Theatre/misc performance shows
"El the Mime"
  "Airport Agony"-unpleasant discoveries are made at airport."Early Morning Hysteria"-items are misplaced in the frenzy.--Balloon sculpting (more)
420: The Musical
  420: The Musical is a light-hearted comedy about an everyday pot smoker who finds the meaning of happiness in the Land of 420. (more)
A Guy and a Guitar, But Mostly a Guy
  Stand up comedy debut as a solo show. Performing in front of small audiences for three years. Also performing three original songs. (more)
  ART/WNY presents The One-Act Showcase featuring local playwrights including Mark C Lloyd, Maura Nolan Matthew Boyle and Megan Kemple. (more)
  1 hour. 2 improvisers. Hilarious results. Todd Benzin & Don Gervasi explore a single suggestion, making everything else up along the way. (more)
Being Bruce: Not Just A Mindless Eating Machine
  Memoirs off the coast of Amity Island (more)
Car Stories
  It sparked the creation of infringement festivals! Set in real cars, 3 people at a time are invited on a theatrical joyride! Donations. (more)
Chester and Sun Ray
  Chester is a performer with Cerebral Palsy! Sun Ray is a phenomenal artist! Jokes, poetry, song, & dance! This will be a fun experiment! (more)
  Stage experiment of Martin Goldmith’s classic noir film. Integrating film, performance and live music, Detour re-imagines this gritty tale. (more)
Drunk Bearded Ladies Gone Wild
  Witness the groundbreaking gender bending comedy duo get drunk and raise hell on stage for one night only. (more)
Fruit Flies in the Wine
  Fruit Flies in the Wine: A One Act (more)
Gemini Widow
  Two player skit about death, grief, and learning how to continue on. (more)
graffiti reading
  Four actresses read the graffiti that was copied from the ladies room at Nietzsche's, with audience participation at the end. (more)
  Euripides’ play about women who exact a terrible revenge on their conquerors. Nobody behaves well in a war, in Troy or Bosnia or Iraq. (more)
Kids' Infringement Storyhour
  Interactive socially-relevant stories. In both English and Spanish; audience participation. All are welcome, best suited for children 2 - 7. (more)
Lev & Pavel's Kids Dance Party
  Bop around to eclectic music with balloons, bubbles, light-show, and tomfoolery. All ages welcome. Best for ages 2 - 7 (must bring an adult) (more)
Mike Sent'of a Wo'man
  Burlesque based on the life and work of Mike Sentman. (more)
Mind to Mind "An Evening of Psychic Theater with Sebastian Saint Michael"
  Mind to Mind "An Evening of Psychic Theater with Sebastian Black" A hit at the 2013 Infringement Festival, this show is not to be missed ! (more)
New Old and Unexpected
  TOO BIG TO FAIL, Oedipus Rex tale of corporate tyranny and self-delusion & GRAFFITI THEATER, Nietzsche meets ladies room at Nietzche's pub (more)
Paint by Hoop
  Body painting with a hula hoop. Bring a blank t-shirt or paint right on your skin! (more)
Picasso People
  The Picasso People bring to life the masterpieces of Picasso through Dance,Mask Puppetry& Mime set to music. A Family Friendly performace! (more)
  World Premiere comedy. A rich comatose patient shows signs of recovery,attracting a bevy of greedy oddballs, but all he can say is PRICK! (more)
shy interpretor/uncle sergei
  SHY INTERPRETOR seriously looks at the conflict between a son and his partying father. UNCLE SERGEI spoofs Anton Chekhov. (more)
Somewhere Over the Gaydar
  Gender bent take on the Wizard of Oz featuring burlesque and drag performance. Not to be missed! (more)
Sound Mind
  Award Winning Mind Reader Lucas Simmons brings his latest ground breaking original work 'Sound Mind.'Don't miss this never before seen show! (more)
Sweatshirt/ The Clothesline Project
  A devised piece of theater in 5 scenes that explores one's journey in life and how to deal with violation, more specifically sexual abuse. (more)
The Hotshot Whiz Kids Live
  Buffalo's only daily podcast, live on stage. Stand-up, improv and sketch comedy, music, and some of their most popular podcast segments. (more)
THE POLICE by Slawomir Mrozek
  A preposterous play about a Police State that can’t find any dissidents to persecute by Poland’s infamous absurdist playwright. FU, Big Brother! (more)
The Regina Monologues
  Step back in time and prepare to laugh (and participate), as The Regina Monologues recall the life, loves and "virginity" of Queen Elizabeth I. (more)
The Stripteasers Burlesque Present: The Big Lezbowski
The Treatment by Eve Ensler
  Delves into layers of power, fear and intimacy between a traumatized soldier and a female psychologist assigned to give him routine treatment. (more)
theatreFiguren presents BUTTERFLY SKY
  Paintings, movement & music create a lyrical tribute to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Dr. King & all those who dream of equality for all! (more)
Trauma & Vinyl:'This Betrayal Will Be Our End'--The Monologue
  SF writer weaves together a bout with meningitis, a destructive relationship & his attempt to make the greatest break-up album of all time. (more)
tree of liminality
  Come as you were, or might have been, or could be for an interactive performance that is equal parts magic realism and existential dialogue. (more)
Triplets Of Depew
  She stands 7' mirrored eyes & hair of palm leaves,her arthritic gnarly hands & humped back depict her demeanor,weaving her tail of old $5 (more)
We Shall Overcome!
  Commemorating passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. African-American history in songs and speeches, with visuals and commentary. (more)
  Experimental collaboration between two individuals involving movement and sound. (more)
  Comedy Improv, audience participation, a fun time for all. (more)

Dance shows
"All Day" Contact Improv Jam
  Come explore motion, gravity, inertia and the exciting possibilities of movement and dance. (more)
A Buffalo Pyromance
  A lovely crew of Buffalo's finest fire performers, returning to share the magic that is fire and dance. (more)
  An epic tribal fusion belly dance character performance: a cyber ninja captured & programmed by Umbrella Corp. (more)
Ballet ex Machina: In Progress/1
  Ballet set to Industrial music. (more)
  Bingobongo is a short light heated and curiosity driven dance performance collaboration. (more)
Bollywood Dance Piece
  A short Bollywood dance number (more)
Bollywood Dance! The Art of India!
  Bollywood Dance at its best, by Devi Bollywood Dance! (more)
  An improvisational, articulate+ inspiring communication between dancers and musicians. (more)
Dance Sampler
  A deliciously tasteful program of contemporary dances. (more)
Eric Borketey Ansuade, Acrobat
  Ghana-born, China-studied international showman. Master acrobat, fire-artist, magician, juggler, dancer, plate-spinner, teacher. (more)
Euphraxia and Metamorphosis American Tribal Style Bellydance
  Bringing American Tribal Style Bellydance to the Buffalo Infringement Festival, for its 10 year anniversary! (more)
Folies Bergere
  An epic fusion belly dance premiere homage to the early 19th century, vintage dancers of the folies bergere in Paris, France. (more)
Gibberish Beatbox
  Aaron Water spits a little beatboxing nonsense in purple hair, hammer pants and mad hats- clown style. (more)
Hasta Abajo
  A tribal fusion belly dance homage to the reggeaton dance hall style of Puerto Rico. (more)
Hoopnosis Fire Faery Show
  Come feel the warmth and allure of Madia the Fire Faery's fantastic fire dancing! (more)
Hoopnosis Hulaerobics Workshop
  Hoopnosis's hoop dance fitness program celebrates creativity and self expression! (more)
Infringement DRAGLESQUE!
  Burlesque, Drag and Comedy at Club Marcella. Directed by Jayme Coxx (more)
Javanese blonde
  A tribal fusion belly dance performance, inspired by the cultural dances of Java, with a modern twist. (more)
Kingdom Hearts
  A dance reenactment of the opening scene to the Kingdom Hearts 2 video game; as Kairi is consumed by the darkness in her heart. (more)
  A work for piano & dancer. (more)
Mama Africa
  A tribal fusion belly dance performance: Inspired, by the international lineage and dialogue between traditional dances of ethnic tribes. (more)
   An urban tribal fusion belly dance performance, inspired by the pierrot (sad clown) performances of the late 17th century Paris, France. (more)
Pelvic Floored
  Ashley Vita Verde+ Aaron Water make sensual acrobatic slow and fast motion love in dance, all over each other, the floor+ the walls. (more)
Piece of Me
  Piece of Me", presented by ModDance is a unique blend of tap and contemporary works thriving in powerful athletic movement! (more)
RiskIntuitionLove presented by BCIJPG
  Through intuition and risk the dance group BCIJPG disorients themselves in time, space and to each other. Cost: PWYC (more)
Shifting Density (Live Music and Dance)
  Live Dance and Music by Melanie Aceto and dancers and Lawrence Rizutto and Friends. The Dress Shop at 89 Allen St. 8/1. 6-8pm. All ages Free (more)
  An epic contemporary fusion belly dance performance, inspired by the silent film era of the early 20th century. (more)
Tango Evora
   A tribal fusion belly dance performance: an expressive, sensual yet sophisticated moving piece of art. Inspired, by Flamenco & Tango. (more)
The Beau Fleuzies Burlesque at Infringement 2014
  We are a part of The BUFFALO BURLESQUE COLLECTIVE! We have an array of spoofs, tricks, talents and boobies to present! (more)
The Big Beautiful Buffalo Burlesque Collective Show
  The Buffalo Burlesque Collective celebrates all women, bodies, a ages, colors, and the beauty of DIVERSITY! This show adult in nature. (more)
The Hell's Harlots Burlesque
  Burlesque trio specializing in theatrical dance and choreographed numbers. Every show they perform is special and unique, don't miss out! (more)
The Vintage Vaudeville Cabaret Presents: Haters Gonna Hate and Jayme Coxx Don't Care
  Haters gonna hate... and Jayme Coxx don't care! 21+ show, cost: donation. (more)

Poetry/literary shows
"Young Hearts and Old Minds"
  Join Eddie Gomez for the newest and best of his poetry. It will be inspiring and entertaining! (more)
Benjamin Brindise
  Competing Slam Poet and Author, Benjamin Brindise, will be performing poetry and sharing a previously unreleased short story. (more)
Blue Collar Poetry by Jeffrey Charles Naish
  Blue Collar Poetry by Jeffrey Charles Naish. 37 Jobs in 37 years on Earth, he has seen and done it all. (more)
  spoken word & song with musical accompaniment. poetry, electric bass, keyboards, flute, percussion, free presents for everyone. (more)
Celtic Stories of Healing and Repose
  Celtic Gems are rich and ancient stories, as told by Treebard- a treeman, accompanied on the Celtic Harp. Your love offering is welcome. (more)
Corned Beef Hash
  Join an Open Mic Hash. Bring your best writing and join Joan Albarella and Marjorie Norris and their mixed bag of readings. (more)
Dazzlingly Inappropriate Part III: Triple Dog Dare
  Raunchy feminist comedy by MC Vendetta and Cat Sinclair: Rants, songs and jokes that are inappropriate for women to say in public. NC-17. (more)
Deciphering the Enchanted Landscape of Buffalo-Niagara
  Deciphering the Enchanted Landscape of Buffalo-Niagara features some truly extraordinary research about Buffalo and the Niagara. Offerings $ (more)
Diversity Night - Open Mic
  Diversity Night - Open Mic - provides persons from a diverse range of abilities and backgrounds a safe place for artistic expression. (more)
Doing It In Public
  Share in intellectual conversation envisioning a future of principle and health, instead of toward greater injustice and ecological disaster (more)
Found in Translation
  Prose for Digestion will read her poems which relate to the travails of every day life. (more)
Gypsy Verses
  A selection of original poetry and musings. Explore love, life, and mortality through structured verse and spoken word. (more)
I don't do Slam by Marek Parker
  A mix of spoken word and poetry performed by Marek P, Parker. (more)
Incident at Deerlick as told by Mark Twain
  "Incident at Deerlick" is a scalding satire aimed at modern America, as recounted by Mark Twain (played by Franklin LaVoie.) (more)
  Poetic? Yes. Subversive? Quite possibly. Radical? Definitely. Thought-provoking verse presented aloud by its author. (more)
Middleman--My Life As a Bridge: Poems by Janna Willoughby-Lohr
  Poems about childhood, family and connection--about coming back to life after so much of what seems like dying. Narrative-style poetry. (more)
Not Just A Poetry Reading
  (B)uffalo (A)rt (D)ispensary Interactive Art Event. Poets present poetry in innovative ways: sound art, projections, audience participation. (more)
Online (poetry reading)
  Judy Graham, a Canadian artist, will be reading recent poetry at Buffalobarfly on July 25th at 3:00 p.m. (more)
Open Mic at College St. Gallery
  Local artists perform, or sign up to perform yourself! Featuring poetry and music. Sign-up for a spot to perform by 7:00p.m. (more)
Pain and Pride on the West Side
  Reflections on my contrasting experiences on the West Side. (more)
  One middle-aged woman's musings on life, love, and the pursuit of sanity while mired in dysfunction (more)
  An annual evening of feminist writers sharing their work with the world in honor of Saucebox creator, Robin Brox. Refreshments provided. (more)
Scan Poetry
  Scan Poetry is an urban beat expression of our time from a Buffalo soul. (more)
Screwdrivers and Dying Mermaids
  Hoping to read wherever I am welcomed. My poetry tends to fall into a more dark psychedelic category so I try to keep things short. (more)
slammed from the page to the people
  the pure ink poetry slam poets come together and perform their best pieces for you to enjoy. join us onthis journey of life in slam form. (more)
Summer Tour
  Great Lakes Review publishes fiction, nonfiction, drama and poetry in the region concentrating on the historic cities of the Great Lakes. (more)
Tim Sentman
  Tim reads his poetry and stories. Some new, some old. Most are about food. (more)
  An interactive reading of Tongue-Tied, a fable to awaken us to the dangers of bragging and the delight of beauty, by Fred Harold Jensen. (more)
Words with Friends
  A collective of local writers performing together. (more)

Music shows
  2Rabbit makes original rock music that will move you, every damn one of you. (more)
4Buffalo Music 4Kids
  Free music clinics for youth hosted by Buffalo musicians, providing an introduction to music through the use of instruments and innovation. (more)
Able Footing
  Un-earthing and shining up some dirty classics. Anal Pudding reworks, and old standards. (more)
Accordion Hurdy Gurdy French Trad.
  French 18thCentury & modern Trad tunes w/ Jeremy Spindler(accordion)& Carra Stratton(Hurdy Gurdy:www.youtube.com/watch?v=72CvsqdNs0g (more)
Accordion Loop Landscapes
  Improvised textured layers of accordion, percussion and winds on loop pedal reminiscent of various world landscapes (more)
Acoustic Boot
  Same old Boot. Whole new VIBE. BUY OUR ALBUM! BRING UR DAD! (more)
Adam Giancarlo
  Adam Giancarlo is a unique and original one-man, mainly acoustic act. His music is fairly simple, yet is multi-layered. (more)
Alassane Sarr
  Alassane Sarr is an internationally renowned artist and from Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. He now makes his home in Buffalo. (more)
Alaysa O'Brien
  Grunge style acoustic originals cut with blues roots and soulful, dynamic vocals. (more)
Alex Berkley
  Witty, thought provoking, and heartfelt indie folk singer/songwriter, whom Jeff Miers once referred to as "prolific" without hearing a note! (more)
Allysen Callery
  Alternative folk from Rhode Island; an intricate unique finger style guitar, a voice that is mesmerizing, billed as "ghost folk" in Europe. (more)
Amrev 2
  Eastern PA band influenced by reggae, punk, blues & gypsy, they draw on historical figures, revolutionaries & our earth for inspiration. (more)
Anal Pudding
  potty rock (more)
Andrew Tufano
  Andrew Tufano is a young, groovy singer/songwriter out of Nashville touring the Northeast with a mustache on his guitar. (more)
  KIDDOS!!ADULTS!! Linguistic noise appeal for the fun fam-minded listener. Minimal to the maximum with Love and integrity. SWING DANCE DANCE! (more)
Apex Down
  An up-and-coming all-original progressive heavy rock band from Buffalo, New York, whose #1 goal is to get into your head and never leave. (more)
Austin Nova
  Austin Nova, and his DJ mix hip-hop with rock, electronic, swing, and more genres. (more)
  Autoverse wins a blue one. Can't you hear the satisfaction in their mess? It's just expression; it's just rock. (more)
Axis of Evil
  This band performs on home-made instruments made of materials gleaned from abandoned houses. (more)
  Basha will be laying down much of his own work in one skillful and thought-provoking DJ set (more)
  Showcase with a variety of WNY talent: Jess Chizek, Nimble Vagrant, The Fredtown Stompers + a whole lots more. (more)
beer hall philosophers
  beer hall philosophers is a three piece ensemble playing music to drink beer by (more)
Bighorn Sheep
  Buffalo based septette brings it fast, heavy and tight. (more)
Bill Nehill (The Red Face Of God)
  Lyrical drone via unaccompanied voice. (more)
Bipolar Coaster
  ROCK ROCK ROCK!!! (more)
Birdie Cree
  Birdie Cree - a 4 piece Americana original music group with selected self styled covers. (more)
BloodThirsty Vegans
  Music geared toward getting people up and moving, it is lyrically charged with a deep consciousness, but beyond that it kind of defies description. (more)
Blue Lazer
  We will melt your face from outer space! After booking a show in Buffalo, NY, Blue Lazer crash landed on earth in the summer of 2006. (more)
Blue Roadhouse Revue
  Blue Roadhouse Revue will infringe on ASCAP who destroys live music venues with unreasonable fees. (more)
Blue Rootz
  Funk/Soul/Jazz Get your boogie shoes on and be ready to get down and get funky. (more)
  BlurrAngels uses female vocals, hypnotic melodies, and fierce rhythms to create individually unique pieces of dark electronic/dance music. (more)
Bobby Angel
  Bobby Angel's soulful blues/Alt.-Country/Rock blend will make ya want to sing and dance! Facebook@BOBBYANGELBUFFALO/ (more)
  One man's attempt to use a synthesizer to transport a room of people into either outer space or inner space. (more)
buckets and junk
  i play buckets and junk metal with drum sticks. the streets need more rhythm. nothing like a $2 dollar bucket delivering that! (more)
  Influenced by White Stripes, Black Keys, and Modest Mouse (more)
Chester Copperpot
  Extremely fast, electrified music that is sure to entertain even the most critical (shame on you) audiences! Get up and see for yourself! (more)
  eclectic instrumental mayhem. improvised fusion. extinguishing and awakening. breathe deep, slip away... (more)
Chris Abbey
  Long-time Buffalo singer/songwriter who sometimes forgets he's not a full rock band. (more)
Chris Schlarb with Guest Alfred Brown
  Ambient electric guitar duets that sparkle and sway with slow, consonant sonorities. (more)
Chris Snowman
  An all-American B-Side writer. (more)
Chris Whitmer
  Central PA singer-songwriter with kick-ass originals that reek of truth, lyricism, intelligence, and rock-n-roll. (more)
Chuckie Campbell
  Chuckie Campbell is a writer, publisher, educator, and emerging hip hop artist, whose debut album, More Die of Heartbreak, released in 2013. (more)
Clare Sweeney & Laith Al-Khalidi
  A unique spin on pop music by rearranging top 40s music to highlight classically trained vocalist Clare Sweeney's vocal jazz background. (more)
  With digital and analog electronics blended in with lyrics and poetry, we aspire to awaken collective consciousness. (more)
Copy Manager
  Dark fuzz pop forged by a frozen heart inside a smoky cavern. (more)
  Noisy soundscapes colored with ambient tones and electronic glitchy drum beats (more)
  Electronic music producer/composer, I mix my own personal music during live sets. A lot of chilled out, lo-fi and dreamy psychedelic music. (more)
Darcy Gates-Brewer
  Forty-esque working-class central NY sorta hippie has been too busy raising kids & raising Hell to have time to perform publicly until now. (more)
Darling Harbor
  Darling Harbor meets every audience with sincerity. Their music is as naked and genuine as the stories the lyrics are pulled from. (more)
Dead Trash Mob
  Coalition of unusual and flexible artists centering around a hip-hop base. (more)
Digital Afterlife
  Alternative Electronic duo comprised of brothers Paul & Greg Burt. Formed in 2011, they've been performing, creating & crafting their sound. (more)
DJ Medison
  a house party dj turned club dj with enough juice left over to sell to orange julius. (more)
DJ Megadose
  disc jockey, House and Breakbeat (more)
Drums Along Hoyt Lake!
  An open community drum circle on the shore of Hoyt Lake, led by WNY's finest hand drummers. Audience & dancer participation welcome! (more)
Dudley Johnson
  Innovated Acoustic Jazz Duo (more)
  Bridges the gap between rock and metal, blending Shoegaze and Sludge Metal. Atmospheric and dreamy while retaining the density of metal. (more)
Eli the Hawk
  Americana Troubadour from Sourland Mountains jams bluesy-folk-rock rhythms to get your feet move’n! Gypsy Parlor, Essex Pub; Antique Man (more)
  Ellsworth is an up-and-coming high-energy Alternative Rock band drawing inspiration from Pentimento, Weezer and Radiohead. (more)
  Eppo melds the sounds of the world, from both futuristic and time-told standpoints, before your very eyes (more)
ERaserhead's Baby
  Orchestral Percussion with electronic noise (more)
Erica Wolfling
  Erica is a quadruple threat: vocalist, pianist, songwriter, dragon. Her style snuggles in between acoustic pop, blues, with a touch of soul. (more)
  Flatsitter is a psychedelic sound & video experience featuring live performance by Jax Deluca & Kyle Marler. Preview online: flatsitter.com (more)
  Folkfaces are a Buffalo-based band playing a mish-mash of progressive jugband anthems, folksy hokum, and hot jass revival! (more)
For Winter
  4-piece post-hardcore band with alternative & indie twists from the southern tier. (more)
Fox 45
  Heavy stoner rock from Rochester, NY (more)
  Mystical vibrations from the realm of pure spirit. Scantron and Sanji. (more)
  Gambis: A WNY trio of musicians that plays hard rock the way it was intended to be played. (more)
  An electro-rock band from Rochester fuses guitar riffs, electronic dance music & video game chip tunes into a hook-laden rock powerhouse. (more)
Giggle the Ozone
  Confrontational yet intricate sound fuses punk, new wave, surf & video game music, and is fueled by a commitment to poetic social critique. (more)
Global Knowledge
  I'm a Kid Joining Intellectual Vibes Everywhere. (more)
global psychosis
  Global Psychosis is a home-brewed rock fused jam band. (more)
  Post-Apoctalyptic Rock-N-Roll, Androgynous Deathpunk, No Mercy. (more)
Graph Rabbit
  Brooklyn-based duo of acoustic guitar/vocals and experimental piano; sweepingly cinematic at times and hauntingly minimalist at others. (more)
  Electronic compositions made on a NINTENDO DSi and other devices. (more)
Gromit Dubz
  19 yr old spinning tracks from himself and the "old ghost records" label, our style has deep heavy/trenchy vibez for every one to nod to. (more)
Groove Cereal
  Buffalo-born trip-hop/hip-hop artist. His music is a combination of dusty vinyl samples atop chill, funky drum breaks and layered melodies. (more)
  Sitting on the couch drinking beer, soda pop, cigarettes, pissing off your parents. Watching PBS kids! (more)
Honest Penny
  Singer-songwriter acoustic duo (more)
  Spiritually Inspired Conscious Hip Hop Poetry (more)
Hooked on Casiophonics
  8-bit hip hop happyness...Dance, Dance, Dance!!!! (more)
Hostel Takeover: Buffalo Tunes in the Stairwell
  Join us for an interactive stairwell sing along, featuring everybody's favorite hot jamz and kool kuts from yesterday and today. (more)
Icarus Breathes
  Sometimes dancy, sometimes heavy, sometimes pretty. (more)
  One man makes soundtracks for that movie in your head. Ambient electronic experimental, melodic, improv. (more)
Intrepid Travelers
  Musical quartet from Buffalo, that keeps crowds on their toes with an original blend of grooving rhythms and sonic exploration. (more)
  Irregardless: Buffalo's Progressive Funk Band who have something for everyone to get down with. (more)
Ish Kabbible
  Ish Kabbible is a Jazz/Funk/Progressive/Metal Father/Son Duo. (more)
Jacob Peter
  A multi-instrumentalist who is currently producing/recording his own EP. Playing an array of original/cover material as a solo act. (more)
  Dark avant pop from Boston ~ Requiem for a Dream dreamy. (more)
Jameson Baron
  Middle of the road, catchy acoustic tuneage. Like Neil Young had a baby with Dallas Green. (more)
Jealous Girls
  A female fronted all original indie band from Buffalo, New York. They're sound is economic, but full of passion. (more)
  Geoffrey Peters is a digital audio programmer and executional operator functioning under numerous organizational monikers. (more)
Jen Whitmore
  Jennifer Whitmore is a singer/songwriter who takes life's lessons and turns them into song through humor, heart and soul. (more)
Jess Chizuk
  Jess Chizuk is a singer/songwriter with pop/rock overtones and indie-folk roots. (more)
  Handsome/debonair white-faced showman loves reading Artvoice. (more)
Jonathan Foster
  Northern California singer-songwriter brings a roots blend of Americana, country rock, acoustic blues & alternative folk. (more)
Jonathan Herr
  heartfelt melodies, spoken words, impassioned lyrics, rhythm driven acoustic guitar, hope, desolation, accompanied by friends. (more)
Joseph & The Beasts
  One part chamber pop, one part indie rock, and one part experimental sounds; carefully crafted, dynamically diverse. (more)
Juan Calderon
  NYC composer/guitarist presents a solo electric guitar and keyboard performance based on a short story of Argentinean writer Julio Cortazar. (more)
Julian Burgio
  Buffalo's own Julian Burgio, playing his own original music influenced by bands across second half of the 20th century! (more)
Lady Lush and the Vinyls
  SoulPop band Lady Lush and the Vinyls, bringing you some old school sounds with a new age bounce! (more)
Laube's Old Spain
  Infringement vet makes electronic dance music with keyboards from the 90's and 80's; ex-Fashion Expo 1990 and The Gilded Masters of House. (more)
Laura Aiisha
  A mix of world music influences with a touch of reggae, soul, hip-hop and pop. I have songs about personal empowerment, activism/peace, love, oneness. (more)
Lazy Ass Destroyer
  Raw hip-hop/rock energy; while some of the lyrics are comical, they take their delivery seriously. Beastie Boys meets Crunk meets Rock. (more)
Like a Panther
  Slacker alt-rock (more)
Lloyd MacHardy
  Nova Scotia singer/songwriter speaks to the hearts of working people. A real bard, cut from the fabric of Canadian life. (more)
Lobo Marino
  Virginia duo mix tribal, folk & world music; featuring harmonium, drum and various other unique instruments & voices. (more)
Look, a Fang!
  A ferocious pair of shrieking, lumbering monsters from Brooklyn pound out 90's alt-rock, with the benefit of hindsight. (more)
Lost Elysium
  The next evolution of female fronted rock. Buffalo, NY's Lost Elysium is symphonic hard rock that shakes you to your core. (more)
  Loudsilence is a indie hiphop group/family thats based out of niagara falls ny. definetly a high energetic must see performance (more)
Low Light Love
  Low light love is an indie rock band from Buffalo. Four musicians playing together, blending their unique styles to create sounds to share. (more)
  Progressive Funk Rock band from Buffalo, unleashing the magnificent face melting guitar, soul crushing drums and bowel releasing bass. (more)
Machines of Love and War
  Daniel Haskin performs atmospheric electronia with ambient roots. (more)
  A funky face-melting all instrumental jazz-rock quartet from Chicago that plays fast and hits hard. (more)
  MatKa is an undefined electronic music producer, who's tracks border the sounds of Techno, Industrial, & House. (more)
MC Vendetta
  MC Vendetta has been a force in the arts scene for many years. Her punchy yet poignant lyrical delivery brings down the house every time. (more)
Mike Criscione
  Mike Criscione augments his sound with bass synth, guitar percussion, and live looping to bring a full band sound to his solo performances. (more)
milkies open mic/show and tell
  if you play stairway to heaven on the tuba of have the longest rat tail come out to milkies open mic/show and tell (more)
Mobile Hotspots
  It has been described as similar to music by Lou Reed, Talking Heads and The Barenaked Ladies (more)
Morning Arms
  Morning Arms is a 6 piece band from Chicago that creates an intricate, melodic sound embodying elements of post-rock, folk, and baroque pop. (more)
Mr. Boneless
  Conceived in folk music, raised on the blues, and injected with the energy of punk, Mr. Boneless has all the elements of a great rock and roll band. (more)
Music of Epilogue
  A prog rock band with krautrock/glitch influence. Lots of delays, loops, electronics and improvisation, but also established songs. (more)
My Nada Brahma
  The belief that all was created from the energy of sound. Tabla, harmonium, violin and electric guitar creating music before your very ears. (more)
My Rap Name is Alex
  Songs about how we could all treat the living things around us better than what we've been doing. And I perform over massive live beats. (more)
  A combination of Rap, indie rock, and psych! Has performed with national recording artists such as Pusha T, Odd Future, Wale, and Mod Sun! (more)
Nickel City String Band (aka "New" Nickel City String Band)
  Acoustic band with roots in Celtic, bluegrass, folk & popular music; fiddle, guitar, bass, mandolin & banjo, they sing with energy & spirit! (more)
Nimble Vagrant
  Laid-back rock utilizing looping and incorporating jam-band and occassional hard rock elements. (more)
Noah Gokey & the Skulls
  Eclectic electric neopunk indie folk rock, with influences ranging from funk and jazz to country and reggae. (more)
Old Psychiatrists Club
  Dark and gloomy, bright and shimmery, essentially alternative rock from Buffalo, NY. (more)
On The Cinder
  Punk Rock from Buffalo, NY (more)
One Way Terror
  O.W.T. is a manic blend of punk, thrash, and raw energy that will tear you apart and put you back together again. (more)
  A mercenary bardic troupe of Orcs and Goblins singing sludgey metal ditties for tavern wench titties. (more)
Organica All Stars
  Organica All Stars is a new supergroup combining Hip Hop with the musics of the world. (more)
ould pound
  We make crazy instrumentals you can dance to. (more)
Our Friends Band
  Funky home-grown groove-rock crafted to make you smile and dance. (more)
Pam Swarts
  Looped Guitar and Keyboards (more)
Pants & the Family
  Pants & the Family is a carnival electro-punk outfit from Lockport, NY. (more)
Pappy Stardust
  Rochester group’s sound has been compared to the likes of Beck, Mudhoney, and Foster The People. (more)
People Without Cars
  goatart and blindman are People Without Cars, a duo who use their gift of gab to push and progress the lyrical possibilities of hip hop. (more)
  Electronic, computer-generated music: soundscapes, algorithms, feedback-loops, infinite reverb, simple patterns. (more)
Physical Psychics
  Physical Psychics Sonic Sounds Surrounding You Bouncing Through Your Mind (more)
pine fever
  One of this year's BOOM finalists, Buffalo's street hustling ragtime playing creatures of excess... (more)
  PINJA is a awesome DJ Duo comprised of DJ Peak and Miss Mirror!!! We play many types of music that is sure to get any crowd up and dancing. (more)
Pinky Doodle Poodle
Pop Star Novelty
  An innovative and inspiring pop rock and acoustical duo who captivate listeners with their uniquely enriched tones and catchy melodic songs. (more)
Primitive Post Human
  Dance and movement controlled feedback, audio sculpture, fun for the whole family! (more)
  DJ Set (more)
Queen City Catastrophe
  Led by vocalist Clare Sweeney, QCC blends a diverse set of musical backgrounds resulting in an appealing and crowd-friendly original sound. (more)
Queen City Riot
  Politically charged with the message of hope and the greatness we all have,and if we all stand together we can make the change to better all (more)
Radical Operations
  Fuck Steve Kelley (more)
randle and the late night scandals
  CHEAP. BOOZEY. DANGEROUS. Buffalo Based, Blues Infused Band. Providing support for numerous national acts in the 716. (more)
  Funktronic Electro Dub Rock from Rochester. (more)
Rory McCormack
Sara Elizabeth
  The heart of folk, the soul of the blues, the brain of classical, and the energy of indie rock combined to tell stories you've never heard. (more)
  Scantron is a Buffalo legend appearing in his 4th consecutive BIF. He is the world's greatest beatboxer and a multi-instrumentalist. (more)
Shevy and the Pulse
  Shevy and the Pulse is a two piece folk fusion band with Shevy on vocals and guitar and Shan Harmon on percussion. (more)
Short Circuit
  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Short-Circuit/446249920482?ref=hl (more)
Short Moscato
  Short Moscato is a musician, artist and songwriter from Buffalo. His latest release is "Americatastrophe," a collaboration with Nat Wheat. (more)
  Post-folk avant-world genre-bending barnburning hedonism at its finest from Buffalo's good-lookinest electric violins-and-drumkit trio. (more)
Sic Sin
  Buffalo N.Y. based band. Delivers a diverse style of music spanning all genres. All members bring their talents to create something new. (more)
Solo Electronic drums
  Solo Electronic Drum Improv (more)
Soma: Space Time Trip
  A vet from the local rave/club/radio scene. Come experience varied electronic music genres with ambiance /vibe. Engage and Explore space. (more)
Soul Butchers
  An original rock trio that combines sounds and styles from Delta blues, country, hard rock and punk into uniquely energetic riff-rock sound. (more)
  Old drum machines and vintage casio synths produce a secluded lo-fi, steeped in a sober kind of sadness; bedroom pop with touches of noise. (more)
  No hay banda! And yet we hear a band. (more)
  To infinity & beyond! (more)
Static Green
  Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air. (more)
  Strega uses voice as instrument with a series of pedals to layer and create rhythm/no-rhythm environments. (more)
Ten and Two
  An acoustic singer/songwriter band with a light yet powerful punk rock side featuring guitarist Joe Dry and vocalist Danielle Mazziotti. (more)
The Anti-Bodies
  We play catchy punk rock songs about life, love, break-ups, the undead, beings from outer space and secret laboratory experiments gone wrong (more)
The Beggar's Best
  Hard rock/alternative band with years of experience playing in Buffalo. Our new E.P.,Public Record, is set to be released this summer. (more)
The Cellars
  Original psychedelic rock. Born in 2007. 5th year at Infringement. Influence: Pixies, Floyd, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Stuff. (more)
The Devil In Love
  The Devil in Love is the adverse effect that crystallized with the pain of puberty. (more)
The Distillery Boys
  x (more)
The Finality Complex
  Solo industrial rock from Paul Burt (DJEKS) of Digital Afterlife. Now residing outside of Pensacola, FL, he has returned to play BIF 2014! (more)
The Fredtown Stompers
  A high energy trad jazz group hailing from the honky-tonk and underage drinking-fueled speakeasies of Fredonia (more)
The Heenan Brothers and Bauer
  The Heenan Brothers play folky, bluesy kind of Americana respectfully referred to as Canal Blues. (more)
The Left Hand of Darkness
  The Left Hand of Darkness Krappy Touchstyle 10-12 String Guitar/Bass, 10-12 in Solo and Duet performances with Ted Reinhardt. (more)
The loveless
  3 piece. grungey rock. that's it. come listen. (more)
The Naturalists
  Buffalo based rock band fueled by a bombardment of heavy drums and distorted guitars while maintaining melodic roots within the songs (more)
The Observers
  Born out of Allentown, they blend Folk, Indie & Americana compositions to form original pieces that have quickly become regional favorites. (more)
The Root Cellar Band
  The Root Cellar Band is a Buffalo-based Americana Folk group with Rock, Blues and Classical influences. (more)
The Seven Sixteens
  Our influences include The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, and City and Colour... and more! (more)
The Spin Wires
  Punk/Dance Rock band. They embody the best elements of bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Black Keys and The Arctic Monkeys. (more)
The Squirrel Hillbillies
  An eclectic mix of acoustic folk, country and blues from the urban forest of Pittsburgh's East End (more)
The Surfin Cadavers
  Masked Original Surf Garage and Horror Rock. (more)
The Vine Brothers
  Django meets Tom Waits chauffeured by a gypsy bandwagon; Brooklyn trio spans the range from rootsy folk to gypsy swing to bluegrass & blues. (more)
Thundercloud Kid
  buffalo pop-punk it's not worth all the side effects or the amount of sleep you'll lose. (more)
Tiny Rhymes
Tom Beall
  Music that reflects the long tradition of singer-song writers as well as challenges preconceived notions of alternative folk music. (more)
Tomcat Joe
  Tomcat Joe is a folk-rockin bluesy artist with a soulful voice from the midwest. (more)
Two of a Kind
  Two of a Kind is a Jazz Fusion duo. Our instrumentation consists of the acoustic guitar, keyboard, vibraphone, and percussion. (more)
Type Relevant and friends
  Type Relevant will bring its blend of funk, hip-hop, and rock, also performing will be Mad Dukes, Gruvasylum, DJ Cutler. (more)
  Occult + ritual post-industrial project with influences of sacred minimalism, Coil, Current 93, and Nurse With Wound. (more)
Vagrant Strands
  Ryan Campbell with an experimental percussion piece composed by David Adamczyk. Loose time, unusual instrumentation, progressive scoring. (more)
Vince Martino
  Singer, songwriter, every day is a new adventure (more)
  G-Love meets Radiohead for a spell of progressive blues, serving an urban twist on the classic rock of the seventies. (more)
Wet Stone
  This band works to incorporate sounds from rock, blues, folk music and elsewhere into a heavy, soulful, and modern experience. (more)
  Airy, Floaty, Indie-folk (more)
  RIYL: Alanis Morissette, Say Anything, singer/songwriters, 90’s music, peanut butter, chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate together etc. (more)
Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow
  Weird music for normal people. New album, "Aurora Borealis," is now available for preorder at yesterdayvstomorrow.bandcamp.com (more)
Zak Ward
  Local singer/songwriter aided by various noise making devices for an infringement specific set. (more)

Street performance shows
Accordion world streets
  Accordion music of the Brazilian, Klezmer and gipsy worlds. (more)
Ahavaraba Takes It to the Street
  Buffalo's own community klezmer band - Accordions!Flutes!Clarinets!Violin! Percussion!Mandolin!Singing! Come listen, come dance! (more)
Canadian Invasion
  We will video archive the daily invasion of thousands of Canadians who storm the US border seeking American healthcare to save their lives. (more)
Cielo Verde Circus
  Aerialists Ashley Vita Verde+Aaron Water spin clowns, shadow puppets, partner acrobatics, flags+ space/time for joy+ freedom. (more)
Control The Red Boy
  Strangers control a boy in a red suit with no free will via walkie talkie. (more)
David Adamczyk
  local violinist-busker whose playing is known to cause excessive delight in children, crust-punks and grandmas alike. (more)
Free Beets Root for Food Justice
  Join the Free Beets as they dance out of the reach of conventional agricultural methods and into Buffalo's new, locavore-centered future! (more)
Genie on a Magic Carpet
  It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a genie on a magic carpet, weaving, dancing and flying to festival, rub his lamp if you dare, get a fortune. (more)
Gnome Business
  We will be hanging out making gnome costumes together. From the starting point we will venture out as a group into garden walk. (more)
Random Contact
  A chance encounter on the street becomes a dance--solo, with a partner or with the street itself. (more)
Shaken Stylus Pit Stop
  Shaken Stylus Pit Stop. Live Dj Set by Malik Saint on Vinyl with free dog dog snacks! (more)
something different in buffalo
  the name says it all (more)
Street Scantron
  Buffalo legend Scantron will take to the streets. (more)
The Boom Box Betties
  Randomn acts of Burlesque. (more)
Will Folk For Food
  Legend has it these imaginary street performers sold their souls in exchange for their extraordinary musical abilities and/or a bite to eat. (more)

Film & video shows
"C" A Performance art experience
  A avant garde performance art experience that documents the cyclical experience of love relationships. (more)
Box Boys Parts 1 & 2
  Box Boys Parts 1 & 2 are animated student films made by Daniel Rockwitz Reynolds (SCANTRON). (more)
Bring Me Your Vultures
  Bring Me Your Vultures, documentary showcasing the last months of Music venue The Mohwak PLace and the people that made it what it was. (more)
  Glorious 8-bit gaming hilarity re-imagined with an adult theme. (more)
Cartoon Platoon
  A man meets a group of over the top and disturbing characters on his journey to find employment. (more)
Cold Nature
  A real American love story. (more)
Fists of Fury: Drunken Technique
  A wonderful collection of people getting punched in the face. (more)
Katie Ann The Ride
  Katie Ann is a creative and unique singer song writer. She recently released her new album, The Ride and has shot several music videos. (more)
Portrait of the Artist
  Each video follows a Starlight artist to learn about their interests, inspirations and methods for creating art. (more)
Santa VS Frosty
  Frosty the Snowman starts his act of vengeance upon Santa whom he thinks steals of of his Christmas glory. (more)
The Vaginator
  A spoof of the classic Terminator film gone wrong. "The Vaginator" he came from the future, to destroy Sarah Connors...Vagina!!! (more)
The Vaginator - Spanish Edition
  A Spanish spoof of the classic Terminator film. "The Vaginator" he came from the future, to destroy Sarah Connors...Vagina!!! (more)
Untitled (projections by Keith Harrington)
  Façade Video Installation (more)

Visual art shows
8 Bit Buffalo art by Mike Sentman
  New and old 8 bit paintings and sculpture. (more)
A View from the Streets by Lucille Altieri
  Modern day "ashcan-esque" images that reflect America's lower socio-economic class of society. (more)
  Abstract metal art made from found and discarded items. (more)
Band of Paintstruments
  A Paintstrument is a painting that is also a musical instrument. I'm a sonic wrangler. I combine various art forms to create a new aesthetic (more)
Bargain Basement University
  Check out Bargain Basement University where you can print a low cost college degree and set sail for the job of your dreams! (more)
Big Brother
  3D Printed art with a Big Brother/ Orwellian theme (more)
Black Hole Architecture: The obscured ephemera of Rust Belt Cowboys
  How will it all end? Let’s find out at Cafe Taza. (more)
Brainville presented by Frank Vincent Santora
  Colorful surreal expression work that will take you on a journey through your own mind (more)
Buffalo Photography Exhibit
  Photographs By Michael Mulley (more)
Buffalo through the Looking Glass by Andrew Torres
  A visual exploration of the interesting people and places that make our little part of the world a unique place for thriving artists. (more)
Bullying Stops Here Youth Fashion Show
  Bullying Stops Here Youth Fashion Show 1:00p Friday August 1, 2014 at Delaware Park (Colvin & Amherst) across from Nichols School in Buffalo (more)
Cartoonimp Toys
  Modified munny toys custom made into cartoon characters. (more)
Cinco de Blammo
Dark Days
  A collection of dark creatures and things that go bump in the night. (more)
Decay of Western New York by A.S. Odell
  Photos of old deteriorating buildings such as old farm houses, urban houses, falling down country barns and rusty farm equipment around WNY. (more)
Dirty Dishes
  Porn you can eat off of! Feast your eyes on these dishes adorned with choice photographs. (more)
  Showcase of flyers, posters, and album art of local punk and metal bands that focuses on DIY culture. (more)
Double Exposed Portraits by Jeannine Swallow
  Jeannine Swallow - Double Exposed Portraits of those near and dear. Striking images layered and created in camera. J9-Imagemaker.com (more)
Dr. Sketchy's S&M Figure Drawing
  Draw beautiful weirdos posing in costume in the name of art. We have supplies. (more)
Driving Girl:Go, Go, Go
  "Wherever You Go There You Are" (Jon Kabat-Zinn). The self-portrait photographs represent an exercise in mindfulness meditation. (more)
Electric Forest
  A series of paintings, brightly colored trees in winter on even brighter backgrounds. (more)
Entheogenic Esotericism
  SCANTRON's visual art of Lord Soma Divined. (more)
Exploration of art in the streets
  Exploration of art in the streets (more)
Fashion Art Show
  Fashion Art Show with a trio of Designers (more)
Femme Fatale series
  'Femme Fatale'. Three sculptures representing the beauty of Woman formed completely out of reclaimed materials. (more)
Floating Pixles by Sara Howard
  Video game nostalgia with an underwater twist. Come see your favorite pixel pals whimsically re-imagined inside glittery water globes. (more)
  Photobooth in a quiet and clean environment. (more)
George Orwell Lived Here
  Tantalizing photos with a dark theme. (more)
Gimme Gimme by Lindsay Zasada
  Tiny illustrations hung on clothing pins for the taking. Materials provided for participants to draw/paint me a picture in return for mine. (more)
Heavy Light
  Buffalo Contact Improvisation Jam Performance Group & Dave Pape. An installation focusing on accumulation, conceal/reveal, and gravity. (more)
Imagine That Series Presented by Jim Wolford
  Folk and cartoon art with a message. (more)
Implosion / Explosion
  Abstracted maps of Buffalo's vacant land (more)
Improvising Consciousness: The Davian Turn
  Play a mysterious digital game against an alien life form known as the "Davi". (more)
Infringe on Fashion presents "Repurposed/Reused"
  Infringe on fashion presents "Repurposed/Reused", a project focused on wearable art and highlights a group of fashion designers. (more)
Infringement Jam Comic presented by Amy Lynn Duengfelder
  A 3 page comic layout with panel lines in place and a few starter drawings. Participants are invited to fill in the panels to make a story. (more)
Kitty Porn : Collages and Paintings by Cat McCarthy
  Collages of hardcore pornography with cute little kittens. This is the product of a child that was heavily influenced by the internet. (more)
Lighter Than Air
  Lighter Than Air is a series of paintings that depict bubbles in the sky among the clouds. (more)
Live Illustration by Emily Snead
  live painting (more)
  bright vivid saturated paintings from the point of view of Melissa Campbell (more)
Melty Bead Mania
  Perler bead workshop where patrons can come and make their own "melty bead" creations! Materials will be provided. (more)
men in hats ect.......
  Dani Weiser artist has been around for years and sold numerous pieces of art all over the world, now available in Buffalo. (more)
Mental Cupcakes
  All of the flavors of cupcakes are named for the mental disorders they resemble. Come and eat some delicious and beautiful cupcakes. (more)
Mural @ 41 Elmwood Ave
  mural on a public wall (41 Elmwood Ave) (more)
My View By Katharine Tussing
  Paintings in acrylic of landscapes, buildings, trees and a horse. (more)
On Foot
  These photographs speak to the resiliency of the neighborhoods of Buffalo. (more)
  Overwintering and my winter's cabin fever produced an unusual result. (more)
painted driftwood sticks in movable assembly
  Painted driftwood stick arrangements in public view around Allentown moved each day to a different site to provoke curiosity and/or joy. (more)
Paintings by Erik Sundberg
  Mixed media abstract paintings. (more)
Paper Houses by Lindsay Zasada
  Multimedia. Photos of landscapes/cityscapes with collaged stencils on paper. Replicated shadowboxes. (more)
Papercraft Miracles Show & Tell
  Handmade artist's books by Janna Willoughby-Lohr. They must be experienced, not simply viewed, to understand them. (more)
Porn and Ink
  Vivid pornographic images done in ink. (more)
Porn Karaoke
  Sign up and moan along to aweful porn! This is what happens when you give people a microphone and some smutty films on mute. (more)
Red, White and You
  Red, White, & You is a patriotic commentary piece, with iconic items used to question who the US represents & who represents it. (more)
  Resurgence of new paintings by Robert Harris. (more)
RHINO TOYS: New Work by Rich Tomasello
  RHINO TOYS: Artwork by Rich Tomasello, solo show at Glow Gallery (224 Allen) August 1st, 6-11pm. Music and projections by AV/DJ PROJEX. (more)
Scrap Iron Army
  An Army of Robots Crafted from Scrap and found objects (more)
  Sculptures by Molly B. (more)
Series of my subconscious
  Series of my subconscious: paintings inspired by change (more)
Spiritual Sunrise
  Spiritual Sunrise. A series of visual delight. Extreme colors showing exaggerated realism and abstracts. Come, look, feel, be inspired! (more)
spoke card designs 2014
  Random graphics laminated into bicycle spoke cards. (more)
Stuff that is Stupid ! Art from my Id
  Cartoon propaganda we can all agree with !! you will be amused then offended then confused then aroused then you will want to leave... (more)
Sunwheel Sculpture By Katharine Tussing
  Three decorated styrofoam pieces (more)
Tales of Narcotica
  Cartoon portrayals of animals doing drugs. (more)
The Albatross or Shining Blues by Ella Joseph
  About the freedom one feels in the act of creation and the captivity one often experiences in daily life. With David T. Phillips. (more)
The art of Mad Jack 3D Prints
  An assortment of 3d printed monster and cartoon sculptures. (more)
Two Girls, Four Boobs, and A LOT of Paint.
  Cari and Cat will be using their bodies and paint to create expressive performance and visiual art (more)
Visions Comic Art
  Visions is a group artists, writers from the Buffalo, NY area. Our goal is to gather local talent to create comic books and other art forms! (more)
We paint things pretty one day.
  Connecting property owners with local artists, to provide people with great public art and the artists with an audience. (more)

Group shows
  8BIT BUFFALO MUSIC SHOWCASE celebrates video game related music and the 8BIT LO-FI aesthetic of CHIP TUNES. Come and get your BLIP on! (more)
Allentown Pizza Art Closing
Allentown Pizza Art Opening
  Art and Music in the finest pizza shop in Allentown. (more)
Alternating Current
  Even Edison would agree, this underground electronic/hip hop show is a most efficient way to distribute twisted bleeps and fat beats. (more)
Backyard Saturday
  The perfect setting for seeing some of the finest Infringement out of towners. (more)
Barging into the Burch': Opening Thursday Front Yard Blitz
  Toast 10 years of BIF on the Burchfield-Penney's lawn with bands, dancers, street performers, projectors and a killer sound system. (more)
Barging into the Burch': Think-You've-Seen-It-All Front Yard Thursday
  Think again. An anomalous amalgamation of creative spirits overflows onto the lawn of a museum-in-a-boat-in-a-museum. We went WAY overboard. (more)
Bellow Out Productions presents Open Myke's Unplugged Backyard Brouhaha
  Open mic, though the mic is probably unplugged. Perfect for anyone who didn't get their application in. (more)
Best Monday Ever
  Jam packed with infringement artists. Various Genres. Admission: Donations (more)
Bounce on Down to Dreamland Town
  Get strange in Dreamland with an avant-garde lineup featuring layered soundscapes, experimental rock, synth punk and hard noise. No squares. (more)
Breaking Orbit: Chris Schlarb
  Asthmatic Kitty's Chris Schlarb works with the likes of Sufjan Stevens & Nels Cline. Alfred Brown joins on a series of ambient guitar duets. (more)
Buffalo Barfly Backyard Bonanza Part 1
  Saddle up and ride on over to the backyard for a bonanza of folk, jazz and other stuff. Yee haw! (more)
Buffalo Barfly Backyard Bonanza Vol 2
  Stampede on over for some seriously tasty indie rock and folk stylings. (more)
Buskfest 5000: Guitar Case Strategically Left Open
  A folk singer marathon featuring an array of singular songsmiths who will open their hearts--and their cases (donations accepted). (more)
Cinco de Blammo Closing Party
  DJ Soma in an art gallery. 'Nuff said. (more)
Cinco de Blammo Opening Party
  Come check out the art exhibition at Artspace Lofts and listen to cool music while you do. (more)
Closing Ceremonies / Iffy Awards
  The grand finale. The Iffy Awards will be dispersed between acts all night. Proceeds help us cover production costs. Pay What You Can. (more)
College Street Block Party
  The 12th Annual College Street Block Party. Bring a dish. Bring some chalk. Shake your ass. (more)
Concert At Nancy's Building
  You don't have to dress fancy to party at Nancy's. But you do have to dress. (more)
Dreaming of a Noise Rock Thursday
  Oddities of the Infringement music roster. Quite the sweet show. Admission: Donations. (more)
Electric Moon
  A looping singer-songwriter, a multicultural multi-instrumentalist, and a musical anarchist collective, happening on a sidewalk near you. (more)
Electric Thursdays 2: The Reckoning
  "That nuke should have vaporized it!" | "No, it looks like it's mutated into something bigger, stronger and meaner" (more)
Electric Thursdays | BIF Edition
  The infamous Electric Thursdays gets a huge injection of Infringement! (more)
Ethereal Thursday at Karpeles North Hall
  An evening of otherworldly performances. (more)
Experimental Music Tuesday at Rustbelt
  Document the revolution and peruse some cutting edge sonic art in Buffalo's hippest bookstore on Alexis de Tocqueville's birthday. (more)
Filigrees Gallery Closing
Final Friday Film Freakout
  Enjoy a series of short films from BiF's roster in one of Buffalo's eminent art institutions. Somebody make more for next year please. (more)
First Friday Film Fiesta
Food Truck Tuesday
  Stuff your face. Also music. (more)
Friday Evening In Buffalo Barfly's Backyard
  Make sure you stop in back during the gallery walk for some fine Infringement Music. (more)
Friday Night Hootenanny
  A good-time Friday night Hoot in the basement venue of Buffalo's favorite Little Folksinger, with local favorites, up-and-comers & out-of-towners... (more)
Funked Up Friday
  Get your groove on. It's a night of funktacular funkiness. Get funked up! Also, funk. (more)
Get that Cheddar Showcase
  This cheesy title belies the conscious content contained. We're takin' this outside so we'd appreciate it if you'd try not to make it rain. (more)
Hammer of the Dogs
  A smashing collection of hard rocking guitar warriors. Fist pump and yell "woo" to your heart's content. (more)
hip hop at the foundry
  The true heads will be at the Foundry for some sublime beats and rhymes. Sucka MCs need not apply. (more)
Hip Hop is Electric
  Don't be wack. Rock down to this fine venue for some tasty vibes and slamming beats. (more)
Humpday at the Cheese
  A varied selection of musical acts in a historic venue for the mid-week experience-seeker. (more)
Humpday Buffet
  If music was food, this would be an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of all your favorites! (more)
In The Loop Movie Night
Infringe Invades WBNY Volume 1
Infringement at Verve
  Hip hop and electronic beats for you butt. Come shake it off at the Verve. (more)
Infringement Invades Tonawanda
  Rock out at Stamps in the 'Wand! (more)
Infringement Invades Tonawanda: The Sequel
  More heavy sounds at Stamps. Wear a helmet! (more)
Infringement Masquerade Ball
  A million bands. Costumes. Good times. Be there. (more)
Iron Works Infringement Wednesday
  The area's coolest new venue is the perfect place for heavy sounds and rust belt ambience. You go now! (more)
  A kids-of-all-ages parkfull of music and dance; beginner classes in music appreciation, beatboxing and acrobatics; drum-circle finale. (more)
Lawn Disco
  Annual outdoor dance party! Fun and appropriate for all ages. FREE! Chairs, blankets and hula hoops allowed. (more)
Magic Mike's Electronic Showcase
  These beats are hot in here, so take off all your clothes... (more)
Mental Exercises
  Experimental hip hop to strain your brain and move your feet where the elite meet to make beats. (more)
  Come check out some good rock bands that have almost nothing to do with the concept of milk. (more)
Milkies Early Bird Special
  Like worms? You'll like these mellow musicians even better! (more)
Milkies Friday Fest
  Had enough rock and roll? Of course not! Start the weekend right with 3 gangs of sonic crusaders. (more)
Monday Mime Party
  Instrumental Bands, dress like a mime to be extra festive. (more)
  Do NoT ReSiSt. We CoMe In PeAcE. LeT Us InTo YoUr MiNd. ThE DaNcInG mEaNs It'S WoRkInG. (more)
Musical Whiplash
  Strap on your seat belt because we don't want to hear from William Mattar that you have musical whiplash from all these musical styles! (more)
Noise Inordinance
  "What's that racket?" "O just a little midsummer noisemusick" "Outside? What are you NUTS?!" "WHAAT? I can't hear you over the construction" (special thanks to the Allentown Association for their generous support in making this event possible) (more)
Opening Ceremonies
Other Side of College Street Block Party in the Parking Lot
  Come be a ham at the final outdoor slam-banger and be the art scene that deserves to be seen down in the heart of Allentown. (more)
Parlor People Playing Prettily
  Relax and come on down to Gypsy Parlor and listen to some pretty music, eat some yummy food and relax while listening to sweet sounds. (more)
Perch'd on the Porch Potluck Picnic
  An BYOE Allentown porch party perfect for people, picnic-baskets, and potential for a (perhaps precariously proposed) potluck. (more)
Perks Gallery Opening
Pinata Party
  Free. Rock out and hit some shit with some sticks. Bring your own pinata. (more)
Pirate Party
  Discount admission for pirate dress. ARRRRRR (more)
Plosives and Sibilants: Hip Hop at Milkie's
  What's the difference between Rap and Hip Hop? Probably someone at this event will have an opinion on that. (more)
Post-Canalside Infringement at the Iron Works
  Three bands with "root" in their names. Why? Because we like you. (more)
Presto Closing
Presto Opening
Punk & Disorderly
  3 punks bands topped off with the progressive drum/bass jams of Ish Kabbible, which is fun to say. (more)
Rust Belt Books Art Opening
  Artist's Books Show & Tell by Papercraft Miracles and art by Jeannine Swallow and Lucille Altieri, music & more! (more)
Saturday Night Zombie Party
  Free brains for all zombies. Mmmm, braaains. (more)
Singer-Songer Singalonger Filligrees Thursday
  3 pro singer-songwriters play it, sing it and tell it like it is. Hum along as they sing their songs before traveling on over to the Burch'. (more)
Skinned Alive: Open Jam INSIDE the Drum Circle
  3 venues, 3 percussionists, both sidewalks and a last-chance open street-jam before BiF #10 comes to a close. Bring instruments! (more)
Something Different in Buffalo
  Playing music by Buffalo and Western New York Musicians from now and the past. (more)
Soul Destroying Saturday
  Forget the bleeps & blorps. Do yourself a favor and don't be late when 3 truly kickass rock bands storm Milkie's for chunk-style catharsis. (more)
Spot Coffee Closing
Spot Coffee Opening
Stanley Kubrick's 86th Birthday Costume Soiree
  Come dressed as your fave Kubrick movie character! A contest will ensue, and possibly there be monoliths. (more)
Starlight Outdoor Cinema
  A beautiful gallery, a beautiful night, a beautiful viewing of two beautiful films. Beautiful. (more)
Street and Eat Film Fest
  Enjoy infringe-y films and delicious grub by the Whole Hog. A feast for the eyes--and the belly. (more)
Strings of Fury
  More rock mayhem for your ears to endure. Stop worrying about the missing airplane and come on down. (more)
Sunday of Sorrows and Solace Outdoor Showcase
  An evening of coming to terms through theatre and word interspersed with sensitive musicianship in the shade of Days. (more)
The Forvm Emporium Show!
  Get ready for this eclectic collection of musical performers we have lined up for a 2-stage rager at The Forvm in Amherst! (more)
The Gawk Rock Show!
  Assume a slack-jawed boggle as a great lineup fills you with awkwardness and awesomeness. (more)
The Grind Film Funhouse
  Movies! Films! See them! Watch them! Talk about them later! You know the drill. (more)
The Sentman Spectacular
  A night of weird and wild music accompanied by burlesque based on the life and work of local anomaly Mike Sentman. (more)
The Ultimate Bender @ Electric
  The Ultimate All Day Electronic Music Fix. (more)
thursday at the ward.
  Indie-folk, krautrock, shoegaze and post-punk in the club voted Buffalo Spree's "Best Small Music Venue." (more)
Thursday Monkey Wrench Preshow Film Night
  Open your eyes and your mind with infringement-approved flicks before Monkey Wrench. (more)
Tudor Stupor Sunday
  Have a blast at the Tudor with Well Worn Boot's acoustic incarnation and a bunch of no-good anarchist punks. (more)
Tuesday Evening at Hallwalls
  An evening of experimental music and dance. (more)
Tuesday Evening in Buffalo Barfly's Backyard
  Singer/songwriters in the backyard. Cozy. (more)
Udderly Great: Milkie's Matinee
  Crisp melodies, pop hooks, shambling rock, psychedelia, grunge-tastic grooves. Real bands playing real songs on real instruments? Word. (more)
Uncle Slab's Rock Bash
  Get igneous in the afternoon with a diverse lineup that gets progressively heavier as it... progresses. (more)
Urban Roots and Phat Beets
  Show us your Garden-Strut and enjoy the aural harvest with an array of fresh music and not-your-garden-variety antics. (more)
Waiting to Rock
  Don't wait, go get face-punched by rock and roll! (Disclaimer: You will have to wait until the show starts) (more)
We Infringe Because We Are Infringed: Civil Rights and Social Justice on the Sidewalk
  Take your pain and pride out to the West side where we're taking it to the public stage while it is still our own, so it stays that way. (more)
Were Gonna Hip Hop to....Electric Avenue. And Then Well Take It Higher....Oh!
Wet Dreamland
  A night of debachery... come dressed as your fetish! S&M Figure Drawing! Porn Karaoke! Music! Erotic Art! Burlesque! and more... (more)
Wham Bam Thank You Slam Part IV
  An event in true BiF style, with a diverse selection of music, poetry, burlesque and comedy at a wonderful new venue. (more)
What The Friday!?
  3 motley crews you wouldn't bring home to mother tempered by words of wisdom and whimsical balladry from bad-ass Nova-Scotian Lloyd MacHardy. (more)
Wiseguy Sidewalk Comedy Cornucopia
  A DJ businessman, a mime, a guy with a guitar, a 10-person improv sketch-comedy troupe. Double-booked absentees. Scheduling meta-humor. (more)