
For the Kids
  Four great young bands share the stage at a really fine venue and no one had to sell tickets to get the show. Donations accepted at door. (more)
Foundry Block Party Community Event
Four on the Fourth
  Go forth on the fourth for four fine infringers. Admission: Flexible $4. (more)
Friday Night Freak Out at Electric Avenue
  Let Your Freak Flag Fly it's Friday! Enjoy this mix of diverse artists. Donations welcomed. (more)
Friday Night Hootenanny
  The (nearly) annual good-time Friday night Hoot in the basement venue of Buffalo's favorite Little Folksinger. $5 suggested donation. (more)
From Be-Bop To Hip-Hop
  If you like Jazz and Hip-Hop this is one show you won't want to miss. Upstarts share the stage with world-renowned trumpeter Brownman. $7. (more)
GCR Sessions LIVE
  Three rising Buffalo talents perform outside Robby Takac's local studio, field-recorded on site. (more)
Geoff Kelly's House: 1st Weekend
  An outdoor afternoon of acoustic music. (more)
Geoff Kelly's House: 2nd Weekend (Cowboy Dan's Backyard Repose)
  Spend a relaxing backyard afternoon with 4 excellent acoustic acts and one cranky cowboy. (more)
Girl Power and Gallery Opening
  We've landed these electric ladies a power cord for their powerchords outside Allentown's hip new rock & roll beauty salon. (more)
Goodbar Friday
  Rock and Roll is alive and well upstairs at Goodbar. Friday night and free admission before 10pm. (more)
Gypsy Soul Revue
  R&B and soul showcase with uplifting sounds and silky smooth vocals. Admission: Donations (more)
Gypsy Space Funk Odyssey
  Blast off for a funky good time. Take a trip around the sun and through the outer rings of...Uranus. Donations greatly accepted. (more)
Hallwalls Presents.....
  Infringement and Hallwalls present...an evening of theatrical rock and free jazz. $5 suggested donation. (more)
Hallwalls Unhinged Infringement Showcase
  First, go to Hallwalls' site and read their mission statement. Second go to Hallwalls. $5 suggested donation. (more)
Happy Hour At Milkies
  A trio of infringement guitar solo artists in weird and warped ways. Free admission. (more)
Hi Temp Fabrication Opening
  An eclectic musical and burlesque accompaniment for the opening of Infringement's largest visual arts show. Donations accepted. (more)
Hip Hop & Hope
  Sample for free the verbal stylings of several local wordsmiths who know that hearts need the arts, and so work with words to keep its beat. (more)
Holley Farms Mini Megafringe
  We don't have the street but we still got the lot. (more)
Hot Mama's Super Infringement Sunday
  Is Allentown too busy for ya? You can Infringe in Black Rock at Hot Mama's. Donations graciously accepted (more)
Humpday Hodgepodge
  The Hodgepodge has something for everyone! Another pay what you can show. No Risk, No Reward (more)
Hurray for Hickory
  Like the great hickory wood, these artists combine strength and shock resistance yet still provide a great smokey taste. Pass the hat. (more)
Improv Wedding Wonderland/Make a Jazz Noise Here
  Bang a gong, sing a song, get along (the event won't be long). (more)
In Dust Realize
  Industrial heavy performers storm The Could Be Wild Building to forge a show of all out insanity! Sparks will fly. (more)
iNFRINGE on iNFRINGEMENT Closing Day Parade
  Go ahead, infringe on infringement. You'll find you still enjoy the sense of shared permission that makes it it, regardless. It's all yours. (more)
Infringement Proggish Rock Showcase
  This show was curated by the left hand of darkness himself. Proggy and heavy just the way he likes it. Donations. (more)
infringement Weirdo Convention
  If you want the weirdest show we've got then this is it. This is good thing. This show is definitely pay what you can. (more)
International Tiger Day Celebration
  We wanted to do one for International Cat Day but that's August 8th. Extra points for whiskers and cat ears. Donations welcome. (more)
Interspace Rest Stop
  Take a break from traveling the multiverse and enjoy the sounds of outer space from a few groundbreaking producers! (more)
  Kidding around in Bidwell Park concurrent with the Farmer's Market and Garden Walk Saturday morning. (more)
Lawn Disco
  Annual outdoor dance party! Fun and appropriate for all ages. FREE! Chairs, blankets and hula hoops allowed. (more)
Lettuce Turnip the Beet
  Urban Root's annual garden party with live bands the first day of Garden Walk weekend. (more)
Living in Fringe-ital: Electric Wolves in Sheep's Clothing and Other Dreams
  Looking for the soundtrack to your post-apocalyptic digital future? Here's the electro-hip-hop danceparty of your wildest dystopian dreams! (more)
Locust Street Art Exposé
  Expose yourself to art and celebrate the creativity cultivated by a community organization that lives the lessons of composing oneself. (more)
Main Street Gallery Art Opening
  Celebrate the work on the wall with fine selections from the infringement roster. (more)
Mass Appeal
  A day of rest in the shade while music is played, where often is heard an encouraging word, and the bars are not rowdy all day. (more)
Milkie's Beach Party Safari
  Beach Party Safari. Wear your bathing suits (not birthday suits) and show up for some fun. Pay what you can. (more)
Milkies Musical Masquerade
  A masquerade mixer of many styles. Wear your best eyes wide shut mask and you might get lucky. (more)
Mohawk Friday Night Opening
  Visual art opening with solo theater improv, alt rock and an EP release show for The Good Neighbors... $5 suggested donation (more)
Monday Matinee
  Start your week off right with this early bird special. Donations accepted. (more)
Moves and Grooves
  Come see Future Angel's dream pop animation/dance; stay for Crusty's outfit. Only at the underground. Cost: stuffing Crusty's underpants. (more)
Muttonfest 2016
  This edition of Muttonfest will take place on the roof of The Broadway Market. Free! Bring sunblock. (more)
Mystery Yurt Theatre
  Cool off in a cool scene for a few scenes on a film screen in the shady space that landed on the co-op lawn. Everybody yurts, sometimes. (more)
Mystery Yurt Theatre Matinée
  Media-arts in a yurt on a yard in the heart of Allentown. Three films, including Matt Dunning's 7 hour epic 'The Grand Offering of Kings'. (more)
Nietzsche's Masquerade Ball
  A mix of music from Hip-Hop to Jazz to Elctro-world. Dress up in some Masquerade finery. $5 at door, $3 with costume. (more)
Noise Inordinance
  "What's that racket?" "O just a little midsummer noisymusick." "Outside? What are you NUTS?!" "WHAAAT? Some earplugs?" "But why..." "Shhhh!" (more)
Open Air Art Fair
  BiF's own all day art display parked in the shade of Days Park. (more)
Opening Ceremonies
  Kick off the festival with an assortment of the fest's finest acts. Pay what you can. (Donation for this event helps cover production costs) (more)
Opening Day Pre-Parade Congregation Station
  The iNFRINGEMENT is coming! Come to Ol'Wondermoth to get some tunes down before you get down, but show up late and expect to march solo! (more)
Paintings by Sarah Jay
  Lovely and unusual anatomical beauty captured in sensuously delicate paintings by Sarah Jay (more)
Pay It Forward Payphone Party: Feedback Freakout Friday
  Make the call to make some calls and talk on and around the last payphone in Allentown. The talk's not be cheap, but cover is only 25¢. (more)
Pay it Forward Payphone Party: Try Your Call Again
  Connect as we reflect on this artifact and artify the last know public phone around as a found object! Who could object? (more)
Percussive Pair-Up
  Three people that like to hit things. Donations welcome. (more)
Pipe Dragon Memorial Expo
  The 4th (Nearly) Annual Pipe Dragon Memorial Expo... An homage to the legendary, late and lamented late-80s underground venue. $5 donation. (more)
Punk Show
  Sunday Punk Day! A free show on Sunday? enough said. (more)
Rhonda's Roots
  Folks, roots and Americana in a charming West Side backyard. Donations for musicians welcome... (more)
Saturday Spectacular
  Seeking songs? Punk scene stories? Strange sounds? Some striking strings? Show Up! Admission: Flexible $5. (more)
Sewing Souls Closing Reception
  Celebrate the artists whose work has been showcased this week. Donations graciously accepted. (more)
Sewing Souls First Friday Hip Hop Hoedown
  No bones about it, this one's gonna be lit. Admission: donations. (more)
Singer Songer Singalonger
  3 local acts perched on the Perks patio. Park your fancy lattes out where the songsmithery poureth over, and hopefully the tip jars do too. (more)
Sonic Sunshine Sunday Spectacular
  6 cool Buffalo bands bring the heat in broad daylight for the highlight of your sunscreen-scented Sunday (but wait, there's 7 days more!) (more)
Soul Power Happy Hour
  Start you weekend off right with a early bird special of soulful artists. Tips greatly accepted. (more)
Sparkly Purple Unicorn Potluck 2
  Feed your purple sparkle fetish or just your belly at this fun mix of music and unicorns. Bring a dish and pass the hat. (more)
Sunday Funtime Show
  A block of original electronic producers and songwriters sandwiched between two high energy DJs! (more)
Tea Time to Infringe
  Down the rabbit hole with Dashuri and friends. A little spoken word, storytelling and song. Bring your own crumpet. (more)
The Bridal Shower
  A bridal shower for "If You Love Buffalo So Much Why Don't You Marry it?" Games, music, comedy, burlesque... (more)
The Return of Hephaestus
  Create from what we already have or sacrifice the past to make way for the new? Immerse yourself in the ruins of 'progress' recontextualized. (more)
The Stag Party
  A stag party for "If You Love Buffalo So Much Why Don't You Marry it?" Music, burlesque, beer... $5 suggested donation. (more)
Thursday Night at the 9th Ward
  Alternative rock in the Babeville basement. $5 suggested donation. (more)
Trangressions in Society
  Embark on a journey of performance art as local underground musicians offer up visions of blackness, truth and resistance in the Queen City. (more)
Two for Tuesday
  Because... Tuesday. (more)
Uncle Sam's Friday Freak Out
  Perfect to chance to see some live music and shop for army surplus gear. Two birds one stone. Free show. (more)
Underground Space Travel
  A group of cosmic travelers on a pit stop during their trek across the solar systems! Original electronic music for the masses! (more)
Weeding Through Differences
  Community takes tending to. Lend attention to fertile themes of intention and identity to find common ground in which we can all take root. (more)
Wet Dreamland - Part 3
  Sex positive safe place, come get kinky with us! Dress your fetish! Burlesque, Porn Karaoke, Music, and more! (more)
What the Friday?!?
  A plot by secret French vodka drinking wolves seeking world domination by setting books on fire... or something like that. (more)
World Music Day at Day's
  Distinctly individual tastes speak distant tongues of a universal language in its many shades, in the shade of Days for August First Friday. (more)