Theatre/misc performance shows
Activist Theater
   PUSH presents: Activist Theater "The Lynch Pen" A Conversation with World Renown Racist Willie Lynch (more)
Anatomy of Something Unseen
   Improvisational theatre. We cant tell you about it cause it hasn't been made up yet. Try web for better description. (more)
   1 hour. 2 improvisers. Hilarious results. Todd Benzin & Don Gervasi explore a single suggestion & create an entirely improvised 1-hour play. (more)
Car Stories
   Take a theatrical joyride! CAR STORIES sparked the creation of the infringement festivals! To RSVP or play contact optatif@gmail.com (more)
Fire Spinning Frank
   Come watch as Frank weaves in and out of the swirls of fire (more)
Futility of Selling Your Soul
   A one act play dealing with one man's desire to sell his soul as he looks back on the horrid acts he has committed. (more)
graffiti reading
   Susan Peters presents a staged reading of the ponderings and yearnings of the awesome women who frequent Nietzche's (more)
   Genesis collides with Greek tragedy in this staged reading about why we kill our children with politics and war. (more)
Jim the Singing Mime!
   Veteran Mimes escaping duty from various wars thru time converge for Polish clockwork, giggle stimulation and mustaches. (more)
Magnus Opium Presents a Treatise on Zen Metaphysics
   Magnus Opium, philosopher and poet, brings philosophy to the people. Find him around Allentown selling philosophy at rock bottom prices! (more)
Man Cave Theater Presents: "Dum and Dummer LIVE!"
   Stan is alone in his Man Cave, enjoying his privacy, when a friend knocks at the door. A conversation begins and. . . ...... . (more)
Michele Costa presents~MUSe
   mus musculus (common house mouse). A small creature muses on small things - gigantically - wondrous! MUSe. (more)
Open Bikeride
   Bring wheels, you only need two. Unicycles and Seuss-ean tandem recumbent quadracyclophones, you're OK too. (more)
Open Discussion
   Strike up a discourse about anything, speaking freely in free speech zones. Just stop in time or scheduled acts, no discussion. (more)
Planet Hoop presented by Ultra Hoops
   Ginormous Hoops that represent the sun and the planets. Be an astronomer or become a planet in this interactive performance that is out of this world. (more)
Relativity BellyDance
   Defining play of Absurdist Theatre celebrates the power of the individual to resist the stampede! Movement, masks, revolutionary invectives! (more)
   Improvisational Native american women's theater. (more)
Sex with Strangers
   A play following the relationship of 2 characters and what they end up meaning to each other. (more)
Speaking Between Endangered Sea Legs
   Local poets and lovers, Justin Karcher and Carly Weiser perform an original One Act about their relationship. (more)
Spoon River
   Welcome to Spoon River, a story with music told from beyond the grave, by an ensemble of nine. You think Death ends our story? Think again. (more)
Squawk the Show
   Husband & wife team with their family of performing parrots doing unique and unusual things. Written for adults but family friendly. (more)
Susan B Anthony Alive
   This is not a history lesson but an intmate look at a female renegade who would stop at nothing to make the world a better place for women. (more)
Susan Peters Presents
   A staged reading of the new one-act play, Blood Child, will be followed by a round of Neechardy, our local take on the popular game show. (more)
The Farmer is the Man That Feeds Us All
   The Farmer is the Man That Feeds Us All! Hutchinson Family Revival Musical Theatre In support of the family farmer. (more)
The Good Life
   A brother and sister pursue the love of a young woman. Unbeknownst to them, she is in the final stage of sexual reassignment. (more)
The Hotshot Whiz Kids Live!
   A live performance from the guys who bring you Buffalo's longest running daily comedy podcast. A mix of stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy. (more)
The Stripteasers Burlesque
   Buffalo's longest running burlesque troupe. We aim to tease. (more)
WNY Comedy Improv
   WNY Comedy Improv performs short form Comedy Improv based on audience suggestions. You never know what to expect. (more)

Dance shows
Atomic Orbit
   This is an avant garde fire show drawing influences from butoh performance, aikido, tai chi, and luscious chaos. (more)
Body Obstacles
   A collaboration of ideas in a space connected to visual art. Bodies surmounting obstacles. (more)
Chaos Agent 009
   Chaos Agent 009- a dystopian dance by GALA ov HUDU (more)
DragLesque Part Trois
Euphraxia American Tribal Style
   Euphraxia is an American Tribal Style® Bellydance company, located in Buffalo, NY. We are proudly dedicated to the art of American Tribal Style® Bellydance, and all it's facets. (more)
   MDC showcases their eclectic style featuring In Our Rooms, a work that was chosen to perform at the Richmond Choreographic Showcase. (more)
Hoopnosis Fire Faery Show
   Buffalo's Fire Faery will heat up the night for a 4th year with her fire dancing performances feat. new amazing fire tools! Don't miss this! (more)
How to be Immortal with Emily Dickinson
   A dance performance interpreting four Emily Dickinson poems with the themes of dance, death and love. (more)
Inside Buffalo Dance #dancerproblems
   Sit back and take a tour through your Buffalo dance community. Local dance companies perform contemporary style duets and trios to music performed by local musicians. One night, one stage, one hour, the world of the Buffalo dancer uncovered. Suggested donation $5 all ages welcome. (more)
Interactive Improv Explosion: Dance, Music & Poetry
   Observe 1st 1/2, option to participate 2nd 1/2. Listening is key. Dance & sing as if no one is watching or listening. Play what moves you. (more)
Michelle Joy of Sinuous Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
   Based on Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, with a distinctive modern fusion of traditional sacred dance forms. (more)
Miscellaneous Dances
   Miscellaneous Dances - Contemporary dances by Bonati, MacFarlane, Ornelas, Pfohl Smith BIODANCE, and Wozer. (more)
Pho Malpica: They called. I'm coming.
   Pho Malpica: They called. I'm coming., is a site-specific, movement based performance for Allen Street. (more)
Poetic Justice
   "Poetic Justice" is an original contemporary-dance production that visually utilizes and interprets live poetry and music. (more)
Random Contact
Si Si Nana Dance Ensemble
   Multicultural dance ensemble. Our dance styles range from traditional African, Samba, Caribbean, and Praise. High energy, artistic, creative. (more)
The BuffaFlow Hulagans
   The BuffaFlow Hulagans are a hooping duo capable of manipulating up to 4 hoops with amusing routines and engaging improvisation! (more)
The Buffalo Burlesque Collective
   A collection of Buffalo's most outstanding burlesque performers! (more)
The Hell's Harlots Burlesque
   Hell's Harlots offer a fun edgy twist to your traditional burlesque. This tattooed trio performs choreographed dances, comedy & cabaret! (more)
The Sensual Body Movement Walk of Sensuality
   The Sensual Body Movement Walk of Sensuality. All welcome to celebrate the Divine Feminine with a deliciously sensual walk. (more)

Poetry/literary shows
A collection of Characters, The Work of Marek P. Parker
   Mr. Parker reads a collection of poems higlighting the people and charcters of Buffalo. (more)
A Lab Rat Life: Poems from the Cesspool
   A poetic pilot study on the caged existence of modern man undertaken by Dr. Gone, the lost navigator (more)
A Wolf Howls
   Poetry and Prose with Mike Wolf, local writer and poet. (more)
Al Fin del Mundo
   A reading of micronarratives that explore aimlessness, ephemerality, and meaning. (more)
Bourbon and Coffee
   BOURBON AND COFFEE is a freak jazz poetry band born in a south buffalo basement summer. you enjoy the seductive sounds of electric bass guitar, ukulele, trumpet, violin, drone box, and human vocal chords. wake up and join the fun. a lyrical flight through cloud mystery zones. (more)
   Show me you care. COPY/PASTE. Bring electronic devices, fully charged. Love/hate me. BELIEVE. I don't need to see you to know you. DELETE. (more)
   dramatic reading of dereck hamilton's facebook (more)
Diversity Night – Music, Poetry, Readings, & Scenes
   Join us at this amazing event to spit some rhymes, perform your spoken word art, read from your work, or just come to support & spread love! (more)
Eddie Gomez Poetry
Embracing Currents: Poetry Reading by steel bellow Editors Paige Melin and Vincent Cervone
   Poetry reading, FREE refreshments, FREE copies of steel bellow lit mag (donations sgstd), & info on how to get your work in our next issue! (more)
Found in Translation
   Poetry in English and Spanish. (more)
Generations of Words
   A collection of multiple generations of writers of various genres share their words, thoughts and lives. (more)
In the Wildflowers Field
   In the Wildflowers Field is to honor loved ones who have passed away through creative performances with the theme of beauty in loss and to give to hospice who services everyone whether they suffer from osteoporosis, cancer, dementia, etc. There are hand made greeting cards on display for sale. Proceeds benefit Hospice. (more)
Matisse: A Life in Metaphor
   Marj Norris! Poems and posters about Matisse, the impressionist painter, as he lives his life through paint! (more)
Memoirs of a Broken Girl
   Over the last 18 months, my entire existence has changed because I followed my intuition and dreams. This is a memoir of how it happened. (more)
Musings From A Social Networking Tool
   A spin-off from Velvet Al's Tony-nominated one man show" Yes, I Am Staring At Your Boobs." Because it's easier than writing new material. (more)
Nights of the Shapeshifters
   Dana Giraux and her middle school-aged children, C. Grace and Falcon Giraux, have developed an impromptu publishing house as home-schoolers. (more)
Not Just A Poetry Reading
   Local poets presenting poetry in unique ways. Poetic performances might include: audience interaction, music, projections, dance, theatrics, (more)
Not Just A Youth Poetry Reading
   Local young poets presenting poetry in unique ways. Poetic performances might include: audience interaction, music, projections, dance... (more)
One Word Audience: Rebecca Gay
   Come listen and with your eyes three times always a new experience. Language will penetrate meaning. K. Goewey will join 7/25. (more)
Open Mic at Presto
   Open Mic at Presto is an evening of eclectic reader, musicians, and performer. (more)
   One middle-aged woman's observations, rants, ruminations, and reflections on life, love, and the pursuit of sanity. (more)
Pure Ink Poetry: Bringing Words to Life
   The Pure Ink Poetry group will bring the literary art form of poetry and bring those words to life. (more)
Rachel Roo's Poetry
Short Poems of Demonique Venzella Woods
   Reading mostly short free verse poetry on a variety of subjects influenced by insanity. (more)
The Avengers of Poetry
   Witness the Avengers save the world of poetry from the clutches of mediocrity. (more)
The Free-Range Poetry Project
   Poetry unchained & unscheduled, with original poems & work by others, dead & alive. Don't look for me. If you need to hear me, I'll appear. (more)
Tim Sentman
   Tim Sentman Reads his poetry and stories. (more)
Yes, I Am Staring At Your Boobs in 3-DDD
   A 3-D spectacular so amazing, you'd think Velvet Al was really there, staring at your boobs. (more)

Music shows
Adam Bronsteins Freehand, ALBtrio, whatever else i can whip up
   I will do some cool stuff, and some street performing. (more)
   Ahavaraba: meaning, abundant love, or- Buffalo's most ravishing nine-member klezmer band, with a little Balkan flair. (more)
Allysen Callery
  Alternative folk from Rhode Island; an intricate unique finger style guitar, a voice that is mesmerizing, billed as "ghost folk" in Europe. (more)
Alset Alokin
   Champions of the Sun. AA plays Booty-Shakin', Toe-Tappin', Finger-Snappin', Jazzual, but not casual, 4 finger Fun(k). Free cookies! (more)
Amrev 2
   AmRev2 is the second American revolution. Combining punk, reggae, ska and gypsy, AR2 seeks truth through music and direct action. (more)
Andrew Alling
   From Ithaca. Acoustic guitar, organ bass pedals and harmonicas, all at once, one performer singing live. (more)
   The mother-daughter trio, Nerf and Laser, will bring flavor and fun moves to trigger laughs and ideas. This year they have a guitar! (more)
Apex Down
   We just want to play our music for as many people as possible. We played last year and enjoyed it. (more)
Atari Soirée
   It's not whether you win or lose over and over intentionally, it's how you play the musicians who are playing the game. (more)
Aurora Borealis
   we are a female singer/songwriter duo . we are happy to be performing at BIF . we may also recite some poems . :) (more)
Axis Of Evil
   Axis Of Evil will melt your faces with home-made instruments, a preposterous percussion setup, huge pedalboards, and mellifluous virtuosity (more)
Ball Cheeze Psychotics (BCP)
   3 guys playing blues based quirky rock and roll. Good times. Been around since forever...you may have heard of us-we're HUGE in Japan. (more)
Barry Place
   pre post prog sludge math shoegaze jam metal rock core (more)
beerhall philosophers
   Beerhall philosophy is ageless and timeless. It can take you to the past, help you live in the moment or transport you to the future. (more)
Bighorn Sheep
   BHS is a Heavy Grungy 7pc Rock band from Buffalo. (more)
Bipolar Coaster
   Need a beer? Feel like you need to Party the F out tonight?!? We do too! Come on down and Party Rock with us. Originals and a side of covers (more)
Birdie Cree
   The essence of Americana, Birdie Cree plays a mix of spirited covers and soulful original songs. (more)
Blood Funnel
   Blood Funnel - Music Avant Rock (more)
BloodThirsty Vegans
   BloodThirsty Vegans is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding. (more)
Blue Lazer
   Blue Lazer will melt your face with improvised jams and lyrics! (more)
Blue Underwear
   The combination of two best friends getting drunk & weird together with a keyboard. (more)
   Here lies an ongoing story about a female ghost who is trapped and spellbound against her will featuring haunting vocals and melodic synths. (more)
Brainwashing The Ride
   The engaged couple creates music that is fun and will get you dancing. They also create music that will challenge your mind. Urban Hip-Hop! (more)
Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalist
   Brass Pro and the Waterfront Revivalists is not a marching band, it's a moving pep band, a walking rock band, a homage to the second line (more)
   Breacher bass music. If it doesn't shake the walls or it's not covered in cheese, then ain't nobody got time for that. (more)
Brett Cole
   With influences of multiple Singer/Songwriters, Brett uses a loop pedal to express his creativity and write. Mics, Guitar, Let's Loop! (more)
Buffalo Percussion Collective
   Percussive Presentations (more)
Buffalo Sex Change
   Buffalo Sex Change is a two piece rock n roll band from Rochester, NY. (more)
   BuffFluxus is a Buffalo based ensemble performing in the Fluxus "anti-art" tradition of the 1960s and '70s. (more)
bul-bul tarang gang
   experimental folk jam (more)
Bump In The Night Live
   Spruke has been making hourlong Bump In The Night dance music casts every week for over 2 years nonstop. Join us for a live performance! (more)
Calmer Days
   Ambient/experimental music from a nice guy who is calm and I likes the daytime (more)
   Instrumental, improvised jazz fusion. Journey to the outer reaches of your mind and the universe... (more)
Chris Abbey
   Long-time Buffalo singer/songwriter Chris Abbey refuses to be stuck with one style, singing and writing from folk to punk. (more)
Chuckie Campbell & The Phaction
   Chuckie Campbell & The Phaction- rap vocals, drums, bass, trumpet, and trombone - combine to make for a jazzy, eclectic approach to hip hop (more)
Chucks Live At BIF 2015
   Dj'ing a mixed set of drum and bass / whatever the crowd is feeling at the time. (more)
Cindy Love Acoustic
   Singer/Songwrite Cindy Love hails from the lower west corner of NY. She has been playing bars, theatres, festivals, parties and porches (more)
Circular Logic
   Experimental three piece punk fun noise jam (more)
Clare Sweeney & Laith Al-Khalidi
   The Clare Sweeney and Laith Al-Khalidi duo features original acoustic works along w/ tasteful jazz/folk inspired covers of awful pop-songs. (more)
   These are my songs. Energetic Folk (more)
Cosmic Brother
   indie/folk singer song writer (more)
Dark Eyes 55
   A band that has something to prove. Rock n Roll has been resurrected through Dark Eyes 55. (more)
Darling Harbor
   Everyone has a story to tell. Darling Harbor tells honest stories set to a captivating hook. (more)
   Live vocals & acoustic guitar. Original music. Melodically colorful and soulful fusion of Folk and R&B. (more)
David Adamczyk
   Street violining known to cause children, crust-punks, pets and inanimate objects alike to burst out in uncontrollable mirth and merriment. (more)
Different Planets
   lonely tunes for lonely dudes and dudettes played on cheap electronics with heap fulls of heart (more)
Digital Afterlife
   Alternative electronic duo (brothers Paul & Greg Burt) involving industrial music, bass trombone, typewriter playing and general awesomeness (more)
Digital Geist (Live EDM Performance)
   DG returns to Buffalo to decimate audiences with live EDM. Analog gear with a digital mind. We're back to raise the BPM. (more)
Dirty Smile
   Come get infringed with Dirty Smile and good friends committed to satisfying all spectrums of your rock music cravings. (more)
Dj Leah
   Check out DJ Leah weekly host of Darkside Radio @ 91.3FM Wbny playing the best in ebm, industrial, synthpop, and noise. (more)
Dollar Diplomacy
   Dollar Diplomacy is a 4 member band based out of Buffalo, New York. Playing everything from blues to hard rock. (more)
Doorway Talkers
   Doorway Talkers are a lyric driven band with catchy rhythms and calming tones. This new age folk band will keep you wanting more. (more)
Double Memory
   If they are called Double Memory, how did they forget to fill out their descriptions? (more)
Drums Along Hoyt Lake!
   An open community drum circle on the shore of Hoyt Lake, led by WNY's finest hand drummers. Audience & dancer participation welcome! (more)
Electric Watermelon
   Buffalo's Finest Original Piano-Driven Indie-Jam Band (more)
Ellen Pieroni Quartet
   Jazz and funk to heal your soul. Nominated for 'Best Jazz Act' in Artvoice's 2014 Best of Buffalo. EPQ can't wait to vibe with you! (more)
Erica Wolfling
   A multi-instrumentalist with a style in the middle of acoustic pop and jazz, finishing with touch of soul. (more)
Extinction Event
   Extinction Event is a progressive jamtronica duo that fuses together live improv jam performances and electronica style DJing. (more)
   DJ Performance by Fe'netiks. Hey infringers! If you enjoy multitudes of dubstep & trap then stop by for a unique experience! (more)
Five Of The Eyes
   Five Of The Eyes @ Mohawk Place on 7/28 for their 2015 CONQUISTATOUR! Progrock/Funk/Latin. Follow the madness: www.fiveoftheeyes.com (more)
   Folkfaces are a Buffalo-based band playing a mish-mash of progressive jugband anthems, folksy hokum, and hot jass revival! (more)
From Philly: Emmett Drueding & Curtis Cooper
   Emmett Drueding and Curtis Cooper are songwriters out of Philadelphia. They are on tour this July and are excited to stop in Buffalo, NY! (more)
Gabrielle Anello
   Performing classical piano (more)
   Gambis is high energy rock and roll group that is a must see at this years infringment festival (more)
gamelan drumming
   Indonesian Hand Drum Performance ranging from world to experimental. (more)
   Governess is a gnarly band that will kick your ass! (more)
   Improvised drums and keys. There's no dickin' aroun' with Tom and Harry laying it down. (more)
Greg Barresi
   Toe tapping fingerstyle guitar and vocals. (more)
   We are Guillotine! Our hardcore metal music will leave screaming and foaming at the mouth. (more)
Hooked on Casiophonics
   Hip Hop Soul Dance Dance!!! (more)
Hostel Takeover: Sing Along in The Stairwell II
   Are you singing songs with strangers as often as you would like? Join us in our stairwell for a rousing sing-along! No talent necessary. (more)
   Howlo is a band from Rochester. They make Rock n Roll inspired by 60's pop and 90's Alternative. Think The Kinks mixed with The Pixies... (more)
I'm a Person Too
   We are all standing in line for the wisdom they will sell. (more)
In Which Esther Gets a Nose Job
   Improvisatory Electroacoustic Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Pynchon (more)
   In2it: an innovative and inspiring Pop Rock Duo known for captivating listeners with their enriched tones and catchy melodic songs. (more)
Intent to Sell
   We are a live punk/hiphop group and we bring energy to the crowd. Ready to rock. (more)
   Irregardless: a four piece Progressive Funk Rock band who offers a different form of rock you will be pleasantly surprised by. (more)
ish kabbible
   father son drum and bass duo, funk/fusion/jazz/metal/instrumental duo (more)
Ivy's Panic Room
   This Rochester Pop Hop n' Roll band is locked and loaded to blast into the larger Alternative music picture. (more)
Jack Topht
   JACK TOFT does earnest raps that aim to be as funny,and exuberant as possible while still acknowledging how much terrible stuff exists (more)
Jamie Hampton
   spoken word art and music that you never expected to hear on the ukulele, now presented on the ukulele (more)
Jay Aquarious
   Come see Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop/Soul act Jay Aquarious! You'll hear singing, rapping, and see dancing from originals to covers to medleys! (more)
   Electronic / Experimental / Club / Audio+Visual = Mind Blown (more)
Jen Whitmore- Folk the 90's & Other Sings
   Original Music and covers by Jen Whitmore (more)
Jess Chizuk
   Jess Chizuk is a singer/songwriter with indie-folk roots under graceful, airy vocals. (more)
Jimyn the Singing Mime sings Bowie Pin-ups
   Debonair, colorful white knight Jimyn still loves reading Artvoice more than the Public. (more)
Joe Donohue
   Music by Joe Donohue of The Albrights. Originals and covers. (more)
Jonathan Foster
   Americana songwriter Jonathan Foster on tour from northern California (more)
Joseph & The Beasts
   Counter-rhythms + muted valleys + fevered crescendos + sprawling fuzz-drenched keyboards + soaring vocals = fervor-filled maelstrom. (more)
Joystick Generation
   Rock solid ska, reggae, punk rock, infused with metal. (more)
Juliana Masic/Kicking Classy
   Juliana Masic is an singer song writer from the band Kicking Classy, performing a eclectic blend of original songs. (more)
Kerry Fey Does Infringement
   Kerry Fey is an acoustic folk rock artist who would love to perform the ballad about how YOU will one day save the world. (more)
   We're a Pop band from Rochester NY. (more)
La Marimba
   La Marimba: Tiffany Nicely, Ringo Brill, Gabriel Gutierrez perform original arrangements of traditional music from Mexico and the Caribbean. (more)
   DJ set (more)
Laura Aiisha :: Word+Sound+(Em)power
   Catch me, Laura Aiisha, spreading positive vibes and empowering messages with my original songs and energetic performance during BIF (more)
Laura Jean Castelluzzo: singer / songwriter
   Uplifting, consciousness raising, thought provoking, melodic, upbeat, and real. Guitar, keyboard, voice & hand drums. Maybe circle songs..? (more)
Lazy Ass Destroyer
   Lazy Ass Destroyer is a raw hip-hop/rock energy, while some of the lyrics are comical, this band takes its delivery seriously. It is a loud (more)
Like a Panther
   We're not trendy. We don't rip off another band's sound. We're just the best pop band you never heard of. Since 2007 (more)
Look, a Fang
   Two angry monsters. One giant sound. (more)
louie the lip
   Trumpeter playing all types of music from jazz, funk, rock and roll and blues. Loves playing a good variety of music! (more)
Machines of Love and War
   Daniel Haskin is a composer of deep ambient electroacoustic music. (more)
Mahlena Patchouli
   Mahlena’s rich and sultry voice, contemplative melodies and evocative lyrics offers music that will touch ears, and warm your heart. (more)
manawi thorn (lite)
   manawi thorn slinks into your sleeping mind, replaces your dreams with nightmares, and devours your pets (more)
Manic State
   Guitars. (more)
   Marbin is a jazz-rock band that plays fast and hits hard (more)
Margot Kisiel
   A solo acoustic act that incorporates different genres centered mainly on folk/punk/indie. (more)
   MatKa is a music producer/DJ, who blends the styles of House, Techno, Electronic, & more, to create his own style of dance music. (more)
Mechanical Boy
   DIY Folk duo playing emotive and honest songs with tight harmonies and driving instrumentation. (more)
Meet the Neighbors featuring John L. from Autism Services, Inc.
   Meet the Neighbors featuring a solo performance from John L. Join ASI for music and Art featuring our talented participants. (more)
Mega Powers
   Mega Powers is a fresh Hip Hop sound for people of all ages! Ideal emcees uplifting lyrics over original instrumentals by Jacebeats. (more)
   Indie-Gypsy rock, Classical, Spanish Flamenco, a li'l bit of blues &jazz guitar: Guitarist/Songwriter/Occasional Singer, Meria, performs. (more)
Mike Criscione
   Through percussive guitar elements, subharmonic synthesis, and live looping, Mike Criscione's shows are a dense curtain of acoustic pop. (more)
Milk and the Holywaters
   Ohio quartet with psychedelic swirls and bluesy grooves. (more)
   Audio-visual DJ performance. Curate a show somewhere with like minded acts. (more)
My Rap Name is Alex
   A radical dance revolution made out of love. (more)
   we make techno music (more)
Nathan Leigh Performance
   A singer/songwriter who plays rowdy folk music along the lines of The Mountain Goats or a slightly more melodic Andrew Jackson Jihad. (more)
Nine Layers Deep
   **FREE WEED** A Stoner/Sludge/Grunge outfit w/ sonic, cutting guitar riffs & soulful, gritty vocals. Fans of Buttrock need not apply. (more)
Noah Gokey / The Phantom of Infringement
   Putting aside indie folk for 2015 to perform as PHANTOM OF THE INFRINGEMENT, a condensed and adapted 2 person version of the classic opera. (more)
Nylon Otters
   Nylon Otters is a three-piece punk rock band from Buffalo, NY, with elements of pop and grunge. "Easy going, yet intrusive punk rock." (more)
Ollie Conover & Helen M.
   Beautiful Original Acoustic Rock/Blues by Ollie Conover and Helen M. with supporting vocal. Also performing one cover song. (more)
Ould Pound
   Highly energetic instrumental band. (more)
Paintstrument Party
   A Paintstrument is an artwork which is also a musical instrument. Sound and vision collide invoking an otherworldly experience. (more)
Pam Swarts
   Guitar looping ambiant/ Danceable/ Loud (more)
Party to the People
   Preferred Werk's Mobile Dance party will cruise to several hotspots with a DJ Spinning Tunes the Whole Way, bringing the Party to the People (more)
Passive Aggressives Anonymous
   Labeled "croon-rock”, PASSIVE AGGRESSIVES ANONYMOUS jazzily pokes fun at its own hangups with love, religion, and people who like TV. (more)
Peter Kirsch
   DIY Pop with some jangle in the Lo-fi Indie tradition. Solo music for voice, electric guitar and drum machine! (more)
   Disassembled and reassembled fragments of sound. Video loops. Abstract visuals. (more)
Physical Psychics
   Instrumental Jazz Rock Hip Hop blend where the songs are living entities with new moods based upon the tide and the price of Pringles. (more)
   PINJA is a awesome DJ Duo comprised of DJ Peak and Miss L.E. Mirror!!! We play many types of music that is sure to get any crowd dancing! (more)
Pink Ride
   Not your grandfather's psychedelic band. More like your unborn child'sfuture favorite psychedelic band. Keyboards! Noise! Songs! Pizza…? (more)
   Pleistocene is an original rock + roll band from Rochester NY. (more)
   Since 2007 Poindexter has been fighting the good musical fight to bring gay punk rock to the forefront of the Buffalo Music scene. Love us! (more)
   The Polycoder - Artistic Bass/Techno & SpaceTrance. Getting back to the basic's of dance music. (more)
   Primmrose is a very new DJ/live electronic act which centers around indie, electronic(deep house), and hip-hop. (more)
Queen City Quips
   Queen City Quips is a collaboration of Carly Weiser's poetry/spoken word and Jen Whitmore's music/songs; quips of life as Queens in the City (more)
Radiator Fancy Flavor
   WE HAVE FANTASTIC HAIR! The rest of this description coming soon... (more)
   Coupla gingers and Drummer Dan, sucking the sin out of Radiohead jams and making them, RadioRed (more)
Random Pictures at an Exhibition
   Solo Accordion & other inst. improv along randomly playing “soundscapes” create the impression of walking by a painting exhibition (more)
Randy Niles
   "A one-man Indie/Soul band that blends Rock, Pop and Folk into seamless, radio-ready compositions from the ground up." (more)
Rebecca Ryskalczyk
   Performing old songs, new songs and potentially a comedy set. (more)
   Solo live electronic side project of Brian Gorman (Early Attic, Armageddon Party, Smart House). Analog synths and booty shaking. (more)
Red Guitar Songs
   William Redguitar is a unique songwriter focused on connecting to his audience with his plaintive lyrics and percussive guitar playing. (more)
Ritual Abjects
   Ritual Abjects is a postmodern witchcraft collective casting anti-imperialist spells with noise music and performance art. (more)
Root Equation
   Mixing disco & funk with house and dance music combined with original material- Buffalo duo, Root Equation, is guaranteed to shake asses! (more)
Rory McCormack
   I make music. Some of it's slow and hypnotic. Some of it isn't. Some of it's circusy. (more)
Sam Marabella And His Band
   Sam Marabella And His Band deliver Roots Music (Jazz, Blues, Country and Ragtime) to people the way it was performed 100 years ago. (more)
Sara Elizabeth
   The heart of folk, the soul of the blues, the brain of classical, and the energy of indie rock combined to tell stories you've never heard. (more)
Sarah Golley
   Sarah Golley combines an eclectic mixture of genres, weaved with sincere lyricism, with her keyboard, her voice, and live loops. (more)
Scarlet Reckoning (aka Bob and Jerry's)
Science Lion
   Science Lion plays original folk/rock music while dressed in cat themed medical gear. (more)
Sea Planes
   Sea Planes is a Rochester-based trio with arena-sized choruses, beating percussion, & soaring guitars--but, at heart, just fun. (more)
Shadow Swine
Shaky Stage
   Come check out some original music by Shaky Stage during the Infringement Festival. We will get your feet tapping to some Americana/Rock jam (more)
Shattered Glass
   Rockin' bluesy jam trio out of WNY guaranteed to give a show to remember. Come check us out for a good time! New LP coming soon! (more)
Sister Molly & Brother John
   2 Siblings and 1 Acoustic Guitar. Y'all bring the good vibes and we will bring the good music. (more)
   A mixture of funk, blues, soul, and rock at its core, with some jazz, psychedelia, and jamtronica layered around it. (more)
Sound Constructions
   Using analog synthesizers, a sound environment is created which will shimmer, throb and otherwise vibrate interestingly in space. (more)
Sound Surround
   I transcribe and arrange electronic music (eg. EDM) for a percussion ensemble with a bassist. (more)
Space Cubs
   "Mood music for smoked out dungeons in the crackiest parts of your city." -Chris Daly, 'Passion Of The Weiss" (more)
   No hay banda! And yet we hear a band. (more)
Strange Standard
   This 3 man band brings it all! Blues, funk, rock all wrapped in an original package! Something new for the Buffalo music scene. (more)
Stunde Null
   Alternative rock band from Buffalo, NY. (more)
   Suburbs is a two piece garage-pop band. Bring your dancing shoes. (more)
   TBA (more)
Terry Klein
   Music for Chapman Stick and hand drums. (more)
That Virginia
   A mix of strange feelings and stomach butterflies, That Virginia takes the wheel on a ride through emotions, humanity, and other oddities. (more)
The Brown Family Singers
   The Brown Family singers present great American traditionals along with original tunes in the oldtime style. Fun for folks of all ages! (more)
The Charlie Carr Project
   Acoustic singer-songwriter, all original music, one man. experienced with opening for Alison Pipitone Band, and like bands in Buffalo. (more)
The Dark Matter Trio
   Energetic improvisations by 3 locals with a knack for temporal beauty create a sound focused on beautiful harmonies and captivating rhythms. (more)
The Demos
   The Demos are one of America's finest unsigned bands. Their records have reached #1 on FMQB's SubModern Chart. (more)
The Devil In Love
   If I had to describe the band in one word i was say Methionylglutaminylarginyltyrosylglutamyl...serine. But I don't normally do that. I am. (more)
The Distillery Boys
   Raise the ghosts of Slash, IRS & Sire labels, paying homage to Americana music pioneers with sets crafted to honor this genre of Rock n Roll. (more)
The Finality Complex
   A solo industrial-rock act combining elements of avant garde, unusual time signatures, and modal tonalities for a very unique sound (more)
The Ghost & The Dream
   “like if Morrissey fronted a post-rock band that was forced to play pop rock at gunpoint” (more)
The Goods
   Jazzy Funky Dirty Evil Raunchy Beautiful Cosmic Melting Crunchy Saucy Heavy Soaring Wet Dripping Soggy Muddy Funk Funk Funk (more)
The Haunted Buffalo
   Sounds like Morrissey meets Danzig and Mike Ness to go out for coffee in a haunted house with the ghost of Johnny Cash ... sort of. (more)
The Heenan Brothers
   The Heenan Brothers playing folky, bluesy kind of Americana respectfully referred to as Canal Blues. (more)
The Kerosene Brothers
   Alan Olson (Blue Rocket Trio/A.C. and the Rockets) & Patrick Sears of Painted Jeep Fame play low key guitar and vocal arrangements. (more)
The Leones
   The Leones is a New Orleans/Honky-Tonk Piano/Acoustic Guitar/Singer-Songwriter original folk duo consisting of Justin Leone & Dustin Lau. (more)
The Minions
   Heavy, Groovy, Dark and Angry with a side of kick ass lead guitar. (more)
The Noise Project
   I collect and play with sound effects, I invite friends to join me, we make interesting noise. (more)
The Seasides
   The Seasides combine obscure scientific references, Beatles covers, and ukulele riffs into a scrumptious stage performance. Family-friendly. (more)
the sister act
   come check out the sister act.. a variety of music that makes you wanna move! (more)
The Slyboots Drum Ensemble
   The Slyboots Drum Ensemble is the resident percussion ensemble at the Slyboots School of Music, Art & Dance in Buffalo, NY. (more)
The Unusual Christians
   The Unusual Christians are an unconventional collaborative of original contemporary Christian poetry and singing by Nu Creation and Jon Herr (more)
The Vine Brothers
   "Django meets Tom Waits chauffeured by a gypsy bandwagon...Relaxed, consistently musical and occasionally whimsical" T. Anderson -F5 Paper- (more)
   This is a three piece band with two basses creating a progressive/funk/rock sound. (more)
   If there's one thing you should remember, it's that we've got two chains, not three that's right. (more)
Tina Marie Williams uses her words
   Tina Marie Williams is a short, pale, curly haired singer/songwriter from Buffalo, NY. (more)
Tom Beall
   Original down tempo alt folk. (more)
   Exploring. "Bennington" available now. (more)
Tonal Nuage
   Tonal Nuage translates the visual into the audial and the spoken word into musical melody. (more)
Toot Sweet and the Bebopanonymous
   Trumpet and violin post-acid avant-bop flash-jam while air-supplies last. (more)
Tough Old Bird
   Authentic folk and blues from Fillmore, NY. (more)
   ] Grand Island's greatest punk band, the brave and bold, Triumverate ride again. (more)
Truey V and Wza
Twin Lions
   Modern hard rock, a sonic experience guaranteed. (more)
Twin Speak
   We play rock music that doesn't suck (more)
Video Beast
   A rap/rock show with lots of music and fun! (more)
   Volver interprets world music,Cumbias, Brazilian, Klezmer and Gipsy music. Colorful, lively & danceable.Accordion, Flute, Bass & Percussion (more)
   Wakos have been making original music in Buffalo for over ten years! Their music is sure to get you on your feet! (more)
West Side Bike Ride
   Indie/Experimental tunes as diverse as the side of the city we bike ride in. (more)
   Wolf is a pop/rock/punk band from Buffalo, NY. Their first EP as a band, "It's Electric," was released in March via Steak & Cake Records. (more)
Wood Bois
   These remarkable bois will shock you with their incredible yet hilarious music and performance (more)
Zak Ward
   Atomospheric soundscapes created live using bleeps and loops. (more)
   Zev's work has been described as slaughtering the sacred cow, with good taste. (more)

Street performance shows
Open Busking
   Prime locations open to licenced street performing. No turf-battles please! (more)

Film & video shows
A Man Oddly
   A Man Oddly, looking for the right kind of Puff. An abstract video short, a criticism of processed food. (more)
Beyond the Mainstream
   The life of Donna McClain, from a mundane life to one among the artsy alternative groups in Buffalo. (more)
Comedic Video Shorts
Film Screening: Ladybug, Buffalo Juggalos, Emma
   Three locally produced short films - Emma by Brandon Schilia, Ladybug by Flatsitter, and Buffalo Juggalos by Scott Cummings with Filmmakers (more)
Happy Pictures Now
Hope the short film
   Takes place in a grim post apocalyptic world, where civilization has fallen to Sirens (Zombies) and what’s left of humanity suffers... (more)
Illuminati Secrets
   From secret societies to how the worlds governments are controlled by bankers and corporations, this film covers it all. Open your eyes. (more)
Infinite Pools
   A woman takes an unconscious pilgrimage to iconic sites of modernity. The world becomes a flooded stage for her body to reconstruct. (more)
Mad Jack Cartoons by Rob Peters
   Adult Swim on steroids. These absurd toons will have you rolling on the floor laughing your arse off. (more)
Novim Superblock
   Novim Superblock presents a night of family sitcom previews: "Father Comes First", "The Jorge Perez Show", and the lovable alien "GORF". (more)
One Night Only
   A comedian performing his newest set. He tells a story that altered his life. (more)
Project 24
   A video series of self portrait photos, every day at 8pm. From one birthday to another (my 23 to 24th birthday). Feb 2005-Feb 2006 (more)
Proust's Revenge
   Showing of the 7-minute long marionette video, "Proust's Revenge" where puppets devour puppets but culture triumphs. (more)
Salon at the Second Empire
   Salon and backyard screening at the Second Empire (357 Pennsylvania Street). Featuring work by local & international artists. (more)
The Stirring of a Thousand Bells
   1. Sekaten - From Java's most cosmic music festival. 2. Srimpi Muncar - Enchanting melodies & meditative dance from Mangkunegaran Palace. (more)
Witchcraft Now!
   Witchcraft Now! is an anti-imperialist cinematic spell in the style of "found footage" horror & mockumentary comedy. (more)

Visual art shows
   "What are all these tiny jars? I keep seeing them around but I don't know what they are." --you #tinyjar (more)
'The Human Comedy', a collection of sketches and drawings
   An exhibition of drawings and sketches, done with different art materials, of primarily people (figures, faces.) (more)
26 Angels
   "26 Angels" is an abstract work of art memorializing the victims of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. (more)
   Abstract metal sculptures made from scrap and found objects (more)
Ali Apparel
   Ali Apparel is an independent DIY fashion brand. We specialize in making all sorts of garments, from funky and upbeat to edgy and sexy. (more)
animals amuck
   Plush animals bloviating on current historical situation in static color accompanied by mostly black and white movie clips of intoxication. (more)
art 2015
   New art by Ray Klein. (more)
Art by Cat
   From classic pinups to Buffalebrities: new paintings and illustrations by Cat McCarthy (more)
Becoming Hybrid
   Drawing loosely on the tradition of the Maypole Dance, this structure is an invitation for audience to Weave ~ Braid ~ Entangle. Become Spider. The installation utilizes found textiles and travels, seeking encounters in various environments. (more)
Big Walls
   Big walls are everywhere.... Some of 'me aren't too pretty.... Let's change that with some fresh paint (more)
Blind Eye
   "Blind Eye" is a complex and multifaceted work of abstract art that critiques the inefficiencies of video surveillance systems (CCTV). (more)
Buffalo Bronzed by Rob Peters
   Designed on a PC and then 3D printed, this Buffalo was then cast in bronze to show how beautiful new and old technologies can work together. (more)
Bugsynitry by Ken Root
   A scrapwood tree is assaulted by a horde of metallic bugs. They advance every day engulfing the tree. Will the tree survive? Will the bugs? (more)
C.R.U.D. (Create. Read. Understand. Display.)
Cabinet of Curiosities
   Cabinet of Curiosities features media artwork and experiential installation oddities that are sure to fascinate. (more)
Chaos order and play
   Often we embrace order with a negative feel tword chaos. Chaos is cleansing, raw, natural, a teacher when embraced. Give in. (more)
Community Dry-Erase Mural
   Leave a little love on the walls of the new Poutine place! Immortalized... until someone rubs up against it. (more)
Dark Corners by Rob Peters
   An assortment of fiendish creatures and ghouls haunt this pencil and marker rendered gallery. (more)
Do-It-Yourself Arts Engagement presented by Melanie Klimjack
   An installation where the viewer/participant will be asked to contemplate the subject matter and then alter the space somehow before leaving. (more)
dogs and wood under water
   Dogs, fish, or babies? This is for you. Gay's work is introspective & playful by nature residing at the border of potential and desire. (more)
Earth Liberation Front Press Office April 5, 2001
   Communications Equipment Seized by FBI Released 14 Years Later - On display will be items seized in an April 5, 2001 raid. (more)
Execution of a Photograph
   Interactive sculptural photography (more)
Fate Fell Clothing
Ghosts of Infringement Past
   Use your mobile device and check out what happened near you in past festivals. (more)
Gimme Givve
Human Bodies
   Experience the crucial and complex role of the body when creating and experiencing art. Belonging to both body and mind. Alone and together. (more)
Hybrid-Creature Drawings
   Series of drawings on paper exploring the space of 'in-between' human and other. (more)
Imagine That by JW Wolford
   Artwork with a Folky cartoon twist to make you think & smile. Imagine that. Also "Frozen Time" photos of local bands/UB Football (more)
Just Thinking 'bout Candy
   It's art, just look at it. (more)
Kitties! by Amy Lynn Duengfelder
   A series of small acrylic paintings of colorful cats. (more)
Laura Jean's: Photos & Drawings: The Body, nude & not
   Classy photography of nudes and clothed dance pics as well as figure drawings and portraits. (more)
League of Paintstruments
   A Paintstrument is an artwork which is also a musical instrument. Sound and vision collide invoking an otherworldly experience. (more)
LeWitt's All Combination of Arcs ... Using Four Colors and Processing by Matthew Nagowski
   Sol LeWitt's discrete drawings meet a heavy dose of continuity, with color ramifications. (more)
Live Figure Drawing
   Enjoy figure drawing, the cornerstone of artist training, live! (more)
Mad Jack 3D Prints by Rob Peters
   These 3D printed sculptures will capture your imagination and open your mind to what is now capable with this new art form. (more)
Mental Cupcakes
   Mental Cupcakes: "A Cupcake for Every Condition" (more)
Notes to Emma by Amy Lynn Duengfelder
   This series of mixed-media paintings is inspired by my great-grandmother’s autograph book from early 1900s Buffalo. (more)
Open Art Exhibiting
   Calling all who wish to set up art-shop, get your Exhibitors Permits $26.25 City Hall room 226. (more)
Organic v. Inorganic
   Art for sale by Tim Genco. (more)
Pledge Allegiance
   "Pledge Allegiance" is an abstract painting which is intent on exposing the United States as the divided and segregated nation it truly is. (more)
Reflections of Self
   Welcome to the strange world of jim wojcik. Where creepy can be cute & the unusual is common place . (more)
Rock Out With Your Chalk Out
   Cat & Erica make sweet sweet chalk drawings together. (more)
Sailing Lake Erie by Melissa Campbell
   Interpretive paintings of sailboats in heavy weather inspired by the 2015 InterClub Cruise from Erie USA to Dover CA. (more)
Scrap Iron Army
   Scrap metal defenders rising from the rust belt. (more)
Screen Prints by Vintango
   Original art posters designed and screen printed by Vintango. (more)
Second Sight by Katharine Tussing
   Acrylic paintings of scenes from Buffalo to Taiwan, the chakras, and a peacock. Styrofoam pieces showing different spiritual images. (more)
Self Portraits
   Lara Star Martini- Artist/Painter (more)
Shades of Grey by Rob Peters
   Anonymous never looked so sexy. These alluring black and white photographs will make you want to mask up and put the K in kink. (more)
Sludge Candy by Ballzy
   Sludge Candy is a collection of sardonic comic strips and stoner art seeped from the THC soaked psychosis of a bored musician. (more)
Stencil Art by Jean Claude Wouters
   Images of Jay Adams, Rick James, Music Addict, and Fantomas. (more)
Suffuse, Emanate, Diffuse, Surfacing, Speaking, Seeing Red
   Contemporary mixed media drawings revolving around abnormal cell growth as a metaphor for the post-millennial body. (more)
Tales of Narcotica by Rob Peters
   Garbage Pail kids eat your heart out. These absurd toons of animals on narcotics will have you rolling. Come on down! (more)
The Artwork of BlaqLion3
   "I make designer toys that they DIDN'T/DON'T make, for collectors with a unique, and unusual taste." (more)
The Church of the Immaculate One... "Giving Thanks to the Most High, our Lord and Savior, The Artist Known as Prince"
   Art from the house of Dreamland. (more)
The Crazy Balloon Lady Infringes Upon Buffalo
   I would like to walk around any part of the festival, preferrably what is geared towards kids, and make animal balloons (more)
The Feel Good Constellations [Series of 4]
   "The Feel Good Constellations" is a series of four works of art made out of real human semen, and designed to look like constellations. (more)
The Great Remembering
   Mixed media pieces inspired by ancient Egyptian culture by Lucille Altieri. (more)
The intricate details of the mind
   Come see the intricate details of the mind as our thoughts merge into one. (more)
The Krows Nest
   Discover the imagination of painted fantasy gardens and animals; destination ...unlimited creativity. (more)
The Print Works
   Kaylee Frick's latest series - "The Print Works!" featuring linocut prints with the common theme of idolization. (more)
The Sleeping Giant by Rob Peters
   Vinyl signage with a dark and political theme. (more)
The spiraling staircase
   Collection of images of elder crow's journey along the spiraling staircase. (more)
The Watercolor Experiment
   A series of watercolors inspired by life's continuous change. (more)
Transpouring La Salle Park
   Ruby Merritt and Necole Zayatz will conceptually linked their performance to water quality and the contamination of natural resources. (more)
Whatever I Feel (like)
   When you catch a glimpse of a stranger's facial expression - What do you feel (like) (more)
Where's Waldo? Waldo Bomb the Garden Walk
   Last year we brought the gnomes this year we bring the red and white stripes! Let's go on the garden walk together dressed like Waldo. (more)
You Don't Own Me
   Performance artists Tina Dillman and Liv Fontaine are interested in exploring gender roles defined by the white male majority. (more)

Group shows
100 Drums Along Hoyt Lake!
  Percussionists of every persuasion join the annual Drums Along Hoyt Lake. (more)
11th Hour of 11 Days of 11 Years Closing Parade!
  Closing day sidewalk slow-stroll through Allentown, ending in the Megafringe street-closing with grand-finale of sorts in store at sundown. (more)
2nd Annual Mutton Fest
  A rock and roll BBQ. Bring your own meat. Or anything else grillable. Films shown silently/between bands. (more)
Abandoned Church Singers
   We are a group of people that want to sing for the fun of it. We get together with accomplished musician, Kathy Moriarty. (more)
All Up In Your Grilled
  Hip hop in front of the grilled cheese shop on Allen. (more)
Allen Farmer's Market #1
  First of two in Allentown Association's new Friday evening market. (more)
Allen Farmer's Market #2
  Second of two in Allentown Association's new Friday evening market, to commmence the Keep Allentown Freaky Final Friday sprawl. (more)
An Evening of World Music
  Music from Central America & the Caribbean, Indian psychedelia and Indonesian drumming, both live and on film. (more)
Barging Into the Burch IVb:See The Sound
  A computer-music concert in the auditorium becoming a gateway to the outside, and become a means of two shows becoming one. (more)
Barging into the Burch' III: Thursday Opening Day Midday Heyday
  Outdoor party at the Burchfeld Penny. Five bands and start of bike ride to opening parade. Free (more)
Barging into the Burch' IVa: The Sound Mind
  A museum becomes self-aware, utilizing indoor and outdoor spaces and building pathways in between. (more)
Bass Down Low
  This show will shake the eyes right out of your head. Soundsystem + Small room = Mega Vibrations. Admission free, donations welcomed. (more)
Best Monday Ever (with new and improved POTLUCK)
  A long standing infringement tradition. Eight artists for the price of nothing. Bring a dish. Donations kindly accepted and encouraged. (more)
Bidwell Farmer's Market #1
  First of two Bidwell Park's Sunday morning market, amid Kidfringement the first day of Garden Walk Weekend. (more)
Bidwell Farmer's Market #2
  Second of two Bidwell Park's Sunday morning market. (more)
Broadway Market Rooftop Party
  Multiple artists, two stages near the rooftop garden of the Broadway Market. If it rains we can always move into the parking garage. Free. (more)
Buffablog's Rochester Invasion
  buffaBLOG presents a night of their favorite Rochester bands. (more)
Buffalo Barfly BackYard Bash
  Another Infringement tradition. This years event hosted by Chris Abbey. 3 artists in the backyard followed by a finale on the front porch. (more)
Buskfest 5000 ½
  A calvacade of solo singer-songwriters on the streetcorner outside Caffe Aroma, guitar cases strategically left open of course. (more)
Closing Ceremonies and Iffy Awards Presentation
  The grand finale. The Iffy Awards will be dispersed between acts all night. Proceeds help us cover production costs. Pay What You Can. (more)
Closing Day Power-Nap
  Closing Day power-nap (BYOBlanket) before the Closing Ceremonies begin at Nietzches, for those feeling thoroughly infringed. (more)
Community Garden Musicornicopia
  Urban Root's annual garden party with live bands the first day of Gardenwalk weekend. (more)
Could Be Wild Streetside Smorgasbord
  This show is all the music acts that didn't give me sound examples to go off of, but is open to just about anything and is out in the open. (more)
Dreamland Electronic Showcase
  Electronic bleeps and bloops come in all shapes and sizes and this show gives you variety! Ambient to Goth to Orchestral to (fill in the blank). (more)
El Buen Amigo DIY Film Fest
  You + your friends + our artists + DVD = DIY Film Festival. Showing all the films from the festival: first come, first served. (more)
Electric Ave Hip Hop Fiasco
  Is fiasco an appropriate term for this event? Probably not but it sounds cool. Come out anyway! Donations graciously accepted. (more)
Electric Boogaloo
  Nice long sets from three of Buffalo's finest. $3 suggested donation. (more)
Electronic Oddities
  Two interesting and diverse electronic acts. Admission free! (more)
Electronica/Films Night @ The Foundry
  Experimental, electronic music; films; silent moving images. A dark and cavernous space... BYOB/food to grill. (more)
End of The World Tuesday
  LOUD ANGRY CRAZY MUSIC at Uncle Sam's Army Navy Surplus to add to the Mad Max feeling of the “Larkinville” Food Truck Tuesday (more)
Everybody Can See Your Buttons
  Literary readings from the information age, electronica ending in a small-electronics street-jam just before the indoor electronica showcase. (more)
Folk and Funk
  You wouldn't think these styles go together but lo and behold... Pay what you can. (more)
Food Not Bombs
  The weekly food giveaway in the middle of the day with buskers and others seeking to express themselves to an audience. (more)
Food Not Brahms
  all acoustic picnic potluck music-genre mindmap around symphony circle (more)
Gallery Opening At ArtSpace
  Join us for an evening of large scale art and small scale sculpture. (more)
Gallery Opening At Glow Gallery
  Come inside from the streets of Allentown and enjoy some beautiful art. (more)
Gallery Opening At Perks
  This opening showcases fun and colorful pieces by local artists. (more)
Gallery Opening At Rust Belt Books
  Come see art at Rust Belt's newest location. (more)
Gallery Opening at Starlight Studios
  The Healing Committee will be playing and we will have spoken word from 7-7:30. (more)
GCR Sessions Live
  3 Buffalo bands perform outside Robby Takac's Buffalo studio, field-recorded on site. (more)
Girl Power
  Electric lady land. (more)
Gypsy Parlor Humpday Dance Party
  Chase those hump day blues away. Come to the Gypsy Parlor and shake off those 9-5 demons with some danceable, beat laden bands. (more)
Hostel Environment Mainstreet Movie Night
  Movie-portion of nighttime events, projected from the Hostel window after dark to illuminate the electronic/hiphop show outside. (more)
Hot Licks at Stamps
  Riffs, riffs & more riffs. Bring Your Own Lighter ($3*21+) (more)
Hot Mama's Super Infringement Sunday
  Is Allentown too busy for ya? You can Infringe in Black Rock at Hot Mama's. Donations graciously accepted. (more)
House Show And BBQ Potluck
  Music and food in the comfort of the palace of the Ice Dragon. Bring a dish, admission free. (more)
Hump Day at the Tudor
  Watch your ankles 'cause the dogs are out! It's Hump Day! We don't think pets are allowed in The Tudor so you're safe here. (more)
Humpday Hodgepodge
   testing why isnt this working (more)
Humpday Hop 'n Hip
  It's Hip and it's Hoppin'. Free Admission, donations welcomed. (more)
International Tiger Day Musical Celebration
  Tigers are ferocious and so are these musical acts! Looping and keyboards and guitars...tiger times! (more)
Journey To Uranus (Sci-Fi / Fantasy Costume Ball)
  $5 admission, $3 with an out of this world costume. (more)
  Kidding around in Bidwell Park concurrent with the Farmers Market and Garden Walk Saturday morning. (more)
Lazer Planet Logic
  Come for a bleep bloop universal spacey ambient dancing fun time. Donation $5 but if your busted it's free...Shake it don't break it. (more)
Live from the Barfly!
  This show will feature recording equipment broadcasting everything to the internet. We will have full streaming capacity. (more)
Living Electric
  "I want to see gamma rays! I want to hear x-rays! And I want to smell dark matter!" -Brother Cavil. (more)
Loop the Loop
  Music acts that use live loopers, hula hoopers and anyone who does things in circle, things that make you say “Oh” (more)
Loud As Fuck Fest
  Bring two set of ear plugs for a night of ear shattering delights. ($3*21+) (more)
Magnus Opium's Magnum Opus
  An odd, eclectic array of eccentrics among the architectural antiquity of the Karpeles Manuscript Library steps. (more)
Meet the Neighbors
  Co-presented with Autism Services Education Program at 124 elmwood, a school parkinglot will become an imaginative/engaging arts exhibition. (more)
Megafringe : The Holley Farms Stage
  Hip Hop among the madness of the closing day Allen Street closing between Elmwood and Wadsworth (more)
Megafringe Movie Montage
  Movies at dark after the grand-finale, closing day Allen Street closure between Elmwood and Wadsworth to light up the street (more)
Megafringe on Allen Street
  art of all sorts will be the only thing driving on allen for a bit as we shut down the street . (more)
Megafringe: Allentown Pizza Stage
  Some fuzz-laden guitar-chugging heavy-metal distortion-pedal pizzazz in front of the pizza shop among the madness of the closing day (more)
Megafringe: Electric Gravy Stage
  Electric acts among the madness of the closing day Allen Street closure between Elmwood and Wadsworth (more)
Megafringe: Picasso Moon Stage
  The mellow side outside of Picasso Moon of the madness on Allen between closed between Elmwood and Wadsworth (more)
Mid-Week Rock at the 'Hawk
  Punk, shoe-gaze and grunge from three new local acts. (more)
Midfringement Music Marathon at the Manuscript Museum
  Colossal musicianship among the marble columns suggesting history yet to be written for five more monumental days. (more)
Milkie's Comedy Sampler!
  Come laugh your ass off at Milkies. Four comedy acts for free. (more)
Milkie's Masquerade Dance Party
  A masquerade party for fans of electronic. Admission $3. Free with costume. (more)
Milkie's Meltdown
  Truly a sultry collection of artists, the music may melt your face. Admission $5. (more)
Milkie's Night of Improv!
  A night of Improv at Milkie's. Come join in the fun! Donations graciously accepted. (more)
Milkie's Saturday Smörgåsbord
  Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue, Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! bork! bork! Pay What you can. (more)
Mohawk Comedy Sampler
  Spend your afternoon laughing! (more)
Mohawk Masquerade Ball
  Come as you aren't. (more)
Music At The Market Arcade
  A one of a kind show, in a one of a kind location. You should totally go. Thank you kindly. (more)
Musical Oddity Showcase
  We were't sure where to put all these acts, so we put them all here and made something special. Donations accepted. (more)
National Cheese Cake Day Celebration
  BYO cheesecake. We brought the bands. Pay what you can. (more)
Nietzsche's Masquerade Ball : aka The Boo-yah Bash
  Dress up in some Masquerade finery to hear a variety of rap, metal and metal rap bands. Boo-yah my friends, Boo-yah. (more)
Open Air Art Fair
  Megafringe's open-invitation outdoor art market. (more)
Opening Ceremonies
  Kick off the festival with an assortment of the fest's finest acts. Pay what you can. (Donation for this event helps cover production costs) (more)
Opening Day Parade
  A sidewalk procession with marching band from Old Wondermoth to Days Park. Free. (more)
Ornithologist's Delight
  Bird is the word, with spirituals, birds doing tricks, political folk ballads and bird sounds made with a violin and loop pedals. (more)
Out of Your Mime!
  There will be silence, there will be make up and there will be three Polish mimes. (more)
Pipe Dragon Memorial Expo
  The 3rd (Nearly) Annual Pipe Dragon Memorial Expo... An homage to the legendary, late and lamented late-80s underground venue. (more)
Pirate Party
  Dress up like a pirate for extra points. Donations graciously accepted. (more)
Porchside Pre-Parade Practice Party
  Parade congregation point, porchshow and marching-band practice before uniting with the Megafringe for a monumental finale. Oh, and CAKE! (more)
Post Canalside Indie Show
  After Iron & Wine at Canalside, stop by your old favorite post-Thursday at the Square haunt for an indie rock evening. (more)
Punk Rock Saturday Night
  Mohawks at the Mohawk. (more)
Purple Sparkly Unicorn Potluck
  Flamenco, Avant Bop, Ice Dragons and Hip Hop: a musical variety hour or two or three. Bring a dish to pass this musical potluck is free! (more)
Rebecca Ryskalczyk Ryturnz
  Prodigal daughter returns to one of her old haunts in Buffalo while on a short tour. (more)
Saturday Night Experimentation
  An evening of audio and visual experimentation, improvisation and witchcraft. (more)
  A public exhibition of artists that embody the topics of bodies and sex positively. (more)
Short Films NOT @ Big Orbit
  A smorgasborg/smorgasbord of short films and videos (most are 10' or less). (more)
Singer Songer Singalonger
  A two-part west-side songs-everybody-knows showcase at this little shop abounding in books everyone should read. (more)
Some Country For Old Men
  Not JUST for old cranky cowboy-types, a range of twang-tinged tunesmiths outside Antique Man for your shins to dig to. (more)
Something cool NOT at big orbit on a Saturday Evening
  The name says it all. But in general, Big Orbit is cool all week long. Admission Free. (more)
Stamps Folk Show
  Folk yeah! Bring your washtub and your spoons, we're gonna have us a good old fashioned hootenany! $3.21+ (more)
Stamps Rock Showcase
  Three great rock bands for only $3? What are we, CRAZY? Yes. ($3*21+) (more)
Starlight Studio 10 Year Anniversary
   Join us for our 10 year anniversary! (more)
Stomps on Stamps
  Stomp your summertime blues away at Stamps! $3.21+ (more)
  A quirky collection of performances with one thing in common: Susan! (more)
Sugar City Masquerade Ball
  Make sure your costume is sweet. There will be prizes. Plus Joe is coming all the way from Baltimore. Admission $5/$3 with costume. (more)
Sugar City Saturday
  Four Buffalo bands unite to join forces to mint Sugar City as part of Infringement on the first Saturday of the festival. (more)
Sunday Shenanigans
  An eclectic lineup for a lazy Sunday summer evening. (more)
Super American Disco Party
  The perfect place to get your midday electronica fix. (more)
Talkin' Free-Speakin' Spoken Word Wednesday
  Sidewalk poetry and words spoken, sung, flung into the air, who cares who cares. (more)
The Could B. Wild Masquerade Pregame and Photo Shoot
  With all the costume parties tonight, come pre-game and get your photo taken. Plus great entertainment. Admission free! (more)
The Emperor's New Partybus Elmwood Slow-Roll Bike-Prom to the People!
  the ensuing bikeride followed by an invisible partybus (of sorts) to the North and Elmwood Housing Co-Op to begin the Opening Parade (more)
The Lawn Disco
  Annual outdoor dance party! Fun and appropriate for all ages. FREE! Chairs, blankets and hula hoops allowed. (more)
The Lighting of... Something Ceremony
  Kick off the Fest at the opening Ceremony. Many acts culminating in fire dancing. Free (more)
The Nonviolent Femmes
  The feminine side, outside. (more)
The Public Forum
  Social and political acts of any and all kind for all of City Hall to see. Use your free-speech wisely. That's the whole point. (more)
The Should Have Been At Big Orbit Singer/Songwriter Showcase At Electric Avenue
  A wonderful showcase of songwriters that was supposed to be at Big Orbit but in true infringement fashion was moved hastily to Electric Ave. (more)
The Worst Show Ever
  Satirical variety show featuring Rustbelt Comedy, burlesque by The Stripteasers, and music by Joe Donnohue and The Folkfaces. (more)
Thump Day Hip Hop Showcase
  If Wednesday is Hump Day, Infringement decries Thursday is Thump Day! Let's get the party started. Pay what you can. (more)
Thursday Night Hootenanny
  It's the 3nd annual good-time Hoot at The 9th Ward at Babeville, the basement venue of Buffalo's favorite little folksinger. (more)
Toot Suite
  Way out there all outdoor instrumental musical esoteric mumbo-jumbo to some, make a jazz noise here. (more)
Tudor Lounge Masquerade Ball
  $3 cover or free with costume. (more)
Uncle Sam's Loud Music Showcase
  A free show for those who love it loud! Donations accepted. (more)
Uncle Sam's Rockin' Americana Showcase
  Do you like American music? We like American music. I like American music... Baby. Donations graciously accepted. (more)
Uncle Sam's Sonic Assault
  There will be earplugs. Donations graciously accepted. (more)
Uncle Sam's Sunday Shenanigans
  Come join in this high-spirited behavior! Donations graciously accepted. (more)
Wam Bam Thank You Slam: Afternoon Delight
  An evening of poetry and burlesque. Donations graciously accepted. (more)
Westside Bikeride Wednesday
  West-side scavenger hunt by bike to locate clues throughout a slew of west-side programming inside and outside, rules to be released. (more)
Westside Water World
  End point of Westside Bike Ride Wednesday, site-specific seaside performance-art and a fishy lineup beached on the seaside as the sun sets. (more)
Wet Dreamland
  A collection of Erotic/Fetish themed artwork and performance including... porn karaoke and bdsm figure drawing. (more)
Who Infringed You? Rock and Costume Party
  Come out and dress up as your favorite: artist, actor, comedian, writer, or musician! Admission $5/3 with costume. (more)
Wizards & Witches Costume Party
  A bewitching evening with 2 of WNY's finest new acts and visitors from Portland, Maine. Dress to hex. (more)
World Beat Wednesday
  Drumming is universal. Donation based show. (more)
World Music Saturday at Days
  A day at Days of the worlds of music and a world-music screening at the end of the day. (more)
You Breakbeat, You Buybeat @ the Box
  Electronics and Hiphop show outside the hostel environment is certainly out of the box, on the sidewalk outside with projections. (more)
Rustbelt Comedy
   Showcase of local comedians telling the most low brow cheesy jokes as part of The Worst Show Ever! (more)