Theatre/misc performance shows
"The Lonely Soldier Monologues: Women at War in Iraq," by Helen Benedict - A Staged Theatrical Reading. Produced by special arrangement with Next Stage Press, Inc.
   A non-fiction account of 7 female soldiers' service in Iraq, the play brings to light issues of misogyny, rape, and trauma in the military. (more)
A dollar for your thoughts
   A man. A typewriter. Poetry. On the street. Maybe more. (more)
A Tribute to the Mud Shark
   A theatrical burlesque piece to the tune of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention! (more)
Anatomy of Something Unseen
   Improv Comedy. 1 man, 3 suggestions, 5 scenes. You give him the suggestions he gives you a one of a kind theater experience. Adult in nature (more)
Ask Me Anything
   Ever wanted to ask a veteran, a retired police officer, or a peace activist anything? Here's your chance! Don't miss this unique opportunity. (more)
   One hour. Two improvisers. Three belly laughs. (more)
Blood Child, a one-act play by Susan Peters
   This staged reading pits a musician against the singer he perceives as ruining his music, and his life. This one-act occurs in real time. (more)
Buffabot Battle!
   Live Kaiju cardboard robot battle, featuring BuffaBot! (more)
Cairo Knows
   With the drop of a coin, the Genie statue awakens to take you back in time to an age of wonder & fortunes while robot-dancing the Kazbah. (more)
Car Stories
   Based on the show that started the Infringement Festival! An improvised theater experience, limited seating. Call 716-430-6019 to reserve. (more)
Co-opers in their Natural Habitat
   Infringe by building community. Join Nickel City Co-op for our weekly potluck, which might as well be some sort of performance art. (more)
Comedy Action Pub Crawl
   A pub crawl in Allentown led by a comedian with jokes along the way. It starts at the space between Hardware and DBGBs (more)
Communication, Conflict, and Living Cooperatively
   Interactive workshop by Nickel City Co-op exploring how to articulate needs, give feedback, and handle conflict and difficult conversations. (more)
Dazzlingly Inappropriate
   All that is dirty, taboo, and absurd from the perspective of a mother and a burlesque dancer. Spoken word/comedy/performance (more)
Don't Go Chasing John Watersfalls! Presented by The Stripteasers
   A night of burlesque debauchery dedicated to the Trash Pope- John Waters! (more)
El the Mime
   In "Port-A-Potty Madness" will a woman make it in time? In "Magic Table" what is missing? Balloon sculpting will follow where feasible. (more)
Graffiti Reading
   A theatrical ​performance of writings harvested from the ladies room, brought to life by four actors. (more)
   A new play by award-winning playwright Donna Hoke: Lydia Stokes is dreaming about dead psych patients--while she’s awake. (more)
   Gay revolution of the 70's was a complicated affair with frustration matching every achievement as idealists collided with realities. (more)
i scream the body electric
   Examination of the phenomenology of a queer, bipolar body, by sharing the experience of irritable and rage filled moments of manic screaming. (more)
I'm a mess. You might understand.
   Dance/theatrical performance around mental breakdowns, what they look like for people and breaking the stigma and neg image society imposes (more)
Intro to Direct Action and Civil Disobedience
   This training will cover why and how we use direct action and civil disobedience as tactics in our work. Please join us! (more)
Love Potion #3
   A fun, free love note bike delivery service. Come, write or type your message and send it off to surprise friends and loved ones! (more)
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
   Join us for Tea in Days Park! Alice in Wonderland / downright MAD costumes encouraged. Bring a tea pot to share! (more)
Red Beans and Rice
   This is what people will see 1. Louis thinking about his life and how it turned out 2. Pictures of his past of important people to him (more)
   Create your own Infringement event! Just reach in the box, pick an envelope, and follow the easy instructions. (more)
Shakespeare's La Pucelle
   Deconstructed version of the Bard's play focusing on La Pucelle(Joan of Arc), peasant, warrior, witch, slut, matyr who burned at the stake. (more)
Silence Your Devices
   When you attend most shows, you are asked to silence your devices. This production will be quite the opposite. (more)
   SLEUTH TO THE STARS - dramatic reading of comedy play. Murder, mayhem, domestic upheaval! 1940's P.I. hired by shady Russian businessman. (more)
Stand Up Comedy: Mason Ames
   Mason Ames is a stand-up comedian from Rochester, NY. (more)
The Best Buffalo Stand-Up Comedy Show Today
   Two hour stand up with comedians who have graduated from Helium Comedy Club's comedy classes and from the local comedy circuit at Milkies! (more)
The Blue Room
   The Blue Room , depicts a chain of ten sexual encounters, the power struggle and the complications that follow each encounter. (more)
The Boy Who Came Back
   The Boy Who Came Back is a spoken word/storytelling session devoted to the supernatural legends of the Iroquois/Hodenosaunee of New York. (more)
The Canalside Banshee
   Author Mason Winfield tells riveting Celtic-American tales of ghosts magic, witchcraft and the Fairies - many from the Niagara Frontier. (more)
The Mighty Maisie
   An original piece of genre based theatre by native Buffalo playwright Bella Poynton. (more)
The Root Channel
   Rev. Dr. Pamela Bruns, psychic medium, channeling messages from spirit. Come prepared with your direct question & see what is in your future (more)
The Sunshine Sisters Burlesque
   Cat Sinclair and Juicy Lucy will bump and grind anywhere! Burlesque/musical theatre that will make you smile and want to join in! (more)
theatreFiguren presents SPEAK.
   Mask, music, paintings and three compelling speeches weave themselves into a dream from which the waking is truly an awakening. (more)
There's Nothing So Precious
   This production honors our most precious molecule and explores the way that water works using acro, aerial, dance, poetry and more. (more)
Truey V
   TrapRage is a contemporary theater piece that distills a hoard of experiences through which we perceive TRAP music. (more)

Dance shows
Acro Seirios
   An acro performance (more)
Atomic Orbit
   A fire arts performance (more)
Commotion Dance Theater
   Contemporary Dance Theater works by Ruben Ornelas, Laurie MacFarlane, and Hanlon Dance and Company. (more)
Femme Noire
   Femme noire is a Burlesque dance company of 4 dancers (more)
Mary Grace Sullivan
   Two acts, respectively. 'Three Meditations on Water' & 'Open Arrangements' by Mary Grace Sullivan (more)
Monsters and Maniacs Burlesque
   Lovecraft and Feminism take a stroll to the burlesque show! Gaze into the void and see sensual creatures that love to bump in the night! (more)
Reasons for Reasons
Secrets Bleed (When Eaten)
   Kathleen Ashwill presents a short dance/performance art piece looking at the impact of abuse and the eventual healing and liberation from it (more)
Something Relatively Circus-y
   Fire is very very exciting. Come watch us make fire dance. Fun for the whole family. Shows subject to weather. (more)
The Hell's Harlots burlesque
   The Hell's Harlots burlesque won't cease to amaze with their full act of talented ladies doing burlesque, cabaret & belly dance. (more)
Troupe Nisaa Tribal Fusion Bellydance
   Troupe Nisaa Bellydance performs tribal fusion style choreography with music ranging from traditional to Steampunk. (more)
While Moving on Purpose
   Aikido, improv dance and creative writing! A feminist workshop-performance exploring the co-creation of words and movement. (more)

Poetry/literary shows
   Tim Sentman from Blue Lazer and Buffalo Car Stories reads his poetry and prose. (more)
American Songs and the End of Determination
   Poetic readings and improvisations from natural/geographic regions, regions in the mind and the end of determination (more)
Because who doesn't love Poe?
   Come experience the hopes, dreams, observations, fears and other emotions found on the surface or deep in the soul of teen-aged poets. (more)
Buffalo Bike Circus
   An open participation-based circus on wheels featuring music, art, and performance acts by Buffalo's beloved locals. (more)
Eddie Gomez Poetry
   Eddie work is born in the dynamic when the dreamer's heart & the rational mind collide delivered through passion and rhythm. (more)
Finir Le Mauvais
   Short poems. Life, thoughts, questions, earth creatures, byob always, what else are humans supposed to do now? College St. Gallery. (more)
Found in Translation
   Poems touch upon the travails of every day life in a lucid and sometimes humorous manner. Poetry is intended for mature audiences. (more)
Kerry Fey's Badass Class
   Kerry Fey, musician and "kinda sorta life-coachy thing" helps you set goals to #infringeeveryday as the badass you were born to be. (more)
Make-Your-Own-Adventure Detective Story
   In an alternate reality where inter-dimensional travel is real, the reader (you!) must help the detective protagonist solve a disappearance. Find all 3 endings! (more)
MC Vendetta
   MC Vendetta will be returning to spit rhymes about equality, bullshit government officials and female empowerment. (more)
Ms. Ida's Verse and Vibrations
   One woman show of poetry, prose, and low notes, Ms. Ida's unsolicited opinions are free of charge. Her bass nurtures that groove within. (more)
Naked Narration: The Shaw Showcase
   A showcase of flash fiction, visual art, and poetry celebrating lust for life and love of unapologetic words. Stanzas and stripping by Shaw. (more)
Open Mic: Diversity Night
   Open Mic: Diversity Night will allow persons from diverse backgrounds and skill levels a safe place for artistic exploration and expression. (more)
Open Mic: Erotica
   Performers welcome to share smut through dance, song, spoken (personal or appropriately credited) - all kinds welcome, voyeurs you too! (more)
Poesy Psalms
   Use poetry to eek a way into consciousness; see it to believe it. (more)
Poetry of Mike Wolf
   Poetry of, by, and for Buffalo with an emphasis on the introspective. (more)
   Stories on life and other uncomfortable subjects. (more)
Reading Live w/C.R.Shipman
   Reading Live w/C.R.Shipman. where through simple live reading, the stories are brought to life using only the imagination. (more)
Storytelling Poetry
   Incorporating poetry and traditional African Storytelling with call and response participation with the audience. (more)
Summer slams!!!
   The sun is shining and summer is here in full force. Come out to join the Pure Ink Poetry slam in a series of mini themed poetry slams. (more)
The Skein Of Our Existence
   David Landrey will read poetry with guitar accompaniment by Daniel Kolb. (more)

Music shows
3 am
   3 am: A duo performing rockin’ Americana rhythms of truth & lyricism. Wake up your soul to these gypsy grooves played on harmonica, guitars, (more)
Able Footing
   A mix of reality and fantasy, come see the folk and Americana origins of one of Buffalo's most notorious bands. Stolen but never duplicated. (more)
Accidental Accidentals
   Classical masterpieces hacked to pieces under a tree for free for all violin voyeurs - don't look, but you can listen, I'm just practicicing. (more)
Accordion Bonanza
   Accordion Craaaazyness (more)
Aj Spliff
   Hip-Hop Artist/Vocalist (more)
Alassane Sarr
   Master Drummer from Senegal. (more)
Always Cool Society
   A musical collective consisting of six members including dev11n aka AC Matriarch, AC McKenzye and AC Millie Beamon from Buffalo, NY. (more)
Andrew Polycoder
   High Tech Minimal\Techno Producer All Original Live Sets. Not your typical EDM. (more)
   Anti-Matter submerses concertgoers in surreal cerulean pools of inspiration to encourage an experience of wonder & pure Love. Always fresh. (more)
astraea beaming
   Join astraea beaming as she shares introspective, thoughtful original songs exploring concepts of nature, relationships, and spirituality. (more)
   Autoverse don't know rap, but rap don't know Autoverse either. That will be the magic, when fresh beats, beat rhymes, and limes combine. (more)
BCAT Entertainment Presents Summer Jam 2017
   BCAT Entertainment Presents Summer Jam 2017 some talented teens who will blow you away from our Chorus and spoken word to Hip Hop (more)
   We are beerhall philosophers, and so are you. (more)
Bighorn Sheep
   Bighorn Sheep is a 7 headed instrument swapping dual drumming guitar driven stoner/punk/jam/rock band (more)
Bipedal - Cymbal + laptop
   Composition/improvisation for suspended china cymbal and live laptop processing. (more)
Bipolar Coaster
   Rock and Metal Rhythms topped with Screaming guitar solos Along with singing over acoustic guitar. There's something for everybody here. (more)
Blaise Mercedes & Friends
   Joining Blaise Mercedes is a small yet powerful group of young musicians bringing you a fun and inspiring musical mash up. (more)
BloodThirsty Vegans
   Your musical soundtrack for opposing Donald Trump and his cronies. (more)
Blue Lazer
   We are aliens and monsters who melt faces as we improvise lyrics and music. It's never the same show twice. (more)
   BlueShift is a 5-piece original progressive rock/hard rock band. High energy rock blending prog rock, funk, metal, grunge and jazz. (more)
Bobby Floyd Angel Live
   Acoustic guitar, Harmonica, Vocals. The guy with the sparkly jackets! (more)
Braden Bodensteiner (Music Act)
   Braden Bodensteiner- Rock n' Roll (more)
Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalist
   Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalists is not a marching band, it's a moving pep band, a walking rock band, a homage to the second line, a (more)
Brendan & the Strangest Ways
   Tear in your beer Americana/Folk Rock recently returned to Buffalo after seven years spent playing on and around all three US Coasts. (more)
   camfiel r&b, rock and roll (more)
Chester Copperpot
   Buffalo,NY natives Chester Copperpot have been slinging their brand of Tr!punk to anyone who will listen. Come see what you've been missing. (more)
Chill Ali
   Hip Hop artist. (more)
   chloroform is an instrumental improv fusion band (more)
Chris Abbey
   Acoustic guitar is flexible. From punk to party to metal to balladeer, often in the same song. I write to my mood & play to surprise. (more)
Christian AlexZander - The Curse & The Cure
   "My music is mostly geared towards being free from what is deemed normal." (more)
Chronic Collective
   Chronic Collective is comprised of two emcees: Alibi and Illusive. Mind travelling space experimentalists. (more)
Chuckie Campbell & The Black Den
   Chuckie Campbell and The Black Den are a 5 piece live band with a full brass section, bringing a powerful, eclectic approach to hip hop. (more)
Circular Logic
   Experimental space jams. (more)
Cosmic Raga
   meditative experimental new-agey sarangi-harp duo (more)
Curiosity's End
   Indie rock band with driving rhythms, melodic guitar, empowering vocals, and viola harmonies. (more)
D Real McCoy Presents : For the Love of Music
   D Real McCoy Present For the Love of Music brings you some of the most talented Hip Hop artist you have seen. Come fall in Love again! (more)
Dark Matter Trio
   Energetic improvisations by three musicians with a knack for temporal beauty create a big sound focused on harmony and captivating rhythms. (more)
David Adamczyk's Gig Adventure
   Solo violin where you least expect it. Be caught off-guard by an array of musical faces in a melange of local places. (more)
   Deadwolf is a 5-piece Psychedelic Rock band who's Debut album, Heavy Heart, is "Something to be Considered" - The Daily Public (more)
   A coffin full of noise (more)
   "Good ol' sludgy indie rock without all the tiresome vocals and guitars. Just a bass, a drum and some half operational keyboards to bring some black sunshine to your day" -Buck Strongcock, Pretentious Rock Review Quarterly (more)
   a dj set of my own music and from others (more)
Diesel Dog
   We perform with a great big danceable energy and a funky intensity that always gets the crowd on their feet and into the music. (more)
Digital Afterlife
   Alternative Electronic band from Buffalo, NY comprised of brothers Paul & Greg Burt. Come weird out with us! (more)
   Hailing from Buffalo,NY, "Diverze" is an upcoming recording artist. He has attended & performed at "Syracuse University" to open up for YMCM (more)
DJ Spruke
   Come dance to Vegas-style big-room sounds with the hypest builds and most energetic drops to this turntables-using DJ who lives to get hype. (more)
   2-piece noisy math rock musical performance (more)
Drums Along Hoyt Lake
   Open community drum circle along Hoyt Lake near Marcy Casino, led by WNY's finest hand drummers. Audience & dancer participation welcome! (more)
Drums and Electronics
   Composition/improvisation, expanded to drum set and live electronics. (more)
Easy Chair Mcgee
   Solo Acoustic Act (more)
Edryce Hasan
   acoustic singer song writer with a mix of rock/jazz & folk (more)
   dubstep and bass house (more)
Elevations: The Soundscape of Buffalo Grain Elevators
   Multimedia installation featuring the soundscape of Buffalo's grain elevator corridor, videos, photos and live music performance. (more)
Fe'netiks Live ????????????????
   Fe'netiks live. Don't sleep! #Rebel. If you like interesting music I advise you attend (more)
Firm Gully
   Electro doom pop. Space age music for all your emotional needs, provided you mostly feel bummed. (more)
   Improvised arrangements of Air Guitar tunes on the harmonica. (more)
   Rowdy Jazz & Bluesy Roots from Buffalo, NY. (more)
Formally Lethargic
   Formally Lethargic is a fun, fast, and philosophical rock ‘n’ roll band based in Nashville, Tennessee. (more)
   Psychedelic Blues Rock (more)
FragranceandJuan Cosmic Energy
   We are a husband and wife duo. We sing about LOVE exclusively! Our brand of performance is called “Melodic Love Therapy." (more)
Gamelan Klenengan
   A presentation from the Buffalo Gamelan Club (more)
   More of last years throwing mayhem w/more twists (more)
Green Schwinn
   Green Schwinn are a 2-piece acoustic band based in the Buffalo, NY area. Old time classics done by singer John Blake and guitar Andy Othman. (more)
   Loop Oriented Indie Rock (more)
Groove Nektar
   Newly formed rock band, Groove Nektar, brings a fresh taste of jam-rock to the Buffalo area. (more)
   We are a psychedelic rock band from Niagara Falls influenced by Pink Floyd, the flaming lips, tame impala etc. (more)
Grump, Project Grump, not to be confused with Gump, Trump, Hump or Lump
   Not for the faint of heart, Project Grump is the first act to bring you all the things that Bob hates, in hardcore punk form. (more)
HC Kush
   Will Be rapping about my life, neighborhood, and the city of buffalo. (more)
   Hexamatastrophe is an eclectic theater band. They combine their eclectic set of songs into a narrative for a musical style show. (more)
Hooked on Casiophonics
   Hip Hop dance party...shake booty (more)
Hooray for Boobies
   Kerry Fey and Bacon cover songs by such bands as the Bloodhound Gang with minimal irony. (more)
Hundred Plus Club
   Alternative indie rock quartet from Buffalo that will make you want to dance. (more)
Huracan Poli
   Comes to us from some volcanic rock off the west coast of Africa, disparate, hazardous, precious, and precisely performing a myriad of original cross fusion /ArabOrient/Flamenco/Br8k/HipHop/Classical. (more)
Intent To Sell
   Rap, Alternative Rock, Jam Band can't help but kick out their tasty guitar riffs and woke lyrics with the tight groove and solid back beats. (more)
   A female fronted band with a heart of metal, and a soul of good old rock n roll. (more)
Ish Kabbible
   Father Son Drum and Bass Jazz/Funk/Prog/Metal/Duo (more)
jack toft
   jack toft - legendary buffalonian underground weirdo art rap folk freak punk rocker guy (more)
Jay Aquarious
   Jay Aquarious is a local R&B/Pop artist who sings, raps, and dances. He performs both originals and covers. (more)
Jimyn sings songs of new wave kings The Cars & wave rock queen Shirley Manson & Garbage
   Colorful showman Jimyn enjoys seeing the Public's pictures of long-ago Buffalo when mob bosses ruled the earth & comic books cost 10 cents. (more)
John Kloberdanz
   Singer/Songwriter John Kloberdanz performs his original songs on guitar for your listening enjoyment. (more)
Jon Rizzo & Conference of the Strange
   Jon Rizzo andConference of the Strange - piano-driven original rock alongside diverse covers ranging from Pink Floyd to Vince Guaraldi (more)
Jong SL
   Jong is a Jazz Pop artist from the Elmwood area! (more)
June Gray
   One singer with a dj maybe (more)
Junkyard Slow Drag
   Junkyard Slow Drag is a three piece band playing a wide variety of tunes within the assorted sub-genres of the grand folk idiom. (more)
Justin Von Strasburg
   I create minimal noise with a snare drum. (more)
Kari Quimpo
   Kari Quimpo is a pop-country singer-songwriter from Rockaway Beach, NY, currently residing in Buffalo. (more)
Katie Ann Is Driven
   Katie Ann is an artist dedicated to define seeking the ambition to drive. Check out her originals from her new album "Driven." (more)
Kerry Fey
   Kerry Fey hits Infringement for a third year with her brand of cheeky folk rock. (more)
Kevin J. Prentice
   Kevin J. Prentice, a Buffalo born 'n breed musician, emerges from the shadows of Nietchzes. (more)
La Marimba
   The Marimba (more)
LaLa Fuckaroo
   Who decides what is madness and what is just an over hyped artist statement (more)
   Death lounge? Soul Jazz? Art Rock? Lalalangue's music defies definition. We create it from poetry and dark matter. (more)
Lazy Ass Destroyer
   A crazy high energy mix of electro party punk rock and rhyme (more)
Leafy Trees
   Splashy gust of wind and stars. (more)
Lifemusik mit Andre
   Some lofi, outsider pop for all the lovers and the lonely. Bring musik to life, bring the government to its knees, make drinking fun again (more)
Like a Panther
   Modern garage/indie/postpunk (more)
Little cake
   WILLING TO PERFORM (if invited to do so). Beautiful catchy songs and a spirit-rising gooooood talking to. See you soon! (more)
   A collaborative duo comprising guitar and vocals. We jump around from original R&B songs to Beyonce covers to our own take on hardcore. (more)
   MAAPS is an improvisational ambient electronic duo. (more)
Major Arcana
   Three piece trash-pop band from Buffalo, NY (more)
Max Muscato & Outer Harbor
   Max Muscato is an energetic and captivating blues guitarist and composer. His influences range from John Mayer to John Williams. (more)
Meria / HauntedGypsy
   Guitarist Meria Cairns and drummer Curtis Orange play original songs-indie/alternative/progessive/grungy/psycho-psychedelic gypsy rock! (more)
Mic excel / Scott MacCallum
   4 piece band, hip hop overtones (more)
Mike Criscione
   guitars,vocals, live loops (more)
Mindy Davey
   I'm a 23 year old Singer Songwriter from Buffalo NY. My single "Peace" is out now on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play!! (more)
Minor Racket
   Minor Racket is an eclectic original group from western ny. The bands sound composes elements of jazz, rock, fusion, funk and world music. T (more)
Mixes with Flow Ekim
   DJ Flow Ekim plays everything from 90's underground to modern House and new releases. If you want to hear Johnny Cash over 140 BPM stop in f (more)
Mom Said No.
   Mom Said No has perfected its own brand of high-energy, dramatic, and tuneful pop. (more)
Muggle Snuggle
   #MuggleSnuggle - 'Wands at the Ready!' A Wizarding Musical Theater production. Harry Potter inspired fun for all ages. Accio Music Magic! (more)
My Rap Name is Alex
   Using tablet computers and looping technology I create a musical landscape that is then explored with lyrics of peace and love and tolerance (more)
No Illusions
   An acoustic string trio that plays a variety of Americana, traditional tunes, originals, and covers. (more)
Not Cool
   let's listen to some Wavewave ;* (more)
Nothing Casual
   Alternative rock band combining influences from indie, blues, and punk (more)
Nuke Fun
   Live Band with Lights! Able to play a 90 min set of originals & some cover tunes. (more)
Null-terminated Char Array Music
   Original solo viola compositions, covers, we'll see...perhaps a looping pedal or three. (more)
One Cello Anything Goes
   With a cello, Wit Wichaidit covers movie soundtracks, pop, rock, and traditional Thai music (more)
Open Busking
   Prime locations open to licensed street performing. No turf-battles please! (more)
Open Poetry Read... and Ukulele!
   This is an Open Poetry Reading for anyone who wants to attend! Ukulele players are also welcome. So come join to read and play! (more)
Organika All Stars
   Supergroup for Organika. (more)
Pam Swarts
   Guitar and Keyboard cinematic electronics (more)
Paul Kozlowski Quartet
   B.Levitt/D.Adamczyk/P.Kozlowski (more)
Physical Psychics
   Inspired by Yin, Yang and Jazz of everyday life, this outfit blends rhythmic intensity, grooves, lush chords, and mighty riffs with passion (more)
Prince vs. Bowie Dance Party
   The Epic Prince vs. Bowie Dance Party! An entire evening of Prince and David Bowie, spun by DJ Xotec and Bill Page! (more)
   Experimental music played alongside a projected film featuring landscapes and urbanscapes. (more)
Re: Whiskey Gatorade
   Live! Electronica/ techno/ acid house. Always hydrate with RE: Whiskey Gatorade! (more)
Red Guitar Songs
   Redguitar songs have a unique aesthetic that takes risks and wade into the deep waters of the spirit. (more)
Rising Crust
   Two piece sludge/grunge rock (more)
   We like to give people a unique experience when we perform. Bringing them into a living room and giving them a intimate performance. (more)
Rory McCormack
   sort of weird music (more)
   Ez Amädi is one of the break out stars to watch coming from the Buffalo rap scene. As an artist he is not one to miss. (more)
Sangre del Higo Pico
   A fig carries a quantified amount of insect larvae, therefore bridge beats with blasts and flesh. (more)
Sarah Golley
   'Equipped with only a keyboard and looping machine, Golley is able to achieve a moody opulence rare among solo artists." -Village Voice (more)
   Scantron is a multi-instrumentalist and beatboxer. (more)
Short Moscato
   Christopher Michael Moscato, b/k/a Short Moscato, is an American Hip-Hop recording artist and music producer from Buffalo, New York. (more)
Sing Along In The Stairwell IV
   We need your noises! Join us for an interactive sing along in Hostel Buffalo Niagara's wonderfully reverberative stairwell. (more)
Six-Dinner Sid
   Solo acoustic folk musician who displays the softer side of punk while still remaining true to those badass roots. (more)
   Snowbelt is an indie rock band, with elements of folk from WNY. Members include Joe Cavaretta, Jon Britt, Dan Taylor, and Nick Gunner. (more)
Solo Gyil
Solo Saxaphone
   steve plays sax (more)
Soma:Space Time Trip
   DJ set from Soma. (more)
Sonic Shamanism
   Sonic Shamanism allows the experience of sound acting as a catalyst for mystic vision. (more)
Space Jam Orchestra
   an intense space funk party that magically appears, makes a joyous sound, and disappears just as suddenly. (more)
Spadeo Nation
   Buffalo native artist, writer, producer, engineer, performer, photo editor, and more (more)
Strange Standard
   Dancey Funk, soulful Blues, and energetic Rock all rolled into one nice package! This band is certain to get you in the groove! (more)
   Progressive Metal (more)
   I am Jessica Miller. I am a song writer, musician, and singer. I want to bring a different flavor of music to the world. (more)
   Swimmer is an experimental rock-fusion quintet based out of Burlington, VT. https://www.facebook.com/swimmermusic/ (more)
Tart Vandelay
   Tart Vandelay began as a duo featuring musical couple Martin LoFaso and Katie Halligan. Together, the duo combine a variety of musical genre (more)
   IS THIS YOU?? (more)
Terry Clines
   Solo artist influenced by everything from The Uncluded to Cage the Elephant (more)
That Virginia
   Born and raised in Brazil, she evokes tropical warmth and provoking thoughts, discussing the truth of emotions, humanity, & other oddities. (more)
The Bonaparte Experience
   A musical experience that is not the normal of a DJ here in Buffalo. Feat music from locals, the internet, and Top 40 charts. (more)
The Bootlegs
   making noise (more)
the buffalo suicide prevention unit
   the best free jazz (more)
The Covers
   Classic rock & folk covers from the '60s, '70s and '80s, plus originals (more)
The Emotron
   legendary weirdo performance art musician from the south diy 13 yr road dawg (more)
The Everythingness
   Paul Sottnik's genre hopping indie folk jazz trio plays his original songs. (more)
The Fat Catz
   There's A Party In Outer Space, And Everyone's Invited! (more)
The Finality Complex
   Symphonic industrial metal - unusual time signatures, modal tonalities, orchestral instruments, epicness! (more)
The Good Neighbors
   4-piece indie-pop/alt rock band out of Buffalo, NY. Act includes bass, electric guitar, keyboard, drums, and 2 vocals. (more)
The Great North
   A local electronic DJ duo that blends every genre into their music and live sets. They have performed all over the U.S. (more)
The Heenan Brothers
   The Heenan Brothers play folky, bluesy kind of Americana respectfully referred to as Canal Blues. (more)
The Left Hand of Darkness
   Modern Rock Progression on the Krappy Touchstyle 10 and 12 String Guitar/Bass, Synthes, Drums, guitar and Percussion (more)
the meat whistles
   The Meat Whistles are a fusion of ska ,surf ,jazz, punk and good old fashion rock n roll band. (more)
The Missing Worker
   Join us for the debut of our audio/visual rock opus "Birth of an Idea". Reminder: Sound is a vibration, light is a wave, time is a circle. (more)
The Music Of Brandon LaSpada
   Brandon LaSpada performs his heartfelt honest songs solo acoustic. (more)
The Rust Belt Brigade
   The Rust Belt Brigade are an acoustic Folk/Americana duo utilizing only guitar and cajon to create succinct sing songy anthems. (more)
The Seasides
   The Seasides play easy listening music, including covers of rock, pop, and folk, as well as catchy originals. (more)
The Set of Zaz
   Influenced by jazz legend Cab Calloway, Zaz Zu has used the hi-de-ho spirit, to build a brand of his own. (more)
The Sofa Kingz
   A feel good energetic garage rock band to provide a refreshing energetic and positive atmosphere to the days events (more)
   The name "The States" was derived from our various states of mind based on the styles of music we present. (more)
the Transindental Karmacist
   i am not even sure .... something cosmic , !! a little raga, rap and roll , uplifting souls and banging chakras! (more)
The U.S. Americans
   Acid punk, whirling guitar, pummeling vocals, throbbing bass, and Dickensian drums, THE U.S. AMERICANS are your antidote. (more)
The Vendo Llaamas
   The Vendo Llaamas bring together and eclectic mix of surf, rock, blues and folk. Performing both orginal songs as well as many favorites. (more)
The Vine Brothers
   18 String Big Band expanding the definition of folk music. Deep American influences. "2016 Americana Group of the Year" -IMEA Awards (more)
   This is a power trio with two basses and a drummer shaking up Buffalo. (more)
   Rob Agnello is a producer, engineer and artist performing a wide range of songs as a solo guitar player and vocalist. (more)
   Shevy on guitar/fiddle/vocals, Scorpion on bass/drums, Sonlee on trumpet/ bass/piano (more)
   Tilapia is a three piece funky jam band that believes in two chains not three (more)
Tim Haufe
   Tim Haufe is a New York based songwriter and composer. His music is beautiful, dynamic, volatile, desperate, and full of hope. (more)
Transcontinental Astronauts
   The Transcontinental Astronauts Are an exciting loud and high Energy acoustic guitar and banjo duet. Come Check them out (more)
Transfer in Jamaica
   Ambient dance sounds from the mass media unconscious. (more)
   Triumverate: Grand Island's Greatest Punk Band. 'Nuff Said. (more)
Twenty Thousand Strongmen
   A singing Cat and a banjo pluckin Mouse perform a fast paced, comical whirlwind of truly original Folk songs with their friends. (more)
Uncle Rick's Variety Show
   Sing-along to songs for peace as we practice harmony preaching like the choir who knows what what war is good for (absolutely nothing!) (more)
Uptown Chase
   Billie Essco is the embodiment of a Buffalo kid who has not been trapped by the city limits, using art as a vessel to teach. (more)
Vigil for Itall
   We all have something...come in community to commemorate with momentos, in memory & mutual support for the hard things, whatever they may be. (more)
Vocal Yoga Workshop
   Participatory workshop in Vocal Yoga and guided group improvisatory circle-singing. Minimum recommended age: 14. $10 donation (more)
We Stole The Show
   We Stole The Show's catchy and entertaining songs have a message to go along with their engaging performance. (more)
   $ rapper $ beat maker $ radarada $ 14 trapdoors $ new trap $ boom bap $ (more)
Younger Then
   Younger Then is a 4 piece rock and roll band from Buffalo, NY. For fans of Kings of Leon, Cage the Elephant, The Killers, etc. (more)
Zack Steinberg and Shaun Doyle
   Guitar and vocals by Zack Steinberg and Shaun Doyle playing classic tunes by Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and more. (more)

Street performance shows

Film & video shows
Electric Karma
   A hybrid long form music video/narrative video that tells a story of love, betrayal and redemption. (more)
Hobbit Fest 3000
Illuminati Secrets
   From Secret Societies to how the worlds governments have their strings pulled by bankers and corporations. This film covers it all. (more)
Queers Fight Back: History and Make-shop
   This history and make-shop will engage participants in LGBTQ resistance to policing and make signage for Q4RJ's Queers Fight Back campaign. (more)
The Fake News Project
   So you want to see fake news? We'll give you fake news. Look for a news crew seeking nothing but the untruth. (more)
The Greg Sterlace Show
   The Greg Sterlace Show features local artists and musicians in a weekly half hour interview/performance format. It has been on cable access since 1994. (more)
The Only Thing Better Than A Shave
   A song by the sweet by and by and a changing image end up asking you what really could be better than a shave? A HD short. Come laugh along (more)
   Through countless lifetimes, Luka and Zephyr are bound in a whirlwind romance that is intimately entwined with the fabric of reality itself. (more)

Visual art shows
   A series of drawings and painted panels, partially object based and partially meditative. My inspiration is the removal of body parts. (more)
   This is the event you’re not going to make it to. It looked interesting, but you got busy, or lost track of time. Man…you missed out. (more)
A Glimpse of an International Adoptee's Mind
   A Glimpse of an International Adoptee's Mind is a contemporary series depicting the inner-world of an Asian adoptee's roots of emotion. (more)
Abstract Expressionism
   A series of abstract expressionist paintings. (more)
Around the Non-Body
   A constellation of objects which aim to criticize homonormativity and the place of the white, idealized male body. (more)
   Series of paintings and papercuts using gouache and inks. (more)
Bob Ross Painting Party
   Come dressed as Bob Ross and paint with us! Bring canvas and paint or get some from us. We will be projecting episodes and painting along! (more)
Breath Link
   Marker, charcoal and scissors are the implements used to explore the relation between flexible nudity and emotion. (more)
buffalo people
   A sketch compilation of the people of Buffalo throughout the years. (more)
Catman Sketch
   Sketches & drawings done by Eric Brennan THE CATMAN (more)
   Chaos- Abstract art paintings using oil and acrylic. They will make you think about and feel what chaos looks like in your life. (more)
Chromatic Gesticulation
   A mixed media series, gilded, oozing, colorful hands coated in slime. They drip and glimmer; grasping tighter, they lose their grip. (more)
City of No Illusions
   The City of No Illusions is a visual statement that challenges the current branding of New Buffalo and its self-proclaimed renaissance. (more)
   Coo at me Colgate...bird me with that bubblegum, no tickling above my 360 neck. Come perch on broken branches. (more)
Dead Celebrities
   Pop Culture Portraits by JC (more)
   We hold our trauma in our hearts as well as in our stuff. Destroy it with me. No seriously, come for some safe & therapeutic destruction. (more)
   Disremembered is a photographic series that documents the Buffalo Central Terminal through color, textures, form and shadow play. (more)
Doggy Style/ Kitty Porn 2.0
   Watch for the "wandering art gallery" that is Cat's trench coat full of porn! (more)
Emotional Beauty
   Series of black and white self portrait photographs capturing real emotions behind typical "selfies" (more)
   Art I've made since eight grade. -Erica the Ice Dragon (more)
family photos
   Five works on paper that explore family dynamics with line and color. (more)
Fiona and Friends
   A comic strip about a fat, lazy cat and her people. Think Garfield but in Buffalo. (more)
Foray in Photography and Haiku
   Pieces to be seen, enjoyed or hated, by ongoers and passerby's. Original photography and haikus. (more)
   Works inspired by great loss, personal experience, and The Tibetan Book of the Dead. (more)
Free Agent
   A series of "Missions" and "Clues" will lead you to a "Free Agent" held captive with flyers for the Free Agent store located at 704 Main. (more)
Gimme Givve
   Art swap between artist and community. Take something, leave something. Anything. (more)
Happy Hooker Sweet Shop
   Come visit the Happy Hooker Sweet Shop, where everything is calorie free, yet looks so tasty! (more)
Hiconball Design Collection
   These works are a tribute to my favorite icons of all time. Illustrating how much artists made an impact on others. (more)
Hooking the Hyperbolic: DIY Geometry
   Crafting meets math! Learn about hyperbolic geometry and see crocheted sculptures reveal the exotic world of strange shapes and forms. (more)
Imagine That!
   Paintings and Photographs using fun, folksie, cartoon characters and colorful scenes that may make you think but all are to make you smile. (more)
   This show includes a series of paintings that examine self as artist. (more)
Ironic Still Lifes
   My infringement artwork will feature a series of still lifes and scenes that someone wouldn't normally paint. (more)
Jitter Jots
   A series of paintings done using coffee based pigment as the primary medium. (more)
just a taste
   My infringement artwork will feature a series of still lifes and scenes that someone wouldn't normally paint. (more)
Life is diverse and wonderful
   Some artists eat, drink and breath art. It doesn't matter what type of art it may be, the art washes away the dirt of the day to day pain. (more)
Local Punk
   Steve Ardo is a graphic designer/illustrator in Buffalo’s “do it yourself” community selling his punk rock and LGBTQ+ focused artwork. (more)
Mass Art
   Abstract, colorful, fun, and insightful paintings and sculptures. (more)
   Cat inspired works (more)
Mixed Income Housing Project
   The point of the sculpture is to question the viewer about the potential idea of mixed income housing. (more)
Multiplane Desk Posters
   Local Artist adapts the classic tradition of Multiplane animation into a fresh form of art. (more)
Painting Machine part 2
   Dealing themes with intense social and current topics. Conveyed in several mediums. (more)
Paintings by Cat McCarthy
   Bright and colorful acrylic paintings dealing with Intersectional Feminism, Politics, Body Image, and Smashing the Patriarchy (more)
Psyscapes Designs
   Wicked cool geometric UV art! (more)
Rock out with your Chalk out
   Chalk drawings on street/sidewalk. I have professional sidewalk chalk + chalk I bring to share. Usually there is a long hopscotch. (more)
Scrap Iron Army
   Metal robots build from the rust belts cast offs. (more)
   SIFT is an algorithm that I use to manipulate images in creative ways, degrading and reprocessing the image in interesting ways... (more)
something different in buffalo
   a video performance offering an entertaining/ informative / educational look into the various social issues in the city of Buffalo. (more)
   My work focuses on the process of drawing textures in everyday objects, highlighting their beauty. (more)
   Lovely and unusual anatomical beauty captured in sensuously delicate paintings by Sarah Jay (more)
The FUCK Project
   Adults are still kids. Why say, "Thanks," when you can say, "Fuck?" We are letting people know that we give fucks while getting crafty. (more)
The Kindness Relay
   Relay Race of Kindness: This is no gym class flashback! Spreading good words and deeds has never been this fun-- or this fast! (more)
Things I Should've Said
   Things I Should've Said is a series of colorful abstract paintings that confront normalized instances of sexism and racism. (more)
Thrive by Amy Lynn Duengfelder
   A series of nature photographs juxtaposed with silhouettes of women. amylynnamylynn.com (more)
   Dream paintings. (more)
   Mixed Media Zentangle patterns on Old Vinyl Records. (more)
What We Fought For
   "What We Fought For" is a bold and unapologetic photographic portrait exhibit of LGBTQ youth, showing previous generations all was not lost. (more)

Group shows
3rd Annual Opening Day Invisible Partybus Memorial Parade
  This canned proposal's ghost can still be heard haunting the Paisón lot, but our spirited opening day open-to-all sidewalk parade lives on! (more)
Allentown Association Artisans Market Allen East Street Closure
  Just what will ensue when the Artisans Market Street Closure lets loose a procession of infringement Artists through it's gates? (more)
Art of the Community: Supporting Locust St.
  Put the art in being part of something, where community comes first. (more)
Attic Antics
  Folk, space jams and buzz-bin pop - it's an Infringement sampler platter. Admission: Free. Donations accepted. (more)
Balls to the Hallwalls
  Balls of creative energy that is. Enjoy some of infringement's unique acts in a prestigious venue. Admission: $5 suggested donation. (more)
Bard Knock Life
  Instead of tricked, you'll be treated to the minstrelsy of these musician-poets punctuating your perusal through one incendiary selection. (more)
Barging Into the Burch': La La Land
  Let your mind wander to the benches and birches of BPAC Front Yard and sun your psyche in the shade of a museum that thinks outside the box. (more)
Basement of Experimental Noises and Composition
  Enjoy this collection of Top 40 hits of the '90s. Just kidding, this is some weird shit. Admission Free. (more)
Battle of the Banjos
  A twang thang to pluck your cares away stringing several songsters in a midday garden-getaway where no-one shrugs at the name Earl Scruggs. (more)
Beats and Chill Showcase
  Dance, chill and dance again. at this electronic music event. Admission: Free. (more)
Belt Loops
  Loosen up to looping layers leading you to Rustbelt's snug shelves that suggest you drop your plans and expose yourself to some public art. (more)
Bidwell Farmers Market
  Infringement artists plant some nutrient-rich vibes to produce a good time while you're in line considering some fine locally-grown eats. (more)
Buskfest 5000 3/4
  A calvacade of solo singer-songwriters on the streetcorner outside Caffe Aroma, guitar cases strategically left open. (more)
Closing Ceremonies / Iffy Awards Ceremony
  The final event. The last hurrah. Complete with open-ended awards ceremony. Admission: $5 suggested donation *proceeds go to help BIF2018. (more)
Closing Day Porchside Pre-Parade Practice Party
  The name says it all, open to all to bang a gong or sing along, before the sidewalk procession's collision course with the Days Park chorus. (more)
Curios and Oddities
  Odd acts in an odder location. Curious? (more)
Don't Sow The Reaper
  Life gets messy. Better than letting it best you here's some tunes and tales to break through those trials and travails for a smashing time. (more)
Five at the Ninth
  A collection of 5 music acts, spanning various different genres. $3 (more)
Folk All Y'all
  Modern folk in an intimate setting. (more)
Frontin' on the Waterfront: LaSalle Park Extravaganza
  Awash in a 5-band chromatic spree, come get lost at sea at this Sunday bandshell bombshell lineup that's keepin' it real and makin' waves. (more)
Garden Party: A 2017 Infringement LGBTQ Showcase
  Free from the male gaze and free for male gays, LBTQIA folks & cissys too. Left off this list? Feel included in this ripe garden of variety! (more)
Hooray for Hickory part deux
  Quintessential Infringement show. Deep underground heavyweights. Admission: Pass the hat. (more)
Hot Mama's Sunday Spectacular
  Along the outerfringe of infringement lies Hot Mama's. Enjoy fine acts and get a tasty burger as well. Admission: Donations accepted. (more)
Infringe on iNFRINGEMENT Closing Day Parade
  Go ahead, infringe on Infringement. You'll find you still enjoy the sense of shared permission that makes it it, regardless. It's all yours. (more)
Infringement Food Not Bombs Picnic
  Music/Performance art during the Food Not Bombs serves at Layfayette Square 1pm every Saturday and Monday, FREE VEGAN FOOD SERVED (more)
Infringement Progfest
  For fans of big riffs and complex time signatures. There aren't many Infringement shows like this so don't miss it! Admission $5. (more)
It's a Sad, Sad Saturday
  Having that feeling like life isn't all roses? Consult this cathartic blend of artists daring to plunge the depths of the human situation. (more)
It's Time For Space
  Gravitate toward Days Park til dark, it's the place for a spaced-out time that'd leave any Pleiadian feeling pleased. (more)
Kidfringement at the Atrium
  A free family affair in the Atrium's hidden spaces, an early-morning mix of imaginations inspiring smiles on faces of bigs and littles alike (more)
Kosmik Karpeles
  Space and time will collapse until the portraits of Pam Swarts and Sarah Golley appear next to Martha Washington's. (more)
Lawn Of No Illusions
  In this land of confusion here's a midweek music+poetry solution to get the jump on humpday outside the most artsy house on Park Street. (more)
Lit Lit
  Get your fix with these slick poets who know it's a thing to string themes of dreams and drama that'll even leave your mama saying "Word." (more)
Locust Street Art Show
  Locust Art's 57th Annual Art Show! (more)
Main St. Monday Hostel-ities (Not Really That Hostile) Film Fest
  Eclectic mix of films by local filmmakers. (more)
Matineé for Humaniteé
  Humanity starts with you and me, so bring the whole human family in to focus on this doubled-feature on themes of water's really important. (more)
Megafringe Phase I: 'Alot In A Lot'
  A lot to be grateful for, this pavement party reminds. Beats, brown bags and rhymes to the nines, wraps up 'round 7, hear here a good time. (more)
Megafringe Phase II: 'Parked in the Park'
  Bask in the shade on closing day at Days Park for much of the day. Make it your own, make it new, go join the parade or let it come to you. (more)
Megafringe Phase III: 'When Words Collide'
  Words can end wars, they're a weapon of choice, come rally around, raise your voice, demonstrate the will to create and how the arts inspire (more)
Metal Monday
  Metal infused punk, electronica and theatre mash up. Soul selling worthy. (more)
Milk 'n' Cookies
  Jam in your jammies! Milk 'n' Cookies is BIF's one and only indie rock pajama party. Admission $5 (more)
Milkie's Masquerade Ball: Heroes and Villains
  Come in costume dressed as your favorite hero or villain. Admission $5/ $3 with costume. (more)
  Just when we thought we couldn't come with another horrible name for a group show... despite this, the music will be excellent. $5 (more)
Mohawk Masquerade Ball: Westworld
  Party like a squad of technicians can patch you up the next morning. $5/$3 with costume. (more)
Music's Last Stand: Allen St. in Exile
  No horns to toot in A-town... et tu Elmwood Strip?? Props, Amherst St for taking the stand for this last bastion of music gear in Buffaland. (more)
Muttonfest (BYOBBQ)
  Check out some gristle-y rock and roll at this BYOBBQ. BRING YOUR MEATS!! (more)
Nietzsche's Presents: Swimmer
  One of the few out-of-town acts to perform at this year's fest, BIF is proud to welcome Vermont's jam-tastic Swimmer. $5 (more)
Noise Inordinance II
  If you listen closely, noise music can always be heard. Surprising, then, to find it just outside Buffalo's most illustrious concert hall? (more)
Not Quite A Trio of Trios
  Originally this show had a trio of trios until someone added a member. For all I know they're all quintets now. (more)
One Big Living Room
  Welcome. Come on in. The Hip-Hop is fine. $5 (more)
Open Mic
  Be part of the action.... (more)
Opening Ceremonies
  The Opening Parade leads you to a night packed with 12 infringing artists. Admission: Suggested Donation $5 *proceeds of show go help BIF. (more)
Opening Day Pre-Parade Congregation Station
  The iNFRINGEMENT is coming! Come to Ol' Wondermoth to get some tunes down before you get down, but show up late and expect to march solo! (more)
PatRiot Tuesday
  Bands blow up the spot while vets take Qs, their gear sold here in no short supply where the only shade cast will be from the fake news. (more)
Pipe Dragon Memorial Expo
  The 5th (Nearly) Annual homage to the legendary, late and lamented late-80s underground venue. $5 suggested donation, no membership required. (more)
Purple Sparkly Unicorn Potluck Party
  Show off your culinary creativity at this intimate potluck. Don't eat the glitter. (more)
Queen City's Gambit
  Think a few moves ahead and you can make your move toward this calculated special opening of the Market Arcade. Check your schedules, mates! (more)
Roundabout Language
  Think on your feet in the regal expanse of this Olmsted roundabout, regaled by 3 public poets in 3 places while the crowd merry-goes round. (more)
Santora's BYOBrew Ha Ha Brouhaha
  Snag some brews and then a few tunes at this snazzy guy's thrift-sheik yardful of select songsters for singalongers and silent-types alike. (more)
Saturday Night Showcase
  Sometimes the best thing about Infringement is discovering new acts. Find your new favorite here. $5 (more)
Saturday, It's a Saturday - Hip-Hop Showcase
  A cross section of Buffalo's rich Hip-Hop culture. $5. (more)
Soular Plexus
   Newest Jam band to the Buffalo scene (more)
Sound Garden
  Stroll past some strings in the grass plucked and bowed like a sonic bouquet along your path through the big annual greenthumb talentshow. (more)
  A free time for your free time where small and tall tales combine in an open book, so take a look and the moral of Storytime you shall find. (more)
String Cheese
  3 bows 12 strings anything goes. Likely, the cello gets all deep, the violin gets high and the viola suspects this is all some kind of joke. (more)
Sunday Punk Extravaganza
  The classic $5 Punk show lives!!!! (more)
Sweet Music at Sweetness
  Skipping out early to enjoy the weekend? Skip on down to these sweet sounds and retreat into your cup until it's all grounds. (more)
  Truey V presents the TRAPRAGE $5 (more)
The Psychedelic Alien Love Orgy and Costume Ball
  Music from outer space and outer mind. Interplanetary attire required. $5 / $3 with costume. (more)
The Broadway Market Thing
  Spend the day at this historic venue and enjoy 3 floors of live music. Delicious food available from the market vendors!!! Free event! (more)
The Humpday Spectacular
  The best Wednesday showcase around. Admission: $3 suggested donation. (more)
The Lawn Disco
  It's a lawn time coming. The annual bash on the co-op house grass is back to send all heavenly bodies in motion while groove-supplies last. (more)
The Lloyd MacHardy Memorial Hootenanny
  A collection of Americana, Folk, and Bluegrass infringement style. Dedicated To the late great Lloyd. $5 (more)
the scantron show
  Scantron's three projects all in one Scantronic show. (more)
The Soul Picnic
  Potluck picnic with a fine array of Soul and R&B acts. Donations accepted. Bring a dish to pass. (more)
The Stars and Strings Forever
  All stripes welcome in this backyard of good neighbors for a College St. education -- music, art, and good company will always ring true. (more)
The Tawny Kitaen 56th Birthday Bash
  We invited her. Maybe she'll show. $5 (more)
The Truey V TRAPRAGE Collective
This Americana Life
  Join us as we explore how a few good chord progressions have shaped the Americana musical consciousness. (more)
Two at The Tudor
  A duo of Hard Rock acts. $3 (more)
Two more at the Tudor
  Another duo of Hard Rock acts. $3 (more)
Uncle Sam's Supreme Saturday
  You wouldn't think that outside an Army Navy store would be best place for a show but we feel it's the worth the permit. (more)
Waxing Poetic
  Get real close to the skilled public linguists who'll sooth the irritations of the workweek for a smooth way to reclaim your sensitive side. (more)
WBNY Invades Sugar City (local show live broadcast)
  A concert curated and broadcast by 91.3 FM WBNY. (more)
We Are the World Music Market
  Stand here to hear the world, in the lot of this popular spot where stationed you'll think you're on vacation, as easy as going to market. (more)
Wet Dreamland - CAKE
  Wet Dreamland is a fetish party and safe space that will tantalize and confuse you. Come in costume and bring your favorite cake. (more)
Word on the Street
  A few choice wordsmiths and extemporaneous typewriting at a sidewalk-type setting sending you into the weekend with that textual feeling. (more)
Carissa Denée
   Carissa Denée guides you through a shift in perspective. (more)
Erica the Ice Dragon
   With vocals like heavy butter, Erica the Ice Dragon’s song structure and transitions are reminiscent of Tori Amos and Regina Spektor. (more)
Welks Mice
   Posi vibes (vibraphone) plus voice. minimalist folk EDM is good for you (more)
Glam Jam, Thank You Mam'n
   Costumed Roller Skating Party. Skate and dance to classic grooves, costumes encouraged. Open to adults ages 21+. $5, includes skate rental. (more)