Theatre/misc performance shows
   One hour. Two improvisers. Three belly laughs. (more)
   A new play by Artie Award-winning playwright Donna Hoke: Lydia Stokes is dreaming about dead psych patients--while she’s awake. She believes (more)
i scream the body electric
   My scream contains a revolution. Always simultaneously personal and political. (more)
I'm a mess. You might understand.
Red Beans and Rice
   This is what people will see 1. Louis thinking about his life and the turned out 2. Pictures of his past of people who was important to him (more)
Shakespeare's La Pucelle
   Deconstructed version of the Bard's play focusing on La Pucelle(Joan of Arc), peasant, warrior, witch, slut, matyr who burned at the stake. (more)
The Best Buffalo Stand-Up Comedy Show Today
There's Nothing So Precious
   This production honors our most precious molecule and explores the way that water works using acro, aerial, dance, poetry and more. (more)
WNY Improv short form comedy Improv show
   WNY Improv Inc.has performed comedy Improv throughout the US and Canada, they will perform a 2 hour show with audience participation (more)

Dance shows

Poetry/literary shows
An Eldritch Detective Story
Ms. Ida's Verse and Vibrations
Profound Mistakes
   Illuminate the Darkness: a selection of spoken word pieces and dance choreographies, about the mistakes humans make. (more)

Music shows
Amberwood Music
   Amberwood, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, are doing everything in their power to stand at the front of the music scene. 100 shows a year?? (more)
Bad Ronald
   Crazy Art punk noise performance art fun...led by cable tv host Greg Sterlace (more)
BCAT Entertainment Presents Summer Jam 2017
   BCAT Entertainment Presents Summer Jam 2017 some talented teens who will blow you away from our Chorus and spoken word to Hip Hop (more)
Beer Battering The Fish
Bleu & Green
   Blending the sounds of past generations with the catchy synth hooks of today’s indie rock anthems. (more)
BloodThirsty Vegans
   Your musical soundtrack for opposing Donald Trump and his cronies. (more)
Braden Bodensteiner (Music Act)
   Braden Bodensteiner- Rock n' Roll (more)
Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalist
   Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalists is not a marching band, it's a moving pep band, a walking rock band, a homage to the second line, a (more)
Brendan & the Strangest Ways
   Tear in your beer Americana/Folk Rock recently returned to Buffalo after seven years spent playing on and around all three US Coasts. (more)
Buffalo Tango Orkestra
   Buffalo Tango Orkestra was formed in summer 2012 to perform Argentine tango music arranged by contemporary arrangers and composers. The grou (more)
   chloroform is an instrumental improv fusion band (more)
Christian AlexZander - The Curse & The Cure
Chuckie Campbell & The Black Den
   Chuckie Campbell and The Black Den are a 5 piece live band with a full brass section, bringing a powerful, eclectic approach to hip hop. (more)
Curiosity's End
   Indie rock band with driving rhythms, melodic guitar, empowering vocals, and viola harmonies. (more)
D Real McCoy Presents : For the Love of Music
   D Real McCoy Present For the Love of Music brings you some of the most talented Hip Hop artist you have seen. Come fall in Love again! (more)
Dan and Leanne
   Dan and Leanne are a couple of cousins who have been writing original music together since 2012. (more)
Dark Matter Trio
   Energetic improvisations by three musicians with a knack for temporal beauty create a big sound focused on harmony and captivating rhythms. (more)
David Adamczyk's Gig Adventure
   Solo violin where you least expect it. Be caught off-guard by an array of musical faces in a melange of local places. (more)
Diesel Dog
   We perform with a great big danceable energy and a funky intensity that always gets the crowd on their feet and into the music. (more)
   Hailing from Buffalo,NY, "Diverze" is an upcoming recording artist. He has attended & performed at "Syracuse University" to open up for YMCM (more)
Formally Lethargic
   Formally Lethargic is a fun, fast, and philosophical rock ‘n’ roll band based in Nashville, Tennessee. (more)
FragranceandJuan Cosmic Energy
   We are a husband and wife duo. We sing about LOVE exclusively! Our brand of performance is called “Melodic Love Therapy." (more)
Green Schwinn
   Green Schwinn are a 2-piece acoustic band based in the Buffalo, NY area. Old time classics done by singer John Blake and guitar Andy Othman. (more)
Greg Greg
   Greg Greg is an experimental feast. (more)
Hooked on Casiophonics
   Hip Hop dance party...shake booty (more)
Intent To Sell
   Rap, Alternative Rock, Jam Band can't help but kick out their tasty guitar riffs and woke lyrics with the tight groove and solid back beats. (more)
Jay Aquarious
   Jay Aquarious is a local R&B/Pop artist who sings, raps, and dances. He performs both originals and covers. (more)
Jon Rizzo & Conference of the Strange
   Jon Rizzo andConference of the Strange - piano-driven original rock alongside diverse covers ranging from Pink Floyd to Vince Guaraldi (more)
June Gray
Katie Ann Is Driven
   Katie Ann is an artist dedicated to define seeking the ambition to drive. Check out her originals from her new album "Driven." (more)
Lazy Ass Destroyer
   I need to write some new stuff for this, I'll get it done soon. (more)
Lifemusik mit Andre
   Some lofi, outsider pop for all the lovers and the lonely. Bring musik to life, bring the government to its knees, make drinking fun again (more)
   MAAPS is an improvisational ambient electronic duo. (more)
Major Arcana
Max Muscato & Outer Harbor
   Max Muscato is an energetic and captivating blues guitarist and composer. His influences range from John Mayer to John Williams. (more)
Meria / HauntedGypsy
   Guitarist Meria Cairns and drummer Curtis Orange play original songs-indie/alternative/progessive/grungy/psycho-psychedelic gypsy rock! (more)
Mike Criscione
Milk n' Cookies
   Milk n' Cookies will be a kickoff concert/party for Cookie Records, showcasing our current artists, while featuring some awesome headliners. (more)
Mindy Davey
   I'm a 23 year old Singer Songwriter from Buffalo NY. My single "Peace" is out now on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play!! (more)
Minor Racket
   Minor Racket is an eclectic original group from western ny. The bands sound composes elements of jazz, rock, fusion, funk and world music. T (more)
Mom Said No.
Muggle Snuggle
   #MuggleSnuggle - 'Wands at the Ready!' A Wizarding Musical Theater production. Harry Potter inspired fun for all ages. Accio Music Magic! (more)
My Rap Name is Alex
   Using tablet computers and looping technology I create a musical landscape that is then explored with lyrics of peace and love and tolerance (more)
Nuke Fun
One big living room
One Cello Anything Goes
Pam Swarts
   Guitar and Keyboard cinematic electronics (more)
Prince vs. Bowie Dance Party
   The Epic Prince vs. Bowie Dance Party! An entire evening of Prince and David Bowie, spun by DJ Xotec and Bill Page! (more)
RE: Whiskey Gatorade
   Live! Electronica/ techno/ acid house. Always hydrate with RE: Whiskey Gatorade! (more)
   Ez Amädi is one of the many break out stars to watch coming from the Buffalo rap scene. As an artist he is not one to miss. (more)
Sarah Golley
Six-Dinner Sid
   Solo acoustic folk musician who displays the softer side of punk while still remaining true to those badass roots. (more)
   Snowbelt is an indie rock band, with elements of folk from WNY. Members include Joe Cavaretta, Jon Britt, Dan Taylor, and Nick Gunner. (more)
Space Jam Orchestra
   an intense space funk party that magically appears, makes a joyous sound, and disappears just as suddenly. (more)
Spadeo Nation
Strange Standard
   Dancey Funk, soulful Blues, and energetic Rock all rolled into one nice package! This band is certain to get you in the groove! (more)
String Music
The Finality Complex
   Symphonic industrial metal - unusual time signatures, modal tonalities, orchestral instruments, epicness! (more)
The Funk Theory Extravaganza
   If you like dancin', groovin', n' movin' then you'll love Funk Theory's musical performance! (more)
The Good Neighbors
   4-piece indie-pop/alt rock band out of Buffalo, NY. Act includes bass, electric guitar, keyboard, drums, and 2 vocals. (more)
The Great North
   A local electronic DJ duo that blends every genre into their music and live sets. They have performed all over the U.S. (more)
The Heenan Brothers
   The Heenan Brothers play folky, bluesy kind of Americana respectfully referred to as Canal Blues. (more)
The Left Hand of Darkness
   Modern Rock Progression on the Krappy Touchstyle 10 and 12 String Guitar/Bass, Synthes, Drums, guitar and Percussion (more)
The Missing Worker
   Join us for the debut of our audio/visual rock opus "Birth of an Idea". Reminder: Sound is a vibration, light is a wave, time is a circle. (more)
The Rust Belt Brigade
   The Rust Belt Brigade are an acoustic Folk/Americana duo utilizing only guitar and cajon to create succinct sing songy anthems. (more)
The Set of Zaz
   Influenced by jazz legend Cab Calloway, Zaz Zu has used the hi-de-ho spirit, to build a brand of his own. (more)
The Sofa Kingz
   The name "The States" was derived from our various states of mind based on the styles of music we present. Some say our genre of music can (more)
   Thrush is a teenage punk band (more)
Tim Haufe
   Tim Haufe is a New York based songwriter and composer. His music is beautiful, dynamic, volatile, desperate, and full of hope. (more)
   Triumverate: Grand Island's Greatest Punk Band. 'Nuff Said. (more)
Ugly Sun
   Ugly Sun is a band from Buffalo, NY that has bridged the gap between garage rock and emotive indie. (more)
White Shade
   Alternative rock band combining blues, indie, and post-punk. (more)

Street performance shows

Film & video shows
   Through countless lifetimes, Luka and Zephyr are bound in a whirlwind romance that is intimately entwined with the fabric of reality itself. (more)

Visual art shows
   Series of paintings and papercuts using gouache and inks. (more)
Ironic Still Lifes
Knot Around by Mel Scamp
   A series of hoops containing beautiful rope work. (more)
Life is diverse and wonderful
   Some artists eat, drink and breath art. It doesn't matter what type of art it may be, the art washes away the dirt of the day to day pain. (more)
Pixie's Vinyl Art
   Mixed Media Zentangle patterns on Old Vinyl Records. (more)
Rubber Souls
   "Rubber Souls" is a rubber latex sculptural installation of hands and feet. The work is meant as a metaphor for the human spirit. (more)

Group shows
Broadway Market Thing
Closing Ceremonies / Iffy Awards Ceremony
Diesel Dog Spotlight show
Holley Farms Parking Lot Sunday Show
Milk 'n' Cookies
Opening Ceremonies
Proposed Hip Hop Show @ Nietzsches
Proposed Singer/Song Writer Show @ Nietzsches